Peace of Mind

Your world appears to be in chaos

You feel hopelessness and despair

And yet, new life continues to emerge.

The cycles still continue to move

Through rebirth after death.

Dear One, nothing has changed. You are still a being of love, created in love, surrounded by love and capable of love. Your surroundings appear to be in disarray, filled with chaos and uncertainty. But is this not just the cycle of life, continuing on as it always has – offering opportunities for growth with every moment of your existence.

Look towards Mother Nature in all of her strength and glory. Does she not carry on despite hardship and scarcity? Does she not find a way to adapt to the changes in her existence? Have you not seen a flower push up through a paved area or watched a tree navigate around a rock to reach the light? What you do not see is the strength in the roots, the internal strength that allows growth despite perceived obstacles.

Look towards the evolution of many species here upon your plane. Have many not adapted over time to better exist in a changing environment? Do not many species co-exist, sharing with each other certain elements lacking in one, but abundant in another? Is it not the inter-connectedness which often allows survival in what might appear as an insurmountable habitat?

If all were lost, would new souls still be emerging to experience this physical existence? If all were lost, would the Mother continue to produce new species to help with the changing environment here upon this plane? If all were lost, would we continue to encourage you to find your inner strength, your connection to the All and your own personal power?

Dear One, just as you see in Mother Nature, so too, your life is cyclic with times best spent in rest or in action and growth. You have just emerged from a long period of rest and now is the time to grow, to adapt and to use your inner strength to find the path around that rock which sits in front of you.

You are a part of Mother Nature, one of her beloved creatures, and you have the same strength, the same adaptability and the same cyclic nature to your life. Do not despair that all is lost. Instead have the peace of mind that what comes this day is a part of the cycle of growth. Trust in your connection and look to the Mother for ways on moving forward through your perceived insurmountable obstacles.

You, Dear One, are capable and are loved beyond measure. You have the support of the All as you move forward. You have not been forgotten, nor have you reached a point of no return. The possibilities continue to be endless. Do not allow that Ego mind to encourage hopelessness and despair. Instead open your heart to love and embrace the help of the Universe as you continue to move forward.

Even what you perceive as a step back in time is still a movement forward. From our perspective, you have the strength, the courage and the love to continue on your path back to the Source. How can you not return to the core of your being? A part of you continues to be there as the rest of you embarks upon this human journey.

Dear One, have the peace of mind that all is well.

Trust that you indeed are capable of much more than you ever realized.

And know that you are a part of the cosmic consciousness,

One With All of Thee.


How do you move through your world?

Do you anticipate every potential problem

That could occur?

Or do you move forward with peace in your heart,

Knowing that all will unfold exactly as it should?

Dear One, it is time for you to open yourself up to the infinite possibilities for joy and growth in your daily life. You, in your human mind, cannot fathom the range of opportunities every moment of your life offers you. Can you begin to allow these blessings, these joyful moments, to come into your life without the fearful anticipation of what if?

This human existence can most certainly be challenging for you, but it can also be a joyful existence, surrounded by love and beauty. Yes, you came here to learn, and your lessons are presented to you at the most appropriate times over the course of your life. Some lessons were planned, but some others may occur because of choices you made in your forward movement. All will contribute to your personal growth and to the growth of the All.

What would help you in your daily life is to release the worry of potential pitfalls, of life going totally wrong, from your human perspective. If you can release your propensity to fret, to worry, and to continuously replay the many ways you could fail, your life would be so much more joyful. Can you accept the fact that you are not able to fail? All that occurs in your life is a step forward-all that occurs.

How often have you anticipated a certain outcome which never occurred, but in hindsight, you realized how the actual outcome was a greater gift to you? Again, we tell you that your human mind is not capable of seeing the infinite number of possibilities. Your conscious mind may not remember the lessons planned for this lifetime. And with limited sight, your Ego does not account for the web of connection and how everything must fall into place before an event can occur for optimal outcome.

Can you trust that you are being guided forward towards the most wonderful experiences with gentle lessons for you or for others? Can you release yourself from the bindings of fear which hold you back from unanticipated joy and beauty in your life? Can you close your eyes and fall back into our loving embrace, trusting that we will hold you close, with gentleness and love?

Dear One, if you can allow yourself to trust that all is unfolding in the most perfect way; you will spend less time and energy worrying about the future. Remember that you are more powerful than you realize and that which you fear can easily be called to you, if you continue to repeat the dreaded scenario in your mind. Can you instead, free yourself from worry and trust that all will be well? All will be well.

Think of the energy you put into these fearful thoughts every day of your life. What would you do with that energy if it was no longer spent on future or past events? We remind you that all that exists is the present, the now. How free would your heart feel to trust that you are being led forward with a loving touch?

Try it for a day. When those fearful thoughts of the future begin to creep in from the shadows, shine light upon them. Radiate joy and faith that all will occur exactly as it should. Know that you will have enough time to do exactly what needs to be done at this time. And by shedding that dark cloak of fear, you will be more receptive to following our gentle guidance to move you forward in the most wondrous way.

It is all a matter of trust. Trust that the Universe is unfolding in the most perfect way. Trust that you are a part of the beauty of this Universe and  trust that the strength of your connection with the All will guide you forward. There is nothing to fear, Dear One.  If you can accept the loving nature of the Universe, then you will realize that there is no failure, there are no mistakes. There is only love, and beauty and joy.

Allow us to guide you and encourage you to shine your brightest to illuminate the fear that hides in the corners of your mind. For when brought to the light, that fear will wither and fade away, for it is nothing. It is only an illusion of your mind.

Trust, Dear One.

Love and dance.

Feel the joy, see the beauty

Around you and within you.

Dear One With All of Thee.


The Embodiment of Love

Who are you?

Are you just a physical form that walks this earth?

Or are you more than that?

Is there more substance beyond the physical?

Is there an unseen component to your true nature?

Who are you?

Dear One, you are the embodiment of love, existing in a physical form, in order to experience self-discovery in a manner only possible on this physical plane. Your true nature is one of spirit. Your true self is free-flowing, able to communicate without words, able to feel and accept the loving nature of the Universe.

When you became embodied for this physical existence, you forgot that you were love incarnate. You forgot that you were created in love, that you are surrounded by love and that you will return to love after your physical journey. The amnesia was necessary, otherwise the lessons you chose to learn would not be possible.

You have individual lessons, but there are also collective lessons for all who are present on this plane at this time. And you are all at different parts of your path of forward movement. But despite this, all are moving forward together, with those of you further along reaching back to help those still struggling.

If you can grasp the concept of your true nature, then you will be able to accept that the physical form is only a tool, with limitations. But you can reach beyond these physical limitations, using the energetic gifts that you have received. They all begin with love, for that is your true nature. Because each and every one of you has a distant memory of your life beyond this physical world, you all respond to the gift of love offered to you while still in this physical form. Distant memories are stirred by these offerings of love.

Love is a feeling, an energetic force, which is more powerful than anything else in the Universe. Why? It is because all of creation comes from love. It is the source of all being. That is not to say that it cannot be masked or wounded, altered in some way by unseen forces. But it can never be destroyed and always exists underneath any perceived negativity.

The key is to encourage that love to emerge to its natural state by surrounding the person, the situation, the physical entity with love. The memory is there. But it may be buried so deeply it will take the combined efforts of many to jar it from its prison.

This is what is happening currently in your physical world. So many have forgotten what true love feels like. They have forgotten their natural state of being. Instead they have embraced the limitations of the physical world and misplaced their understanding of true power. They have forgotten the strength, the power, of love and how love can overwhelm any other force.

You may be embodied in a physical form, but that does not limit the power of your love. This is why we so often ask you to send love with every breath that you take; why we ask you to think loving thoughts with compassion and forgiveness. These are the powerful unseen forces within each and every one of you.

Be not mistaken. You are receiving love, you are being surrounded by love, every moment of your day. The source of this comes from those on other planes, who exist at higher vibrations. But it also comes from your physical companions who are quietly working to help you raise your own vibrations every day.

There is an infinite number of loving beings wrapping you in love and encouraging you to find your way. This journey is not just a physical journey for you. It is a Universal journey for the collective consciousness. Just as you encourage a child to take that first step, so too, do a plethora of enlightened souls encourage you to do the same.

Accept this truth about yourself and your true nature. Accept this truth about the loving nature of the Universe. Accept this truth that you are traveling with loving beings who are offering help, with every step that you take.

Accept this help, for the love given to you is unconditional. And as you continue to grow, you will understand the power of your own love sent out to others in need. It is an infinite web of connection and learning, of which you are a key part.

You, Dear One, are love and only love, embodied in a physical form for personal growth. Do not accept the limitations of the physical body. Use the power of your true nature, one of love, to change this world. We are here with you always.  Feel our loving embrace surrounding you.



Uncertainty and Self Doubt


Do you wait for complete certainty

Before you act or speak?

Upon reflection, do you question

if you did or said the right thing?

Is absolute certainty necessary for forward movement?

Dear One, this physical plane is a ground for learning and self-discovery. You came here to learn how to be in a world entirely different from where you came. Instead of an atmosphere of unconditional love, you are finding your way in a world of dualities, where your inner-connectedness is more difficult to see.

Moving forward can be difficult when you are not sure if the next step you take is the right step; if you are not sure if the actions you already took were the best choices. Indecision can prevent you from taking any action at all. Self-doubt can cause regret and uncertainty of events past.

Understand that any new situation is providing you an opportunity for growth. When you stay within the circle of familiarity, you are operating out of habit. In fact, you may not even be conscious of certain actions. You need not engage because you have done the same thing so often before.

Think of how often you travel to a familiar destination and once there have no memory of the journey. Since you have done this so many times before, your mind, your thoughts, can be miles away, in the future or in the past, anywhere but in the present moment. And yet you arrive safely.

For this reason, changing your routine, stepping outside of your comfort zone, is necessary for growth. Be it a new environment, new acquaintances, or a new way of moving through familiar territory, all of these are conditions for growth. Do you chastise a young child for exploring new avenues, stretching their physical limits, or exploring new ways of expressing themselves?

A child does not wait for a time of complete certainty nor does she reflect upon actions with self-doubt. Quite the opposite, she is excited to be exploring the possibilities for new ways of being. But, you say, this child needs to learn to be cautious to avoid injury or hurt. And so, you keep a watchful eye to assure safety during her self-exploration.

How is that child different from you? Are you not a child of the Universe? Are you not surrounded by loving guides who are here to help guide you as you move forward? Can you move forward with more faith, in yourself and your connection to the All; with faith in the guidance you receive every moment of your day?

There can be no mistakes made here upon this plane. There are only opportunities for growth. And often the lesson is one of forgiveness, humility or non-judgment. These are lessons many of you came here to learn. Or perhaps the lesson is one of self-love, empowerment or neutrality. Any potential lesson will be difficult to learn if you hesitate to act without perfection; seeking it in yourself or others. If this physical plane offered perfection it would not be the wondrous place of learning that it is.

You might try on a different way of being and realize that it is not the right way to be. Lesson learned.  You might take a chance and speak out in a way you never have before and be amazed at the results. Lesson learned. Or you might approach another who you perceive as much different from yourself and realize the similarities in your lives. Lesson learned.

Dear One, do not hide behind a façade of familiarity and safety. Where is the growth in living a life of repetition and hesitation? Have faith in yourself and in your guides who are with you at all times. Spend quiet time with them so that you can begin to better trust the connections you have with the All.

Act with pure intent. And in times of reflection, think of the lessons provided to you over the course of your day. The moment of absolute certainty about a particular decision may never come. But you can still make a choice and embrace the lesson it provides you.

There are no wrong paths, for all paths move you forward and back to the Source. All paths.

Be like that child on a journey of adventure and self-exploration and stretch. And whatever the lessons learned, be they lessons of humility, forgiveness or self-empowerment, offer gratitude for them. And continue forward.

Be bold, be the courageous soul that you are.

Trust that we are here with you always.

And call upon us, for we are here to help and guide you.

Dear One, Dear One With All of Thee.



A Wondrous Life


Live from your heart.

Allow the memories of your true nature

To flow into your conscious mind.

And begin to understand the wonder

Of this physical existence.

Dear One, you have come here, into this physical plane, to experience the wonder of an emotional life. A life filled with opportunities to experience a broad range of emotions from intense joy to debilitating sorrow.

You ask how this can be so wondrous when many of these emotions cause pain and suffering. And yet, if you were to review your life, you would find times when the pain and suffering you experienced allowed you to grow. Upon reflection, you would remember the times when the painful situation you experienced caused you to take a great leap forward.

Perhaps you came to realize that your perception of yourself or of another was inaccurate and you were able to see things as they truly are. Perhaps having gone through your own painful experience, you decided to take action so that others would not have that same experience. Or perhaps your experience caused you to redirect your life and lead you down the path you were meant to take; the path that would bring much joy to yourself and to others.

These times of adversity are stepping stones to the path of personal enlightenment, to the path of discovering who you truly are. Deep passions or unrecognized gifts surface through the mist of suffering or challenging times. Inner strength, humility, or a sense of purpose arises through the turbulence of great emotion. Complacency is replaced by action and involvement. Gratitude and forgiveness emerge as you better understand the lives of others through similar experiences. And you begin to recognize that this life’s journey of yours touches many others as their lives touch yours.

It is impossible for you to travel this human experience alone. Even life as a hermit, physically isolated from others, cannot prevent the energetic connections that traverse continents and universes from reaching you. You, Dear One, are but one string on a universal instrument of love that crosses dimensions. Your own vibration contributes to the song of the Universe in a way no other can.

The wonder of this life is in the potential for personal growth and self-realization. This occurs while you are surrounded by beauty and embraced by the loving arms of your guides as they encourage you forward. You, Dear One, came here to learn in a way not possible in any other realm. And no matter the outcome, you will be welcomed back with gratitude and love.

When you feel intense emotion, allow it to flow through you. Do not force it back into the recesses of your mind. Allow it to flow until it is spent. Do not act on it. Just allow it to flow and ask for help in moving through it. When it has passed, rest and give your physical body time to recover from the release of that energy.

For it is during this time of rest that you are open to hearing our words and our guidance. This is the time when the clarity will come, when the turbulence of emotion has passed. This is the time when you are more open to the realization of your own Divinity through the process of release and rest.

When you open your eyes once again, look for the beauty surrounding you in the song of a bird, a ray of sunshine or the caress of a loved one. And be aware of the synchronous occurrences at this time of redirection. For this is the most opportune time for a gentle redirection as your mind has released that which it has held onto for so long. Empty your mind of all thought. And allow the grace of your higher self to filter into your consciousness and guide you forward.

Dear One, your life here has purpose and each breath allows opportunity for more growth, be it through action, redirection or rest. Every perceived mistake is just another teaching moment for either you or another. Forgive yourself. Forgive others and see the wonder in this physical existence. See the beauty not only in that which surrounds you, but also the beauty that comes from within you.

We see it.

And it is wondrous.


Gentle Lessons

Can you take a step back

And view your life from a higher perspective?

Can you reflect upon recent events in your life

And see the possibilities for growth

That they provide?

Dear One, there are many changes occurring throughout the Universe at this time. From the perspective of the human mind, with emotional attachments, these changes may appear to be negative, leading you in the wrong direction. We ask you to reflect upon them again, from a neutral viewpoint, and find the gentle lessons contained within these events.

The key to this exercise is coming from a place of neutrality, without emotion, as you consider the opportunities provided by the chain of events in your life. For everything that occurs in your life provides an opportunity, the possibility, for forward movement. But just as a bottle of unfiltered apple juice is turbulent when agitated, so is your vision of your life. It is not until the turbulence (emotion) settles down that the liquid (vision) becomes clearer.

With the human experience comes the opportunity to feel the full range of emotions from intense fear to unconditional love. In your natural state, you are surrounded by love and have no need to judge others or events. The lesson here upon this physical plane is to reach that same level of neutrality and compassionate detachment that you have in your natural state.

We are not suggesting that you shut down all human emotion, as that is one of the teaching points of this physical existence. What we are encouraging is that you acknowledge and walk through that emotion so that you can settle the inner turbulence that clouds your vision.

Dear One, remember that all are connected in a complex web of experiences designed to provide you opportunities for growth. You have free will to respond however you choose and each possible response will provide a different lesson. There is no blame, no judgment and no punishment involved in these possible outcomes. Any blame, judgment or punishment comes only from you in your human way of thinking.

Can you consider the possibility that your greatest adversaries are in your life to provide you the exact lessons you wished to learn during this human experience? Can you consider the possibility that those who have walked away did so because the lesson was complete or because it was necessary in order for you to grow?

If you are a being of light and love, as is all of creation, can you consider the possibility that all opportunities for growth are motivated by love? The human condition contains elements of amnesia so that you may not remember the reasons why certain events would provide the best opportunities for growth. And free will may alter the intended outcome.

Dear One, find comfort in the knowledge that no matter the event or the outcome you are surrounded by loving beings gently urging you forward. Allow yourself time to reflect upon your situation while shining light upon it to see it more clearly. Allow yourself to feel the emotional response it generates, but do not act until that turbulence settles and you can come from a place of more clarity and neutrality.

You, Dear One, are a being of light and love.

You are capable of greatness.

And you are loved unconditionally throughout the Universe.

For you ARE One With All of Thee.

Letting Go

Can you release your attachments to outcome

And allow the Universe to gently guide you forward?

Can you trust enough

That all will occur in the most perfect way

For the most perfect outcome?

Dear One, you are surrounded by your loving guides who are gently moving you forward in the direction necessary for your personal growth. Understand that you do not see the broader picture that we see. You are not aware of the greatness of which you are capable and how far love can take you on the path to self-discovery and personal power.

Release the grief, the worry and any pre-conceived notions of what is the best outcome. Trust, Dear One, that each interaction, each occurrence in your life provides an opportunity for personal growth. You are gently held in loving embrace as you experience these human emotions.

Know that in your natural state in the other realms, there is only love and joyful existence. You chose a life in this physical realm in order to experience the opposite of love. It is this duality which teaches you how important love is and the potential results from a perceived lack of love.

Dear One, your strength and belief in the power of love is why you chose to embody upon this physical plane. For you understood the far-reaching effects of your love on the world. No matter what happens, love will comfort and strengthen you and contribute to humanity in ways you cannot fathom from your human perspective.

If you were to view your life at this moment from the wider view that we have, you would know that all is well. You would trust that the outcome of your experience will allow you to move forward in exactly the way you chose to grow during this lifetime.

Can you release the trappings of the human mind and human emotion which limit you and allow your life to unfold exactly as planned? Trust that you are never alone and that you are supported at all times by the Universal love.

Understand that through the connections of the collective consciousness you are being supported by love. And any love that you express is sent to all through the web of connection. Lessons abound for everyone and are intertwined in the vast sea of consciousness. The complexity of these connections is more that can be grasped by the human mind.

Be comforted with the knowledge that there are no mistakes, only opportunities for growth by you or by others. Understand that occurrences in your life may be a way you serve others by providing lessons for them. You are all connected and every action affects the all.

If you shift your focus from seeing only a personal experience instead to seeing a universal experience, you might better understand how your human mind cannot perceive the best outcome. So trust, Dear One, that as you learn, so do others learn through your experiences. You are teacher and you are student simultaneously with every occurrence in your life.

And you are never alone.

That is impossible.

Dear One With All of Thee.

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