Unity in Prayer


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Understand the power of prayer

Understand the power of unity

Understand the power of seeing healing already present

In your heart and in the hearts of all.

Dear One, there is great strife here upon your physical plane at this time of change and transition. It is to be expected as change is difficult for many who have been living in an un-awakened state. What can you do to help the Universe expand in consciousness and love?

Remember that you are not alone even though that illusion may present itself to you in your daily life. In reality, there are multitudes across many dimensions who walk beside you in spirit and awakening.  They are but a heart connection away from you; a heart connection that can be made in just a breath.

Sit quietly and invite this connection with other awakened souls to help raise the vibration and consequently the awareness of those who still struggle with the human condition. The belief in lack of abundance fosters greed, selfishness and fear. When in fact there is abundance surrounding each and every one of you.

Look towards Mother Earth to see how she has provided you with all you need without charge. Close your eyes, open your heart and feel the love coming forth from nature. Remember that you are only stewards of this physical plane whose personal growth depends on living in harmony with the Mother and all of her creatures, human and otherwise.

Dear One, sit quietly and breathe love out into your immediate world. See that loving breath combine with the breath of all kindred souls to create a soft layer of love surrounding this physical plane. As more and more add their loving breath to this blanket of love, it will continue to extend out beyond and across dimensions. There is such power in this. Recognize this power.

Forward movement requires peaceful existence, loving kindness and awareness of the strength in combined efforts towards peace and love. If you heighten your awareness of this process you will see small yet miraculous changes occurring as a result of your quiet efforts.

Remember that the power of love supersedes any other force in the entire universe. Know this in your heart as you move through your day. Understand that it begins with love of self; for you are indeed a divine being on a journey of self-discovery. Close your eyes and feel the love being sent to you at this very moment, across miles, across dimension, across the millennium of existence.

Dear One, do not succumb to fear and feelings of powerlessness and failure. You are exactly where you are meant to be at this very moment. And it is the experiences already lived that have brought you to this very moment. Lessons learned have allowed you to reach this moment in time.

Allow the power of your breath, the power of your love, the power of your connection to the All to help raise the vibration here upon this physical plane. Understand that this strife you are currently experiencing can be transformed by the power of love. And understand that your limited perception does not allow you to see the progress made with every step you take.

Believe in yourself. Believe in the power of love. Believe in the power of unified consciousness.

Have faith that you CAN and ARE making a difference whenever you send out loving thoughts or act with loving kindness despite the perceived wall of resistance you meet along the way.

Join the awakened others who share with you the loving connection of the All. Help others to awaken by sending them love and only love. For you are the power, you are the instrument of change here upon this plane and across the cosmos. And you are joined by countless others who choose to move forward in love regardless of whether they can see immediate results or not.

Have faith, Dear One, in yourself and in the power of prayer and unity.

You, Dear One, chose to be here at this time of transition and we honor you for that choice.

And we support you as we hold you close in our hearts, loving you beyond measure.

Dear One with All of Thee.


How You See Your World?

Do not forget the power that lies within you.

The power to see a world of strength and love

Or a wounded world filled with chaos and strife.

Which do you choose to support with your vision?

Dear One, as your world continues to change in its forward movement you have a choice as how you approach the coming days. You can focus on the negativity, the chaos and the suffering. Or, you can raise the vibration by seeing it in growth towards a loving end.

We have told you before how powerful your thoughts are as the veil between worlds continues to fade and you continue to grow. With each passing day, you personally become stronger and closer to the Source. You are being given choices on how to move forward. And it is in these choices that you begin to spread your wings and fly.

Dear One, remember that your world can be seen in many different ways. Just consider the differences in opinion that occur over the description of one event. Many see it as positive while an equal number will see it as negative. This is where the growth occurs, as you have been given free choice as how to move through this holographic world of existence.

Your thoughts send out energy into your surroundings. They can affect others just as others can affect you with the thoughts they send out into the universe. Those of you who are sensitive are already very much aware of this concept. But many others may not understand the power of this exchange.

When you see something or someone broken, requiring healing, you continue to hold that event, that person, in a lower negative light, in a lower vibration. This continues to support a static condition, unchanged in its negativity.

Can you instead, see that person, that situation, as positive, as whole, not requiring healing but only loving support, as growth continues to move this person or event forward? If you can view all before you as whole and already healed then you are supporting positive growth by helping to keep their energetic vibration high.

This is why sending love, walking in love rather than fear, will support the growth of this physical plane, of the entire Universe. Although you continue to see the world through your physical senses, what you see this way is an illusion. The reality of your existence is within your energetic vibrations. This is where the strength, the power lies.

We understand that it can be difficult for you to accept the power of what for many is an unseen force. But consider the effect of a loving glance sent to you. Do you not feel that warm embrace of love? Contrast that to one filled with anger and pain. Both of these actions send equal and opposite energy to you.

Consider the difference when you see someone as whole and already healed rather than broken. The thoughts you send either help raise the vibrational field surrounding another or support the lower vibration that has contributed to perceived negativity and stunted growth.

Dear One, see your world, your fellow travelers, as whole and moving forward in grace and love. Send loving, supportive thoughts rather than contributing to any negative views of the person or situation. This is not to say that you should not take action that will help others to see the world in a similar light. But can you act in a loving fashion, rather than allowing yourself to contribute to stunted growth?

The power of love, the power of working with positive energetic vibration is greater than you could ever imagine. Take action, if you feel called to do so, but do it in the spirit of love rather than fear or anger. The most powerful action you can take is to send love to all concerned while seeing the person or situation already healed.

Dear One, sit today for a moment and consciously send out love with each breath that you take. If you find yourself unable to sleep, begin to send love out to the world with each breath. When faced with a volatile situation, send love rather than escalating the situation with anger or fear. This can be used in all aspects of your life. And as you begin to practice this meditation, it will become second-nature to you.

For Dear One, you are filled with love. This is who you are.

Allow your true self to emerge with calm and steady breaths sending love out to all.

Trust the power of this.

Trust your own power, for it is greater than you realize.

Dear One With All of Thee.

The Oneness of All


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Why have you separated yourself from others,

From the All?

Do you not understand  that All are connected,

All are One?

Dear One, as you have progressed upon this physical journey of growth, many have forgotten that all come from the same Source and all shall return to the same Source. Many view each other and their surroundings as separate individuals, entities, when in truth all are connected. All are the same.

Do you not see, understand, that what affects others, what affects your world, also affects you because of this connection? This includes your physical world, Mother Earth, who freely gives of herself to provide for your physical survival here upon this plane.

Dear One, each and every one of you is a unique individual with special gifts to share. But that does not mean others, who by all outward appearances seem separate, do not have their own wisdom to share. The survival of this world depends upon your awakening to your realization of the Oneness of All.

We are encouraged by how many of you have realized this truth and move forward on your paths with grace, compassion and loving kindness towards others. It is to you that we speak, who we ask to share your internal light with those still stumbling upon their paths.

Do not allow them to shade your brilliance with their fear of lack and separation. Instead, help them to begin to see their own brilliance, their connection to All, by shining your light upon them.

How is this done? Walk in love, Dear One. Teach by example. Share only positive vibrations in your thoughts, your words and your actions. Understand that the source of their negativity is fear. And so, counteract that fear with love.

The power within you to transform fear into love is still unrealized by many. Begin by sending out love with every breath you take. See your world, your fellow travelers upon this plane, as whole, loving beings; for this is what all of thee truly are.

By seeing all in a positive light, vibrating in that higher frequency which is their natural state, you can help them reawaken to who they really are. Engage with others with your heart rather than with your mind.

For Ego continues to live within your mind encouraging fear of the future and remembrance of the past. And Ego is steadfast in retaining its power over the human condition. Can you instead connect with others through your heart; for that is where all are one with each other and with the Source?

Dear One, power lies with love, providing abundance for all. Any other perception of power is only an illusion. You are here at this time to help to move this planet, the universe and collective consciousness forward. Can you provide support to allow for those who have lost their way to come back to the power of love?

Do not doubt the power of sharing your light with others. Consider what might happen if all of thee who have awakened hold steady in shining their radiance. The time is now for you to step up. The fear and darkness that has existed for so long is now being brought into the light. And it is by emerging into the light that this fear can be transmuted into love.

Begin today, at this very moment. Send love with every breath. You are the impetus for change that is necessary at this time. We believe in you and in the power of love.

Dear One, keep your vibrations high with compassionate detachment. Be of love. Be of light. This is your true nature and the true nature of all who exist here upon this plane at this time. You have our loving support at all times.

We believe in you.

We love you unconditionally.

Share your light with the world and see how it can change.











You are not alone

You have not been forgotten or forsaken

The guidance continues to be here for you

And for all who seek it.

Dear Ones, in times of great distress and turmoil there continues to be a safe haven from the emotions of fear and pain. That safe haven resides within you. The answers come not from outside sources. The truth lies within your very being. The truth is revealed through your connection to the Divine.

You are encouraged to find time to be still and allow that peace to begin to rise within and fill you with peace, acceptance and joy. For, Dear Ones, all is unfolding exactly as it must for the greatest opportunity for growth for each individual and for the entire physical plane.

Can you accept that the source of your discontent is also the catalyst for change which will propel the human condition forward in this time of universal expansion? Remember that this physical plane is only an illusion, yet an important part of the collective consciousness. Your lessons reverberate outward through many unseen realms as all of Creation is touched by your choices and actions.

Dear One, love is the true nature of all of existence. Each and every embodied soul was created in love by the Divine and is a part of the Divine. However, many have forgotten this and it is up to you, the awakened souls, to begin to change the course of your lives as a model of love, forgiveness and compassion.

Love is stronger than hate. For love comes from the Source. And yet, the shadow side of human nature is present to give each and every one of you a choice of how you wish to live your lives. When shown the results that come from hatred and greed, you are given the free will to continue in that shadow or to bring your light into the world. Which do you choose?

We say once again that this human existence is an experiential opportunity for you to grow. And growth does not occur without perceived challenges upon your path. Can you allow your light to shine as brightly during the challenges as you have been able to do during the times of calm?

Your strength lies in your connection to love and to the Divine. Your strength exists within as your higher self and your Divine connection guide you forward in light and in love. Your strength comes from joining with others who are a model of grace and love during chaotic times.

Dear Ones, follow your heart. You can make a difference with your thoughts, your words and your actions coming from a place of love. The human condition is filled with a plethora of emotion, much of which can bring your vibration down. Can you allow yourself to be lifted towards the light and your vibration to rise higher than it has ever been?

For what you do not see is the expansion of the Universe and the need for all to vibrate at a higher level to move gently through this necessary change. The end result will be wondrous, bringing all to a point never before reached.

We ask you, the awakened ones, to join together in love and help those who have fallen to move forward without fear or judgment. We ask you to move forward knowing that love is the answer to all challenges. We ask you, Dear Ones, to act with grace and compassion for all.

You are not alone and never have been. You came from the Source in love and will return to the Source in love. The lessons you are now experiencing will help the entirety of Creation to grow in self-discovery. Can you have as much faith in this as we have faith in you to find your way forward in light?

For you, Dear Ones, are held with high esteem as you find your way in this physical realm.

You, Dear Ones, had the courage and curiosity to embark on this physical adventure.

You, Dear Ones, have all the strength and guidance you require within your hearts.

For you ARE One With All of Thee.



A simple word

That speaks volumes

In how to move forward

with grace and love.

Dear One, can you contemplate the value of acting upon this one word, surrender? A word that does not connote weakness or failure.  But instead, it embodies faith and trust in the workings of the Universe. Can you end your struggles and allow progress to unfold as it was meant to unfold; with lessons for all concerned; with an end result not fully anticipated by you.

Ego encourages you to push forward towards an outcome that you feel, in your human mind or with your human emotions, is the most optimal. But remember that you cannot see the entire picture from your perspective. Just as you do not see how your one small gesture of kindness can create a series of loving interactions, neither can you see how the final outcome will help with the personal growth of the All.

Trust, Dear One, that all is well and unfolding in the most beneficial way for the lessons to be learned. Surrender to what you may see within yourself as a flaw and look for the gift within that perceived flaw. Surrender to the situation which may at first appear undesirable and see how it has allowed you to grow in strength and compassion.

That is not to say that you allow yourself to be in harm’s way with any person or situation. What we ask is for you change your perspective on any perceived negative trait or situation. Can you forego judgment and replace it with acceptance and love? For this physical journey is a learning ground and all that occurs in your life is an opportunity for growth and change.

Keep your energetic vibration high to help raise the energies upon this planet. Do not allow yourself to be brought down by others not yet awakened. Be a mentor, a model, to others in how to move forward with grace. Allow your actions, your words, to lose that emotional charge which incites a lower vibration in response.

Do not minimize the strength, the power, of how you move through your world. Others will observe, either consciously or unconsciously. Do not discount how the energetic field which surrounds you can support or negate the lower vibrations of others. You are more powerful than you realize. See the gift of who you are and how you can, in your unique way, encourage a positive change in this world.

Surrender, Dear One, with trust and faith that you have everything that you need in this moment in time. Surrender, with the knowledge that any and all perceived flaws within your personality can also be powerful gifts. Surrender, without judgment, to that which occurs around you and look for the lessons within each interaction.

Allow the current of change to take you where you need to go. Trust this experiential journey upon which you have embarked. For the outcomes, in hindsight, will reveal their gifts, their value, in moving you forward upon your path.

Self-love, non-judgment and compassion hold the same power as the word surrender. Allow them all to enter into your psyche as you make your daily choices. Let them guide you forward. And know that we are with you every step of the way, loving you unconditionally.


A Personal Note Today

I woke this morning feeling intense sadness, wanting to throw the covers over my head and weep. I know that I am not the only one affected by the state of the country and election coverage, the state of the world in all of its growth and change. And I know from all of the teachings I have received over the years that the best thing I can do is to keep my spirits, my energies, high and not allow the oppression permeating the present to bring me down along with it.

Am I so naïve to think that we as a people can rise above this negativity that has been dividing our country, our world? Am I being unrealistic to believe that there is hope that we will learn from these times of strife and contention; learn that there is a better way to live side by side with each other, allowing diversity to enrich us rather than diminish us?

My guides, whom I trust implicitly, continue to talk about unconditional love, for each and every one of us. If we are a part of the Divine, which I truly believe, then can we begin to see that spark of the Divine in everyone around us? Can we find that piece of the Divine within, bring it forth and allow it to guide us rather than follow the fear-based rhetoric of others?

For I do believe it begins with us. I do believe that each and every one of us has the potential to make a difference as the acts of kindness we generate extend out and beyond our inner circles.  And I will hold onto those beliefs as I begin my day and move through it with the grace I know lives within me and within all of creation.

There are so many of you out there doing the work to help make this world a better place. And often that begins with doing the inner work, healing our personal wounds with compassion for self and others. It is to you I say thank you. Thank you for the courage and the determination to be the best that you can be. For it is not always easy to move forward in this human condition. We get distracted, just as children do, by the loudest voices, the dramatic scenarios and the promise of quick fixes.

As these posts have stated repeatedly, the truth lies in that quiet voice within, that voice which many still do not trust when it speaks. Trust it. Give it time and space to guide you during moments of stillness throughout your day. We, each and every one of us, have more power than we realize to create a world of love.

Thank you for allowing me to voice my thoughts. I feel better already just in reminding myself of the potential for love that lies within us all. No matter what happens, I believe in you, in all of us. And I hold divine space for you to walk in your power and love. I join you in the healing process of this world of ours by sending out love, showing compassion and honoring the uniqueness of our individual soul gifts.

The sun is still shining. Mother Earth still supports me in all of her beauty. And I know that my guides continue to cheer me on as I take those baby steps every day. The same is true for you. Believe in yourself and in the miracle of love.

Rumi says ‘The wound is the place where the Light enters you.’

We are at a place today where we are primed for the Light to envelop us with all of its grace.

May we all be filled with that grace and share it with others from this moment on.



Embrace yourself in your entirety

For there is nothing within you

But the wealth of the universe

Encompassing All That Is

Dear One, you are an expression of the universal being. All That Is lives within you, encased within that physical form which you identify as self.  For you are one with all and therefore have the knowledge, the complexities, and the love of all of creation within you.

What does this mean to you as you try to find your way in this physical world? It means that you have the potential to be, to express any part of the cosmic consciousness in your thoughts, your words, your actions. All of this is available to you as you walk this path of self-discovery.

You knew this as a child before you were subtly encouraged to develop certain traits that may have been more accepted within your communities. This was part of the learning process of being upon this physical plane.

But in doing so, you may have judged parts of yourself which complete you as a child of the universe. For Dear One, there is a gift, a sparkle of light, in every aspect of your being. The challenge for you is to accept all parts of yourself while understanding that each perceived flaw has a gift embedded within it.

Can you begin to see yourself in your entirety without judgment: the darkness and the light? For each aspect, potential, within you has a purpose as you continue on your journey. Those perceived flaws can often be a reminder that all of humanity has the potential to act at any point along your spectrum of accepted behavior.

Existing within this human condition allows you to experience a plethora of emotions, some accepted, while others are judged as unacceptable. But as you continue to grow, you will begin to see the value in accepting each emotion as it arises within your belly.

The key is to acknowledge all emotions as a part of who you are. The growth comes when you understand the potential value or harm that may come from acting upon that emotion. And often a trait or emotion that you see as negative would be of great service if the intensity or frequency of expression were lowered.

Dear One, you are a child of the universe on a journey of self-discovery. The path ahead may not always be clear. But is not the purpose of this physical existence one of lessons and growth?  Where would the opportunities for growth be on a journey free of obstacles and challenges?

You are a filled with complexities and potentials to walk in love or in fear. Can you love all aspects of yourself as they reveal themselves to you? Rather than suppress and ignore, can you accept and acknowledge your potential to contribute to the darkness rather than the light?

As you begin to see the commonality of potential among all of humanity; as you begin to accept that life circumstances can shift the pendulum of response one direction or the other; perhaps then you will be able to have compassion for those you have judged in the past.

Judge not, Dear One, yourself or others. Each of you has lessons to learn, challenges to face and choices to make in how you respond to those challenges.

Choose love each time rather than fear. For all are connected to the Source with all of its possibilities.

Choose to acknowledge the potential within yourself for any action along the wide spectrum of lightness or darkness.

See the value of acceptance of ALL of you as another layer of your personality is revealed. And know, that you are loved by us unconditionally.Can you, Dear One, do the same and love yourself unconditionally?

For you are part of us, part of the Source, part of all of humanity.

All were created in love and will return to love after this physical journey is completed.

For love is all there is.


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