Resistance to Change

What is the tether

That keeps you from freedom?

What holds you captive

In a world of chaos and fear?

What keeps you

From a stronger connection

To your higher self?

Resistance to change.

Dear One, can you begin to understand how your fear of the unknown is holding you hostage? Your path to freedom begins with moving out of your comfort zone. Allowing yourself to leave the baggage behind. Taking a step forward into the mist with only faith and trust. Trust that you are more than this human form with restrictions and limitations. Can you just be and set yourself free?

The veil between worlds has parted and you now have the capability of moving further into the freedom of the unseen world. Freedom from worry, judgment and suffering. Freedom to just be. And by doing so you soon realize the strength of the connection between you and your higher Self. Between you and the Source.

What is occurring in your world at this very moment is massive change. Change that can be challenging unless you allow yourself to ride the waves with trust and faith. We ask you to begin to shed those layers of fear which have burdened you for so long. We ask you to expand your mind to realize that the possibilities in your life are limitless. And we ask you to allow love to supersede fear in every aspect of your life.

You live in a physical world with all of its rules and regulations, with endless tasks that fill your day. You try to keep up and to manage as best you can. But you are exhausted. From the mounting expectations of this physical world, from the constant drama which fills this world and with your doubts of your own capabilities of moving forward.

Can you change the way you see your world, the way you move through your world? Can you begin to shift your view of yourself from a limited human being to the embodiment of a divine being? We are not suggesting arrogance but acceptance of the possibility that life is greater than that which you experience with your human senses. That YOU have more potential, more power and more grace than you could ever have imagined!

Dear One, you now have a foot in both worlds. We have told you this numerous times. We ask you to put more weight on that foot in the unseen world from this point on. By considering the possibility that you are more than you realize. That there is an existence beyond this physical world. And that you are strongly connected to those higher realms. This connection is as natural as each breath that you take. Unconsciously, but a constant in your every moment of your life.

By accepting this connection to the unseen world, you will lighten the load of your human existence. Can you begin to change your priorities in life to accommodate your dual existence in the unseen world? Can you consider that time may be better spent in connection by ‘just being’ rather than completing a human task to perfection?

Can you begin to weigh the difference between the call from your higher Self and the call from your human self? For at this time, you do hear both, though you may not yet realize it. Which activity is more important to you at this time, a task of duty or an activity of joy? We do not suggest you cease acting from integrity. We only ask you to stop and question the mindless repetition of things that bring you no joy.

Putting more weight on that foot in the unseen world will bring more trust and faith. It will strengthen your understanding of these connections. And with more trust and faith, the challenges created by these current changes in the physical world will lighten and become less burdensome.

Change is here and will continue. And part of that change is within you, Dear One. The change in the realization that you are indeed a brilliant being of light living in a physical world. The realization that through your connections with the higher realms you can ease the suffering here upon this plane.

Can you change your view of this world

And of your purpose in being here?

Rather than resist the change that is occurring

Can you ride the wave of change with trust,

With faith and with grace?

Consider changing your priorities

And see how this changes your world.

Accept your power, accept who you truly are

Dearest, dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

I’ll hold space for all across this globe to open their hearts and their minds to who they truly are. For all to release their resistance to change. And to reconsider their priorities in their lives.  Let us all hold each other up with loving support as we inch closer to a new way of being.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude to the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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How Well Do You Adapt?

If your plans go off-course

How do you react?

 Do you have the patience

To wait, if necessary?

How do you see

The change in course?

As an imposition?

Or an unexpected possibility?

Dear One, the life you have been given here upon this plane can take many side trails, many unexpected turns or delays. The question is: how do you respond to those changes? Do you complain because your plans have gone awry? Or do you accept the change as an opportunity, a synchronistic moment, a gentle push to look for the opportunities being gifted to you?

Understand that you are a part of an intricate matrix across the Universe with infinite connections to others. The plucking of one golden cord may affect the vibrations of millions of others. Enough to alter the course which you so carefully planned.

All are connected. All are a cell in the infinite body of Creation, similar to the workings of your own physical form. An unexpected stumble on your toe may cause distress in your knee as you adapt how you walk. So too, an event occurring elsewhere in your world may affect your day in a myriad of ways. All out of your control except for how you respond to the change.

Can you move forward with grace and gratitude no matter what occurs in your life? The human mind continues to think it is in control directing every step of your day. But you know that is not the case, for you have experienced delays or sudden changes in your life.

Are you able to take a deep breath and accept the unexpected, knowing that you may be one part in a cycle of events to move the All forward? How often have your original plans on reflection, shown themselves to be flawed? How often have you said to yourself that you are happy that things did not work out as you had planned?

Dear One, you do not live alone in this world or beyond. The comfort in that could be in knowing that you have strong connections to All of Creation. The challenge is that those connections affect you in ways you would never have imagined. And on first sight, they may seem annoying and trite. But on second sight, you may see how they have allowed you an opportunity you never expected.

The way to move forward with grace is to trust that the Universe is unfolding exactly as it was meant to unfold. And that your life is an integral part of a great evolution of souls across realms. You are a part of something much larger than what you can see in front of you. Can you accept that truth and adapt to any changes with grace?

Instead of complaining for any perceived set-back, can you instead offer gratitude for this unexpected opportunity for growth? If not for you personally, for another sentient being who needs you to be exactly where you are for their lives to move forward.

Life is an intricate dance with many partners, most of whom you do not know or may never see. And yet, you play a part in each other’s lives with each breath that you take. Can you smile and send love out to all who might be affected by the change in your personal life? Rather than becoming irritated or angry, can you adapt with grace and calm?

We understand that the emotions of the human body can make these requests challenging for you. But have not many of the masters talked of releasing all expectations? In order to live a life of peace and joy, releasing your expectations can change your outlook.

See your life as a perfectly choreographed dance allowing for the gentlest of growth for each of you. Of course, that is dependent on whether or not you can change course gracefully and with faith. When an unexpected event occurs once again in your life, bless those affected and trust that you have done your part in moving this plane and beyond forward to the next step.

Walk in love and peace

No matter what changes occur.

Have faith that all will be well

And that opportunities arise

With every unexpected change in plan.

Bless your world and every interaction, every event.

For you have a part to play

In the evolution of the Universe.

For you are now and always will be

One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

I’ll hold space for all across this globe to become more aware of their connection with the All. I will connect with all sentient beings on this plane and beyond and share my love with each of them. And I will lend my support to all who struggle with unexpected changes. So that they may move forward with grace and the awareness of their connection to all.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude towards the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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Do you know

Who you really are?

Can you feel the shift

In your understanding

Of how you fit into this world?

Can you feel the awakening

Within you this day?

Dear One, there is a change taking place even as you read these words. The change is occurring in your world. The change is occurring within you. The change is occurring as your connection with the Oneness is strengthening and broadening to include all of humanity. Yes, you are beginning to understand that you are One with All, even those whom you do not know or perhaps do not like.

Honor this change that is occurring, for it has been building for a very long time. It has been building across lifetimes, across generations, across years and across the entire planet as more and more are awakening to their true identity. And as more awaken, the possibility of critical mass being reached is coming closer.

You are coming closer to a time where enough souls have begun to realize their true nature. To realize the power of love and the power of connection. No matter who or what they are, you are connected to them in every sense of the word. You are One, Dearest, with All the Creation.

Allow yourself to flow with this current of change occurring in this world through the efforts of many embodied here at this time. And through the efforts of those present on other realms who are reaching out to help make this ascension process as gentle as possible. So many are behind the scenes quietly doing the work to help lift you up during these challenging times.

Accept this help. Open your heart to the blessed energies coming in to ease your suffering, to help you come into your own power as you awaken to the self-realization of who you truly are. What we have been telling you for many years, that you are a divine being incarnated at this time, may slowly be opening you to acceptance of the reality of this truth.

You are at the threshold of understanding more and more about the workings of the Universe. About the possibilities for change that are occurring at this time. And how you have the power to help with changing this world from one of self-service and greed to one of love and compassion.

Accept this truth about yourself, Dear One. Accept the wondrous energies that are flowing all around you at this time. Welcome them in and ask for a clearer vision of a loving world and how best you can serve in helping with this ascension.

Dear One, can you feel the anticipation building as more and more awaken to their true identity? Awaken to the understanding that what you see is an illusion provided for you to grow. The group consciousness of the Universe is reaching out to you in a manner that best resonates with you. Be it through dreams, intuition, synchronistic moments or someone in your life whom you trust who can lead you forward.

You are a victim no longer of another. For the choices you make lay down the foundation of what comes next in your life. And you have many choices, more than you realize. Choose joy, choose grace, choose connection through spirit and prayer.

Offer gratitude for a joyous day ahead upon arising. Offer gratitude for the unseen guidance throughout your day which has kept you safe and offered opportunities for growth. Offer gratitude for the challenges that show you how much strength you truly have. Connect with the etheric beings who embrace you with their love throughout your day and as you rest your physical body.

Take up the challenge of loving yourself, no matter what. As we love you unconditionally. Allow those thoughts of self-limitation to wash away to provide a clean slate for your true self to shine through. You are a wondrous being on a challenging adventure. But you are more capable than you realize. You have more help than you know.

Open your heart and your mind to a new way of thinking. A new way of being. Shed those old thought patterns which have become a habit. Question what you have been told throughout your life and accepted without a thought of how or why you should do so.

You are opening like a lotus flower.

You are beginning to bloom.

Your light center is shining brighter every day.

For you are awakening

Drawn out by the power of love

Which surrounds you throughout your day.

Accept this gift of love.

Walk in grace and speak softly

With grace, gratitude and compassion.

You are ready. You are One.

Dearest One with All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

This Sunday, I’ll hold space for all across this globe to connect with their higher selves, to open up to new ways of thinking, to be victims no longer as they become empowered with the love which surrounds them.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude towards the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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Rise Up

Lift your eyes upward

And acknowledge

The beauty around you.

Feel the love

That embraces you

At this very moment.


That you are not alone.

Dear One, do not allow the upheaval in your life to lower your vibration. For there is much work to do and we ask you to call upon us when you stumble. We believe in you. Or we would not ask for your help during these challenging times of ascension here upon your physical plane.

The human experience fluctuates between highs and lows of existence. For each moment of joy experienced, there is often a moment of suffering. But if you mourn the impermanence of that joyful moment, perhaps you can also rejoice in the impermanence of that moment of suffering.

For your daily life is fluid and you have the power to change how you experience the next moment of your life. Be it one of joyfulness or one of sorrow. Human emotion is steered by your perception of your life. Your mind is the rudder and can easily change course if you so choose.

But just like a well-trodden path in the woods, packed down by many visits of your boot tracks, so too the pathways in your mind. Those frequently travelled are easiest to follow, without even being conscious of the direction you have taken.

The question is where does that frequently used path take you. Does it lead you to joy or to despair? If it leads you to sorrow, it will be necessary to take another path. One less traveled. One which may require time to become a clearer path for you. The path to joy.

You are at the crossroads between these choices many times throughout your day. Yes, indeed, the easier path to take is the one used most often. But is this the path that best serves you? Is this the path to joy and inner calm?

The neural circuits of your mind must be reformed and redirected to take you to where you wish to go. Just as a physical path in the woods. It is possible. You are capable of this task. And you have much help building this trail, only a request is needed and help will arrive.

Dear One, much of the suffering that occurs is due to a habitual, unconscious turn to that well-worn path before you. Forging a new path will take time. It may take much reflection and determination. You may require help to change your perception and subsequently your direction.

But it is possible. Close your eyes and choose to see a different world upon opening them once again. Wipe the slate clean from your previous view and open your eyes to a brighter world. A world with more possibilities to experience joy. Do this as an exercise at any time you find yourself taking that well-worn path to sorrow.

Choose to live in a world of beauty and see the elements of beauty which surround you. They are there. They were just hidden behind the fog of suffering. Just as you go through your physical travels each day. They are often unconscious and you may wonder how you arrived safely at your destination with no memory of your journey.

So too, with the paths within your mind. The view must be reset with the closing of your eyes so that you might see more clearly. Take a detour through your heart the next time you find yourself veering off onto the same path once again.

Bring along a map of compassion, a morsel of joy, a drink of inner peace to accompany you on your journey. And be aware of how the path will become easier with the nourishment from your heart. Be aware of how if begins to take another direction. Home to your place of origin. The place of love, joy and peace from which you were birthed and to which you will return.

Change your direction

To a course of love

A path to freedom

From suffering.

You have the strength

And the stamina to do this.

You also have the help

From the All That Is.

Dearest, Dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM EST:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers. I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

Tonight I’ll focus on all those experiencing the extremes of the Mother, from heat to snow, to volcanic eruptions and flooding. Seeing them all safe and comforted.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.



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Is the key to suffering.

It is how you perceive your world

And yourself

That causes you to suffer.

Dear One, how do you see your world? How do you see yourself? Do you understand that everything about your world, your life, is impermanent? Fluid, constantly changing. Breaking like the ocean waves as they come to shore, then dissipating. The waves continue to come, to change, to disappear. Just as the waves of your life.

The suffering occurs when you try to hold onto a moment, a situation, a relationship, a lifestyle which is in constant flux. You, Dear One, are not the same as you were just a moment ago. Your energies shift and move constantly as you move through your day.

The key is to allow change to occur, at the most infinitesimal level as well as on the larger scale. For if you were to live in a rigid world, how could there be opportunities for growth? It is only due to the constant flux of life here upon this physical plane and beyond that you are able to grow and learn.

When you reflect upon who you are in this very moment, you often think you are the same person as you were many years ago, even days ago. But, Dear One, that is not the true reality. Your energetic vibration is rising due to the ascension occurring in your world. This allows you to be aware of much more than just a moment ago, to see and respond differently than you had in the past.

You have not failed in your life. For this life is a gift to you on your quest for self-discovery. What you might perceive as failure is just another step forward in your growth process. And having experienced one situation as an opportunity for learning, another wave will come your way, offering yet another possibility for growth.

You are changing constantly, as is every facet of this physical world. Can you accept the fluidity in this world, rather than attempting to hold onto something that no longer exists? Can you allow and encourage those in your life to change as well?

This is also true for emotions which you might feel. Rather than suppress them, can you allow them to flow through you knowing that they are impermanent as well? If they feel too strong, are you able to focus your awareness on one of your physical senses?

Can you focus on what you see, smell, hear, feel or taste during these moments of intense emotion? See the beauty in nature, hear the beauty in a song, feel the smoothness of a stone in your hand. Focus on the beauty before you as you understand the impermanence of the strong emotion that you are feeling.

Dear One, understand that every situation can be viewed from many perspectives. Every challenge has multiple possibilities for being addressed. And every sentient being has an infinite wealth of knowledge to use throughout this lifetime.

Today you are able to move, to see, to feel differently because you not the same person today as you were yesterday. If you are able to understand this truth you will be less attached to your Ego, which is a misperception of seeing yourself as an unchanging, iron-clad being.

Open yourself to the possibilities that await you this day and beyond. Allow your life to unfold as it will to offer you the best opportunities for growth. Accept yourself exactly as you are in this moment. And trust that you can and will change with the next breath that you take.

All of existence is fluid, for all of existence is composed of energy. Constantly flowing, constantly changing. Remember that you are also a part of this, during those times when you are suffering.

Accept the gift of life,

The gift of change

This physical world

Presents to you.

Allow the waves of change

To come, knowing

They will break and dissipate

In this world of Impermanence.

A world of change.

Dearest One with All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM EST:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers. I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

Tonight I’ll focus on all those in Kazakhstan and elsewhere who are experiencing brutal oppression.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.



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Artist: Daniel Holeman

Thyself to be

The wondrous being

That you are.

Capable of miracles.

Capable of changing

Your world.

Dear One, do not hold yourself back from your power any longer. For it resides within you. And the rising vibrations upon this plane are forging your path ahead of you. The path to walk with your own power awakened. The power of the Divine. The power of connection. The power of change. You are the conduit. You are the vehicle. Accept this truth and trust what you can do through love and connection.

Your heart within stirs with excitement as the Universe is in constant connection with it, urging it to open further. To allow the increasing vibrations upon this plane to guide you forward. This is why you are here at this time, Dear One. And the Universe sings with joy at the possibilities that await this world. The possibilities that come through your awakening.

Feel the quickening of your heart as it answers the call. It has been in conversation with the All throughout your physical lifetime. It is only now that your conscious mind is beginning to understand the purpose of your human existence.

Look back through your life and see how far you have come. How much you have grown. The strength you have found within through the many challenges you have faced and survived. The best is yet to come and it comes because of you.

You are the conduit between heaven and earth. You are now open to receiving much more knowledge than possible in the past. That is due to the rising frequencies and the help of all those who have descended to this earthly plane to guide you.

Fear is no longer necessary for an awakened being, which you are. Love is the only path forward. See past the pettiness of the human nature and look within the hearts of all who cross your path. For within those hearts lies the divine nature which is the source of your power. All will come into this realization in their own time, in their own way.

The spark has been fanned through the love of the Divine to a brilliant flame which is visible across realms. The future is here and it is wondrous. Indeed, have compassion for the suffering that continues to exist here upon this plane. Send loving thoughts and compassionate actions towards those still living in fear.

But also look past and observe the changes that are occurring around you. For indeed, they are occurring and by being acknowledged they will increase in power and strength. Look higher and contribute your own light to the light that is shining brighter every day around this globe.

Change is here. It has arrived and it will grow exponentially with your contributions. This massive explosion of change was not possible in the past. But enough of you have awakened, have accepted the possibility, if not yet the fact, that the power lies within you through your loving connection with the Divine. That Divine which exists within every beating heart upon this physical plane.

Chaos precedes change, always. And understand that the greater the chaos, the closer this plane is to the end result. There is no turning back, for too many have awakened and that is so wondrous to see. Yes, there will be resistance to change. You see it all around you.

But also see the light that exists behind that resistance. So much light. So much love. So much power ready to move this plane forward and upward. You are the cause of this change. You are the reason for the celebrations around the Universe. You are the conduits and you are moving forward much quicker than you realize.

Pay attention. See the synchronicities that will guide you forward. Pause throughout your day to breathe and consciously connect with the Oneness. Remember your dreams and listen for the guidance that is being given to you throughout your day. You are more open, more receptive than ever before.

Know the value of your presence here upon this plane at this time. Accept that and no longer timidly say I am only one person, what can I do? For you can move mountains. You have already begun to do so. Believe and accept this truth, oh Dear Embodiment of the Divine.

The power lies within you

It has always been there

Waiting for this moment in time.

Accept your power

And use it for the highest good.

Accept this truth, Dear One.

And see the changes in this world

Already occurring because of you.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Prayer Circle:

Much gratitude to all who are participating in the prayer circle. I am not the only one who is feeling the power of this connection of so many hearts focusing on sending love out to this world. And that brings me much joy. I will sit at 9PM EST this evening, Sunday, to join with all who participate. Once again, do it at a time most convenient to you and I’m certain our loving thoughts will still connect.

See love and light shining on every dark corner of this world. However you envision it, be it falling gently or glowing brightly or sending warmth to all in its path. Use the power within your own heart to connect with others with a common focus. Let us envision a better world.

This week I have been praying for all those who go hungry, who are starving, without enough food to survive. I think of those in Afghanistan and the Middle East, in northern Africa, in the Philippines and across this globe. They could be your neighbors who are quietly going to bed hungry.

And I thank you with all of my heart for acknowledging and using the power within to join forces to change this world. Many, many blessings to you.



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The Road to Freedom

Lies before you.

Can you see it?

Allow your heart

To guide you forward

Towards this path

Of truth and love.

Dear One, you have been held hostage for too long. Can you allow yourself to see the path to freedom that lies before you? The door has always been open. Fear and lack of faith have prevented you from seeing it. Walk through now with the courage, the love and the truth that have always resided within you.

Allow the shackles of fear to drop from your body. Discard the armor that fear convinced you was necessary. Open your eyes and your heart to the truth that lies before you. See the beauty. Feel the connection with the all. And allow the caress of freedom to bathe your very soul.

We have told you before that you now live with a foot in both worlds, the seen and the unseen. It is now time, Dear One, for you to put more weight on that foot which exists in the unseen world. For this is the world of your birth, your true birth. This is the true reality for which you long. A world of love, of connection and of truth.

In these times of change, the cauldron is full of many ingredients that confuse your sense of truth and loyalty. As the change continues to percolate, many of these untruths and misguided thoughts will evaporate into nothingness. This leaves you with the basic ingredients of your true nature. Love, freedom and connection to the All.

Change has already begun and in these initial moments, all must be stirred up, mixed to ensure that all the necessary lessons shall add to the sweet flavor of what is to come. While all that adds only bitterness will be removed over time.

You are not embodied at this time only to taste the final outcome. You are here to add your own personal seasonings, those of lessons learned, gratitude and forgiveness given. And always, love. Dear One, do not stand back and wonder how this dish will taste. Step up and contribute to ensure that your unique gifts are included in the recipe for change.

Understand that much stirring is necessary which will cause chaos to rise and bubble up. But it is only temporary as what remains after much loving attention will be as sweet as nectar. This is where freedom reigns as you taste the results of all of your efforts to create the very best.

Understand that you have many choices. What do you choose to add? Is it judgment and fear or is it love and compassion? Can you understand that in order for the recipe for change to be as sweet as possible, heat will be required. Molecules must be broken down in order to be re-arranged into the final glorious product. But the more love and compassion you add, the lower a temperature will be required.

You have the freedom to consciously contribute the best ingredients you can to this recipe for change. Do not allow it to be overpowered with bitterness, fear and anxiety. For the more bitterness added, the longer it will take to evaporate.

Open your eyes and see the possibilities that lie before you. Understand the power you hold in your heart to connection with like-minded souls and help to shorten the time for change. All are watching. All are sending whatever they can to guide you. Many are coming in spirit to whisper in your ear and guide your hand (add a little bit more, a little bit more of your love).

 You have everything you need within and around you. Lean into that foot which sits in the unseen world and feel it lifted. Lifted by love and connection. The heaviness is gone, for that only exists here upon this physical plane.

Ask for guidance as your body rests. This is the time when information can best be exchanged between worlds. For do not doubt, Dear One, that you have much to share with the higher realms. Just as they have much to share with you.

You are ready for this exchange. You are needed at this time to live in your highest vibration. And if you stumble, there are many loving hands ready to lift you up once again. To freedom.

You are One, Dear One.

You are powerful

And you are needed

To work as a conduit

Between worlds.

Perfectly placed.

As One With All of Thee.


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How to Create a New World

It is possible

To create the world you desire.

For you are co-creator

With the Source.

Wipe the slate clean

And begin to create

A world of love.

Dear One, the world you currently see is in transition. Just as the Mother must flex and move Herself in order to grow, to expand, to adjust to the new energies. So too, with you and the world you see. This is not punishment, but expansion, growth into a new order of being.

Consider how that which now exists must be broken down in order to be rebuilt. You do it every day in your lives. But you have never experienced it on such a global scale. Recycling the old, discarding what cannot be used, and reframing for future growth and prosperity.

You have the power to change your vision of this world. Wipe the slate clean and create before you the world in which you wish to live. See before you abundance, love, laughter, joy and peace. Just as the efforts of combined prayer have helped create peaceful resolutions, so too, can visions for a kinder, gentler, more loving world create the results you desire.

Yes, indeed, work together on this physical plane helping to change this world one step at a time. But do not forget that you are also an energetic being. Do not forget the power of your thoughts. Do not forget the ability you have to create a different world energetically.

All that you see and hear throughout your day are the images and words of a physical world. But, Dear One, do you not realize that the physical world is first manifested as an energetic thought? You have a foot in both realms, the seen and the unseen. And you have not yet discovered the power of the part of you which lives in the energetic universe.

You have learned to communicate here in words, in languages that differ across nations. But now, you are also able to communicate energetically, in pictures, thoughts of what is possible. But in order for you to begin to move in this new cadence, you must be shaken from your old ways of being.

Do not, for a moment, think that those who are suffering are alone and forgotten. For each soul which is undergoing severe physical or emotional challenges, there are numerous beings lifting them up. Attempting to raise them above the bindings of fear.

But fear is pervasive in this physical world. It holds you back from rising above the ashes of change necessary for both personal and collective growth and expansion. Can you begin to replace fear with faith? Faith not only in the unseen world, but faith in yourself. Faith that indeed, you can make a difference through your prayers and your thoughts. Visions of a different world.

It begins with how you respond to what you see. We have told you before not to see another as sick or wounded. For this holds them in lower vibration. Instead, see them already healed and glowing in their natural lightness of being.

This same approach can be used for the entire world in which you exist. Rather than see destruction and lack, instead see transition and infinite possibilities for change. Do you remember how your legs ached in your formative years as those bones grew and expanded? Do you remember the pain of childbirth?

Dear One, all change and growth is the result of much effort and pain. As we have told you before, pain is a part of this physical life. However, suffering, is the result of your thoughts and how you see the world before you.

You are the courageous ones, the divine beings who chose to be here upon this physical plane during this break-down phase. The phase which precedes immense change and growth. But you are seeing this world through physical human eyes, rather than through the eyes of a divine being.

Raise you sights and begin to view this world phase from a higher perspective. Through the vision of the divine being who you are. You are struggling to make this transition for you have lived so long with the belief than you were only human. Without the abundance necessary to prosper. More for you, less for me. When in fact there is enough abundance of light, love, guidance, help and sustenance to allow you to transition into a more divine way of being.

Change is possible. Change is occurring and it may involve physical and emotional pain. But suffering is optional. You are strong enough to move forward with grace. Reach out with loving embrace towards others who need your light. And call upon us when you feel your own light wavering.

It is time to view this world

Through the eyes of the divine.

You have the power to change this world

From lower to higher vibration.

Be the conduit between both realms.

Help us to raise up your world

By opening the channel between worlds.

Through your prayers and your thoughts.

Bring a new world into being.

This is possible for you, Dear One.

Dearest One with All of Thee.


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You have become accustomed

To a fast-paced world

Expecting immediate results

And perfection in all aspects

Of your life,

In others and in yourself.

Dear One, as your technology has advanced, so too have your expectations of immediacy of results, of growth and of change. Forgotten are the times of incubation, reflection and anticipation. Just as a seed requires time to mature and grow, so do you and your world. Replace judgment with compassion and patience and feel the stress fall from your shoulders.

There are some mighty lessons upon you now. Can your eyes awaken to the falsehoods of the past? Are you able to sit and breathe rather than scurry in activity? When does the replenishment come when you are constantly active and pushing forward?

You are not in this alone. And because of this, it is necessary to allow for the flow of energies, of experiences to mesh and gel into the future that you crave. Everyone is perfect in their placement and their gifts. But each individual moves forward at their own pace, often at a different speed than your own. This requires patience and trust on your part to allow the web of connection to vibrate at the combined frequencies of the All. Some higher than your frequency, some lower. But all equally important in their contribution to the growth of the All.

Step back from the illusion that you alone can achieve your goals. For each step forward is part of a flow of the movement of many other factions in your life, some seen and some unseen. At this very moment, legions of light beings are descending upon you to help you to move forward. For this is their time to come and join you upon this physical plane. Until now, the environment was not yet ready to receive them.

You are connected to all of creation. You do not take even one step that is not felt by another due to this connection. The air you breathe, the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, all go out into infinity affecting the energies of many on the way. You are but one cell in the wondrous light body of the Divine. And just as the cells in your physical body have a specific role, so too, you have a specific part to play in this expansion of the Universe. Do not doubt this.

Patience is a trait that when cultivated will bring you peace. For always looking ahead robs you of the joy, the information, the sight of what is occurring in the now. What is the purpose of your hurried pace? Why would you disregard this very moment of life in anticipation of a possible outcome that does not yet exist?

The only time that exists is the now and yet so many discard it in order to dream of a future. Do you not understand that it is what you do in this very moment that provides the blueprint for the future? And when you reach this potential future does it satisfy you enough to stop and enjoy it? Or are you already planning and looking forward to a new future, another dream?

Reflect upon your current state of being and what it is trying to teach you. Patience, compassion, generosity, working together as a unit rather than apart as adversaries. Pause from your dream state and open your eyes and experience the now. Consider the teachable moments during this time of your life.

Dear One, life does not happen TO you, it happens FOR you. This we have told you before. You are children of the Universe with immense power to change your world. But as all children are watched over and guided, so too are you. This life experience is a classroom of exponential capacities to inspire you to grow. But you have free will and will always have the choice of what step to take next on your journey.

Remember that you are not alone on this wondrous path of awakening. There are many before you and many behind you walking the same path. Link arms with them. Allow those ahead to aid your progress. And at the same time reach back to support those who trail behind.

You all are divine beings. You all walk together, connected by your divine conception, on a path home. And if all can work together, the greatest potential will be reached. Dear One, acknowledge the presence of the Divine in all that you see before you. And in all that is unseen before you. Acknowledge the help that is offered to you and do the same for others.

For all are connected

And your future

Is the same future of the All.

Feel the beat

Of the heart of the Universe.

It lives within you, around you

And connects you to All of Creation.

For you are and always will be

One With All of Thee.

This Is The Day

To begin anew,

To change your vision of the world,

To claim your power

And use it to change the world

For the highest good.

This is the day

To feel joy once again,

Connection and peace within.

You are ready.

Dear One, you are ready for change. You have always been ready and yet for many, the connection between the All of Creation needed to be more apparent to you. The energies were required to be higher than they were in the past to help you envision a world of love and peace.

Begin today, walking in gratitude. For everything presented to you in your life is another step forward in your personal quest. You have not been forgotten. You have not been punished. And you have never been abandoned as you walk your path forward. Forward to walking in your brightest light.

Can you be your true self? Allow for all parts of your personality to be accepted. Are you ready to see that those perceived flaws can also be great gifts when used in the right situations with the perfect level of interaction?

Self-doubt and judgment are powerful forces that have hindered your forward movement on this path. It has been so easy for your mind to take charge and echo those thoughts of self-deprecation and fear. This has always been the challenge for you. And so, we offer to you once again, the simple solution of saying, I choose peace, to silence the repetitive blows of the mind.

The mind loves repetitive tasks as the body does not require focus to do something done multiple times before. Change in routine, change in energies, change in process unsettle the mind and cause it to lose power as your focus is required in adjusting to the change. To quiet the mind, change your routine and focus on a new way of seeing/being in your world.

This is the day in which you can step forward in confidence and love. The energetic shifts are more amenable for you to see, really see, the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead. They have always been there, but fear has blinded you to them.

Dear One, you are ready to reach out and reach up in love and gratitude. Many of you have had time for reflection in the recent past. Time to go inward, to rest and reflect. Others have had to work much harder, many suffering great challenges with unforeseen life changes. And many have been filled with such fear as to forget the power of love and connection.

And yet, it is through these connections that you can help them to raise their energies that they may begin to glimpse their own divinity. To help them understand that power of self pales in comparison to the power of the web of connection. Find compassion for them and others struggling to walk through the sea of fear which surrounds them.

Remember, Dear One, that love is always more powerful than fear. That all are connected and those who are making their transitions still remain connected to you. Their spirits/souls now vibrate at a much higher frequency which is difficult for many of you to see at this time. Rest assured, that they are close and that they have been warmly embraced and guided on their journeys home. Never alone.

Today is the day to come from love rather than fear. To walk in gratitude, glimpsing your own divinity, your own power, as you move forward in love. Today is the day to quiet that mind and choose instead to be guided by your heart, the center of the pulse of the universal heartbeat.

You are One. You have changed and you are better able to use the power of love to raise the energies of this plane.

Share that love

With those who struggle

As you have received love

In your own times of need.

See your own divinity and act

As One With All of Thee.


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