You are the Change

change is you

Change begins with you

In how you view your world

In how you see yourself.

In how you love

All who cross your path.

Dear One, realize that you have the power, the strength and the resolve, to change your world from this moment on. See yourself through our eyes; one connected to the All with all the knowledge and strength of the Oneness. It lies within you. Allow it to emerge from its dormancy. Allow it to emerge with all of its passion and love, and begin to change the world.

The time is now, Dear One, for you to take that leap of faith, in yourself and in the All. The time is now for you to move forward in love. The time is now for you to recognize that flame of love which lives within you. The time is now for change and you are the instrument of Universal growth.

The experiences that you have had in your lifetime have only made you stronger. You are here today, living and breathing and reflecting because you know that there is something more, something more than you have been taught.

That something more is the power within you. That something more is the strength that comes with your connection to the All. That something more is the love that is yearning to emerge from within your heart.

You are one of the leaders of this change. You have been searching and the answer reflects back to you when you look in a mirror. See past that physical form as it melts away and look within at the brilliant light which is your true essence. The human form is just a vehicle for you to use for this physical lifetime. And it serves you well. It has been designed especially for you to give you the experiences required on your journey.

And now you have reached a place where you can begin to change your life, your world. You are not alone in this, Dear One. You are surrounded by many loving beings who are guiding you forward. You are joined by many sharing this lifetime with you for the same purpose; to learn and to grow. They need not be geographically near to you to help you take that first step. Remember the energetic web of connection that joins the All.

Sit, acknowledge the presence of others, just like you, who are reaching for the stars, who are yearning for change. Sit and reach out to them from your heart and connect with them this day and every day forth. The power within you connected to the power of others who are awakening is beyond your imagination. That power resides in love and the sharing of that love across continents, across realms, throughout the Universe.

You are the element of change, Dear One. It begins with you and you are NOT alone. Take comfort in that. Take comfort in the truth that there are many others, just like you, who are beginning to reach out to you to combine the power of love.

These are not the loud ones who speak across the airwaves. These are the quiet ones who reach across the waves of love and connection. They are the silent ones, quietly doing their work as you will do. No formal recognition, no celebrity acclaim, just a loving connection with you and the All.

Do not doubt this, Dear One, for you are a part of this movement of love and connection. Reach out and feel the energies of love that resonate within and around you. This is who you truly are and you are joined by multitudes of others on the same path. Reach forward for help to those ahead of you and extend your hand behind to help bring others forward.

This journey has never been a solo journey. And now is the time to recognize the camaraderie that you have with so many others sharing their love unconditionally.

The change begins with you

And others slowly awakening

To the power of love,

To the power of connection,

To the power of being

One with All of Thee.


Honor Thyself


abstract sacred art

Do not forget how far you have come.

You have survived many challenges

And reaped the wisdom of the lessons provided.

Honor thyself for coming this far.

Dear One, without challenges, without lessons, what would this life bring to your soul’s progression? You have such strength and power within and you have used both, many unconsciously, during the trying times in your past. It is now time to consciously acknowledge and use both your internal strength and power from this moment on.

Cease the self-judgment, the self-blame, the thoughts of what you should have done, what could have been. Cease these self-recriminations and see how far you have come. For every day is a day closer to your goal of returning to the Source, with knowledge from these lessons learned.

Whatever you have done, whatever you have experienced in your past has molded you into the person you are at this very moment. Some interactions were necessary. Some interactions were choices you made. But all interactions were valuable in your forward movement. Remember that you have been given free will to grow in the way that you choose to grow on this journey of self-realization.

What comes with this freedom of choice is the ability to change your direction, if that is what you feel you wish to do. Dear One, no matter what path you take, no matter what choices you make, your final destination will be back into our loving arms. We continue to watch over you, close to your side, every moment of your day here upon this plane.

Remember that you did not bring all of your essence into this physical body. There is still a part of you which remains with us, close to the Source, guiding you as you make your way forward on this physical plane. You are always connected to us and to your higher self, always, even though there may be times when you feel alone.

Dear One, take a breath and feel the movement of calm throughout your body. Breathe in the love of the All and breathe it out to share with others here upon this plane. Dear One, there are so many who are lost. So many who have forgotten who they are and from where they have come. Help them by shining your radiance wherever you go.

The light within you shines out through every pore in your body. The light within you shines brightest from the wounds, the scars you have accrued upon this journey forward. Having had those experiences allows you more understanding, more compassion for others who are now in the midst of similar experiences.

Dear One, we cannot stress enough how strong and powerful you are and that comes from the love within your heart. Strength comes from love, not from fear. Can you approach others with love, with the knowledge that you all come from and will return to the Source? And can you honor thyself for coming this far?

Open your heart and walk forward in love and not fear. Listen to what your higher self tells you, for you are in communication every moment of the day. It might be an urge to make a call or to take a different route on your daily drive or walk.

Have faith that all is unfolding exactly as it should and that there are no mistakes, just forward movement. Know that you are surrounded by love every moment of your day and that you are never alone.

You are here upon this plane to learn; many are here to serve. But all who are here come from love and will return to love; for that is your true nature.

Dear One with All of Thee.

Your Help is Needed

Can you shine your radiance upon this earth?

Can you raise the energies around you?

Can you walk in love rather than in fear?

Dear One, your help is needed to raise the vibrational energies of this plane beyond their current level.

Yes, we have been working with the All to raise them as is the natural evolution of this plane. However, it is time for all of you to consciously do the same.

You have grown so much, even though many of you still do not see it. And you have had to evolve as this plane on which you live continues to grow and change in its natural progression. And if you are reading this, then you have considered the possibility that indeed you are a more than a physical being; that you are a spiritual being with more power than you realized.

If you have accepted that this is a possibility, that you as an individual have personal gifts given to you to use during this physical existence, then we ask you to go a step further. We ask you to see this world in a positive light. We ask you to send love to all sentient beings upon this plane….to ALL, without judgment.

Do not allow the fear that permeates your airwaves to lower your vibrational energies. Instead, stop, close your eyes, breathe deeply and connect to the All. Use this connection to anchor yourself to the positive energy that fills the Universal Essence. Remember that you ARE a part of this Universal Essence, as are all sentient beings here upon this plane.

We can see the difficulty that many of you have in accepting that there is positive movement upon this plane. We understand that you do not have the perspective, the higher view, that we have of your plane and its progress. But remember that when the light shines upon what lives in darkness, survival mode is initiated. And that which lives in darkness fights to survive.

Love is stronger than fear. Light is able to chase the darkness from its hiding places so that all can see. Love conquers all. Love is the essence of your being. Do you not see the best emerge from others in the darkest times? Evolution is occurring here upon this plane and your radiance will help to bring it forth.

It is time for you not only to contemplate the possibilities of who you really are but to act as the spiritual being that you are; even if you might not completely believe it. We have told you before that you are creator of your world. Walk in power. Walk in love. Walk in radiance.

Are you able to envision a radiant glow emanating from within your being, surrounding you completely? Are you able to see how you leave traces of that light in your wake, just as you leave traces of a fragrance behind that you may have placed upon your physical form?

Do this now. Today. Reach up, connect and send that light out to all who cross your path. Imagine in your mind’s eye a beam of light beginning with you spreading across your entire globe. And consider the brightness of this light as it joins all others who do the same. A pulsating light of love surrounding your entire world.

This is possible through you for you have the power to do so.

Believe in yourself and the possibilities.

Dear One with All of Thee.



Spring shower on the farm

Why do you doubt yourself?

You who have the Divine within

Do you not understand your connection and your power?

Dear One, you still find situations in which you have self-doubt about your actions or inactions. You continue to question your value, your worth, your contributions to this world. What do you require to understand your connection to the All and the power that comes with that?

This physical existence is difficult for you for you feel alone and separate. You believe all that you hear from others rather than relying on your own inner truth. You feel unloved, disempowered and in need of self-recrimination for all that you have failed to do.

Remember the web of connection and trust that every interaction you have is a lesson, a part of your forward movement on your path. Remember that your perception that you have not done enough or perhaps done too much is all in your mind. Your limited view of your world does not allow you to see the full picture, the entire web of connection and how your actions have affected others, many far removed from you.

Dear One, you are presented with choices every moment of your day. And if you pay attention you will hear the guidance from within as to which way to move forward. We have discussed with you how communication occurs between the worlds. It is time for you to trust this communication from your higher self.

What you may consider an inadequate response to another may have been the seed that needed planting in that person’s psyche. And it takes time for seeds to sprout and grow. You may never see the results of an interaction with another for much time may pass before that AHA moment comes to another.

If you act with pure intent that is all that is required. How another responds or reacts is a part of their personal journey. And you may not receive the response for which you had hoped. Can you have the faith that all is unfolding in this world as it should?

Just as the cogs in a wheel work together to create forward motion, so too does that happen here upon your plane as you all move forward on your personal journeys. The power of one is enormous. The power of many is unmeasurable. All working together in one mind, in love, with faith and trust can change the world.

The pendulum that swings between fear and love is becoming out of balance. The duality of this world of light and darkness needs your input to bring the pendulum back to center. This begins with you and trusting yourself and who you truly are.

Dear One, you are love incarnate. You are a Divine being living on a physical plane. And the difficulty comes when you question your own divinity, your own power as you believe in the illusion of separateness created by these physical bodies.

It is time to rise above these fears, to experience your own resurrection of faith and love and power.

You, Dear One, you are not alone in this forward movement, for you are surrounded by legions of love.

You, Dear One, are a part of an infinite web of connection with its own rhythm and breath.

You, Dear One, are capable of overcoming fear; for you are much more powerful than fear.

Rise, Dear One, to your full stature.

Do not crawl in fear when you are meant to soar on the wings of love.

Be at peace with who you truly are.

One with All of Thee.


How do you connect with others?

Through words, thoughts, touch?

Many ways are possible.

Dear One, there are multiple ways to communicate in this world and many of you seem only to be aware of using words to connect with others. However, in this realm of possibilities, especially as you grow on your spiritual path, there are many other avenues to consider.

Words are the most obvious form of communication but consider the misunderstandings that occur when one person has a different definition than the other for a common word. And, yes, you have many dialects here which can make verbal communication more difficult. How often have disagreements occurred because a word has been ‘misused’ or ‘misunderstood’?

Consider also that words engage the human mind where Ego can continue to hold reign. As the struggle continues, Dear One, be aware of the power of the words that you use. Certainly you are aware of the power of your actions, but words also can sting or cause pain, especially when blurted out in a moment of intense emotion.

In an age of instant communication using your electronic devices, it has become so easy to send out a message without much thought as to how it might be received. Can you be more mindful of how you communicate with others in this world?

As a young babe, you did not yet have the ability to speak of what you needed. And yet, there was direct communication through other means; indeed, forming a bond without words.

Can you consider another way to connect with others that includes a more thoughtful means of expression? In many cases silence could be the best means of communication?

Dear One, it is possible for you to send your intentions, your feelings in an energetic connection. You have the capability to do this. How often have you contacted another who tells you that they were just thinking of you?

And in a more intimate environment, often a touch is all that is needed to convey the message that you want to deliver. In other realms, words are not used to communicate. This is only possible here in the physical plane as you are embodied in this human form.

Prior to your life here, you were more accustomed to communicating in a non-verbal manner. This may be the reason why there is still so much confusion as to the exact meaning of the words you use.

We have told you before that the veil between the worlds is thinning, almost non-existent. And for this reason, we will be better able to communicate with you, but in a non-verbal way. The messages you receive from us will be more in the form of AHA moments or intuitive urges to do or not do something.

As this physical realm continues to evolve so too will you in your ways of communication with others. It is time for you to increase your awareness of these non-verbal cues and guidance from your surroundings. Do not say it is beyond you, for indeed you are more sensitive than you realize. And this is a means of communication that is familiar to you from your time in a non-physical plane.

Dear One, this journey of yours is one of remembrance, of who you really are.  Begin the journey by increasing your attunement to the unseen, the unheard guidance that comes to you every day. Practice with a loved one in understanding where they are or what they wish to convey to you.

There may be a time when this form of communication will be necessary for you. Trust your connection to the All, trust your own abilities of heightened awareness. Silent communication is possible. Indeed it happens every day of your life.

Trust what lies beneath the surface of your immediate world. For it is more powerful than you realize.

Begin today. Close your eyes and scan your world and that of your loved ones.

We shall be there to help guide you. Ask and we shall come.

Dear One With All of Thee.

What of……Beauty?

Do you see it?

Or do you walk past

Entangled by those thoughts

in your mind?

Dear One, life here upon this plane is difficult. You feel alone and separate. You think of all that could be and is not. You worry about things you have done, or things that you have not yet done. So much pressure weighs down upon your physical frame caused by your active mind. It is time to stop this way of being.

Everywhere around you there is beauty. See it in the light reflecting on the window pane. See it in the drop of water coming from your faucet. See it in the shadow created by an ordinary object interacting with the light.

Beauty surrounds you, is created by you, is a part of you. It is time for you to stop, breathe and look around you. There is no beauty in your mind. All inspiration, all joy comes from within your heart. For that is where your connection lies, that is from where your true voice speaks. Shut down your mind, open your heart and breathe.

In a world of such simple, yet elegant tapestry, the focus of many of you is on the darkness, the lack, the needs not met. Can you change your perspective, open your eyes, untether your senses and allow the beauty of your world into your life?

Dear One, do not miss these moments of joyful living by worrying about the future or the past. Each moment of your existence is sacred with a gift of joy presented to you if you allow it. Accept these gifts, embrace these gifts, and share them with others who have not yet learned to open that part of their hearts to this beauty, this joy.

There is much negative energy still upon this plane which feeds and grows on your individual fears. You, Dear One, have the power to stop this growth. It begins with releasing your own fears and giving them to the Mother to ground out and transform into light and higher vibration.

When you feel that fear rising up within you, stop and breathe. Focus on something that brings you joy; be it a flower, an object of art, a child or pet. See the clouds in the sky inviting you to create meaning in their formations. Feel the breeze on your face and allow it to take away your negative thoughts. Call to us to embrace and comfort you.

You need not be in a special place to find beauty. It can be present in the smallest of creatures, a web spun so patiently by a spider. It can be the dust floating in the light beam. See your surroundings as if looking through a lens of a camera; reflection, angle, texture, contrast. All of these aspects of your world contribute to a creative, more positive way of seeing.

Dear One, you are filled with creativity. You are capable of seeing ordinary objects in a completely different way. And if you begin to see the possibilities of beauty this way, you will begin to see the possibilities of joy in your own life. The interactions you have contain so many possibilities, for growth, for love, for teaching.

Dear One, you are so much greater than you realize, filled with much creativity and vision. You have just forgotten how to bring it forth in this atmosphere of negativity and fear.

Allow this transformation to begin. Today. In this very moment.

Allow yourself to feel that inspiration which has been latent within you for so long.

Allow the world to change as you begin to change yourself.

Breath by breath.

Honor the divine, the creativity within you.

For you truly are One With All of Thee.

Personal Light

You do not see it

But others do

And they are attracted to it

As a moth to a flame

Dear One, each and every one of you has a signature glow, a light which shines brightly within you and beyond. This flame is how you are found throughout the Universe, for no one else has the same shining light. All are different. All are unique and all were created in love.

Upon leaving this physical form, you return to us who have waited in anxious anticipation for your return. Your journey here upon this plane has been observed with a loving eye, encouraging you along the way. You are never alone. You are always loved. You ARE love incarnate.

Can you think in terms of energy rather than physical form? It is time for you to begin to contemplate this part of your true nature. This physical realm has enticed you into a mindset that sees illusion as truth. This entire existence, your entire makeup, the entire Universe and beyond were created as energy and will continue to exist always as energy.

If you sit quietly and close your eyes, you might say that all you see is darkness. But look again, look deeper and you will see points of light interspersed among that darkness. There is light everywhere. You are surrounded by it. You are a part of it.

Dear One, you have the ability, the power to share your light with the world. The thoughts that emanate from your mind come out as light, as energy, which travels far into the cosmos. The emotions which you feel do the same. The words which you speak vibrate as energy and move out from your physical frame, out and beyond.

There are those whom you encounter throughout this life who make you feel safe and comfortable. You are drawn to those people. Why? It is because they have allowed their inner light to shine forth, unencumbered by fear, surrounded only by love. And this reminds you of your home, your true home, in a non-physical realm vibrating with love and joy.

There is a part of you that understands these words and knows the truth revealed by them. Dear One, allow that part of you to gain strength once again, to gain momentum as you continue your journey back to the Source. Would it not be an easier journey with the knowledge of the love, the light, the individual and collective power that you carry with you at all times?

Sit and call forth this part of you which so aches to come forth. Perhaps you have experienced that ache in your heart and misunderstood it as a longing for something else. Consider that this longing which you feel is for a reconnection to your Divine Self which is trying to come forth in all of its glory.

Sit, breathe and allow the Divine to embrace you, to surround you with love. It is time for you to join the awakened souls and share your light with the world. EVERYONE is capable of this for everyone has a light to shine and contribute to the world.

Dear One, see yourself as we see you; as a radiant being surrounded by light.

See your words, your thoughts, as energetic waves of vibration moving out from you into the world and beyond.

Know that whatever happens here in this physical existence, you will be welcomed back with joy and unconditional love. For that is all there is.

Remember you were created in love; you are surrounded in love; you are love incarnate.

Dear One with All of Thee.






The outcome is not what you expected

Is it a failure?

Or a re-direction?

Dear One, as you live and plan your life often you do not see the outcomes you expected. This causes disappointment, feelings of failure and sadness. But if you believe, truly believe, that life is unfolding exactly as it should for you, is this truly a failure or perhaps a re-direction?

Existing in the human condition is difficult. Your true nature is clouded by the physical, mental and emotional aspects of this human experience. And while they have been important contributors to your human experience, they also have caused you great worry and concern, often leading you down the path of fear. You have forgotten what a powerful force you are. You have forgotten about the natural rhythm of the universal flow. You have forgotten how to hear and accept the guidance you receive every day.

It is time to remember who you are, how you flow in the universal wave of existence and how your connections to the All bring you knowledge and guidance. In order to do this, give yourself time to just sit and breathe; if only for a few moments each day. Allow yourself to re-connect with the Oneness. Feel yourself gently being carried in the universal flow with complete faith and trust. Feel the love surrounding you and emanating from your core.

As the vibrational energies of this physical plane continue to rise, they allow you to re-connect more easily than you had in the past. And as you do this, release all worries about an outcome that was not part of YOUR plan. Listen and watch for guidance as how to move forward from this moment on. Be present in the moment. The past no longer exists. The future has yet to occur. But in this moment right now, are you not breathing, are you not loved, are you not connected? Allow any fear that has begun to rise in your belly to leave you. Surround it with loving light and release it.

You, Dear One, are destined for greatness. You are gently being guided to move forward by your higher self, that part of you who is able to see the big picture. You do not see things from a higher perspective, but from a human perspective which causes you worry and sadness. If you were able to see it from our viewpoint, the fear would cease and you would understand that all is unfolding exactly as it should.

There are no wrong paths to take, for all lead back to the Source. There are no mistakes in this experiential existence here upon this plane. For all is as it should be. Stand tall, walk proudly and in love. And allow your actions, your words to be guided by pure intent. No judgment, no accusations, no worry. Replace them with acceptance, gratitude and faith. All is well, Dear One. All is well.

See those unrealized plans as gentle guidance to re-direct your energies, your focus. This has happened to you in the past. How often have you found yourself saying , ‘I am so glad I did not…..’ ? Trust, Dear One. Even more in this time of awakening, trust.

For you are never alone. You are always connected and you are being gently guided forward to where you can do your greatest work, be your most glorious self.

Worry not, Dear One and remember the power, the strength, the glorious light that lies within you.

Walk forward in this physical life with love and joy.

See the beauty that surrounds you. Glorious being that you are, that beauty mirrors who you truly are.

You are a wondrous, adventurous soul capable of greatness.

You are One With All of Thee.


Remember who you are

Remember from where you have come

Remember the power that resides within you

Dear one, it is time for you to begin to remember the source of your very being. It is time for you to reconnect with the Oneness; to access the knowledge which you need. It is time for you to acknowledge who you really are; a divine being on a physical path.

Do not shy away from this very truth about yourself; for there is nothing but joy in this truth. You, you, dear one are capable of anything. You have the knowledge, the power, the strength to change the world.

This is the time for you to take that first step into the memories that reside within you. There have been glimpses along the way, in your dreams, in a stray thought or reflection. Things have occurred in your life that had no earthly explanation. For indeed, this earthly plane is but an illusion of reality.

This earthly plane is a forum for discovery of who you really are. The veil has thinned to provide you better access to the knowledge that you need to move forward this day in your own glorious light.

The darkness of this plane is beginning to crack under the shining light of love. It still has much fight left in it and will push back as hard as it can. But the darkness is beginning to shudder in anticipation of its own decline.

You are the reason for this change in the world. You may not yet see it, but there is a change, a positive change. And the more you realize your true self and all that comes with this state of being, the faster the changes will come unto this physical plane.

Dear one, can you accept the truth about yourself? Why would you feel unworthy when you are a part of the Oneness ; when you bathe in love with every step that you take? The heavens are singing with joy in anticipation of your realization of who you really are.

Remember, Dear one, that your light shines brightly within. Remember Dear one, that every breath you take is charged with positive vibration. Remember, Dear one, that you have the power to create your world; the knowledge and the wisdom to lift this world from darkness. You, Dear one, can do all of this.

Begin today, begin now, to see the light within. Feel the love around you. Accept the knowledge available to you. Begin today by accepting the gifts which lay at your feet. Begin with a smile, a skip in your step, with gratitude for all that is present in your life.

Dear one, you are the brightest star in the heavens come down to this plane to make a difference.

Dear one, you have begun to push back the darkness within and around you as you walk in tandem with love. For you have begun by just considering the possibility that all of which is written here is true.

Believe in yourself and what you can do.

Remember your connection with the Oneness and all which that brings to you.

Open yourself to the possibility of greatness.

For you are One With All of Thee.

And there is such power, such strength, such love that comes with this.

Shatter the illusion created by Ego and see who you really are.

And hear the heavens sing because of you!

Negative thoughts

How often do these run through your mind?

Can you release them and allow them to go?

Can you instead surround yourself in love and light?

Dear One, this world is changing and with it so are you changing. But your old way of being still tries to remain with you and control how you walk through your day. As you continue to move forward on your path, these old ways of being will no longer serve you. It is time to open the window and allow them their freedom.

The veil is thinning rapidly and for you that means a new way of being. For you, there will be a pull to be more open, more loving, more gentle with yourself and others. This may be a new and different concept for many who have been in a place of self-judgment and critical thinking. In fact, this way of being has become so familiar you may not even be aware of how it controls your day. This way of being has become a habit for you. But all habits can be broken and it is now time for you to consider breaking free from these old ways of being. Are you willing to try?

Consider your thoughts and how they form and how they remain within your surroundings throughout the day, coloring the way you see your world. Your perspective can be one of love or one of fear. And your thoughts contain the palette by which you color your day. Do you see lightness or do you see darkness surrounding you? We are here, dear one, to tell you that you, you have the strength , the power to change how you color your day. Do not feel powerless in this. Instead pull up that inner strength that is connected to the All and begin to shine light into all of the dark corners of your mind. You are very capable of doing this and we shall gladly help you with this if you call upon us.

Remember that your thoughts have a way of permeating every part of your day. They sit there in wait for the perfect opportunity to paint an interaction either in fearful colors or loving colors. You have become accustomed to allowing your mind to control your world. Can you change that and instead allow your heart to rule your world? For your heart is where your strength lies. Your connection with the All begins in your heart. That is where the love flows forth in all of its joy and peace.

Can you begin to change these dynamics and chase away the negativity from within your mind? There is no negativity within your heart. That is impossible. For anyone who labels themselves or others as hard-hearted, look again. Those hearts are protected because of fear. And fear exists in their minds, only in their minds. The fear has surrounded their hearts and disallowed them from freeing the love within.

When a negative thought arises within you, open the window of your mind and release it. Shine the light on that corner of your mind and fill it with love instead. Do not allow your mind to play that thought over and over in your head. Instead, put that thought into a bubble and blow it away. See a flame before you that purifies all things and send that thought into the flame to be dissolved into light. Or set that thought down on paper and then bury it, burn it, or walk away from it. Remember that allowing these thoughts to rule you has become a habit and it will take practice to break this habit. But it can be done and you are strong enough to do it.

Remember, that no matter what the situation, you are surrounded by love.

Focus on that abundance of love rather than any perceived lack in your life.

You live in abundance, every moment of your day.

Crack open the blinds of your mind, take a peek and see that love surrounding you.

What a joyous sight that is!

You are loved, you have always been loved and always will be loved.

You are love incarnate.

You are One With All of Thee.


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