What lies ahead?

What comes next then?
What is to be expected?
How do you proceed?

If you have made the decision to shed the cloak of fear and move forward, you might wonder what to expect next. The truth is that the possibilities are the same as they ever were for you. But now, with your clearer vision, with your lightness of being, you will begin to see them. For up until this moment, fear has blinded you and held you back. The time is now to take that first step forward.

Breathe. Accept the joy that awaits you. Dance and sing. Find that inner child who has been wanting desperately to break free and allow him/her to emerge. Have we not said all along that you have lost that sense of wonder, seeing things for the first time, as you did when you were a child? Nothing has changed around you. It is YOU who are changing. And the heavens sing in celebration that your sight has been restored.

Smile. Feel the joy that is beginning to rise up within you, as it finds freedom of expression once again. Shake the cobwebs from your being and allow your light to shine. Others will notice and will wonder what it is that you have done to change. As you allow the connections to re-charge, just watch as the opportunities begin to lay themselves before you. Remember the web of connection that we have discussed before. The pulses along that web will begin to strengthen and become more prevalent.

And if fear continues to reach out to you, then ceremoniously send it on its way. Write down those fears that hang on, list them all and then light them with a flame and watch the embers fly away. Or consciously allow the fear to go down the drain as you wash it from your physical body. You will know when it has gone as you will feel lighter, more joyful and freer. And you will begin to remember feeling this way once before, a long time ago. Worry not about the future or the past. Ask yourself ‘how am I doing right at this very moment?’ And understand that this very moment is all that is. No future. No past. Just now. Be present in the now and know in your heart that all that matters is the present moment.

Call upon us and ask for help if you are feeling unsteady. Be gentle with yourself as new beginnings may be tender. Rest as much as you can as you begin to reconfigure your entire being. Eat well. Drink plenty of water and sing, dance, play. Do you remember how?

Understand that your journey here includes the experience of joy. How do you bring joy to an existence filled with fear and the illusion of separateness? It begins with you, dear one. Take a chance. Join others just like you who are beginning to awaken and see how the world will change. One moment at a time. One step at a time. One breath at a time. The moment is now. It is your time to shine. Accept the call and see the possibilities appear before you.

We believe in you.
We know who you truly are.
It is time for you to accept your greatness.
In light and in love


The ego, which is present in your daily lives, encourages you to swim upstream against the current as you strive to move forward.  Your soul encourages you to float with the current.  To allow the waters to lift you and gently place you at the destination which is your next stop.  Why do you listen to ego and fight so hard when there is an easier way?  Do you not understand that all is unfolding as it should and if you pay attention, you might even catch a glimpse of where it is that you are going?

Acceptance comes with faith.  Faith in yourself. Faith in the Oneness.  Faith in the unfolding of your lives.  We have told you before that you are here on this plane to learn something. Not only for yourself, as we have already established that your connections run deep.  But for the All.  The stream of life carries all of you at the appropriate pace to where you need to go next.  You spend so much energy fighting this.  Energy that can be better used to connect with your higher self. With your brothers and sisters on the same journey. When ego steers you down the path of resistance, ask it why?  Why should I do it this way?  Why should I think or feel this way?  And listen for the answer.

Remember you are not here to ‘self-serve’. For that is entirely impossible in the ways of the Universe.  And listening to any advice or direction to do so is just delaying your forward movement to your complete awakening.

Can you accept what happens in your life as a means to an end? Can you accept that you have control over how your life unfolds? Not by swimming feverishly upstream against the current.  But by setting your intentions every day with gratitude and love.

When you arise in the morning, before you even start your day, give gratitude for the wonderful day ahead of you. 

When you enter your vehicles that take you to work each morning, give gratitude before you even begin, for arriving at work safely. 

When you lay your head down at night, give gratitude for receiving the answers to the situations with which you have been struggling.

Do you see how this works?  There is no need to force the issue. Just surround yourself with your intentions and allow that cushion of gratitude and grace to gently float you downstream to your next destination.

You cannot, in this human form, fully understand the workings of the Universe and how certain things must happen in a certain sequence for the All to move forward.  Remember that the progress is not only being made by you, but by the All.  If you can accept that what happens is for your growth or perhaps for someone else’s growth, your life would be less stressful.  You will find that you are no longer taking shallow breaths, but deep healing breaths.  You will find that you have more energy, more joy, and more awareness throughout your day.  Doesn’t this seem a simpler way to move through your days?

The reality is that one way or another you will reach your destination.  The question is by which path?  The choice is yours.  And should you find yourself lost, just call out to us.  And we will offer our hands, our guiding light to steer you down the gentler path.

We are always by your sides.  Always.

No matter which path you take, we are always connected to you in love.

What of ….Love?

What is love, really? You talk about it in your daily lives. You express it towards others. You see and read about it in your movies and books. But do you really know what love is? And are there different levels of love?

There is the love of a mother for her child. The love between partners in committed relationships. There is the love for nature, or friends or work. But what is love and are all of these feelings best described by this single word…..love?

You have already described in many of your books, the differences between romantic love, childish love, selfless love. What of the love that we have for you, the Universal Love? How does this fit into the definitions that you have for love?

Consider an extension of yourself that goes into infinity….that touches everything that ever was and that will ever be. Can you imagine that without any emotion, just acceptance that it is how existence truly is?

Acceptance, connection, to the All. There are times when you feel very connected to someone, a romantic love, a physical love. Let us discount the physical, for that is of the body. But if you can imagine the romantic love, the selfless love, the love of connection….when you can finish the sentence of another, when you can predict the actions of another.

Now imagine this throughout the Universe. This is possible. For you are connected with All. It is possible to feel the air currents as a bird flies, the water rushing past as a whale dives, the scorching of bark as a tree burns. Of course, this would be too much for you to feel all at one time. This would be sensory overload. And the human body is designed so that you do not feel this all at once. But love is the connection between and among all things. And whether you feel it or allow it or not, it is there for you. The key is opening your heart to the connection, the love that is your true nature. How does one explain who one truly is?

Open the connection to allow your true self to awaken. Connection is love. Dis-connection fosters fear.  Because it is human nature to fear what one does not know. So embrace the unknown and accept the differences. Once you do, you will begin to notice that underneath those differences, you are all the same, made up of the same energy, the same connection.

Love is you and your connection to All That Is.

Accept the gift of you.

Accept the gift of connection

Accept the gift of love.

What of …….Consciousness?

You are experiencing different levels of consciousness every day of your existence.  In your awakened state, your resting state, your meditative state and your dreamtime.  These different states give you a taste of the different realms of the Universe and of the continuum of possibilities.

 Take for example the resting state, when your body is relaxed, but you are not yet ‘asleep.’  At this point of consciousness you are more open to receiving cues and incite into your world and the world of others.  For this reason, we encourage you to spend time in stillness. It does not need to be meditation, per se, but just time sitting, enjoying your surroundings, breathing and releasing the tensions and allowing your mind to rest, and to wander wherever it wishes to go.  It is at times like these that you may find a resolution to a problem that has been plaguing you, an aha moment that gives you the answer for which you have been searching.

 Imagine a lighthouse putting out its beam on a foggy evening.  A signal to ships that are searching for direction.  So to, in your resting state, you are sending out that beam of light, inviting vessels of knowledge and incite to come to you.  A directional light in a sea of fog.  With the busy lives that so many of you lead, there is little time allowed for this exercise and thus, you have lost the ability to trust any information that comes to you in this manner.  Like anything else, repetition will hone in your skills and abilities to bring forth the information and knowledge that you need.

 Consider your world and the bombardment of noise and din that attacks your senses every moment of the day.  Do you understand how you tone down your receptivity just for survival’s sake?  Imagine your time spent in nature and how your sense of sound or sight would be heightened to pick out that rustle in the tall grass or the fleeting movement in your peripheral vision.  So too, with your mind.  If you allow yourselves time to just sit and be, to become accustomed to the feeling of stillness, imagine the possibilities of growth that await you. 

It is time now to slow down the pace of your life. In addition to the sensory input coming to your physical senses, there is now more input available to you through your third eye, your intuition.  This is due to the thinning of the veils between the worlds. 

Begin this practice in stillness with a deep breath, a settling into your chosen space and a smile on your face.  Allow the information to flow.  As we have stated before, all the knowledge you require is available to you if you allow yourself the time to listen and learn how to discern the truth.

All is well. 

All is love. 

All is One.

Silence, Stillness, Calm

Picture a beautiful summer’s day. Sitting on the bank of a creek, in dappled sunlight, with the sound of the water like quiet music playing in the background.

Now picture a traffic jam with honking horns, angry outbursts, overheating engines, and missed meetings.

Which one would you choose today? And do you have a choice? Many say that they have no choice…. but need to be present in the latter, fighting to move forward on a road to more chaos. This is your world that has been created by you. More noise, less stillness. Which, of course, affects your physical bodies immensely.

How can you find that stillness in a world of noise and chaos? That stillness is within. Each and every one of you has a place of stillness within you from which you can draw your strength, your energy, your resolve as you face your days in this human existence.

First, stop and breathe, deep breaths, even breaths, loving breaths. Focusing only on those breaths and allowing the outside din to fade as you move further within your personal sanctuary.

Next, hear the beat of your heart. Steady, even, like footsteps taking you down the path to your sanctuary, your inner world of stillness. This is not a journey that needs to be forced in any way. It is an easy trek just moments away from where you started. And there you will find the peace which you seek, the stillness, the calm and the silence that is necessary for you to reconnect with your higher self.

This is from where it all begins, from where the wisdom arises, the insight surfaces, the calm envelops your entire being. The trip is free, no charge, no reservations, no luggage required. All that is needed are a few breaths, a willingness to partake, a belief that you CAN do this and DO deserve it.

Imagine a world where every one takes this path at the very same moment. What would happen to the outside din? Would it cease? Would you meet each other on the bank of the same creek, at the foot of the same mountain, at the water’s edge on the same beach? And when you return, after only a few breaths, would the physical world have made a shift towards a higher energy, a more peaceful vibration, a more gentle existence?

There is only one way to find out.

Take the journey.

Find your way to inner stillness and see how it changes the world in which you live.

How much more simple can it be?

What of …..Energy?

Do you understand the concept of energy and how it works in the universe?  You hear the word and use the word, but do you understand how it really works?

You are made of energy, as is everything in the entire universe.  Think about that.  Everything, even the inert objects that you see and use every day, are composed of energy.  If you were to don special glasses that would allow you to see this, what would appear before you are vibrations everywhere of different frequencies.  In the human form, this would be distracting for you and so that is not a part of your physical makeup.

If you think of energy as a fluid medium like water, you can better understand how it flows and permeates everything around it.  But unlike water, it is not easily contained within a vessel.  As you walk through your day, a wisp of your energy trails along behind you, as a hint of perfume might waft in the breeze.  Your imprint is left everywhere you have been.  Add to this your emotional state and you might begin to understand how what you think or say or feel adds to the vibrational mix that surrounds you and your immediate vicinity.

Now think of the mixing of those energies as people mix during their daily activities.  Even without being within physical reach, your energetic state is affecting those around you.  How far reaching your energy flows is different for each and every one of you.  Some of you hold it very close to your physical bodies, while others can extend their energetic fields across rooms.  The ascended masters are capable of extending their energy great distances.

Why do we tell you of this today?  To better show you how you affect your surroundings every moment of the day.  Your anger, sorrow or joy affects those around you even if you try to hide it behind false words or deeds.  In order to begin to raise the energies of the world, it must begin with you.  In order for you to grow accustomed to the raising energies across the universe, it is important that you understand how you might add or detract from the energetic continuum.  We are here to help you to adjust to the raising vibrational fields that are beginning to permeate your world.

Can you understand that you have the power to change your world?  Just by changing your thoughts or your words?  Can you understand how powerful each of those is within the energetic fabric of the universe?   Angry words do not only reach across to that person with whom you argue.  They continue on out into the ethers surrounding you to either be diffused or enhanced by others around you.

You must understand that you do not act alone.  That you are a part of the continuum.  That being said, understand also that you DO have the ability, the power to diffuse negative energies by raising your own.  We will help you with this, as we know that many of you are still in the early learning stages of this concept.  We understand that beginning to think outside of the ‘box’ of the human form is still new to many of you.

We tell you all of this because the changes are occurring and we wish to make this as gentle as possible for each and every one of you. Again, we say that this is a joyous event that has been anticipated for a very long time.  The fact that this is happening now underscores the fact that enough of you have grown to help facilitate the process.

Be of joy and feel the love surrounding you.

Know that you can make a difference in just the way you move through your day.

Understand that there is help for you, waiting for your call for assistance.

You are a radiant light that is beginning to shine brighter every day.

Ah, we sing with joy for the progress that you make every moment of your day.

Smile as we smile, sing as we sing and love as we love…..


A Time for Awakening

The time is now to allow your own awakenings to begin. Many of you have already begun the process and many will become more aware of changes in your perception as the veil thins between the worlds. It is not a time to be of fear, but of love. Only love. This is a time of which we have spoken for many years through scribes similar to she who writes for us here.

The energies are rising, the veils are thinning, and it is a time of moving forward in forming stronger connections between the worlds. What does this mean for you?

You may feel more sensitive to others, or to foods that you eat. You may be more easily agitated as you adjust to the raising of the energies. You may think you see or hear things that on second glance are not there. This is a period of adjustment not only for you, but for us, as we learn more about how to speak to you in terms that you will understand.

Understand please that this is a joyous time. It is a time of growth and connection and awakening to what is really occurring in your lives. There will be some unsettling amongst your physical world, but it is only temporary. And as more and more of you come to better understanding and connection with the All, the easier and faster will the shift occur.

Do not for a moment think this is a time of reckoning or punishment, for that is not the case. Instead it is a time of growth, both personal and universal. Just as your physical plants and bodies sprout and change, so is the entire universe shuddering in anticipation, joyous anticipation, of the upcoming changes about to occur. And how best can you help with this process?

Give yourselves time to breathe, to just be, to sit quietly and accept the love and joy that is offered to you every moment of the day. Do not shut out the warmth of affection. Embrace the changes rather than fear them….for there is no need to bring fear into your lives here upon this plane.

Allow your physical bodies time to rest, to nurture the changes in vibration that will be occurring. Eat well. Feed yourselves with food that is nourishing not only to your bodies, but to your souls.

What do we mean by this? Bless the food and give gratitude to all who had a part in bringing that to your tables. Understand the connections, the web of activities that allows you to bring that nourishment to your tables.

Be aware of the imprint which you leave on every setting in which you exist. How a part of you remains, an energetic imprint from your thoughts, your words or your deeds.

Live your days in gratitude, in love and in service. Allow the light that is yours to shine through every pore of your being to illuminate those around you.

Choose to contribute positive vibration rather than negative, fearful vibration. Waste not your energies reliving moments past, anticipating moments future. Live in the now, be present in the now and begin there.

Nurture, forgive and love yourselves and others. Skip, dance, sing with joy, with full abandon. And know that all is unfolding just as it should.

Begin to see with our eyes the radiance that surrounds you and every living being in your world. And allow the awakening to slowly begin within you. There is so much more than you have ever imagined.

Begin the journey.

Take our hands and allow us to guide you gently and lovingly as you move forward. In light and in love.

The Spirit World

What of that unseen world that lives beside you? Are you even aware of it? Do you think of it as something to be feared? Or do you think of it as a world of loving beings who can help you in your daily tasks? What of us who speak to you through these words?

In order for you to better understand the unseen world, let us speak of the conditions of our existence. For we are very much alive and a part of your world. Just as you are alive and very much a part of our world. We coexist and comingle with each other. The difference is that we are more aware of this coexistence than many of you in the physical plane. Which world is the ‘real’ world? Both are. And there are many other realms which exist across the continuum. But for today, we will speak only of two, yours and ours.

First, you must understand that love connects us to you. And though there can be those in the spirit world who are not of that composition, the majority of us are here to help you and guide you and the Mother. We are of different frequencies, different hierarchies and all have different tasks to do. Just as you do in the physical plane. But we cannot help you without your permission, your request for assistance in your life. Though there are some times when we do step in, those times are not the usual way in which we function.

As you live within the physical plane, there are some who are there to help with the Mother. For all living creatures, ALL, are connected and deserve your love and respect and gratitude. There is a cycle of giving and taking and if taken in gratitude and respect, without waste or greed, the Mother’s creatures will gladly offer themselves up for you. But it must be done with conscious awareness of the connection between you and that which you are harvesting.

The Mother is here to nourish you, to feed not only your physical bodies, but your inner bodies. Your souls. And that is done when you take a moment and really see what is around you. See the beauty, feel the healing energy and feel the love that is being sent to you from all sources of life here upon this plane.

You are not a master over the Mother, but a piece of the mosaic of life that exists here upon this plane. Ask for help in times of physical duress, in times of physical upheaval, when the Mother is making the necessary shifts required for forward movement. Treat her with respect, give gratitude and call upon the earthly spirits to hold the loving energies as you plant your gardens, or seed your grasses. Do it lovingly. If you walk in love, there is nothing to fear. If you treat all living creatures with respect, they will reveal to you the knowledge that they have for you. Do not underestimate even the smallest of creatures. For all are connected and have something to share with you, if you are open and receptive.

Allow yourselves moments of quiet meditation so that you can better connect. They do not have to be lengthy stretches of time. But just moments, when you take a pause from your days and see the beauty that surrounds you.

The spirit world is here to help you and to guide you. But you must do your part in order to let us do our tasks. Turn off the mind, take in a deep breath and just be. When you are feeling overwhelmed, connect to us by looking up at the clouds, digging your toes into the loam beneath you, hearing the birds sing. And breathing. Stop, see, really see and breathe. It only takes a moment to connect with us. Only a moment.

You are not alone. Do not allow those physical forms which house your true selves to separate you from us any longer. You are not separate. That is only an illusion. You are one with us. Master of none, except your own soul. And you have great power, more than you understand.

Raise your eyes, open your ears and open your hearts to others.

Trust your intuition. Your inner sight is beginning to awaken. Let us guide you through this process.

Be of love, not fear.

Trust your connection with the All

And sing with joy for every day

What of……knowledge?

From where does all the truth of the world come and who is telling you these truths? Can you understand what is being told to you? And do you know who it is who is revealing these truths to you? Do you trust your source? And how do you know if they are really truths?

The answer is in your heart/ your solar plexus/your intuition which will reveal to you if what is being passed on is truth or falsehood. It is time for you to learn to trust your instincts and not rely on anyone else to say; ‘Yeah or Nay.’ ‘Believe or Disbelieve.’ For YOU and YOU ALONE know if what you hear or read is truth for you.

Have you considered the possibility that truth is revealed in different ways to different souls? That depending on where they are on their learning curve, how these truths are revealed to them will be different? Partially it is because of receptivity, understanding and ability to process what is being revealed. Just as a child is taught about the ways of the world. So too, souls at different levels of maturity will be shown various degrees of truth.

This is what causes some confusion here upon this plane. Because many of you believe that ‘your’ truth is the same for everyone…..that there is only one way to see things. When indeed, the difference is in the depth of the knowledge that is revealed…..depending on the soul who is receiving the words.

Why is it that many of you do not have enough confidence in yourselves and your connections to the All? In your ability to understand? That you feel it is only truth if the multitudes believe along with you?

Can you understand that each and every one of you, though connected to the All, is still an individual on their own path to knowledge? You may see, or hear, or understand the exact same message differently because of where you are on that path. This is not the time to say that you are right and they are wrong in their beliefs. It is a time to understand that you are all on the same path, but at different points on that path. And perhaps some have taken a slight detour. But in the end, all will have the same truths /knowledge revealed to them. Though depending on your lessons to be learned, they might sound/feel differently from that which someone else has heard or felt.

Do not judge another for their beliefs. Just as you must understand that it is important for you to stand firm in what you believe to be truth for you. It is not intended for you to try to convince another of seeing the world through your eyes….for that is not the way to personal growth. The proverbial ‘light bulb’ will spark at different frequencies for each and every one of you. But you are all still a part of the same continuum.

Accept that the truths revealed to you are your truths. But keep an open mind and always question. And know that as you grow you may indeed see things a little differently tomorrow than you did today. The truth itself hasn’t changed. It is YOU who has changed.

Be not judgmental of yourself or of others. Allow yourself to grow at your own pace. Do not make comparisons between yourself and another. For remember, you are both the same. A part of the All. And it is a futile exercise comparing yourself to yourself.

We are telling you this now so that you can begin to clear the mist from your eyes and begin to see things just a little clearer. Trust yourself, more than anyone else. Trust yourself. And love all of creation. For that is a part of you. And that love will be returned to you.

And know that we will always guide you, if you ask that of us. We cannot step in without your permission. Though we can and do love you, often without your own knowledge of that truth.

Be of Light,

Be of love,

And trust in yourselves.


As we trust in you.

What of …..Time?

What is time really? Does it even exist in the ‘real’ world? Can you control time or turn back time? Does it even matter?

Here on the physical plane there is the illusion of time. Linear time, which moves only forward. You have your past, your present and your future time points. And each and every one of you feels the progression of this flow of time. Many even wear watches or use clocks to mark the passage of this time. Your physical bodies ‘age’ as time progresses. You feel limited by this passage of time. And now, more than ever before, many of you say ‘there is just not enough time’.

But what if we were to tell you that time does not really exist? And that your practices of delineating your days by time is…….. a ‘waste of time’. You are in fact living all points of ‘time’ simultaneously. Past, present and future. Not in your physical bodies, but in your energetic bodies. The physical bodies are limiting. But as energy and light, you are able to move wherever you wish to go. These are the possibilities for you and we understand that most of you are not ready to take that leap. Though if you think about it, there are times when this has happened to you.

Think about the dreams that you have as your body rests. These are the times when you are free of your body and you can travel over time, over space and yes, even over dimensions. Have you all not awoken thinking a dream was so very realistic? That is because, indeed, for that moment you were traveling back in time or space.

So what does this mean to you in your daily lives? Can you spend more of your day looking up and around rather than down at those timepieces you seem to carry everywhere with you? Can you plug into the natural rhythms of existence and stop trying to bend time to suit YOUR needs? A worthless exercise if time truly does not exist. No? Can you begin to follow your breath? To follow your heartbeat? To follow your intuition instead of following those clocks?

Think of the freedom you would have if you are not strapped to your perception of time. We understand that in this world there are established traditions that must be followed for you to earn your living and so on. But if each and every one of you just made that small shift in thinking, for just portions of your days, think of the release, the freedom that will begin to descend upon all of you. Are those tasks you feel ‘need to be done now’ really so important? Begin to revisit how you spend your days and how you can change that pressure you put on yourselves. What is truly important to you? And why have you not been spending your ‘time’ doing that? Rather than going through the motions of performing tasks that truly matter not to you.

Give yourselves permission to be free. Could you spend one day without your clocks? You have forgotten how to feel the pulse of the Mother. You eat because your clocks tell you it is that time. You sleep because your clocks tell you it is that time. What do you feel right now?

Free yourselves, if only for a part of your day. Start listening to your internal clocks and to what your inner voice is telling you. Just for a day. And see how it changes your world.

For time is not your master. You are your own master.

Keep your power.

Use it wisely and with love.

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