Begin your day with gratitude

For the abundance in your life.

For the many lessons learned.

And for the growth achieved

During this incarnated life.

Dear One, can you see your life for what it truly is? A life filled with opportunities for growth and love. A life filled with an abundance of love to receive and to share. A life now awakening to your constant connection to the All That Is.

You are loved and held in much gratitude by those in the higher realms for your courage and commitment to living through the challenges. You are loved beyond measure for the lessons learned during this experiential existence on a physical plane. You are loved and respected for taking this journey without full knowledge of your true nature.

But now that the ascension is occurring, you are slowly awakening to who you truly are and your strong connection to All of Creation. You have come far enough to have the capacity to understand the truth of your existence. Open up your heart to the knowledge that is being given to you at this time.

Dear One, gratitude creates a higher frequency, allowing you to send and receive love more easily. Have we not told you often that love is the essence of your existence here and beyond this physical plane? Love is the vehicle that propels you higher. It is the power that overcomes all challenges. Can you see the truth in this?

When challenges block your path forward, draw from that infinite reservoir of love within you. It will guide you forward with grace through the maze of perceived impossible situations. Give gratitude for the help, insight, and solution to your current problem. Always give gratitude as if you have already received the answer.

For indeed, you have. The answer has always been available to you. Giving gratitude raises your vibration to a level that makes it easier to see the best way forward. It lifts you from the fear that holds you back. For any problem, there are many ways forward, and raising your vibration will help you see more clearly the next step. Fear clouds your judgment and your vision.

You are aware of the help surrounding and supporting you in your natural state. But that help is not as apparent to you in this altered state of incarnation. This has been part of the challenge of human existence. But now, as the ascension is occurring, the veil between worlds has thinned, and it is easier for more direct communication between them.

You have come further than you realize, Dear One, and we hold YOU in much gratitude for this achievement. We rejoice in the knowledge that you are more attuned to our guidance. As we stated before, verbal communication is difficult for us. But as your vibration has increased, you are more receptive to guidance through intuition and synchronicity, a more natural means of non-verbal communication.

As more and more awaken, the shift in this world will become as apparent to you as it is to us. Help with this transformation by living a life of gratitude and love. For, Dear One, all is not as it appears, and your power of perception and communication is growing each day.

Feel our love for you. Accept our guidance and allow us to help you move forward. You are the ones who can change this world, and you are doing it. Trust yourself as we trust you to transition from fear to love.

You are the conduit

You are the solution.

You always have been.

Accept this role without a doubt.

With the strength and power

Which resides within you.

It begins with love

It begins with you

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Standard Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

I’ll hold space and offer my support to all across this globe to be open and receptive to the awakening of their true selves. I hold all in gratitude for being present in this world and for the changes their presence is creating. May  we all hold each other up with loving support as we inch closer to a new way of being.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude to the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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Gifts Abound

Everything that occurs

In your life

Can be seen as a gift.

A gift to help you move forward

On your journey.

On your journey

To awakening to your true self.

Dear One, your presence in this world is a journey of self-discovery. For yourself as well as for the collective consciousness. Everything that happens can be seen as an opportunity for growth, for expansion. It is your choice how you move through this world. Do you choose to live in gratitude or to live in fear?

The roadmap for your life is imprinted in your heart. Your heart is the center of all activity for your personal growth. And your heart is the center of love. Knowing this, can you begin to understand that your life is guided forward by love? No matter how your human mind chooses to view it. Your life is guided by love.

All of you are connected to a wondrous stream of consciousness which pulses with love and knowledge as the energies move through it. Back and forth, between all of life, sending messages of knowledge enveloped in love.

It is the human perspective which causes you to live in fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the lack of control. Fear of imperfection and lack of abundance. You can ease this fear by beginning to trust. To trust yourself and the loving universe which is within and around you.

For you are a part of a wondrous matrix which is supporting you and guiding you forward through every step of your personal journey. Each breath that you take is filled with possibilities; of expanding into your true nature to self-realization of who you really are.

What you do not yet realize is how all of creation is supporting you upon this journey. For your personal growth is the growth of the All. There is no failure, there is only expansion of consciousness. Consciousness of the All.

Relieve your suffering by changing your perspective to one of gratitude, love and compassion. For the unfolding of your personal life and for the lives of all who inhabit this physical world. Any and all challenges that lay in your path are gifts for you. Gifts to help you realize your strengths and your potential. But also gifts to point out that which requires more work. Be it anger, judgment or self-doubt.

For all that occurs in your life and in the lives of others has always provided an opportunity. The unknown is how you will respond. Will it be with grace and compassion or with fear? Will you choose suffering for yourself and others? Or will you awaken to your role in helping create the gentlest process that is possible?

Will you begin to understand that there are forces unseen by you acting in your best interest? Preventing the most painful outcomes while still allowing the lessons to be present for your personal growth.

We say to you again, Dear One, that gifts abound every moment of your day. It is up to you to begin to view your life, your world, including the unseen world, with a different perspective. A loving perspective. One of gratitude and connection. You are not alone. That is impossible.

The ongoing ascension continues to raise the vibrations of this plane. The old ways of being will slowly disappear as you begin to awaken to gentler, kinder, more loving ways of moving through your world. You can contribute your own gift to this world by removing fear from your thoughts and replacing it with compassion and love. With gratitude and grace.

Many are already doing this for you. Giving you this gift. Pay it forward, as you say here. You are being lifted upward with loving embrace. Even as those who live in fear try to hold you back. This is the duality of your world. One of the most challenging planes on which to exist. But also, one where personal growth is accelerated because of this same duality.

Live in love.

Live in gratitude.

Reflect and see the larger picture.

See the gift in every challenge

That appears in your life.

Accept our help from the unseen world

And help us by opening your heart to love.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

Tonight, I’ll see the hearts of all opening up to love so that those who are suffering may feel the loving embrace that is holding them up. So that no one feels alone or abandoned. And so that those walking in fear begin to move forward this day with an open heart, with love and compassion for self and others

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude towards the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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Christmas Morn

A beautiful sunrise, the sky etched with pinks and oranges fading to yellows as the sun emerges from the horizon. It shades the land behind me with that soft golden color, blessed by the touch of the sun as it says ‘good morning’ to this world.

The quiet makes my heart sing. Nothing moving. Most definitely peace on earth for at least this moment. It’s as if my dog and I are the only ones present here upon this globe. No hunters, close or off in the distance. Only the call of the owl in the woods across the road.

I can feel my blueberry bushes greeting me this morning. And I greet them back with blessings and gratitude for all the beautiful berries they have given me over the years. The farm is definitely a magical place this morning.

I can feel the presence of the fairies in the woods. I bow to the lady of the woods, something I do every morning. I hug my trees, grateful for their grounding, especially the one that is over 100 years old from the girth of it. I have asked a few of my favorite trees to outlive me on this earth as it would break my heart to lose them before my time to move on.

I say a prayer for the world. For all those with nothing to give their children on this day of false expectations. May they be held tightly by the powers that be, graced with unconditional love and comforted by the presence of the divine within and around them.

May we all be blessed with awareness of the love that surrounds us.

Lessons Abound

Growth requires lessons.

Learning requires challenges.

Be aware and non-judgmental.

Hold your daily life in gratitude

For the opportunities to learn

And to grow.

Dear One, you are here on a journey of self-discovery, not only for your own soul but for the All of Creation. For all that you do, all that you learn is shared with the cosmic consciousness and the All That Is. You live a life of service not only for your fellow travelers here upon this physical plane, but for the All. Your life matters.

As you move through your day, reflect upon the interactions that you have had and how they might teach you. For every moment of your day is an opportunity to learn, about yourself, about another, about the Mother.

Cease judgment and blame. Replace them with gratitude and reflection. For all who you meet are on the same path of self-discovery and are experiencing the same process that fills your life. Understand that you have the choice to grow in a gentle fashion or in a more challenging way.

Each of you as individual souls have come to this physical plane to learn specific lessons. But there are also collective lessons which abound as well. The awakening that is now taking place in your world is part of the path of forward movement for the entire Universe. But how gentle or challenging it is depends upon you and how you respond.

There is no punishment involved in this process. Only learning. How you respond to the challenges laid before you will change the dynamics of how your life unfolds. But it will not erase the lesson or the awakening. For both of these are the reasons for your presence here upon this physical plane.

You have guidance available to you. You are never alone in this process. And upon your request, the guidance will be given to you. Ask. For your free will is part of the growth process. If everything were pre-ordained, how would you learn? You are watched with loving eyes, held in loving embrace. And you are held in high esteem for making this journey.

Dear One, take a step back from any challenging situation, breathe and reflect upon the situation. Then allow the peace of the Oneness to fill your entire being with calming energies. Go outside and interact with the Mother. She will lovingly give you solace and take your pain and send it down deep into her core. She has the strength to do so. Send her your pain as you ground and connect with her. Feel the freedom that results in this act.

You have the power, the strength, the guidance to move forward in a gentle way. And your energies will help to calm others as they struggle with their own challenges. You can meet their chaos with calm. For remember that underneath the rolling waves in your oceans lies a calm current. So too, with you and with all those existing upon this physical plane. You have just forgotten the depths of your strength and connections.

That is why we refer to these times as the awakening. For it is the time for you to remember who you really are. This planet has been given to you as a learning ground. So too with those physical frames which you inhabit. Tend them both with grace and with gratitude. For both are temporary states of being.

There are many places within the Universe to learn. This physical plane is one of the most challenging because of the illusion of separateness. But you have the strength and the resolve to move forward. Be kind, to yourself and to others. Be respectful to yourself and to others. And honor your truths, even if they are not shared by others.

You are all on the same path, but at different stages. Reach out for help if you require it. And reach behind you and help others who are struggling. Remember that you are all one. The idea of separateness is only an illusion.

Be gentle with yourself and others.

Live in gratitude for all that you have.

Share your love with others

And reach out when necessary

For all are one, none are separate.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


You are more than who you see.

The world around you

Is but a small piece of a whole.

Can you expand your perception

Above and beyond

The physical world?

Dear One, in order to move forward with the new way of being that is coming, you are being asked to expand your way of seeing. It is no longer enough to see what is directly in front of you in the physical. For there is so much more that is not apparent to the physical eye.

What will help you is to become more accustomed to seeing through your heart. For this is where your connection with all of creation lies. The entirety of being was created in love. And it is best seen through the lens of love, not fear.

Fear sets up a cloudy filter that shades everything you see, that you feel, in darkness and suffering. And yet, behind all of that darkness is the brilliance of a loving universe. It is there. It has always been there. But you have not been in the right ‘frame of mind’ to see it in its majesty.  

It is time for you to pull back the curtain and see yourself and the world as you truly are. A creation of love. You may fall back into the habit of self-judgment as you begin this process. But you must remember that all of what you have done and who you have been until this point has prepared you for this moment.

Dear One, you have the power of the Universe behind you. There is a chorus of supporters urging you on, holding you up, and trying to direct you forward in a loving way. For change is difficult and the human tendency is to hold onto what is familiar. Even if it causes pain and suffering.

You are not alone in this transformation. For this will affect your entire world and beyond. Again, we say to you that your physical eyes limit your vision of all of creation. And all are connected so that your personal growth will affect the growth of the collective consciousness.

You have found your voice, use it gently but with strength. You are opening up to see what has been present for longer than you realized.  Take this view with compassion and love. The past has been a means to an end. And the present, the now, is the time for action, for change which will mold what the future will bring.

You are capable of such grace and love. The light which shines within you is beginning to shine out through the wounds of the past. When the outer shell is broken open, your true brilliance will emerge in all of its power and light.

Begin by walking in love. Choose love over fear. Each and every one of you has a role to play during these transformative times. Each and every one of you has the power to make a difference, to lead others forward in compassion and non-judgment.

Begin now, today. Worry not about the past. The moment for change is now. Understand that how you act toward another expands exponentially down the web of connection. You may think that your actions, your words, your thoughts do not matter. Understand that they do, in the most significant way.

Dear One, you have chosen to incarnate at a momentous time of change and transformation for this physical plane. You are here because you are strong and capable of such love. You are at the forefront of this change which will continue beyond your time in the physical plane.

You are held in such gratitude for being on this physical plane at this time. We support you, we believe in you and we hold you in loving embrace. You may think that your life is insignificant. Understand that it is a critical piece of the mosaic of life pulsing with possibilities at this very moment.

Close your eyes and connect with the All through your heart. You may be surprised at what you see, what you feel, what you begin to understand. Oh, Dear One, believe in yourself as we believe in you, in your strength and your capacity for love. Change begins with you. We honor you for who you are and why you are here upon this physical plane at this time.

Judge not, for you do not know how the acts of one person can help to facilitate change. Hold all in gratitude for the lessons provided to you and others. Free yourself from the chains of fear.





All live within the core of your being.

Allow them to expand outward

And free yourself from fear.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


In yourself.

In the Oneness.

In your connection to the All

And the power which resides

In that connection.

Dear One, you are not alone. You are not forgotten. You are capable of changing your life, of changing your world. You have the power to dream your world into being. For you are co-creator with the Source. The power lies within. The power lies in the connection with the matrix, with the All.

Whatever it is that you focus your attention on will become your world, your life. You have that innate power within you. You just have not realized or paid attention to how this unfolds in your life. If you live in fear, you will create whatever it is that you fear.

If you live in gratitude and love, your world changes around you. The day appears brighter, your step becomes lighter. And as you acknowledge the connection you have with the All, you can begin to feel it around you.

Close your eyes, breathe, and focus on that screen in front of you. Imagine the world you want into being as you see it before you.  Feel the peace of giving gratitude for everything that occurs in your life. For it is only a matter of perspective as to whether it is positive or negative.

This life you have is a gift, an opportunity to grow and you are supported by loving hands, with higher vibrations bringing you peace, lifting you up. This is being done for you every moment of your day. Accept this gift.

And then pay it forward to others, to the Mother, as she is in transition, growing as well. Can you understand that you are a part of the Mother and that her distress becomes a part of you? You are not separate but one with her. It is time for you to realize this connection is real, fluid and deep.

You, Dear One, are the conduit between the Earth Mother and the heavens, the unseen world. For you walk with a foot in both worlds. You can join both heaven and earth with your actions, with your breath.

Sit and imagine the energies of the heavens coming down through your crown on your in-breath. At the same time, imagine the energies of the Mother coming up through the soles of your feet. And allow both to meet and mix in your heart.

On the out-breath, send them back to their origins simultaneously, reversing the path. Repeat as you offer love and gratitude for the unique connection you have with both worlds. It is because of this connection that you are able to dream your world into being. For you are a part of both.

Reach out to the Mother, to the heavens and to others like yourself who are on this physical journey. This gift of connection is very powerful. You as yet do not grasp the power of this connection. Believe in yourself and in your connection to the All.

At your core is a loving spirit unafraid of the challenges that lay at your feet. For your true self understands that this time here is but a brief interlude on your eternal journey of self-realization. You, Dear One, have been given this lifetime on a physical plane as a gift.

And there are many in spirit who have not had this opportunity of life in this physical world. Their work is elsewhere while your work is here. Here is where you chose to be to do the loving work of which you are so capable. Anything is possible for you and whatever occurs, as challenging as it may first appear, is a gift.

Can you live in gratitude for even that which you do not understand? Can you reach out in loving expression to those who need a helping hand? Can you use this physical experience as a means to strengthen your connection with both worlds?

You are capable of all of these. For you are more powerful than you realize. Go within for your answers. Look to the Mother as a barometer of how well you are doing. Tend her as gently as you tend your loved ones. For all are One. All are connected.

Believe in yourself

And in the power

Which resides within.

Be the conduit between worlds

And reach out in gratitude and love.

For love is all there is

Dearest One With All of Thee.

Solar Eclipse or The Day of Darkening


solar eclipse

Dear Readers,

Below is guidance that I received for today’s solar eclipse. Thought you might want to read it also. Many blessings to all.



Regarding thy day of darkening:

Honor thy land

Honor thy physical world

Honor thy life and the love that surrounds thee

Honor all that has occurred to thee in thy life,

For it has allowed you to grow…

To be where you are at this moment of time.

Honor all of existence

Honor thy past, thy present and thy future

Honor thyself

Honor all of creation, Dear One

And be at peace with all that is

And with who thee are this day

And where thee shall tread tomorrow

A Personal Message for You

To My Dear Readers:

Once again we have reached the end of the year and the holiday season promoting good cheer and joy. I know that many of you are not sharing these feelings due to personal, national or international events. I understand, but hope that you can find it in your hearts to send out love to all, not only at this time, but throughout the year.

I do believe that we are in an era of immense change which will require us to dig down deep into our hearts to bring up the faith and love that live there. Forward movement requires us to walk in love, not in fear; to take action in ceremony and prayer rather than in anger or violence.

Yes, this globe is in transition and the pendulum has swung far to side that calls for fear, harsh judgment and paranoia. Join me and all of those who are quietly working to bring the pendulum of existence here upon this earth back to center. Do it by joining us in prayer, in sending out love no matter what happens.

Believe in yourself and in the power which you have to help with the transition of this planet to one of loving kindness. Begin with your personal life and show acts of kindness to all who cross your path. And be sure to be kind to yourself for the energy shifts take their toll on those of us who are sensitive.

I hope that these weekly posts give you the hope and the courage to accept your position of strength and love, your connection with all of us. May you find comfort in knowing that you have not been forgotten. In fact, you are embraced every day in loving kindness by unseen arms that hold you up when you begin to stumble. I know because I have so often called upon them to support me in my times of need.

I cannot express to you in words the love and gratitude I hold for all of you for continuing to read this blog and sharing the messages I post. I wish for you peace in your heart. I wish for you the realization of who you really are. I wish for you feelings of intense joy which come with that new-found knowledge of connection.

Thank you for believing in me and for reading this blog. I will continue to do my part as long as I am led to do so. Sending you all much love.


My Wish for You


Giving the gift of love

A personal message from Celine.

I started out writing this to wish all of my followers a happy holiday season. But that is not really what I wish for you. I don’t want the joy and peace usually offered this time of year to be a seasonal gift for you.

I want each and every one of you to feel that peace and joy within your heart every moment of every day. Is that such an unreasonable hope to have for you and for the world?

I understand that there is a reason why this time of year is so filled with celebration and yearly gatherings. I get that and I honor the tradition for those who celebrate a sacred birth on December 25th along with the other holidays celebrated ( eg, Solstice, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah). And I truly enjoy some of the sacred music played this time of year.

What I don’t understand is why there is such a focus on gift giving, kindness and compassion only during this time of the year? Perhaps we all need an annual reminder that we are capable of being better friends, family members, co-workers, human beings than we have been.

I do believe that the purpose of this blog is to remind you every week of who you really are, of what you are capable and how to better live your life. And I will continue to do this as long as I feel guided to do so.

My wish for you is that you live your life daily with an open heart, with compassion and forgiveness. My wish for you is that you rise to your fullest potential, knowing that you are capable, that you are worthy and that you are a gift to the world.

My wish for you is that you never feel alone or forgotten, especially during this time of year when everyone is supposed to be with family and friends, laughing and joyful.

My wish for you is that you realize the power that you have and that you use it to serve humanity in whatever way you can. It can be as simple as saying a prayer for the world upon awakening. For every one of you can make a difference with the simplest of gestures.

What I ask is that all of you extend kindness and compassion to all sentient beings every day, including yourself. It makes such a difference. The world needs you and your positive loving approach to life.

I truly believe that we all chose to be here at this momentous time of change on this planet. And I ask you to help however you can. Extend your hand to those in need. And if you happen to be in need yourself, reach out to others.

We are all divine beings, capable of such love. Let’s not just save it up for one time of year. Live it, breathe it. Believe that you indeed are capable of this purest form of interaction with your world.

These are my wishes for you and the world.

Thank you so much for following this blog. I hope that the words I post weekly have helped you, given you hope or, at the very least, food for thought.

Many blessings to all of you from OWAT and me.


This is how long you will exist

This is how long you will be loved

This is how long your internal flame shall glow


Dear one, you are an infinite body of light that will shine into infinity. A concept we know is difficult for you to grasp. But remember that your concept of time does not exist. You are existing here upon this plane at this time, but may also be existing somewhere else simultaneously. The possibilities of your existence are unlimited and ever open to change as you see fit.

Do not allow this concept of ‘forever’ to concern you as you are most likely considering it from a human perspective. We remind you that you are not truly human. You are only using that physical vessel of yours to experience life here upon this physical plane. It is time for you to begin to reflect upon the truth that although the human body has a finite existence, you, in your natural state, do not.  We will not at this time go into much detail of this. We only want to plant the seed for you to consider at this time.

As the vibrational energies rise upon your planet, more truths will become evident to you, either through these writings or from other sources in your life. Question everything. And if it does not feel right and true to you, then discard it. Either it is not your truth or you are not yet ready to receive this information. But know, dear one, truly know, that this physical world in which you live is only one aspect of many possible terms of existence that you might experience.

You are a being of light, a being of love, connected to the All, the Source of All Being. You are never alone. That is impossible due to the web of connection that exists between all things.  All things. You have at your fingertips much knowledge available to you. What you still are learning is how to access it and that you are worthy of this knowledge.

You were created in joy and in love.  And your very existence brings joy and love to the All. You have the opportunity to experience many different ways of being. What you learn in the process is brought back to the All and made available to the collective consciousness. Your self-realization, every day here and wherever you have chosen to exist, brings knowledge yet unknown back to the Source. You have heard of the Gaia principle here upon this physical plane. Extend that out into infinity.

All are connected. You are NEVER alone and what you learn is shared across infinity. Can you accept the important, significant role you play in the entire realm of existence? You, dear one, have much time to experience and grow; to come into self-realization and knowledge. Do not feel that this current existence is all that you are given. There is much more and always, throughout all of these opportunities we are with you, supporting you, holding you in gratitude for what you bring back to the All.

Dear one, do not allow unworthiness or fear to enter into your consciousness. Instead accept the joy of who you really are. Accept the power of co-creation that you have been given. Walk forward without judgment, with only love in your heart.

Be the shining light that you truly are.

Be the shining light that shall never go out.

Be the shining light connected to the All.

Be who you really are….One With All of Thee.





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