New Beginnings

You have the opportunity for a new beginning every moment of your life. There is no need or reason for you to feel that you must stay in the same situation, the same mind-set, the same physical condition. A new beginning is possible every moment of your day. It begins with making the choice to change the way things are in your life.

Of course, we understand there are some physical attributes that you may be unable to change. However, what you can change are your feelings, the messages you send to those physical attributes. What you have not yet begun to realize is the power of your thoughts and how you see your world.

Do you give gratitude for the opportunities before you every day? Or do you grumble and complain about the cards you have been dealt in this lifetime? Can you change your way of seeing the world, your world, from something that is a struggle, a burden, to something that is a gift? An endless possibility of new beginnings?

The limitations of your physical bodies do not have to extend to limiting your thoughts. Do you understand how your perceptions can very quickly change your life?

Consider this. How do you begin your day? With dread? Or with excitement? Do you understand that the energy you put out is the energy that returns to you?

You have become so accustomed to approaching your lives in a certain way that you do not even realize how many negative thoughts you conceive every day. Take notice of this as you move through your day. And when you notice a negative thought beginning to surface, fill it with light, with hope and with love. And completely change the energy attached to it. You will begin to notice a difference in the flow of your day.

Remember also that this will work for you, but not necessarily for those close to you. Of course, your interactions with others will change to more positive, loving interactions. However, others must do the same for themselves.

We understand that watching someone close to you continue to suffer brings you much sorrow. However, this is their lesson, and you cannot take that lesson away from them. What you can do is teach by example, by how you live your lives. You can extend loving thoughts towards them and envelope them in love. And you can offer advice and comfort should they ask it of you. However, detachment from the outcome is something that is necessary for personal growth.

Know that each and every one of you is surrounded by loving beings ready to give help and support. It is the choice of each of you whether or not you will accept and receive that loving energy. But know, that ultimately you all will return to the same loving embrace at the end of your journeys. Some may just take a more difficult path.

And for those souls, send them love, light their way. But allow them to choose where they will place their next step. Remember that this physical journey is a period of growth and learning for All.

Choose love over fear.

Choose joy over suffering.

Choose detachment over judgment.

We are here to extend a loving hand to you. Just ask us and we will gladly offer that support to help you through your day.

You are a being of light and love. That is your true nature. And you are surrounded with love. Please accept it from us as we encourage you to choose a new beginning from this moment on. It is never too late.

Smile, love and be of joy.

Excess or Simplicity?

There seems to be a tendency for those in a physical existence to gather and collect things. We are not here to judge that practice but to guide you in your choices. Why do you want that object in your presence and how does it serve you? What is the energetic vibration that is being emitted from that object and is it positive or negative? And how does it affect the energy flow in the area where it has been placed? Does it enhance the flow or does it hinder it?

Remember that all things are composed of energy…all things. They give off vibrations that reflect their composition and their placement in this physical world. And though energy is not necessarily good or bad, different objects can have a positive or negative effect on you. It all depends on how your energies mesh, if they compliment or detract from each other. Does this object bring you joy and raise your energies, does it deplete your energy as you use it or are around it, or is it’s effect on you completely neutral?

Why were you drawn to this object? Was it Ego that encouraged you to obtain it or does it help you to move forward on your path back to the light? We encourage you to reflect upon these questions when there is something that draws you to it. Will it clutter your life or will it enhance the flow of energy within your immediate space?

Remember that your environment affects you on many levels. In the physical world you think mostly of comfort, but there are many ways your surroundings can add or detract to your energetic field, to your level of stamina, to your emotional states.

Now is a time for cleansing yourself of things in your surroundings that no longer feed you. They may be objects that once were of sentimental value that no longer hold that energy. And you have become so accustomed to their presence in your life that you have not considered how they no longer add to your joy, no longer raise your energies. If that is the case, then it is time to remove them from your physical environment.

We want to impress upon you how much your immediate environment affects you. Again, it is the give and take of energies. What was your emotional state when you acquired that object and does it still hold that energetic influence upon you? And if you find there are objects to remove from your presence, do so. Now is the time. You may do a ceremony if necessary, to thank them for how they have helped you in the past. Or, by using your inner strength, to tell them that they have not served you and it is time to go.

Remember that you all vibrate at different frequencies and those frequencies change as you move down your spiritual paths. What no longer serves you may be a perfect object for someone else. Be more aware of your energetic environments and how the energy flows (or doesn’t flow) within your immediate surroundings. Do an energetic cleaning, replacing the old with a more positive vibration for you, or with nothing at all and allow the energies to flow unhindered.

You are at a place now where you can be more a-tuned to the unseen effects of your environment. Begin to use these ‘sixth’ senses that are awakening within you. Trust your feelings, trust yourselves. Gently change the flow of energies around you and see how it affects you. For it will.

Take off the blinders and begin to feel. Remove the chains and learn how to dance in the flow of energies around you. Open your hearts and feel the joy in the positive movement of energies surrounding you.

It will make you laugh.

It will make you smile.

It will fill you with complete and utter joy!


What does this word mean to you? What images does it awaken in your mind’s eye? What memories emerge from your past when you think of this word? It is a gentle word that evokes compassion and love, reassurance and trust, peace and kindness.

Every one of you can remember a time when you were in distress and someone came to you and offered you comfort. This probably occurred more when you were a child and not as frequently as an adult. But the need is still there, is it not? For physical and emotional and spiritual comfort. It gives you strength and calms your fears. It helps you to see the brightness of the sky behind the thick dark clouds of your situation. And it is initiated by love, showing that you are not alone and that you have someone to rely on in times of need.

How often do you find yourself aching for this show of love but not knowing who to ask for it? Or perhaps you feel as if you would be showing weakness if you required it from someone else.

The truth is that this need is very real and very prevalent within the human form existing in this physical world. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing that should keep you from seeking comfort when you need that extra dose of love. Not only do you gain from receiving this from someone. But also, the one who comforts you gains much in return. It is the connection, the bonding, the exchange of love between two sentient beings that is key.

We have stated before that making connections between each other here on the physical plane is one of your lessons. The feeling of separation caused by the physical body requires you to find ways to see the Oneness of All, the natural state. And so this need for comfort is a part of the human condition. It is only Ego which equates this need with weakness. When in fact it is not weakness at all, but another way in which you can discover the power of love. The power that each and every one of you has within you. The power that you all share as One.

It is the give and take of this love that helps you to discover your true self. Just as one part of your physical body may need more rest due to over-exertion. So too, one part of you in this physical form may need more love and support from a different part of you in another physical form.

Understand that you all are One. And this give and take is just an even-ing out of the love that fills you all. Some may need a little more while others have an excess to give. In the end, it all comes and goes from the same place. The place of One.

Remember the connection, the continuum of existence. There are no have’s or have-not’s. There are only temporary fluctuations in the dispersment of love.  By design.  To allow you to learn the joys of giving and receiving. To understand that there is NEVER a deficit of love between and among you. How can there be when that is your true makeup, when that is what you truly are?

Deny Ego its success in preventing your sharing of yourself with others. For truly, you are sharing of yourself with yourself. And in the end, you will not only give, but also receive in the very same instant. The instant of the exchange of love.

Discover your true self in love, with love and because of love.

For love is all you are and all that is.

Becoming More Aware

How aware are you of your surroundings? If you closed your eyes, could you recreate what is sitting right in front of you? Could you describe the sounds and smells you sensed during the day? Could you sense the response others have to your words or actions? Does the world you live in encompass more than yourself? Part of the growth in becoming one with All is to feel the connection that you have with others.

The physical body makes it more difficult to see outside of yourself. It is something that comes with age in the maturing of this body. Have you noticed the progression of a newborn not recognizing ‘self’ to becoming more aware of ‘self’ and non-self’? The growth continues until finally reaching a stage in spiritual awakening when once again as an adult you return to seeing that there is no ‘self’. A circular movement of growth so common of this physical world as it unfolds in your daily lives.

What we encourage you to do at this time is to be aware of the world around you. Once again, we ask you to stop spending so much time in your heads, your minds, and to open up your hearts, your awareness. For there is so much that you miss when you remain behind those closed doors of your mind. The lesson for this life is to not only focus on what happens to ‘you’, but also to what happens around you.

Are you aware of how other sentient beings respond to your presence? Be it Mother Nature, strangers or members of your inner circle of life? Are you acting towards others or reacting to others?

Have you ever noticed that the ones to whom you are drawn are those who are not reacting? No matter how people treat them, they always seem to remain steady in who they are and how they act towards others. You are drawn to them because that is how you remember being in another time in your life. No fear, no voices in your head remembering personal or professional misdeeds towards you. Just an inner calm, certain of your place in the world and the loving presence surrounding you.

Can you for a day, be aware of your surroundings? If they seem full of fear and stress, can you send out peace and loving calm? If they appear angry or hurtful, can you send out joy and love? And notice the difference in the energies surrounding you. Just from the way they were prior to this exercise.

And you WILL notice a difference.

Sending loving energy to someone who is hurting.

Sending loving energy to someone who is fearful.

Sending loving energy to a complete stranger standing next to you.

Be aware of how your projections of love affect those around you. Try it. Just for a day. Get out of your heads and notice what is around you. What you notice may surprise you. And the result of this exercise may make you want to act in this fashion for more than just one day. Perhaps for a lifetime.

Remember the connection between all things. All things are an extension of you. How will you live your day tomorrow? What new sights will you see? And when you close your eyes at the end of your day, will there be a smile on your lips from the memories of what happened? We guarantee there will be.

Love yourself.

Love the All.

And be at peace.

Your Physical Body

As you exist on this plane you use a physical body to move around during your waking hours.  These forms vary among you with differences in shape and color and abilities.  These are actually the forms that you chose to inhabit before you became a part of this physical world.  And yet so many of you are not satisfied with the vessel you inhabit.

One thing that is so difficult for us to understand is how you treat these human vessels.  You appear to put more worth on other things, your cars, your homes, and so forth, while you mistreat these vessels that house your very souls.  Why is that? 

There appears to be a ranking of ‘status’ by how attractive your possessions are while the physical form is often ignored.  It is considered a genetic failure, a burden, something to be loathed and criticized when this is the vessel that houses a part of your very soul.  If you put so much status on the vehicles which transport you, the structures which house you, why do you not appear to tend to the most important vessel for you during this physical existence? 

The disconnect appears to be that you still see yourself as this physical body, rather than it being a working vessel for you….the ‘real’ you….the soul of you.  If you changed that way of thinking, would you care for this vessel that houses you and transports you as much as you currently do your cars and your homes?  Those which house and transport your physical body?

Do you understand that the vessel which houses you is part of your lesson to learn here upon this plane?  As long as you tend it and love it and treat it well, you will have it to further your time upon this physical plane and thus move forward upon your path to awakening.  By abusing it, you shorten your time here and thus your opportunity to learn what it was for you to learn in the physical realm.

 The physical body is a tool for you to use as you move down your path of knowledge.  It allows you to communicate and exist in this physical world.  It allows you to experience the beauty of this world as you are able to see, to hear, to smell, to taste, to touch the joys of this physical realm.  It is a gift to you, not a burden.  It is to be used with respect and gratitude rather than loathing and abuse.

 Just as we explained to you the gratitude that will carry you through the day and down the stream of life, so to, expressing gratitude to this physical vessel every day will change the makeup of how it provides for your daily lives.  Think of the length of time that most of you inhabit this form.  How many times have those physical hearts beat within that frame?  How many miles have those feet walked? How many views have those eyes seen? And those ears, how many sounds have they heard?  Do you understand the gift of this vessel?

 We understand the heaviness of it and how it can prevent you from doing things you might want to do.  But have you considered all that it has already allowed you to experience?  Have you taken for granted the little things that it has provided for you every moment of your day? 

 Give gratitude and direct loving energy towards these forms which house you temporarily.  Do not confuse these physical forms with your true self.  And tend these vessels as you would a favorite possession. 

 For remember, they ARE a possession, and not the true reflection of who you are.

Accept them as the gifts that they are and see how your world will change.


The ego, which is present in your daily lives, encourages you to swim upstream against the current as you strive to move forward.  Your soul encourages you to float with the current.  To allow the waters to lift you and gently place you at the destination which is your next stop.  Why do you listen to ego and fight so hard when there is an easier way?  Do you not understand that all is unfolding as it should and if you pay attention, you might even catch a glimpse of where it is that you are going?

Acceptance comes with faith.  Faith in yourself. Faith in the Oneness.  Faith in the unfolding of your lives.  We have told you before that you are here on this plane to learn something. Not only for yourself, as we have already established that your connections run deep.  But for the All.  The stream of life carries all of you at the appropriate pace to where you need to go next.  You spend so much energy fighting this.  Energy that can be better used to connect with your higher self. With your brothers and sisters on the same journey. When ego steers you down the path of resistance, ask it why?  Why should I do it this way?  Why should I think or feel this way?  And listen for the answer.

Remember you are not here to ‘self-serve’. For that is entirely impossible in the ways of the Universe.  And listening to any advice or direction to do so is just delaying your forward movement to your complete awakening.

Can you accept what happens in your life as a means to an end? Can you accept that you have control over how your life unfolds? Not by swimming feverishly upstream against the current.  But by setting your intentions every day with gratitude and love.

When you arise in the morning, before you even start your day, give gratitude for the wonderful day ahead of you. 

When you enter your vehicles that take you to work each morning, give gratitude before you even begin, for arriving at work safely. 

When you lay your head down at night, give gratitude for receiving the answers to the situations with which you have been struggling.

Do you see how this works?  There is no need to force the issue. Just surround yourself with your intentions and allow that cushion of gratitude and grace to gently float you downstream to your next destination.

You cannot, in this human form, fully understand the workings of the Universe and how certain things must happen in a certain sequence for the All to move forward.  Remember that the progress is not only being made by you, but by the All.  If you can accept that what happens is for your growth or perhaps for someone else’s growth, your life would be less stressful.  You will find that you are no longer taking shallow breaths, but deep healing breaths.  You will find that you have more energy, more joy, and more awareness throughout your day.  Doesn’t this seem a simpler way to move through your days?

The reality is that one way or another you will reach your destination.  The question is by which path?  The choice is yours.  And should you find yourself lost, just call out to us.  And we will offer our hands, our guiding light to steer you down the gentler path.

We are always by your sides.  Always.

No matter which path you take, we are always connected to you in love.

What of ….Love?

What is love, really? You talk about it in your daily lives. You express it towards others. You see and read about it in your movies and books. But do you really know what love is? And are there different levels of love?

There is the love of a mother for her child. The love between partners in committed relationships. There is the love for nature, or friends or work. But what is love and are all of these feelings best described by this single word…

You have already described in many of your books, the differences between romantic love, childish love, selfless love. What of the love that we have for you, the Universal Love? How does this fit into the definitions that you have for love?

Consider an extension of yourself that goes into infinity….that touches everything that ever was and that will ever be. Can you imagine that without any emotion, just acceptance that it is how existence truly is?

Acceptance, connection, to the All. There are times when you feel very connected to someone, a romantic love, a physical love. Let us discount the physical, for that is of the body. But if you can imagine the romantic love, the selfless love, the love of connection….when you can finish the sentence of another, when you can predict the actions of another.

Now imagine this throughout the Universe. This is possible. For you are connected with All. It is possible to feel the air currents as a bird flies, the water rushing past as a whale dives, the scorching of bark as a tree burns. Of course, this would be too much for you to feel all at one time. This would be sensory overload. And the human body is designed so that you do not feel this all at once. But love is the connection between and among all things. And whether you feel it or allow it or not, it is there for you. The key is opening your heart to the connection, the love that is your true nature. How does one explain who one truly is?

Open the connection to allow your true self to awaken. Connection is love. Dis-connection fosters fear.  Because it is human nature to fear what one does not know. So embrace the unknown and accept the differences. Once you do, you will begin to notice that underneath those differences, you are all the same, made up of the same energy, the same connection.

Love is you and your connection to All That Is.

Accept the gift of you.

Accept the gift of connection

Accept the gift of love.

What of …….Consciousness?

You are experiencing different levels of consciousness every day of your existence.  In your awakened state, your resting state, your meditative state and your dreamtime.  These different states give you a taste of the different realms of the Universe and of the continuum of possibilities.

 Take for example the resting state, when your body is relaxed, but you are not yet ‘asleep.’  At this point of consciousness you are more open to receiving cues and incite into your world and the world of others.  For this reason, we encourage you to spend time in stillness. It does not need to be meditation, per se, but just time sitting, enjoying your surroundings, breathing and releasing the tensions and allowing your mind to rest, and to wander wherever it wishes to go.  It is at times like these that you may find a resolution to a problem that has been plaguing you, an aha moment that gives you the answer for which you have been searching.

 Imagine a lighthouse putting out its beam on a foggy evening.  A signal to ships that are searching for direction.  So to, in your resting state, you are sending out that beam of light, inviting vessels of knowledge and incite to come to you.  A directional light in a sea of fog.  With the busy lives that so many of you lead, there is little time allowed for this exercise and thus, you have lost the ability to trust any information that comes to you in this manner.  Like anything else, repetition will hone in your skills and abilities to bring forth the information and knowledge that you need.

 Consider your world and the bombardment of noise and din that attacks your senses every moment of the day.  Do you understand how you tone down your receptivity just for survival’s sake?  Imagine your time spent in nature and how your sense of sound or sight would be heightened to pick out that rustle in the tall grass or the fleeting movement in your peripheral vision.  So too, with your mind.  If you allow yourselves time to just sit and be, to become accustomed to the feeling of stillness, imagine the possibilities of growth that await you. 

It is time now to slow down the pace of your life. In addition to the sensory input coming to your physical senses, there is now more input available to you through your third eye, your intuition.  This is due to the thinning of the veils between the worlds. 

Begin this practice in stillness with a deep breath, a settling into your chosen space and a smile on your face.  Allow the information to flow.  As we have stated before, all the knowledge you require is available to you if you allow yourself the time to listen and learn how to discern the truth.

All is well. 

All is love. 

All is One.

Silence, Stillness, Calm

Picture a beautiful summer’s day. Sitting on the bank of a creek, in dappled sunlight, with the sound of the water like quiet music playing in the background.

Now picture a traffic jam with honking horns, angry outbursts, overheating engines, and missed meetings.

Which one would you choose today? And do you have a choice? Many say that they have no choice…. but need to be present in the latter, fighting to move forward on a road to more chaos. This is your world that has been created by you. More noise, less stillness. Which, of course, affects your physical bodies immensely.

How can you find that stillness in a world of noise and chaos? That stillness is within. Each and every one of you has a place of stillness within you from which you can draw your strength, your energy, your resolve as you face your days in this human existence.

First, stop and breathe, deep breaths, even breaths, loving breaths. Focusing only on those breaths and allowing the outside din to fade as you move further within your personal sanctuary.

Next, hear the beat of your heart. Steady, even, like footsteps taking you down the path to your sanctuary, your inner world of stillness. This is not a journey that needs to be forced in any way. It is an easy trek just moments away from where you started. And there you will find the peace which you seek, the stillness, the calm and the silence that is necessary for you to reconnect with your higher self.

This is from where it all begins, from where the wisdom arises, the insight surfaces, the calm envelops your entire being. The trip is free, no charge, no reservations, no luggage required. All that is needed are a few breaths, a willingness to partake, a belief that you CAN do this and DO deserve it.

Imagine a world where every one takes this path at the very same moment. What would happen to the outside din? Would it cease? Would you meet each other on the bank of the same creek, at the foot of the same mountain, at the water’s edge on the same beach? And when you return, after only a few breaths, would the physical world have made a shift towards a higher energy, a more peaceful vibration, a more gentle existence?

There is only one way to find out.

Take the journey.

Find your way to inner stillness and see how it changes the world in which you live.

How much more simple can it be?

What of …..Energy?

Do you understand the concept of energy and how it works in the universe?  You hear the word and use the word, but do you understand how it really works?

You are made of energy, as is everything in the entire universe.  Think about that.  Everything, even the inert objects that you see and use every day, are composed of energy.  If you were to don special glasses that would allow you to see this, what would appear before you are vibrations everywhere of different frequencies.  In the human form, this would be distracting for you and so that is not a part of your physical makeup.

If you think of energy as a fluid medium like water, you can better understand how it flows and permeates everything around it.  But unlike water, it is not easily contained within a vessel.  As you walk through your day, a wisp of your energy trails along behind you, as a hint of perfume might waft in the breeze.  Your imprint is left everywhere you have been.  Add to this your emotional state and you might begin to understand how what you think or say or feel adds to the vibrational mix that surrounds you and your immediate vicinity.

Now think of the mixing of those energies as people mix during their daily activities.  Even without being within physical reach, your energetic state is affecting those around you.  How far reaching your energy flows is different for each and every one of you.  Some of you hold it very close to your physical bodies, while others can extend their energetic fields across rooms.  The ascended masters are capable of extending their energy great distances.

Why do we tell you of this today?  To better show you how you affect your surroundings every moment of the day.  Your anger, sorrow or joy affects those around you even if you try to hide it behind false words or deeds.  In order to begin to raise the energies of the world, it must begin with you.  In order for you to grow accustomed to the raising energies across the universe, it is important that you understand how you might add or detract from the energetic continuum.  We are here to help you to adjust to the raising vibrational fields that are beginning to permeate your world.

Can you understand that you have the power to change your world?  Just by changing your thoughts or your words?  Can you understand how powerful each of those is within the energetic fabric of the universe?   Angry words do not only reach across to that person with whom you argue.  They continue on out into the ethers surrounding you to either be diffused or enhanced by others around you.

You must understand that you do not act alone.  That you are a part of the continuum.  That being said, understand also that you DO have the ability, the power to diffuse negative energies by raising your own.  We will help you with this, as we know that many of you are still in the early learning stages of this concept.  We understand that beginning to think outside of the ‘box’ of the human form is still new to many of you.

We tell you all of this because the changes are occurring and we wish to make this as gentle as possible for each and every one of you. Again, we say that this is a joyous event that has been anticipated for a very long time.  The fact that this is happening now underscores the fact that enough of you have grown to help facilitate the process.

Be of joy and feel the love surrounding you.

Know that you can make a difference in just the way you move through your day.

Understand that there is help for you, waiting for your call for assistance.

You are a radiant light that is beginning to shine brighter every day.

Ah, we sing with joy for the progress that you make every moment of your day.

Smile as we smile, sing as we sing and love as we love…..


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