Solar Eclipse or The Day of Darkening


solar eclipse

Dear Readers,

Below is guidance that I received for today’s solar eclipse. Thought you might want to read it also. Many blessings to all.



Regarding thy day of darkening:

Honor thy land

Honor thy physical world

Honor thy life and the love that surrounds thee

Honor all that has occurred to thee in thy life,

For it has allowed you to grow…

To be where you are at this moment of time.

Honor all of existence

Honor thy past, thy present and thy future

Honor thyself

Honor all of creation, Dear One

And be at peace with all that is

And with who thee are this day

And where thee shall tread tomorrow


A Personal Message for You

To My Dear Readers:

Once again we have reached the end of the year and the holiday season promoting good cheer and joy. I know that many of you are not sharing these feelings due to personal, national or international events. I understand, but hope that you can find it in your hearts to send out love to all, not only at this time, but throughout the year.

I do believe that we are in an era of immense change which will require us to dig down deep into our hearts to bring up the faith and love that live there. Forward movement requires us to walk in love, not in fear; to take action in ceremony and prayer rather than in anger or violence.

Yes, this globe is in transition and the pendulum has swung far to side that calls for fear, harsh judgment and paranoia. Join me and all of those who are quietly working to bring the pendulum of existence here upon this earth back to center. Do it by joining us in prayer, in sending out love no matter what happens.

Believe in yourself and in the power which you have to help with the transition of this planet to one of loving kindness. Begin with your personal life and show acts of kindness to all who cross your path. And be sure to be kind to yourself for the energy shifts take their toll on those of us who are sensitive.

I hope that these weekly posts give you the hope and the courage to accept your position of strength and love, your connection with all of us. May you find comfort in knowing that you have not been forgotten. In fact, you are embraced every day in loving kindness by unseen arms that hold you up when you begin to stumble. I know because I have so often called upon them to support me in my times of need.

I cannot express to you in words the love and gratitude I hold for all of you for continuing to read this blog and sharing the messages I post. I wish for you peace in your heart. I wish for you the realization of who you really are. I wish for you feelings of intense joy which come with that new-found knowledge of connection.

Thank you for believing in me and for reading this blog. I will continue to do my part as long as I am led to do so. Sending you all much love.


My Wish for You


Giving the gift of love

A personal message from Celine.

I started out writing this to wish all of my followers a happy holiday season. But that is not really what I wish for you. I don’t want the joy and peace usually offered this time of year to be a seasonal gift for you.

I want each and every one of you to feel that peace and joy within your heart every moment of every day. Is that such an unreasonable hope to have for you and for the world?

I understand that there is a reason why this time of year is so filled with celebration and yearly gatherings. I get that and I honor the tradition for those who celebrate a sacred birth on December 25th along with the other holidays celebrated ( eg, Solstice, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah). And I truly enjoy some of the sacred music played this time of year.

What I don’t understand is why there is such a focus on gift giving, kindness and compassion only during this time of the year? Perhaps we all need an annual reminder that we are capable of being better friends, family members, co-workers, human beings than we have been.

I do believe that the purpose of this blog is to remind you every week of who you really are, of what you are capable and how to better live your life. And I will continue to do this as long as I feel guided to do so.

My wish for you is that you live your life daily with an open heart, with compassion and forgiveness. My wish for you is that you rise to your fullest potential, knowing that you are capable, that you are worthy and that you are a gift to the world.

My wish for you is that you never feel alone or forgotten, especially during this time of year when everyone is supposed to be with family and friends, laughing and joyful.

My wish for you is that you realize the power that you have and that you use it to serve humanity in whatever way you can. It can be as simple as saying a prayer for the world upon awakening. For every one of you can make a difference with the simplest of gestures.

What I ask is that all of you extend kindness and compassion to all sentient beings every day, including yourself. It makes such a difference. The world needs you and your positive loving approach to life.

I truly believe that we all chose to be here at this momentous time of change on this planet. And I ask you to help however you can. Extend your hand to those in need. And if you happen to be in need yourself, reach out to others.

We are all divine beings, capable of such love. Let’s not just save it up for one time of year. Live it, breathe it. Believe that you indeed are capable of this purest form of interaction with your world.

These are my wishes for you and the world.

Thank you so much for following this blog. I hope that the words I post weekly have helped you, given you hope or, at the very least, food for thought.

Many blessings to all of you from OWAT and me.


This is how long you will exist

This is how long you will be loved

This is how long your internal flame shall glow


Dear one, you are an infinite body of light that will shine into infinity. A concept we know is difficult for you to grasp. But remember that your concept of time does not exist. You are existing here upon this plane at this time, but may also be existing somewhere else simultaneously. The possibilities of your existence are unlimited and ever open to change as you see fit.

Do not allow this concept of ‘forever’ to concern you as you are most likely considering it from a human perspective. We remind you that you are not truly human. You are only using that physical vessel of yours to experience life here upon this physical plane. It is time for you to begin to reflect upon the truth that although the human body has a finite existence, you, in your natural state, do not.  We will not at this time go into much detail of this. We only want to plant the seed for you to consider at this time.

As the vibrational energies rise upon your planet, more truths will become evident to you, either through these writings or from other sources in your life. Question everything. And if it does not feel right and true to you, then discard it. Either it is not your truth or you are not yet ready to receive this information. But know, dear one, truly know, that this physical world in which you live is only one aspect of many possible terms of existence that you might experience.

You are a being of light, a being of love, connected to the All, the Source of All Being. You are never alone. That is impossible due to the web of connection that exists between all things.  All things. You have at your fingertips much knowledge available to you. What you still are learning is how to access it and that you are worthy of this knowledge.

You were created in joy and in love.  And your very existence brings joy and love to the All. You have the opportunity to experience many different ways of being. What you learn in the process is brought back to the All and made available to the collective consciousness. Your self-realization, every day here and wherever you have chosen to exist, brings knowledge yet unknown back to the Source. You have heard of the Gaia principle here upon this physical plane. Extend that out into infinity.

All are connected. You are NEVER alone and what you learn is shared across infinity. Can you accept the important, significant role you play in the entire realm of existence? You, dear one, have much time to experience and grow; to come into self-realization and knowledge. Do not feel that this current existence is all that you are given. There is much more and always, throughout all of these opportunities we are with you, supporting you, holding you in gratitude for what you bring back to the All.

Dear one, do not allow unworthiness or fear to enter into your consciousness. Instead accept the joy of who you really are. Accept the power of co-creation that you have been given. Walk forward without judgment, with only love in your heart.

Be the shining light that you truly are.

Be the shining light that shall never go out.

Be the shining light connected to the All.

Be who you really are….One With All of Thee.





Perspective is Key

How do you see your life?
Do you see challenges
Or do you see opportunities for growth?
How do you view your life?

Dear one, life is unfolding for you exactly as it should. Remember that there are many unseen forces contributing to your forward movement. But as you continue to grow, you will become more aware of these forces within and around you. You do not see them now because you know not for what you are looking.

There are many layers of life here upon this physical plane. For not only are you affected by the physical attributes available to your physical existence, you are also affected by vibrations higher than can be perceived at this time by your physical body. For although you exist here upon this earthly plane, there is still a part of you that is anchored in another dimension of higher vibration. It is for this reason, that you might often become confused and feel the shift, the repercussions of existing in both dimensions at the same time.

For this reason, we ask you to understand that all that is unfolding is for the highest good. Hard to accept, we understand, when you look at it only from a human perspective. But you are not only a human body. You are truly a spiritual being who is temporarily inhabiting a physical form in order to grow and learn. In order to teach the collective consciousness from the experiences you have here upon this physical plane.

For being here is an opportunity, a gift of which not all spiritual beings are able to partake. You, you were the courageous one to come here to this plane of heaviness with feelings of separateness. You, you were anxious to have the earthly experiences available here upon this plane. And for some it has been more difficult than originally imagined. For inhabiting these physical forms creates the illusion of separateness that overshadows the truth of Oneness of All beings.

Can you, then, change your perspective from one of worry, fear, and gloom to one of love and acceptance? Can you feel your inner vibration begin to rise as you change your perspective from a negative to a positive one? Can you begin to understand that all that occurs in your life is a step forward, a gift of change, an opportunity for growth? If you can begin to view your life in this manner, without judgment or fear, the internal struggle that you feel will begin to abate. And peace will begin to descend upon you. It will envelope you and as a result you will feel the joy that is your innate right, your true state of being.

Dear One, when times become too difficult and you feel yourself once again sliding down that slope to negativity, stop and allow yourself a moment to breathe. One deep breath in, holding for a few seconds, and then blowing it out as you release the tension that has built up within you.

As the entire planet continues in its transformation, you may experience more physical challenges. But know that all is temporary, all changes will accelerate your growth and help to raise the vibration not only of your personal physical form, but for the entire planet on which you currently reside.

Change your perspective from one of doubt and fear, to one of joy and acceptance. For the heavens sing for you. They sing with joy at the progress you have made. They sing for they understand how far you have come and how bright the future will be for you. Any physical changes that occur to you or to the Mother are necessary for the continued rise of vibration across the entire Universe.

You have accomplished so much, Dear One.
And for that we sing to you. We sing for you.
And we hold much gratitude in our hearts for this courageous and selfless journey upon which you have partaken.

Many blessings to you, Dear One.
You are much loved by All.


Trust your life
Trust your intuition
Trust your journey

Dear One, we understand that during turbulent times, even in calmer times, when life does not unfold for you the way you expect it, that you begin to doubt. Is your life unfolding in the best way it can? Are you doing all that you can do? Have you taken a wrong turn on your path?

The truth is that you are exactly where you should be at this time. Remember that you are a part of the universal web of connection that stretches into infinity. Into infinity. You are an integral part of a whole and your life, your contribution is important to the growth of the All.

This connection gives you much power to change your world, to create either a day of joy or a day of fear and worry. Your life will unfold exactly as it should.  The key is in your perspective.  How do you approach your life?  How do you see your life?  If you surrender to your current situation you will begin to find clarity as to how to move forward. Many of you are in situations that you find unacceptable and do not see a way out.  To you we say, cease the judgment, quiet your mind and allow the answers to flow within on how to take your next step.

For each and every one of you has the knowledge that you need to move forward. Quiet that chatter in your mind, breathe, blanket yourself in the golden sphere of love which you are.  Allow the feeling of peace to settle within and just be.  For a moment.  And in that moment release all worry, doubt, fear and judgment.

For every experience that you have here upon this plane is a part of your personal growth. An opportunity for you to use the knowledge, the love, the light that you have, to move forward on your path. When you are unsure of your next move, give gratitude for the clarity within that will show you the way. Rather than asking for help or resolution, give gratitude for it as if it has already occurred. This is how you begin to change your world.  Give gratitude for all that you have.  See it already in your path, rather than asking for it to be there.  This is how the universe works.  Do not create lack by asking for something.  Create abundance by giving gratitude for already having it.

Start your day in gratitude for all that you have, for all that you are, for the connection to the All and what that brings to you. Give gratitude for having the answers to your questions, the opportunities and possibilities that lay before you and for having the courage, the clarity to seize those opportunities.  Dear one, change the way you approach your world.  And trust that it is perfect for you at this very moment and in the next.  Walk in pure intent, without judgment, shining that golden sphere of love which you are to light your path along the way.

You are an important part of this web of consciousness. Your life means something and has purpose. And you have all the answers at your fingertips if you just allow yourself the time for it to come into your conscious mind.  And sometimes, you may not act in a conscious fashion, and just follow your heart, your intuition. Trust yourself, Dear One.  You are greater, more powerful than you could ever have imagined.

For you are One With All of Thee.

Walk Thy Path

In Peace
In Love
In Gratitude

Dear One, it is time for you to raise your head and take that first step onto your path. It awaits you, beckoning you to take a chance and explore the possibilities in your life. Do not shrink back in fear. Instead, take a deep breath and in that moment, take your first step. The adventure awaits and the joy that is in your future will surprise you. For, Dear One, your passion is your joy. And to truly experience the joy available to you, you must follow your heart. Do not allow your mind, your Ego, to dissuade you. Your guidance is in your heart. Follow it.

What do you have to lose? When there is a part of you that yearns for change? It is fear that holds you back and it is now time for you to set down that fear, take up thy sword and move forward. There will come a time when you look back and wonder why you waited so long to take that first step.

You say you do not like the unknown. What you do not realize is that the unknown can also occur in your current life, with its repetitive motions. You think that if you continue to do the same every day, that you can be sure of the outcome. But you must realize that this is only an illusion for you. Your life can change in an instant. And so, for that reason, take a chance, move in the direction in which you yearn to move. What do you have to lose?

You must realize that you are co-creator of your life here upon this plane. You have a choice of what will come next for you. You are no longer imprisoned behind the walls created by fear. You are free. Free to fly, free to soar, free to do what you came here to do. The time is now, Dear One. Take a chance. You will be surprised at how easily everything falls into place.

Know that we are here surrounding you every step of the way. We shall light the way for you. Open your eyes and see the path laid out before you. Raise your head, open your heart and take that first step. And see how your life changes. Continue to move forward with pure intent. Continue to trust your heart. Continue to disallow fear to enter into your plans. For fear is beginning to weaken in your life. And love is taking the upper hand.

Walk in love. Walk with faith in yourself and your connection to the All. For you are one with the All and with that comes great power and strength. You are in the process of your awakening and for that we rejoice. Be clear in thy purpose and if it does not seem clear to thee, then move forward in faith.

Notice the synchronicities in your life and follow their lead. For they happen all the time. Remove your blinders and see, really see, what is happening around you. That will be your guidance as to which course you take. Notice how your gut feels as you move through your day. It is where your intuition lies and it will guide you forward.

Accept your power.
Accept the joy that is yours for the taking.
Accept the love that surrounds you.

You are worthy of it.
You are strong enough to move forward.
And you are NEVER alone.

You are One With All of Thee.

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