Honor Thy Connection


You are part of the All

Connected through millennia.

You are equal in power

Created in love.

All are love incarnate.

All are One in Love.

Dear One, it is time for you to accept the truth of your existence. That you are One with All. That All are One. And that All are Equal. Contributing to the collective consciousness through your experiences here upon this physical plane and in other realms.

You are no different than those of us who speak to you now through this scribe. We all are on a learning path in different realms with different lessons. But all are the same. Can you accept that truth?

You have chosen the path that began with not remembering who you truly are. The physical realm is one of the most difficult for this reason. And part of your path is a path of remembering, of allowing those memories of your true nature to re-emerge. And with this remembrance will come much peace and joy.

That is why we are here to help you. Not that we are greater than you, not in the least. But because we can share knowledge with you now after waiting many generations. The time is now because the veil has thinned and the vibrational energies upon this physical plane are rising. The ascension has begun.

This ascension allows us to reach more of you because the variation in our vibrations has lessened. More and more of you are awakening. And by raising your vibrations through the practices we have suggested, you are helping us to reach more and more of you.

Dear Ones, your success, your growth, helps us. It helps the Entirety of Being as the Oneness continues on a course of self-discovery. Just like you. For All are One. The connection between and among All of Creation can not be broken.

You have the choice to turn your back on this opportunity for growth at this time. But Dear One, you have an unlimited amount of time to grow and return to the embrace of the Divine. For what you do not learn during this incarnation, you will learn in other lifetimes, either here or in other realms.

And through each lifetime you experience, you are surrounded by loving beings. For we feel the connection much stronger than you as we do not have the challenge of a physical form which gives the illusion of aloneness and separation.

This physical form does not allow you to see the larger picture that is available to those of us in other realms. And what we see is wondrous. Yes, your planet is undergoing great change which provides many challenges. But the forward movement is very apparent. And it is occurring because of you and your efforts to raise your vibrations by living a life of love.

Each time you send out love to another you help to raise the vibration of this plane. You give another the boost they might need to take the next step forward in love. And as more and more of you raise your vibrations, the effect is exponential and expansive. You can do so much from your present location.

Continue to move forward in love. Continue to replace judgment with compassion, fear with love. For every act of kindness reverberates across this plane, across realms and adds to the expansion of love across infinity.

Never consider yourself unworthy for you have the power of the Source within you. And that power lies in the love with which you were created. Never consider yourself to be alone for we are with you for every step that you take. Invite us, all benevolent beings, to come closer and to spend the day with you.

The connection is being strengthened every day. Honor your place in the world by acknowledging the truth that you DO make a difference in this world and beyond. For each lesson learned, each loving thought, quickly travels throughout the Universe. The lessons are shared and teach others. The love uplifts and raises the vibrations throughout this world and beyond.

Honor the connections you have

For they are true and loving

And create another layer of strength

For you and for the All of Creation.

Accept this truth and the peace which follows.

You are love incarnate

Connected with every realm of existence.

You are One, you are loved

You truly are

One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

 I’ll hold space for all across this globe to remember who they truly are and their connection to the All. I’ll send love to all upon this plane and see them as love incarnate, no matter who they are or what they have done. May we continue to strengthen our connections with each other and with the higher realms from where we have come.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude to the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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Gifts Abound

Everything that occurs

In your life

Can be seen as a gift.

A gift to help you move forward

On your journey.

On your journey

To awakening to your true self.

Dear One, your presence in this world is a journey of self-discovery. For yourself as well as for the collective consciousness. Everything that happens can be seen as an opportunity for growth, for expansion. It is your choice how you move through this world. Do you choose to live in gratitude or to live in fear?

The roadmap for your life is imprinted in your heart. Your heart is the center of all activity for your personal growth. And your heart is the center of love. Knowing this, can you begin to understand that your life is guided forward by love? No matter how your human mind chooses to view it. Your life is guided by love.

All of you are connected to a wondrous stream of consciousness which pulses with love and knowledge as the energies move through it. Back and forth, between all of life, sending messages of knowledge enveloped in love.

It is the human perspective which causes you to live in fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the lack of control. Fear of imperfection and lack of abundance. You can ease this fear by beginning to trust. To trust yourself and the loving universe which is within and around you.

For you are a part of a wondrous matrix which is supporting you and guiding you forward through every step of your personal journey. Each breath that you take is filled with possibilities; of expanding into your true nature to self-realization of who you really are.

What you do not yet realize is how all of creation is supporting you upon this journey. For your personal growth is the growth of the All. There is no failure, there is only expansion of consciousness. Consciousness of the All.

Relieve your suffering by changing your perspective to one of gratitude, love and compassion. For the unfolding of your personal life and for the lives of all who inhabit this physical world. Any and all challenges that lay in your path are gifts for you. Gifts to help you realize your strengths and your potential. But also gifts to point out that which requires more work. Be it anger, judgment or self-doubt.

For all that occurs in your life and in the lives of others has always provided an opportunity. The unknown is how you will respond. Will it be with grace and compassion or with fear? Will you choose suffering for yourself and others? Or will you awaken to your role in helping create the gentlest process that is possible?

Will you begin to understand that there are forces unseen by you acting in your best interest? Preventing the most painful outcomes while still allowing the lessons to be present for your personal growth.

We say to you again, Dear One, that gifts abound every moment of your day. It is up to you to begin to view your life, your world, including the unseen world, with a different perspective. A loving perspective. One of gratitude and connection. You are not alone. That is impossible.

The ongoing ascension continues to raise the vibrations of this plane. The old ways of being will slowly disappear as you begin to awaken to gentler, kinder, more loving ways of moving through your world. You can contribute your own gift to this world by removing fear from your thoughts and replacing it with compassion and love. With gratitude and grace.

Many are already doing this for you. Giving you this gift. Pay it forward, as you say here. You are being lifted upward with loving embrace. Even as those who live in fear try to hold you back. This is the duality of your world. One of the most challenging planes on which to exist. But also, one where personal growth is accelerated because of this same duality.

Live in love.

Live in gratitude.

Reflect and see the larger picture.

See the gift in every challenge

That appears in your life.

Accept our help from the unseen world

And help us by opening your heart to love.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

Tonight, I’ll see the hearts of all opening up to love so that those who are suffering may feel the loving embrace that is holding them up. So that no one feels alone or abandoned. And so that those walking in fear begin to move forward this day with an open heart, with love and compassion for self and others

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude towards the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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Heart vs Mind

The Balance Photographic Print by Christian Schloe

Which guides you each day?

To which voice

Do you listen?

Have you noticed

A shift

In which one guides you?

Dear One, we have told you before that you now exist with a foot in both worlds. You always have, but during this time of ascension, many of you have put more weight on that foot in the unseen world. This is where your truth lies. The truth that can guide you forward during this embodiment of your soul. And this truth lies within your heart, not your mind.

The human mind certainly has served you well over your evolution upon this physical plane. You have risen through seemingly insurmountable challenges using the wit of your human mind. It has helped you to remember how to do tasks. And how to add to those tasks to provide even more ease in getting the job done.

Your human mind has allowed you to survive some of the harshest conditions as you evolved even further during this journey of self-realization. But the balance between heart and mind has become skewed to the point of excess. Many of you have forgotten your connection to the Mother and to the All That Is.

During your evolution, you have come to trust only your mind. You have begun to think that you are in control of your life and the lives of others and this planet. This misperception is what has caused you much suffering.

Yes, you do have control over your life, but not in the way you perceive it. The power which many seek does not come from worldly goods or the servitude of others toward you. It comes from your connection with the All. And there is nothing more important at this time than for you to realize the power of connection, the power of love and of service by you, not for you.

For you to move forward in grace at this time, it is important to listen to your heart connection. Yes, you have used your mind in the past to weather many storms. But in the process, you have forgotten to trust the unseen world. You have lost faith in your connection with the Divine. You have forgotten your own Divinity and how to use it to serve this world and beyond.

You feel uncomfortable with uncertainty. Why? Because you have forgotten how to trust and have been misguided in thinking you have or should have the solution to the problem. You have begun to think that you are alone and that you alone must meet the challenges in your life.

Dear One, this misperception will cause more suffering in your life, especially at this time of change. In order to navigate these times, it is important for you to listen more to the unseen world. That human mind was a wonderful tool in times past. But these are different times that require community, connection and honoring of the Mother and the All That Is. You have outgrown your old way of being. It will no longer serve you in these higher vibrations in which you live.

Open your heart and allow that wisdom within to guide you forward. You need not know the outcome, or understand the process. You only need to find the faith to move forward in love and recognition of the power of your connection to the Divine.

Begin by increasing your awareness of the guidance you receive daily from within. Acknowledge the synchronicities which occur. Listen to the wisdom of your physical body as it guides you on how best to tend it. Cease the judgment, transform the fear of the unknown to the joy of acceptance, of the loving guidance of the Divine in your life.

When your mind wishes to once again begin the circuit of fear of what is to be, stop. Focus on some sentient beauty before you instead. A smell, a touch, a soothing sound, a most perfect scene or a sweet taste on your tongue. Let go and allow your evolution to come back to center with partnership of the Divine.

You, Dear One, no longer need the solution. You only need the faith, the trust, to follow the wisdom of your heart rather than the chatter of your mind. It is time. You are ready.

Be of love

Be of faith and trust.

Acknowledge the connection

With the unseen world.

Cease the chatter of your mind

And breathe, in and out

Love, compassion and non-judgment

Towards others and also towards yourself.

You have come so far.

Trust that you are ready

For that giant leap forward.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM EST:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers. I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

Tonight I’ll focus on the struggle for power throughout this world.

The Ukraine, China, the United States, truly on every continent in this world.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.



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A Personal Message

Call me crazy, but after watching the drama in Washington DC yesterday, listening to all the news reports and reflecting upon what is now occurring here, I feel very honored to be alive at this time, in this country (USA).

Why do I say this? I have been gifted enough to be aware of the guidance that I’ve received over the years from the unseen world. I am aware of the many lessons that have been made available to me, some learned with more grace than others. Some still a work in progress.

And I feel strongly that these past events in my life have led me to where I stand today, with the knowledge, the tools and the connections to take my role in the coming times. These lessons have strengthened me and allowed me to find compassion for others still struggling to find their place in the world.

I have been entrusted with the tasks of doing my part to help with the awakening now occurring on this planet. Me, entrusted with such a responsibility? What an honor!! But haven’t we all, every one of us embodied at this time? Isn’t our mere presence upon this planet, holding ourselves and others up, one of the services we provide?

Though I haven’t been ‘told’ this, I wonder if much of the work that is required at this time has to be done from this physical plane. That’s not to say that there isn’t much activity occurring in the unseen realms to help us. There has been a tremendous shift in energies of late. And I have been graced to be in the presence of legions of arriving light beings coming to this plane to help. This is occurring all over the world.

As a functioning human, I have performed my due diligence by writing to elected officials, tithing money to those in need, and being an ear and support for those in distress. (and I have been the recipient of these same acts of kindness from others over the course of this journey).

As important as I believe these acts are, there are some that carry even more weight. And those are the deeds entrusted to us as we walk this earth.

What I believe is most important is to keep our vibrational energies as high as we can and send loving thoughts and energies out into this world. I don’t understand any possible physics explanations, but I wonder if loving energy coming from embodied souls out to other embodied souls doesn’t carry more weight somehow.

Perhaps it is similar to what is done during warfare, tactical approaches with energies coming from all directions. Except this is love, kindness, and high vibrational support that we are being asked to send out with every breath.

So if you can, step back from the drama, and hold this nation, this beautiful blue planet in love. Lift up all those who live in fear by seeing them in the highest vibration they can comfortably handle. Cease any human pettiness including judgment, blame or disrespect.

Do what you can on a human level to help this planet and all of God’s creatures heal. But don’t forget that your own embodied divinity has been entrusted with holding our vibrations high. A big responsibility of which you are very capable.

As Rumi said in The Milk of Millenia, ‘Conscious decisions and personal memory are much too small a place to live’. Aim higher, Dear Ones. You are capable, you are ready and you have all the guidance and support you need. Just ask.

Thank you for reading my blog and these personal ramblings.

Blessings to all my fellow travelers on this holiest of holy journeys we have embarked on together.

Holding you all close to my heart,




You are like a piece of clay

Being gently molded

Into your true persona.

It is there within.

It is beautiful.

And it has the strength,

The power and the love

Of the Universe.

Dear One, you are a being who has chosen this path of self-discovery. Not only for yourself, but for the Source of All That Is. As you live this life in service, and you do so without realizing, you are also becoming more of who you truly are. A wondrous child of the Universe.

And children need to be nurtured. They need guidance. They need the freedom to make choices in order to grow and mature. Their true nature can be molded by those around them, by events that occur and by observing the actions/reactions of others. This is how they become.

You, Dear One, are in a constant state of becoming. And you are being observed by others as a model of how to respond to life events. You are also being guided by unseen hands during the most stressful times of your life. You are being held closely, gently rocked in rhythm to the Universal song.

But as in any creation, the form which served you for many years no longer fits. No longer serves you as you continue to grow. Consider the insects, the reptiles who shed their outer layer as they continue to grow larger.

This also occurs for you. As the light within you continues to grow outward, who you were no longer fits your current life. And so, the outer layer must be broken and discarded so that the newer self can appear and continue to grow.

This growth pattern is initiated by external events in your life, some personal, some global. So that it comes to a point where a bandage no longer holds. When the only way for future growth is to allow the mold to break open and allow the new to emerge as the old is discarded.

This occurs throughout all of creation, but is most visible on this physical plane. Look around you and see how the Mother is also changing and growing, affected by the events around her. What emerges is what is nurtured and cultivated either with love or neglect. But always love can mend, slowly, but mend the effects of fear and neglect.

The choice is yours, Dear One. How do you wish to become? Can you believe that there is a wondrous light within you slowly seeping out through those wounds? Can you trust that you have the strength and the power to become a more generous, loving being? Can you accept that you are a being of light encased within a physical body?

The physical world is fragile. But the glue that holds it together, the love which lives within each and every one of you, is filled with healing power. What is required is the recognition of this power to heal. And to understand that often the only way to heal is to discard the old way of being and start anew. That those supporting bandages will no longer hold together. That what is required is to trust that there is a loving light ready to emerge if that old casing can be removed and discarded.

Dear One, you are on the road to becoming. To becoming your true self. Yes, many will not attain that goal here in the physical world. But during life review they will grow as they experience not only their lives but the effects their actions had on the lives of others.

But there are many more who will attain the goal of becoming and help to guide others. Only a few will do so in a public manner. While the majority will quietly do the work, unseen by many, but so powerfully affecting those they do touch.

Every breath taken can change your world. Begin today by breathing in love, sending out love. Do not despair the loss of the old as the new awaits in the wings, more glorious than imagined. Your life makes a difference, Dear One. Becoming is occurring to you and to all. Embrace the new while you bless and discard the old.

Feel the pulse of the Universe

Within your veins.

Hear the Universal song

And sing with joy.

You have the strength,

The support that you need.

Accept it and become

Who you truly are.

Dearest One With All of Thee.

Go Within


The peace lies within

Amidst the fear and trepidation.

Let your breath help you navigate

Towards the calm center.

In and Out

Towards peace and tranquility.

Dear One, you are on a journey for which you are prepared, although you had not planned this route. And yet, you have all the tools, the roadmaps, the supplies. And the destination is the same. Home.

How often has the incline been steeper than you envisioned. And yet you were able to reach the top. You had more strength and resolve than you realized. For you did not have enough faith in yourself. And yet, upon reflection after reaching your goal, you saw that many of the supplies you brought were unnecessary.

For you had the most important provision within you. It was your spirit, your sense of worth, your determination to continue the journey no matter what lies ahead.

Perhaps you thought of your loved ones who were cheering you on as you forged ahead. Perhaps it was the knowledge of what you could achieve once you reached your destination. Or perhaps it was just that inner voice telling you that you could do this, you had the strength to continue.

Dear One, all of these are true now as well. The landscape may have changed, but the journey continues to lead you forward. Always forward. And as you continue, consider the burdens which you can discard along the way.

Greed, judgment and fear can be like heavy clay caked upon the soles of your boots weighing you down with each step. Self-recrimination can be one of the heaviest burdens of all.

Remember that you live in a world of duality, with both light and dark present and necessary to keep this world in balance. You also exist in duality with both light and shadow running through your veins. This is a part of who you are as you live in this physical world. And so too, it is necessary to keep both in balance to live your best life.

When you look at yourself and see only the shadow, only the traits you wish to discard, consider this. In what situation might those perceived negative traits be helpful. Would not the quiet one be a perfect companion for someone who needs to talk in order to heal? Would not a bold one be the perfect advocate for someone who cannot stand up for themselves? Would not an obsessive one be perfect to help someone who cannot begin to organize their life?

Any and all traits that make up your countenance are helpful when they are used in moderation. When they are kept in balance. Reflect upon this and how you may have judged yourself much too harshly in the past. Your moon has a light and dark side. Your planet cycles through light and darkness with each phase providing the perfect environment for many necessary activities.

Dear One, as you continue on this journey discard the burden of perfection. For your perception of it is inaccurate. Discard the burden of the past and any judgments that live there. And discard the fear of the future, for it does not yet exist. And your actions in this very moment can affect tomorrow.

As you continue on this journey, allow your breath to guide you. The breath of the Divine will calm you and center you. See in your mind’s eye the guide rope of your connection to the All. It is there in front of you to help you move forward. Discard the heaviness and allow the light to melt away any disparaging thoughts.

This is your journey and you are ready. You have been prepared and you have much to give and share with others as they walk alongside of you. As they have much to share with you in return. You are not an island in a sea of unrest. You are a bridge that connects earth and sky, up and down, light and dark. You are the fulcrum that helps balance the pendulum between these dualities.

You are present now because you are strong and a Divine source of light and love. Do not doubt yourself and your inner strength. Do not doubt that you are co-creator of your world with the Source.  

Remember that you are the embodiment of love. Created in love. To live a life of love. To once again return to love at the end of this part of your journey.

Breathe In and Out

Send love out with every breath.

You are capable

You are loved.

You are supported in love.


Dearest One With All of Thee.


How do you walk through your world?

Do you question what you see

With curiosity?

Or are you so frozen in your mind

That you can not see through the fog

Created by that repetitive way of thinking?

Dear One, are you so imprisoned by your mind that you cannot see past a certain way of viewing the world? Does fear cloud your vision enough that you do not pose the questions ‘Why’ or ‘Why not’? Are you stuck in repetitive thinking, unable to take a clear view of what is happening around you?

How do you move through your day? Do you assume that those you meet are a certain way because of past experiences? Or do you allow yourself to walk with an open mind, listening to your inner voice, your gut, your intuition? Do you take everything at face value or do you delve deeper with the acknowledgment that things may not be exactly as they initially appear to you?

The world and all of its creatures are constantly changing, in flux with the expansion of the Universe. All are in motion, regardless of the illusion of appearing static. If you could see life at the molecular or atomic level, you would be more aware of the constant vibration of all things. And movement allows for change, within and around you.

Dear One, forward movement requires motion. For this reason, it is helpful to you if you allow yourself to consciously take steps every day in a new direction. This could mean altering your daily routine with just a minor change, but enough that requires you to be mindful of what you are doing, or where you are going.

By doing this you are allowing yourself to move away from fear. For if a new direction requires your presence, you are forced to step outside of your mind where fear constantly holds you back. And as you make small changes in your daily routine, you will become more curious about what you see, who you meet or how you feel?

Do not assume that you are the same person today that you were yesterday, for you are not. Each day with its experiences changes you. You are stronger and one step further upon your path this day than the last. This is the same for all of creation and since all are connected, individual growth is felt by all.

As you begin to make small changes, allowing your mind to be more open, synchronicity will have more opportunity to guide you forward. It occurs more often than you realize. But as you allow curiosity to lead you forward, you will be in a more receptive state to be aware of the synchronicities in your life.

Being more aware of your place in the world, if only in a small part of it, will begin to shift you from that prison of your mind. Your senses will become more finely tuned as you observe the world and interactions occurring around you.

Becoming more engaged with your environment will open up more opportunities for you as you more consciously see the ebb and flow of life around you. It begins with mindfulness, curiosity and trust that growth comes with motion, if only the smallest step forward.

Do not think you know all that you need to know. Do not allow yourself to be imprisoned by the repetitive thoughts from your mind. Instead, observe the world, allow curiosity to move you forward and see how much you can learn by taking just a small step forward every day.

Change is occurring every moment of your existence. And this includes change within you, in how you see, or feel or respond to the world around you. Trust that you will be guided forward by a gentle hand. Understand that others are filled with fear as well and that it takes courage to move forward.

Make no assumptions

For what was true in the past

May no longer be true in the present.

Move forward with curiosity without judgment.

For what you see may not be all of what is.

Allow life to unfold and guide you forward.

Gently and with loving embrace.

Curiosity is what brought you here

And what will move you forward.

Dear One With All of Thee.

The Beginning or the End?

Each and every day

Each and every moment

You can ask yourself this question

What is it that you choose

In this moment of time?

Dear One, change begins with you. You are the creator of your life and your world. You have the choice to sit back and allow life to come to you; or you can seize the moment and create the world, the life, that you want. It is up to you.

You mark the passage of time in seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months, years. And yet time itself does not even exist. You remember the past and certainly can learn from the past. You plan for the future and strive to control personal or worldly events by your actions. And still you question the purpose, the effect, that your life has upon this world and beyond.

Reflect upon a flock of starlings, creating geometric forms in the sky as they gracefully fly together en masse, to and fro, never once colliding with each other. They fly in synchrony, with joy, with full abandon, following the currents as one, each contributing their part towards the final creation.

So too, with you, Dear One. You are part of a cosmic dance that moves across dimensions, far and wide. You are unaware of it when you use only your physical senses. But when you move into that meditative state of connection, you are able to touch on it, if only for a moment. Your soul, your higher self, knows the steps to this dance and tries to bring your consciousness along when you are in the physical realm.

There is a grace to the dance of creation, of which you are a part, and to which you contribute with each breath that you take. The challenge is to let go of that thinking mind and allow your higher consciousness to show you the way. Release and let go and then dance! The Universal song plays in your subconscious, giving you the beat, the rhythm, the flow to follow as you dance.

Dear One, remember that all you see with your physical eyes is an illusion, it is not the reality of your true existence. Can you instead see with your heart, from which the music comes? Be still and listen. Take time this day to reflect upon how far you have come. Give gratitude for the lessons and those who provided you the opportunities to learn. Bless all who have crossed your path.

The gauge of your growth is not whether you have lived up to your promises to do better, but whether or not you tried. This is not a time to begin another cycle of self-judgment and recrimination, but to savor the accomplishments that brought you to this very moment.

Reflection is encouraged, self-judgment is not. Compassion is encouraged, for yourself and for others. Engagement with others is encouraged as they have much to teach you about yourself and the way of being. Take a step forward in love, in faith and in strength.

End the feelings of self-doubt and perceived failures. Begin to notice how much you have changed and affected the lives of others. And remember that all interactions may not be joyful ones for all parties involved. But all interactions are opportunities for growth for all.

Accept the gift of life here upon this plane as one unavailable on any other plane or dimension. The unique mixture of all elements of this existence provide opportunities available nowhere else. Success is measured in whether you take that next step, that next breath, no matter what.

Developing faith in yourself and in the connection of all will help you on this journey. Close your eyes, focus on your breath and allow the love of the universe to embrace you. Worry not about the caliber of your achievements. Strive only to act in love, for this is your greatest asset. Always love.

Act and do not re-act.

Act in love always.

Listen for the universal song

In your heartbeat, in your breath, in your surroundings.

And move forward in dance

With faith that all will be well

No matter what happens.

You will always be loved

You will always be

One With All of Thee.