You are the I AM

You are not separate from the Source

You are one with all of creation.

Separateness is only an illusion.

This physical world is only an illusion.

You are one with the I AM.

Dear One, it is time for you to accept the power which rests within you. This is the power of the I AM, the Source, of which you are a part. You came from the Source, created from a spark of the Source, and hence have a part of the Source within you. Reflect upon that. For in order for you to complete your work, it is necessary for you to understand your own personal power.

We do not talk of the false power that is sought here upon this physical plane. Greed, ownership, control or domination are not true power. Belief in these powers have caused much pain and suffering here upon this plane. It is time for you to understand the power of the I AM that resides in each and every one of you.

Dear One, you have the power, the skills, the knowledge of the Universal Being resting within you. Much of this has been acquired over many lifetimes of existence here and upon other planes. For these experiences you and others have had over time add to the Universal knowledge, which is available to you as you continue to awaken and grow.

The human forms may be fragile, but your true self, your spirit/soul being is eternal with the strength of the Source within. The current chaos within your world is an overture to great change that is beginning to stir. Chaos precedes change and you are in the beginning stages of great change within your world. Do not fear this change for it shall provide much joy and release of the fear you have harbored for so long within your being.

Time as you know it is moving quicker as the veil continues to thin between realms. For this reason, it is very important for you to take time for yourself, for replenishment and balance. Reconsider the ‘priorities’ you have created in your life and bring to the forefront the task of taking time for yourself. Simplify how you live your life, for as you continue to awaken, you will realize that so much of what you have, of what you do, is unnecessary.

Dear One, honoring yourself is honoring the Divine, for remember that the Divine exists within you. The Divine is present in all of creation. Consider how you put much of yourself in all of your own creations, your writing, your art, your music or gardening.

The same concept applies to YOUR creation. You were created by the Divine, by the I AM, and so part of the Divine remains within you. The love behind your creation exists within and is a major part of your entire being. Reflect upon this.

When you begin to feel the stress of the world descending upon your shoulders, take a few deep breaths and recite the I AM a few times. This will bring you into closer connection to your true self, to your Divine existence, and will allow the flow of knowledge to come your way.

The connection that you have with the Divine allows for communication in both directions. As you live your life here upon this physical plane, what you learn is also shared with those who will never have the opportunity for this physical existence.

At the same time, there is guidance ready to come your way if only you will allow yourself the time and the silence to hear it. Open the channels of communication. You are ready, you are able and most importantly, you are worthy.

Do not doubt your true nature, for it is wondrous and the light which emanates from you will burn brighter with every step you take towards your personal awakening. You are not alone, you have not been forgotten. Quite the contrary, you are held in the highest esteem for embarking upon this journey of physical embodiment. You have much to teach those who watch over you in adoration.

Dear One, take the leap of faith and open your heart to your true nature. Allow the power of the I AM, the power of love, to guide you forward through your day. Give yourself time to connect and listen. For your guidance comes in many ways, often with just a passing thought or through the Mother. Be open and receptive to the connection you have with the All.

You, Dear One, are the I AM.

You carry within you

The knowledge of the Universe

Which will be revealed to you

Slowly, gently, when you are ready

As you continue to grow.

Dear One, we bow to you

In gratitude, for your courage

Dear One With All of Thee.



Peace of Mind

Your world appears to be in chaos

You feel hopelessness and despair

And yet, new life continues to emerge.

The cycles still continue to move

Through rebirth after death.

Dear One, nothing has changed. You are still a being of love, created in love, surrounded by love and capable of love. Your surroundings appear to be in disarray, filled with chaos and uncertainty. But is this not just the cycle of life, continuing on as it always has – offering opportunities for growth with every moment of your existence.

Look towards Mother Nature in all of her strength and glory. Does she not carry on despite hardship and scarcity? Does she not find a way to adapt to the changes in her existence? Have you not seen a flower push up through a paved area or watched a tree navigate around a rock to reach the light? What you do not see is the strength in the roots, the internal strength that allows growth despite perceived obstacles.

Look towards the evolution of many species here upon your plane. Have many not adapted over time to better exist in a changing environment? Do not many species co-exist, sharing with each other certain elements lacking in one, but abundant in another? Is it not the inter-connectedness which often allows survival in what might appear as an insurmountable habitat?

If all were lost, would new souls still be emerging to experience this physical existence? If all were lost, would the Mother continue to produce new species to help with the changing environment here upon this plane? If all were lost, would we continue to encourage you to find your inner strength, your connection to the All and your own personal power?

Dear One, just as you see in Mother Nature, so too, your life is cyclic with times best spent in rest or in action and growth. You have just emerged from a long period of rest and now is the time to grow, to adapt and to use your inner strength to find the path around that rock which sits in front of you.

You are a part of Mother Nature, one of her beloved creatures, and you have the same strength, the same adaptability and the same cyclic nature to your life. Do not despair that all is lost. Instead have the peace of mind that what comes this day is a part of the cycle of growth. Trust in your connection and look to the Mother for ways on moving forward through your perceived insurmountable obstacles.

You, Dear One, are capable and are loved beyond measure. You have the support of the All as you move forward. You have not been forgotten, nor have you reached a point of no return. The possibilities continue to be endless. Do not allow that Ego mind to encourage hopelessness and despair. Instead open your heart to love and embrace the help of the Universe as you continue to move forward.

Even what you perceive as a step back in time is still a movement forward. From our perspective, you have the strength, the courage and the love to continue on your path back to the Source. How can you not return to the core of your being? A part of you continues to be there as the rest of you embarks upon this human journey.

Dear One, have the peace of mind that all is well.

Trust that you indeed are capable of much more than you ever realized.

And know that you are a part of the cosmic consciousness,

One With All of Thee.


 As a being of light

Eternal in your radiance

There is no need

To be anything

But gentle and kind

Dear One, your true nature is one of radiance of a higher vibration than this physical body in which you currently reside. This physical world in which you exist, the world seen through your physical eyes, can be very harsh. Yet, it is not necessary to respond in the same fashion.

You are a gentle soul, accustomed to tender love and unwavering support in who you are and in what you choose to learn. That has not changed as you exist in this embodied state. It is just not as obvious to you as you move through this holographic existence.

So many have forgotten who they are and from where they have come. You also need to be reminded of this power which sits untouched within your being. This is why we ask to speak with you in this fashion, to remind you of your true nature.

Your world, your true environment, is one of light, brilliant light. And from this light emanates unconditional love for you and for all. The world you see around you has been created by you and therefore can be changed by you. It is all a matter of how you choose to live your life.

Action causes reaction. You are able to see this if you respond to harsh words with silence, with love, with a calm demeanor, rather than matching the anger and feeding the fire of negativity. We certainly do not suggest that you accept bad behavior be it physical, mental or emotional.  What we suggest is that you transmute that negativity by wrapping it in light; by seeing the Divine Light within that person, that situation, that wounded spirit.

We understand that this may be difficult for those of you who are just beginning to realize the power of this response. For you may not yet be able to protect yourself from the negativity that comes your way in these interactions. You may walk away feeling disturbed or burdened by the weight of the heavy energy you just experienced.

To rid yourself of this, call upon Mother Earth to take that heavy energy as you ground it out through the soles of your feet into the Mother. Use Her healing water to cleanse your physical and energetic body from any residue that remains with you. Or  use ceremony to clear your space with the help of your unseen guides. Specifics are not as important as intent in these actions.

In your world, gentleness is seen as weakness when in fact, it shows courage and internal power. Wounded souls lash out at others because they have fear in their hearts. Can you be gentle, but firm, with those who cross your path attempting to bring you down to their vibratory level?

When you wrap yourself in light and allow your Divine Light to shine, wounded souls may not understand the effect of this light upon them. They may be unaccustomed to seeing/feeling this light. It is there within them also, but it may have been a very long time since they were in touch with it themselves.

Dear One, can you allow your innate gentleness to emerge as you open your heart to the world around you? Divine Light is present within you, as it is present within all of creation. You may have just forgotten how to allow it to shine.

By shining your Divine Light, you have the power to transmute your environment. It is just a matter of expressing gratitude, sending love and understanding your connection with all things. Do not allow fear to lower your vibration any longer. When fear attempts to rise in your belly, shine your light on it and see it shrink to nothing.  You have the power to do this.

Be the gentle soul that you are. Be gentle with others. Be gentle with yourself; physically, mentally and emotionally. For you are such a powerful being of light with the ability to shine in hues never before imagined by you. This is your true nature. Bring it forth in all of its glory.

Dear One. Dear Soul filled with grace and beauty.

Begin to shine your brightest.

And if your flame flickers, call upon us to show you the way.

For you are loved tenderly, gently and unconditionally.


Dear One with All of Thee.

Will you help?


Today I’m writing not as scribe, but in my own voice because I wanted to address the recent events in the world. A friend recently told me that though it was nice to read such optimism in my posts, it was difficult to reconcile such overly positive remarks in such a time of despair. And I wondered if there were others who felt the same way.

The writings I usually post are divinely inspired, given to me from those who guide me from a higher realm. I have been receiving these messages for over 25 years and they have ALWAYS been positive, loving and gentle. They are not filtered through the channels of human emotion, which would certainly change the tone of the message.

I cherish this gift of mine even though it has its drawbacks. One of which is that I am very sensitive to what is happening around me and in the world. And these recent events make my heart weep for I can feel the fear permeating the world at this time. I know I am not alone in this for there are many other empaths out there who feel as deeply, as strongly as I do.

But the other side of this gift, the one that gives me hope and comfort, is the higher perspective of our world shown to me in my meditations. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have heard this perspective mentioned time and time again. Light and love trump fear. We are powerful beyond measure. Compassion, gratitude and abundance are the stepping stones on the forward path.

We are at a turning point here upon this plane. There is more and more light coming in, coming down, however you wish to view it. And because of that light, because of those changes, more of what lurks in the darkness is being revealed.

For those of you who are older, you know that genocide and brutality have been present in the world for years. The existence of the Internet has made the world smaller and more accessible, increasing our awareness of the anger and hatred in the hearts of many. These acts no longer seem so far away and recently have been occurring in our own back yards.

 So what can we do from a spiritual perspective?

See these as acts of desperation at a time of increasing energetic vibration in the world. Yes, there have been many victims and my heart goes out to them and their families. But there has also been much strength and courage and fellowship shown as a result.

Send love out into the world. Remember the web of connection so often mentioned in this blog. The very fact that you are sending positive energy out, not only to the victims, but also to the perpetrators, makes a tremendous difference. You have heard of the power of prayer, of the joining of hearts to make a positive difference in the world. It has happened before, it can be done again. Do it on a daily basis, do it with every breath that you take, sending out love.

Look to Mother Earth as an example. Every seedling must push through the darkness as it rises towards the light. Mother Earth is in a growth stage of major proportions at this time. We have the power to nurture that seedling, to encourage it to move higher, grow stronger towards the light. But remember too, much of what exists in that dark earth helps create the strength and growth in that seedling.

Help me and others in holding the world above the fear that is seeping into our news, our minds, our lives. You have the power to do this.

The power of love.




The Power of Your Words

Do you understand the power of your words?
That your words create your world?
Can you create a positive outcome for your day?

Dear One, the words which you speak are very powerful. We have mentioned this before. As you put those ideas out into the ethers they travel far and begin to create your own reality. You do not yet understand the power of creation that resides within you.

Understand that speaking the thoughts that circle in your mind gives those thoughts additional power. You have added another energetic layer to them by speaking of them. And if they are negative, you have added to the negativity that surrounds you. You have added to the possibility of those words which were spoken to create your day, your world. For that reason, we ask you to be conscious of the words which you speak. They are powerful and hold much energy.

Your world has much fear in it and does not need more negativity and fear added to what already exists. We are asking you who read these words to help to change this negativity into a more positive existence by how you speak to others. This is a time when your positive energetic input is needed. And so we ask of you to speak softly, speak gently, speak lovingly to others and also to yourself. For this is a time when your gentle grace is needed. Do not doubt that you have that capacity within you, for each and every one of you is filled with this gentle grace, this loving energy, with the power to heal the world.

Begin with yourself and with those closest to you. Be gentle, be kind and be aware of how you approach your day. Connect with your higher self with deep breaths, by lifting your face to the warmth of the sun, by allowing water to caress your hand, your body and wash away any negativity. For water is very healing, and if you feel you need a boost, immerse yourself in water and see the worries, the negativity wash off of your body and back down into the Mother, who will transform it back to positivity.

Remember the connection that you have to the All. This is present every moment of your day. This connection cannot be broken. That is impossible. Realize that you cannot walk alone, for the web of connection surrounds you, envelops you and wraps you in love; even if you are unable to feel it at this time. You, Dear One, are just one breath from the lips of the Source, connected to all others in the same way. You, Dear One, have the power of the Source within you, the power of creation of your world. And so, create a more positive world. Worry not about the minor inconveniences in your daily life. Know that all is unfolding as it should. Your lessons lay before you on your path. It is up to you whether those lessons are gentle or more difficult. It is in your perspective.

You live in abundance, surrounded by beauty and light which flows from all things. This is the true reality of creation. But you have been given the power to see a world of your own creation. And so, begin to create a world of beauty and love. Begin walking softly amidst the chaos. Begin using your gentle grace in the words you speak. And see how your world, your own creation changes.

The power lies within you.
Use it wisely, Dear one.
It is time for you to change your world.