Christmas Morn

A beautiful sunrise, the sky etched with pinks and oranges fading to yellows as the sun emerges from the horizon. It shades the land behind me with that soft golden color, blessed by the touch of the sun as it says ‘good morning’ to this world.

The quiet makes my heart sing. Nothing moving. Most definitely peace on earth for at least this moment. It’s as if my dog and I are the only ones present here upon this globe. No hunters, close or off in the distance. Only the call of the owl in the woods across the road.

I can feel my blueberry bushes greeting me this morning. And I greet them back with blessings and gratitude for all the beautiful berries they have given me over the years. The farm is definitely a magical place this morning.

I can feel the presence of the fairies in the woods. I bow to the lady of the woods, something I do every morning. I hug my trees, grateful for their grounding, especially the one that is over 100 years old from the girth of it. I have asked a few of my favorite trees to outlive me on this earth as it would break my heart to lose them before my time to move on.

I say a prayer for the world. For all those with nothing to give their children on this day of false expectations. May they be held tightly by the powers that be, graced with unconditional love and comforted by the presence of the divine within and around them.

May we all be blessed with awareness of the love that surrounds us.