Be Not in a Hurry

For change,

For personal growth,

For harmony amongst humankind.

All are in motion.

All continue to move forward.

Advances are being made

Unseen by your physical senses.

Dear One, all that you wish for is occurring now, at this very moment. It has already happened. It already exists. Your physical senses are not able to see this. However, your heart is able to open wide enough to view all of this. Do not allow that critical mind of yours to convince you otherwise.

See your energies rising to meet your higher self, the guiding light always present in your life. Close your eyes and feel the pulse of the Universe flowing through you, raising you higher with loving embrace. Know that which you have wished for is already present, filtering down from the ethers into the physical plane.

Be not in a hurry. Allow the workings of the All to progress at the most perfect rate possible. Understand the intricacies of the web of connection and open your eyes to the signs being given to you as you move through your day.

Spend more time in your heart beating along with the pulse of the All That Is. Your mind encourages you to think of yourself as separate. It creates false beliefs that you know the perfect route to freedom and change. When truly it is your heart, connected to the All, which joins with the matrix to perform miraculous changes needed here upon this physical plane.

Dear One, the truth lies within your heart. Listen not to that mind which lays out the falsely perceived ‘perfect’ plan, with the ‘perfect’ timing for change. Your mind has been functional to allow you to exist in this physical incarnation. But it has been given too much power, while the heart has been pushed aside and forgotten.

Your strength lies within your heart. Can you trust that it will lead you forward to exactly the right place, at the right time, with the right words or actions to move forward with grace? The balance between lightness and darkness is being re-equilibrated, and it begins with giving more attention to what your heart has to tell you.

Listening to your heart and trusting the guidance it gives you will help move the pendulum into balance so that light oversees dark. Close your eyes and see that eternal flame which burns brightly within your heart. Feel the heat of it as it expands and fills your entire being with its love. And feel the peace that ensues, quieting your mind.

The mind is a problem solver. It is meant to help you perform manual tasks required here upon this physical plane. But in doing so, it has eclipsed the beat of your heart. It has blinded you to the synchronicities of the world around you which occur to guide you forward.

Give the mind its tasks to do, but do not allow it to control your life. When it begins its chatter, tell it that you choose peace and give it the task of focusing on your breath. When it wishes to remain stuck on perceived failures of yours or of others, remember who you really are.

You are not a single personal entity, but a part of collective of souls here to serve the All. Personal memory no longer serves you. Collective consciousness is beginning to emerge within you. You are ready for this transformation. You are ready to realize from where true guidance comes. You are ready to receive the guidance from your heart. To allow your heart to guide your mind, rather than the opposite.

Dear One, breathe and go within. Breathe and trust the timing, the guidance, the synchronicities in your life. You are One connected to the All. Not One separate from the All. It is impossible for you to be an island in a sea of strangers. For you are an integral part of a collective of souls moving forward to the beat of the heart of the All.

There is no need to hurry.

For all is occurring as it should.

There is no need to second guess.

For all is occurring as it should.

And there is no need for fear.

For you are surrounded by love,

You are love incarnate.

You ARE One With All of Thee.




Rainbow Lotus by Ng Wai Chor on 500px

You are awakening

To the truth of your existence.

One with all you see

Co-creator with your Maker.

Filled with love.

A Divine being.

Dear One, allow the awakening to open your eyes to your true nature, that of a Divine being, at one with all. Accepting this truth will show you another way to look at your present situation. Accepting this truth will encourage you to walk, to speak, to act in love. For love is all there is and love is the essence from which you were created. Love is the source of your breath, the result of your existence.

Can you, in all aspects of your life, begin to look through the filter of love rather than fear? You are connected to the collective consciousness and it is through this connection that you receive all the knowledge you require to move through your world.

For your world is but a hologram, conceived in love, exuding love and malleable by your loving thoughts. The conscious thoughts which you have help to re-arrange the world which you see. It moves and adjusts according to the expectations of your mind. This has been the gift of this life in the physical. To be able to see the results of your creative consciousness. This is not something that is available on other realms.

It is time for you to realize this truth so that you can work with it to allow the innate love within everything you see and everyone you meet to burst forth, leaving behind all fear and suffering. You have been given the gift of duality here upon this plane. For how can you learn if there are no opposites? How can you choose if there are no choices to allow opportunities for growth?

Every breath that you take can be a breath filled with love or fear. Every choice that you make can be one made in love or fear. Every experience you have can be viewed with gratitude and faith or with suffering and fear. By experiencing all these possibilities, you are allowing others to learn through you.

Dear One, you are a student and a teacher at the same time. You have the opportunity to create in order to learn and to teach. You are in a unique position to experience that which is not possible on other realms. You are an adventurous soul who chose to be here to grow or to help another to grow.

There are no isolated incidents. There are no private thoughts, for their energies go out into the cosmos, and their energies create situations for growth across the Universe. Be not judgmental of who you are or what you have or have not done. For all acts are but one element of a lesson provided for your growth. You are not the same entity you were just moments ago, for you have grown with every step you take. You may not see it, but it is clear across the Universe as your progress is watched with love and gratitude.

Dear One, you are pure energy, temporarily embodied here upon this physical plane in order for all of creation to experience itself. Yes, you are an individual soul, but you are connected to the All, in love. Your time here is temporary before you return to pure consciousness, unembodied, free from the harshness of this physical world.

If you do not like what you see in your world, then change it. Use your powers of creation to gently shift the energies, raising them higher into the vibration of love. There is only so much we can do from our vantage point. It is up to you, Dear One, to begin the process. How? Breathe in love, breathe out love. See the Divine in all you encounter and practice heart-to-heart encounters rather than mind-to-mind encounters.

Forgive yourself as you begin to understand that life here is for learning, and sometimes you stumble.

Love all whom you meet, see them as kindred souls, trying to find their way in this physical world.

Give gratitude for all that you have and see the abundance which surrounds you. Remember that physical possessions are only holograms. It is the intangible, the experiences, which fill you with knowledge and teach you how to be the Divine being that you truly are.

Be at peace, Dear One.

For all is well with you.

Change begins with you and how you see your world.

Choose love and light and joy.

Dear One With All of Thee.

Do Not Doubt Yourself


Jiwoon Pak Moonset (2015)

You have all the strength and resolve you need

To walk in this world with your head held high

With kindness and compassion for others

And to connect with those on your path

Who are there to move you forward this day.

Dear One, do not doubt that you are in the right place, at the right time, to share or receive the knowledge to be exchanged in this very instant. You are connected to the stream of consciousness, which flows through all of creation and allows forward movement, as lives intertwine. This is the energetic connection that permeates the seen and the unseen worlds, bringing them together in ways you cannot even fathom at this time.

You place such importance on this world which you see and interact with using your physical body. And yet, the unseen world is far greater in expanse and in how it affects your life. It is from these connective ethers that you receive the knowledge and gentle push, to move forward in a certain way. And it is from these unseen forces that you draw your strength, as you are surrounded by loving beings, every moment of your day.

You were created by the Divine and so have a permanent connection with the Divine. You, in fact, carry the Divine within you, as it is a part of your make-up. This part of you is from where all answers come. Your physical mind does indeed help navigate your way through this physical world. It may allow you to make scientific discoveries which make your physical life easier. However, it is your heart which helps you to use those discoveries in a manner that supports all of existence. It helps you to use these scientific discoveries with loving kindness, for the highest good of all.

Remember that you are an integral part of this stream of consciousness, as both a recipient and a contributor. You have been given unique gifts for this journey, which in combination with proper physical placement, will allow you to contribute to the All. Do not doubt this. For you must look broader, farther, than your immediate life, in order to understand the connection between all things.

Every interaction has an effect on the collective consciousness. It either contributes to the raising or the lowering of the energetic vibration of this world and beyond. This Universe is expanding and gently pulling you along in this process. Chaotic feelings and interactions may be due to the inexperience of being in these higher vibrations that are moving across this physical plane. It takes time to adjust to these changes and they are being made in the gentlest way possible.

Do not doubt yourself, for you will survive this day, this life, and continue on your personal journey, even beyond this physical existence. You are made of energy, as is the entirety of being. And energy is in constant flux, moving and flowing, as it interacts with its surroundings.

Dear One, you are a child of the Universe, one who is loved and gently cared for, as you make your progress on your individual path. Every day, you are offered the opportunity to learn or to teach a lesson. Your teachers can be any and all of those you encounter during your day, including Mother Nature, who is here to nurture you and provide for your physical body.

Do not doubt yourself, for judgment comes only from you. We offer you gratitude and love, and give you support when you call upon Us for help. Do not doubt yourself, and remember you are a Divine being. Do not doubt yourself, even in those darkest moments; for that is when the light within you will show you the way forward, out of that darkness, back into the joy of being.

Honor yourself and others.

Respect Mother Nature and all of her creatures.

And remember to dance to that Universal song which lives within you.

It plays continuously for you, offering you a joyful respite from your daily stresses.

Be of joy. Be at peace and know that love surrounds you always.

Dear One with All of Thee.



Was it just by chance?

Or was it divinely inspired?

Will you pay attention

Or just ignore this gift?

Dear One, you receive guidance every day from all that surrounds you, seen and unseen. The web of connection is constantly in motion, with energy flowing in all directions. It helps to answer your questions and guide you on your forward path. All that you are required to do is open your heart and pay attention.

You are so accustomed to this physical body which you inhabit. You still think of it as who you really are. You still think that interactions, communications, are limited by the physical realm and its ‘laws of physics’.

In order to move forward as these veils between realms have thinned, you will need to think more in terms of energy rather than physical limitations.

Yes, Dear One, you can communicate with another without any physical device. Yes, Dear One, you can create your own personal world by how you perceive it. And yes, Dear One, the unseen world is a larger part of your existence than this physical realm.

When a synchronistic occurrence appears in your life, do not ignore it. For it may be in response to a prayer, a request. Or it may be guiding you in a direction you had not considered; but one that will more easily deliver you to your desired destination on your personal journey.

Synchronistic occurrences are not chance occurrences. You may have put out into the ethers the desire to see someone to resolve an old issue. And before you know it, that person crosses your path. Remember how powerful your thoughts are as you move through your day.

You may not ‘see’ these loving helpers who are with you always. And you may not think that they hear you when you cry out for help or guidance. The truth is that you are always heard; that help and guidance are provided in many ways. And synchronicity is one of them.

Remember, Dear One, that you are but one part of a vast collective consciousness. The complexities of this are unfathomable to your physical mind. All are connected and interact daily in ways that go unnoticed by the physical senses.

Can you begin to accept that there is another dimension at work in your daily life? Can you embrace the loving complexities of life as it truly is? And can you allow the unseen energies to flow unhindered by your fear or worry or judgment?

Dear One, you are an integral part in a vast network of consciousness. How you move forward on this physical realm is never judged, but only appreciated with gratitude for the knowledge you contribute as you move through your day, your lessons.

Dear One, accept this gift of synchronicity that we provide to you.

Understand that guidance occurs in many ways in synchronistic moments.

Honor all that come your way, large or small, weak or strong, loving or not. For all interactions move you forward on your path.

Remember that you are in reality a being of light, of energy, and can move through your day in this form.

You are loved dearly, always heard and loved unconditionally.

For you are part of the All.

One with All of Thee.

Create Your World

You have the power

You have the knowledge

To create the world you desire

Dear One, dispel the false believe in limitations you have been taught.  For you are connected to the Source and this connection is very strong. Your ability to create comes from this connection. And whether or not you realize it, you create your world every day.

Can you accept this power that you have and really focus on how you use it in your daily life? Review your day and what you have created. Did you worry before an interaction that it would be difficult? Or did you truly believe that all would go smoothly? Did you focus only on the mistakes you felt you made? Or did you honor the effort, the inspiration that contributed to your actions? Did you approach your day with joy for the wonderful possibilities? Or did you trod forward with fear and dread?

We cannot emphasize this enough. You are a source of light and creative energy. And your thoughts are a powerful stimulus as to how your world will unfold.  Can you trust yourself enough to come from your heart, that vessel of love, rather than your mind, which is so affected by ego?

Be discerning, of course, but review your day, your interactions from a loving perspective instead of a judgmental perspective. Yes, thy wounded self will contribute to the conversation. And when it speaks with old fears still attached, wrap that wounded self in a loving embrace. Encourage that wounded self to take a small step forward. Remind that wounded self how strong, how powerful it really is.

Each moment comes with endless possibilities to experience and share love. Still acknowledge and honor those feelings created by insecurities or disappointments. But can you release them, not allowing them to stay and still color your world long after they have served their purpose?

Your emotional body is a part of you and necessary in order for you to have a complete human experience. And each of you contributes to the collective consciousness as you navigate through the highs and lows of your lives. But you are capable of rising above that emotional body into a higher vibration which will help you to see your world from a different perspective. One of peace, joy, love and compassion.

You are the courageous ones, the adventurous souls, who were eager to experience an embodied life with all the possibilities of creation in this physical form. And many have forgotten from where they came and the power they hold within.

It is time to reawaken to your individual and collective strengths. It is time to join with like-minded souls who can help you co-create a world of love and compassion. You do not realize the power of joining others with the purpose of raising the vibration of this plane.

Critical mass has already been reached in those focusing on this.  Know that this is already happening in your world. And if you cannot yet allow yourself to join in this co-creation, allow for the possibility that it is occurring at this moment.

Dear One, we honor you for being present upon this plane at this wondrous time.  For indeed, it is a time spoken of for many of your years and beyond. You are a part of this transition.

Know how much your very existence has helped move this physical plane forward, and as a result, all of existence. For all are connected.

Be of joy.

You are a wondrous, powerful being of light.

And you have our gratitude for your courage and your resolve.

You ARE One With All of Thee.

A Time of Remembrance

Close your eyes and open your heart

Shut down your mind

Remember who you really are

The memories are in your heart, not in your mind

Dear One, it is time for you to open your heart so that the memories of your true nature can begin to flow back into your conscious memory. You have spent too much time in your head. This is not something that can be directed by sheer will. Instead, the way to remembrance is through a complete release and openness to the ways of love.

For you cannot walk your path without opening your heart to love. You are a creature of love, that is your true make-up. One of light and love, not mind or thought. Can you approach your life with full abandon and allow it to flow; allow the synchronicities of your life to occur?

This is how you once existed, in a sea of light that ebbed and flowed with a gentleness that embraced and encouraged you. You still exist in this sea of light, a part of you is there now. It is only the denseness of this physical existence that leads to you believe that you must plod along, push forward and be in control. When in truth, the way to be is to allow yourself to be carried along with the current; to share love with everything, everyone you pass on your journey.

Can you understand that your true nature is a part of a whole, not a solo individual? Your true nature allows you to draw help, knowledge, comfort from endless sources. For each of these sources is a part of you, a part of the whole of which you reflect in your very being. Allow yourself to remember your true nature by opening up your heart. Soon, you will be able to connect with these different aspects of the whole. Soon it will become second nature to you and you will wonder how you existed without this means of receiving knowledge.

The truth is that you just were lost; lost in the sea of confusion and ego that permeates this physical plane. But your plane has turned a corner and the possibilities which have always been there, will be more apparent to you. The key is love, Dear one, not fear. Fear does not have any power over you in truth, for you are much stronger than fear. But your mind has convinced you otherwise.

Remember, Dear one, and open the channels of connection that have been clogged with fear. Flush those channels with light. Open the portals of love so that you may become your magnificent self here upon this physical plane. Remember that this physical plane is only one aspect of who you are. Without going into too much depth, we want to help you to see the way. The way of your true path. The way that is filled with the brilliance of light from all parts of the whole. The way back to the Source, of which you are a part.

Remember that a part of the Source lives within you. That is how you came into being and so you can never be separate. None of you are separate. Some are just enshrouded in more fear and doubt than others.

Break free, sing, dance and allow your brilliance to shine.

Open your heart, shut down your mind and just be.

Allow the love to flow, to reflect to and from your very being.

And feel the lightness of your being.

One with All of Thee.

Choose Joy

You have a choice every day

How to move forward.

Will you do it in joy

Or in fear?

Dear one, every day you have a choice on how to walk through your day. You can choose joy and contentment. Or you can choose comparison and competition. You can choose fear and self-judgment. Or you can choose love and acceptance, empowerment and inner peace. The choice is yours every moment of every day.

We observe you and the ways of the human spirit and wish to help you move away from the fear that still permeates your existence here upon this plane. Remember that love trumps fear, every time in every way. Love is stronger than fear. Fear likes to hide in the dark shadows of your mind, not showing its face to you. For if it did, you would see how weak and powerless it really is.

Dear one, know that fear has already lost the battle. Love is growing as all of the planes of existence come into alignment. As this alignment continues, the possibilities multiply for your own growth and that of the universe. Remember that the entire existence of being is dynamic. It is not static. And so, as you continue to move forward upon this plane, and you have made great strides, so too do the other planes of existence move forward. For all are connected.

There has been a shift here upon this plane recently which has affected all of you. Some may be more aware of it consciously than others, but all have been affected. This is the beginning of the alignment and so it will be easier for you to choose joy over fear. You will begin to notice changes within your physical and emotional bodies. Do not be surprised if you find yourself choosing different ways of being, of eating, of seeing the world around you. The ascension has begun and it is because of you and your presence here upon this plane.

Dear one, we hold you in much gratitude for choosing to be here upon this dense, physical plane at this time to help with this process. For even if you are not consciously aware of it, your presence DOES make a difference, a great difference. Allow your brilliance to shine forth. Shine it on any remnants of fear that show themselves in your world. Love weakens fear. Light disempowers fear. Joy creates a barrier that fear cannot cross.

Be of joy. Sing daily, to yourself, to others, to the entire consciousness of being. Sing. Your notes of joy will cross many dimensions creating a wave affect across infinity. Raise the energies here upon this plane as you choose joy over fear or judgment. You can do this. You have the power, you have the ability to love unconditionally, yourself and others, and yes, even those who try to spread fear across your land.

Choose love.

Choose joy.

Choose inner peace.

And see how your world changes.


This is how long you will exist

This is how long you will be loved

This is how long your internal flame shall glow


Dear one, you are an infinite body of light that will shine into infinity. A concept we know is difficult for you to grasp. But remember that your concept of time does not exist. You are existing here upon this plane at this time, but may also be existing somewhere else simultaneously. The possibilities of your existence are unlimited and ever open to change as you see fit.

Do not allow this concept of ‘forever’ to concern you as you are most likely considering it from a human perspective. We remind you that you are not truly human. You are only using that physical vessel of yours to experience life here upon this physical plane. It is time for you to begin to reflect upon the truth that although the human body has a finite existence, you, in your natural state, do not.  We will not at this time go into much detail of this. We only want to plant the seed for you to consider at this time.

As the vibrational energies rise upon your planet, more truths will become evident to you, either through these writings or from other sources in your life. Question everything. And if it does not feel right and true to you, then discard it. Either it is not your truth or you are not yet ready to receive this information. But know, dear one, truly know, that this physical world in which you live is only one aspect of many possible terms of existence that you might experience.

You are a being of light, a being of love, connected to the All, the Source of All Being. You are never alone. That is impossible due to the web of connection that exists between all things.  All things. You have at your fingertips much knowledge available to you. What you still are learning is how to access it and that you are worthy of this knowledge.

You were created in joy and in love.  And your very existence brings joy and love to the All. You have the opportunity to experience many different ways of being. What you learn in the process is brought back to the All and made available to the collective consciousness. Your self-realization, every day here and wherever you have chosen to exist, brings knowledge yet unknown back to the Source. You have heard of the Gaia principle here upon this physical plane. Extend that out into infinity.

All are connected. You are NEVER alone and what you learn is shared across infinity. Can you accept the important, significant role you play in the entire realm of existence? You, dear one, have much time to experience and grow; to come into self-realization and knowledge. Do not feel that this current existence is all that you are given. There is much more and always, throughout all of these opportunities we are with you, supporting you, holding you in gratitude for what you bring back to the All.

Dear one, do not allow unworthiness or fear to enter into your consciousness. Instead accept the joy of who you really are. Accept the power of co-creation that you have been given. Walk forward without judgment, with only love in your heart.

Be the shining light that you truly are.

Be the shining light that shall never go out.

Be the shining light connected to the All.

Be who you really are….One With All of Thee.





Peaceful Living

Are you breathing every day?

Do you feel your feet upon the ground with every step?

Do you see the beauty around you everywhere?

Dear One, it is up to you to choose whether or not you want a peaceful or chaotic life. It is your free will to choose. We are here to help you move forward on your path, but it is you who must make the choice. Are you able to say each morning upon awakening, Today I choose joy and peace in my life?

You are the captain at the helm and we are your crew willing to guide you through the rough waters into a smooth, serene and calm inlet. A place of respite to catch your breath and scan the horizon. Look for the calm waters, for they are there, every day, just below the surface, at the center of your being. For within you is the master of your life with the key to your serenity. This has always been the case. You have just forgotten to look within.

There is so much activity and energy coming at you from outside sources, you forget the peace within…a place where you can go to rest, though not to hide. For remember, you came here to experience a physical life with all of its nooks and crannies; all of its opportunities and possibilities. Indeed you are a courageous soul with much strength and power. Do not forget who you are and why you are here.

When you feel overwhelmed, take a moment to stop and breathe, in and out, in and out. For if you are tense, you may have forgotten how powerful and soothing that breath can be for you. Close your eyes and see that internal flame of light. For it is there and will never go away, though it might flicker at times of uncertainty. It is that internal light of yours that guides us to you. For each of you has a signature glow that is only yours, unique to you always through eternity. No matter where you are, which existence or plane you have chosen to experience, you always have your signature glow. The light within you is who you truly are.

If you imagine the Source as a magnificent entity of light emanating love across infinity, you are a part of that Source. Your internal flame came from that Source and so you are a part of the All. That can never change. And your experiences here and in other destinations bring back knowledge to the Source, experiential knowledge collected by you. And you WILL return to the loving embrace of the Source. For like returns to like.

There are many planes, many opportunities for growth, and an infinite number of flames of light, just like you, across the entire collective consciousness. You are never alone, Dear One and you are a part of the Magnificence of Being as is all of creation. Everything you see, everything you hold, everything you hear or smell, all of this is a part of the Source.

Contemplate upon this information, for it may be new to many of you. And yet, in your contemplation there may be a tiny spark of recognition in these words. For truth has a way of revealing itself to you at a time when you are ready to hear it. We feel this is that time for many of you.

Today, choose peace and joy in all that you do.

Today, feel the internal strength rising within you.

Today, allow the smile of recognition to emerge from within.

For now and always, you are One With All of Thee.


You are not alone

You have never been alone

And you have more strength, more courage than you realize


Dear one, you are one of the courageous souls who chose to come here to this plane at this time. You chose to come to help, to witness the shift in consciousness that is now beginning to occur here.

Not only do you have our support and love, realize that you have the strength, the courage to be supportive of others who are just awakening to who they really are.

The shift is occurring and there is much rejoicing that this planet is moving forward to a place that is greater, more beautiful than any of you have envisioned. Unbeknownst to many of you, we have been here throughout time helping you, supporting you when you felt that you were at an impasse. We have been here for you when you did not have the energy to even raise your foot to take another step. And we shall continue to be here for you throughout the coming days.

Can you, can you envision a world of streaming light, not only from above, but from within? You, you are the reason that your world is at this juncture, that it has turned the corner and will continue to move forward into the light. Be not fearful of the darkness that is trying to take control, for it will not succeed. Though it will try very hard to turn back the clock to darker days. Know, please know, that in spite of how things may appear at this very moment, that light and love will prevail over all.

You, Dear one, are the champion who in tandem with our efforts, have been courageous enough to shine your light and love in tumultuous times. You Dear one, have chosen love over fear. You have chosen to see who you really are and how you are connected to the Oneness with all of the knowledge and strength than comes with that connection. Dear one, do not waiver now as you are gaining more strength every day.

Send love out into the world, not fear. Understand that all who are present on this planet come from the same Source ,from where you came and will return as you also will return. Wrap these lost souls in light, not fear, not anger. Do not feed the fire, but douse it instead with love. You have our support in doing this and we shall continue to walk alongside of you.

Remember that you are a being of light; you are here only temporarily to teach, to learn, to experience. Your true nature is one of light and though there seem to be many who have lost their way and forgotten that, there are enough of you who have awakened to shine the beacon of light upon this world. So that it can continue in its forward movement. Do not despair, do not feel that you are alone. Remember that we are here supporting you. Call upon us and we will proudly and gratefully lend a helping hand.

You are the true beacon of light that will illuminate the path back to the Source.

Be who you really are.

Shine your light, share your love

And change the world.

You have already done so much!

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