Be of Joy

Did you laugh today?

Did you sing today?

Did you dance today?

Dear One, this journey on the physical plane has many opportunities for joy. Yes, it was intended as a learning ground. But it also was intended as a source of joy, pure and utter joy. When was the last time you experienced that feeling?

We understand that the challenges of the human condition can be overwhelming at times and cause of anxiety and worry. But we ask you, how much of that anxiety and worry is caused by your actual situation and how much is caused by your perception of your situation?

Your life here upon this plane is one of adventure. For some, that does mean taking physical risks. But emotional risks can be just as much of an adventure. In fact, they can require more courage than any physical situations you might place yourself in for the sheer adrenaline rush that pulses through your body.

Perhaps the difference is that in physical risks you feel that you have a greater amount of control involving timing, resources and sheer willpower. The challenge might be considered to be between you and the Mother. Be it weather, terrain or physical stamina required. The strength of the mind appears to bring you success or failure.

In taking emotional risks, you may find yourself more vulnerable in ways of the heart. There is no protective covering that you might wear to lessen the blow. Old wounds may be buried so deep that you are unaware of their existence. There is not a bandage or stitch that can help in the healing process.

But if you can move forward knowing that joy is possible in every move you make, would that not lessen your anxiety? If you allowed yourself to laugh, to sing, to dance every day, if just for a moment, would that not change the vibration of energies within and around you?

Dear One, self-discovery awaits you around the next bend as you set off on these emotional adventures. Personal growth brings much more strength than physical training. Seeing the potential for joy, for creativity, for laughter in all situations can change how you approach your life. Know that lightness of heart can heal any situation.

Do not take yourself so seriously that you are unable to step back and see the humor in your situation. Are you able to laugh at yourself rather than judge yourself so harshly? Can you create a playful moment out of a perceived failure? Ask yourself how much does this outcome really matter to you. Much of the tension comes from a lack of trust that your life is unfolding exactly as it should for the lessons you chose to learn this lifetime.

Will you move forward on this experiential journey with a stern brow, squared shoulders and tense muscles waiting to conquer all? Or will you lighten your step, trusting that whatever occurs, you will have learned a valuable lesson? Or perhaps you will have taught another the lesson they wanted to learn on this journey.

Dear One, it is your choice how you move through your day. Can you stop and breathe deeply, look around and see the pleasures of life only a physical existence can provide? Can you skip rather than trod, sing rather than complain and dance to the music that plays for you throughout nature. It just requires you to stop to hear it. It plays for you.

Whatever happens in this life, you will always return to our loving arms, as we are anxious to see you at the end of this journey. The lessons are there for you for self-discovery. Can you change your perspective, lighten your step and allow yourself to play more as a child plays?

For are you not a child in this experiential journey of life?

Are you not lovingly watched from above by those eager to help if you ask?

Dear One, know more joy than fear.

Find the courage to dance, to sing, to laugh, regardless of the situation.

For you have the strength, the support, that comes with your connection to the Divine.

Be at peace.

Laugh out loud this day and smile. And see how the energy shifts around you.


Towards light and love and joy.



earth hug

Earth Hug

Your place in the world

Your connection to the All

The Divinity within you and all those you meet

Dear One, stop for a moment and contemplate who you are and why you are here. Think about the intimate connection you have with all that surrounds you, animate and inanimate. You are a part of all of this created by the Divine. And since a part of the Divine was used in your creation, you have divinity within you and around you.

You are never alone. How can you be with this connection that threads through everything you see, with each breath that you take sending out the presence of the Divine? You are the vessel which holds the Divine within you.  You are the distributor of Divine Light in every action which you take. You are the one who receives messages from the Divine and relays those messages to whoever needs to hear them.

You are the teacher of love, the student of life, the observer, the participant. When you pay attention, you are able to see the waves of energy coming from all those around you. You can feel the energy coming from your own physical form. Just rub your hands together and slowly bring your palms together until you feel that energy between them.

As a Divine Being you have much power which is available to you at all times. You use this power consciously or unconsciously in every interaction you have. This is the power to serve, to create, to honor, to help, to uplift and to love. This is also the power to take, to destroy, to judge, to ignore, to chastise and to hate. The choice is yours, Dear One, how you choose to use this Divine power within you. How do you choose to use this power towards yourself and others?

Every interaction is an exchange of energy. It can be that which brings a smile to your face, a warm glow in your heart or a feeling of discomfort and dis-ease. Learn to recognize how interactions throughout your day affect you physically, emotionally and ultimately spiritually. Encourage those interactions which bring you joy and inspire you to reciprocate the loving connection.

Review those interactions which bring you discomfort or nothing at all. And consider where in your body this unease appears, so that you can better recognize it in the future. Ask yourself if there is a lesson here for you, a judgment or expectation that is unnecessary, or if it is a red flag to walk away. You are receiving these cues throughout your day from your Divine Self. Learn to recognize these ‘gut feelings’ and learn from them.

You, Dear One, are never alone. That is impossible. You are always connected to the All and your actions will reflect back to you. Can you shut down that mind and begin anew each moment as you come from your heart, gently, sometimes firmly, but always with love for yourself and others.

Move forward gently, with grace and without judgment of yourself or others. Pay attention to how you move through your day and slowly make the necessary changes. Remember the power you have within, the Divine Light that fills your being and the love which surrounds you.

There is much joy in this world.

And your life is unfolding exactly as it should for you.

Recognize your place in this world and who you really are.

Dear One With All of Thee.

Your Story


Do you know your real story?

Not the one you tell others upon first meet

But the true nature of who you are

And why you are here.

Dear One, each of you has a story, perhaps many stories, you tell others to describe yourself so that they may get a sense of who you really are. But how true is this story? Do you embellish, leave out certain parts that you prefer not to reveal?  And is this person, this story, with whom you identify really who you are?

How many of you identify yourself with a single word; mother, teacher, recovering addict, blue collar worker, writer, student, and so on? How many of you focus on one aspect of your life and hold onto that for years beyond the incident? I was rejected by my lover, I was over-looked for a promotion, I was a victim of circumstance.

Indeed, each of these events, at the time, were momentous. They may have caused emotional distress at the very least and had a strong effect on your life. The question is: Have you been able to move forward past that event? Do you see it as a life lesson which helped mold you into the person you are today? Are you able to bless it, acknowledge the effect it had on your life and use the lessons learned in your current life?

Dear One, that event was just one moment in a lifetime of experiences here upon this plane. The purpose of this life is to experience different events for the lesson and move on to the next one. By remaining stuck in that one experience, you are unable to see who you really are. And that is a spiritual being of light who has chosen to live on a physical plane to learn what cannot be learned in any other realm.

We understand that this physical existence can be challenging, particularly with the emotions of the human form which often drive your thoughts and actions. But do not lose sight of the fact that this existence is only an opportunity to learn. It does not in any way define or take away from who you really are.

Dear One, you are a being of light. You are a vessel of love. You are connected to the All. Your REAL story is one of love and desire to grow. Your REAL story is one of courage and adventure. Your REAL story is one of communion with all of existence.

For in your natural state, you understand that there is abundance of love and support from the All. And the All encompasses all of existence across realms, across the universe; the collective consciousness.

Your real story is not one of hurt or deceit, manipulation or greed, selfishness and anger. Your real self understands that all is unfolding exactly as it should to allow you the opportunity to learn the lessons you came here to learn. NONE of this life experience is delivered as punishment; only as a lesson chosen by you prior to your embodiment upon this plane.

Dear One, your real story is one of faith, knowing that no matter what, you have loving support around you. Knowing that no matter what, you are loved and will return to our loving embrace when you have finished your life experiences here. Your real story is one of trust, forgiveness and knowledge of abundance for all.

So when you think about your story, go a little deeper, past this physical plane. Yes, indeed your experiences have molded you on this journey and will help you as you continue to move forward. But acknowledge that there is more to you than what you see in the mirror.

Trust your connection with the All.

Have faith that you are only seen with love and joy, with anticipation for your return after this experiential journey.

Reflect upon the strength, the light and the love that fill your very being at this very moment.

Your story is a wondrous one. if you can remember who you REALLY are….an extension of the Divine.

Dear, dear One With All of Thee.

Your Physical Body


Do you honor your physical body?

Or do you criticize and abuse it

With loathing and disregard?

How do you treat this temple that houses your soul?

Dear One, are you in touch with this vessel which enables you to experience this physical plane? Without it you could not do the work you came here to do. And yet, so many of you abuse these vessels, these bodies, these vehicles which house your very soul.

Yes, you are more than these physical bodies. You are spiritual beings of light and love. But how many of you treat these physical frames with total disregard? How often do you bless this body, give thanks to it for being healthy and balanced, or treat it as the temple it is?

Once again, we urge you to get out of your head and become more aware of your surroundings. This includes being more aware of what your physical body is telling you at this very moment. Just as we have shown you how Mother Nature speaks to you, so too, does your physical body.

Yes, you are separate from this body. But just as we encourage you to treat all of your surroundings with love and respect, so too, we encourage you to do the same with your individual vessel.  There is so much self-criticism; too much of this, not enough of that. When is the last time you spoke lovingly to this vessel which transports you through this physical world?

When is the last time you cared for this body, not for the purpose of presenting to others the image that you think they want to see, but out of loving kindness? When have you cared for this body to tend its wounds, to rest those parts that have been over-exerted, or to allow it to replenish itself with some well-needed nurturing?

This world in which you live places so much emphasis on the physical and yet does not encourage nurturing, care-taking or loving embrace of that which serves you every day. It seems as though you push forward, ignoring the signals that you receive on a daily basis. Just as so many ravage Mother Nature without considering the long-term effects, so too many do the same to their physical bodies.

Can you honor this vessel by allowing it the attention it requires to best serve you? When you suffer a set-back, be it an illness or an injury, can you send it loving thoughts rather than fear or impatience for the delay in mobility? Can you listen to it when it tells you so clearly that this food, this activity causes it distress?

You may be separate from this physical body, but you are responsible for its upkeep, just as you are with those other possessions in your life. Do not take this body for granted, for while it will work as best it can, it does have its limitations.

We realize that for many of you, being in this physical realm is a new experience and this is why we feel it necessary to remind you of this charge you have in your care. Today and every day, bless this vessel  upon awakening. Thank it for hosting you during this lifetime experience. Treat it tenderly and listen to it as it speaks to you, for it most certainly does every moment of your day.

As you learn to be more in the present, rather than the past or the future, you will become more in tuned with not only what is happening around you, but within your own physical frame. Be gentle with yourself, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

For this existence here is a gift for you. Use this body to experience the Mother in all of her glory, from the sights, the aromas, the music, to the tastes and the tactile pleasures. Use this body to experience life to the fullest. But give it time to heal, to regenerate, to recover.

Listen to it. Bless it. Thank it.

And walk tall, walk proudly, walk gently in whatever frame you have been given this time.

For it is the perfect vessel for you to learn the lessons you came here to learn this life.

Honor it. Love it.

Dear One with All of Thee.

Honor Thyself


abstract sacred art

Do not forget how far you have come.

You have survived many challenges

And reaped the wisdom of the lessons provided.

Honor thyself for coming this far.

Dear One, without challenges, without lessons, what would this life bring to your soul’s progression? You have such strength and power within and you have used both, many unconsciously, during the trying times in your past. It is now time to consciously acknowledge and use both your internal strength and power from this moment on.

Cease the self-judgment, the self-blame, the thoughts of what you should have done, what could have been. Cease these self-recriminations and see how far you have come. For every day is a day closer to your goal of returning to the Source, with knowledge from these lessons learned.

Whatever you have done, whatever you have experienced in your past has molded you into the person you are at this very moment. Some interactions were necessary. Some interactions were choices you made. But all interactions were valuable in your forward movement. Remember that you have been given free will to grow in the way that you choose to grow on this journey of self-realization.

What comes with this freedom of choice is the ability to change your direction, if that is what you feel you wish to do. Dear One, no matter what path you take, no matter what choices you make, your final destination will be back into our loving arms. We continue to watch over you, close to your side, every moment of your day here upon this plane.

Remember that you did not bring all of your essence into this physical body. There is still a part of you which remains with us, close to the Source, guiding you as you make your way forward on this physical plane. You are always connected to us and to your higher self, always, even though there may be times when you feel alone.

Dear One, take a breath and feel the movement of calm throughout your body. Breathe in the love of the All and breathe it out to share with others here upon this plane. Dear One, there are so many who are lost. So many who have forgotten who they are and from where they have come. Help them by shining your radiance wherever you go.

The light within you shines out through every pore in your body. The light within you shines brightest from the wounds, the scars you have accrued upon this journey forward. Having had those experiences allows you more understanding, more compassion for others who are now in the midst of similar experiences.

Dear One, we cannot stress enough how strong and powerful you are and that comes from the love within your heart. Strength comes from love, not from fear. Can you approach others with love, with the knowledge that you all come from and will return to the Source? And can you honor thyself for coming this far?

Open your heart and walk forward in love and not fear. Listen to what your higher self tells you, for you are in communication every moment of the day. It might be an urge to make a call or to take a different route on your daily drive or walk.

Have faith that all is unfolding exactly as it should and that there are no mistakes, just forward movement. Know that you are surrounded by love every moment of your day and that you are never alone.

You are here upon this plane to learn; many are here to serve. But all who are here come from love and will return to love; for that is your true nature.

Dear One with All of Thee.

Your Help is Needed

Can you shine your radiance upon this earth?

Can you raise the energies around you?

Can you walk in love rather than in fear?

Dear One, your help is needed to raise the vibrational energies of this plane beyond their current level.

Yes, we have been working with the All to raise them as is the natural evolution of this plane. However, it is time for all of you to consciously do the same.

You have grown so much, even though many of you still do not see it. And you have had to evolve as this plane on which you live continues to grow and change in its natural progression. And if you are reading this, then you have considered the possibility that indeed you are a more than a physical being; that you are a spiritual being with more power than you realized.

If you have accepted that this is a possibility, that you as an individual have personal gifts given to you to use during this physical existence, then we ask you to go a step further. We ask you to see this world in a positive light. We ask you to send love to all sentient beings upon this plane….to ALL, without judgment.

Do not allow the fear that permeates your airwaves to lower your vibrational energies. Instead, stop, close your eyes, breathe deeply and connect to the All. Use this connection to anchor yourself to the positive energy that fills the Universal Essence. Remember that you ARE a part of this Universal Essence, as are all sentient beings here upon this plane.

We can see the difficulty that many of you have in accepting that there is positive movement upon this plane. We understand that you do not have the perspective, the higher view, that we have of your plane and its progress. But remember that when the light shines upon what lives in darkness, survival mode is initiated. And that which lives in darkness fights to survive.

Love is stronger than fear. Light is able to chase the darkness from its hiding places so that all can see. Love conquers all. Love is the essence of your being. Do you not see the best emerge from others in the darkest times? Evolution is occurring here upon this plane and your radiance will help to bring it forth.

It is time for you not only to contemplate the possibilities of who you really are but to act as the spiritual being that you are; even if you might not completely believe it. We have told you before that you are creator of your world. Walk in power. Walk in love. Walk in radiance.

Are you able to envision a radiant glow emanating from within your being, surrounding you completely? Are you able to see how you leave traces of that light in your wake, just as you leave traces of a fragrance behind that you may have placed upon your physical form?

Do this now. Today. Reach up, connect and send that light out to all who cross your path. Imagine in your mind’s eye a beam of light beginning with you spreading across your entire globe. And consider the brightness of this light as it joins all others who do the same. A pulsating light of love surrounding your entire world.

This is possible through you for you have the power to do so.

Believe in yourself and the possibilities.

Dear One with All of Thee.

How Do You Love?

Unconditional Love

What does love mean to you?

And how do you love?


Or, with limitations and conditions?

Dear One, what is the definition of love for you? Are you able, in this human form, to express the purest form of unconditional love from which you are made; without expectation, without judgment, without wanting another to change in any way? Can you love that person exactly as they are at this very moment?

Every person who walks into your life has something unique to offer you. It might be a lesson, a gift that only they can give to you. But sometimes it is not obvious and takes complete acceptance of who they are in order to fully appreciate how they can enhance your life.

Are you able to put aside any expectation or any notion to change a person into someone you think they should be? Can you meet them exactly where they are on their path and honor them for who they are right at this moment? Is this not the gift of love; understanding that everyone is a Divine being working within a human framework.

All who are here on this plane at this time chose to be here, right here, right now. All of you on another level understood the possibilities that this journey had to offer. That does not mean that many have not become lost within the human condition and forgotten their own divinity, their connection to the All. For indeed, many of you have done just that.

However, each of you has the potential to awaken to their highest self, their Divine self, and with that awakening have access to the many gifts you have to share with this world. The human condition has caused many of you to judge others for their perceived lack; when in fact, it is not lack, just a delay in awakening to their true nature.

In your relationship with others, can you accept another where they are right now without judgment or anger or ridicule? Can you instead see the Divine light within them and share your own Divine light with them?

Each relationship may not progress as you had hoped and may not be a nurturing experience for you. In either of these cases, you may choose to step away for your own personal growth. But the key is whether or not you can step away in love, without blame. Can you hold that person in gratitude for the lesson, the gift they may have given you in the course of your interactions?

Everyone is on their own path back to the Source in their own time frame, at their own pace. If you are not moving forward at the same speed, it may cause difficulties unless you can begin to love unconditionally and honor each other for who you are and where you are right now.

Dear One, we have said this before, the human condition creates the illusion of separateness and Ego encourages you to make comparisons and judgments. Can you begin to move past this and understand that the best kind of love is unconditional? And this includes self-love.

Honor the Divine within each other. Encourage others to move forward on their path by shining your radiant light upon them with love and compassion. For many of you have come down the same road at an earlier time in your physical life.

Allow others the freedom to choose their own life experiences as they find their way. Offer guidance and encouragement, if appropriate, but most importantly, offer loving kindness. And should the relationship not become one for which you had hoped, bless it and move on or meet the other person where they are, without expectation.

Every interaction, every relationship, every chance meeting has merit, has a lesson for all involved and offers an opportunity for growth. Respect another’s choices as you share with them, with the world, your radiant Divine light.

For it is with the support of your light, your loving kindness, in conjunction with that of others, that forward movement is able to take place upon this plane. Do not see relationships that end as failures. See them as opportunities for growth and wrap them in unconditional love.

Remember that you came from love, that you are made of love and that you are capable of unconditional love. Raise your awareness above this human condition and reclaim your true essence, your radiance, your joy and your power.

Be of love, Dear One. Dear One with All of Thee.

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