Lunar cycle snake by Alyssa Nassner

As you shed

The skin of your former self

There is a more luminous body

Waiting to emerge

In all of its glory.

Dear One, this life you lead here upon this physical plane is cyclic. As you move through the challenges, as you receive those AHA! moments that guide you forward, always you are uncovering the depth of your strength and connection to the All.

This plane of duality provides endless opportunities for growth and revelation as you walk the tightrope between light and dark. There is a purpose for this dichotomy of life. And it is to enhance your progress forward in self-discovery and realization of who you are and of what you are capable.

As you move through this delicate balance of joy and despair, judgment and compassion, love and fear, remember that the opposite of what you are experiencing is just a breath away. These opposites are components of the tight weave of life, of who you are and how you choose to see your world.

Even in moments of despair, beauty surrounds you, moments away from allowing you to experience a flash of joy to permeate the darkness. As you walk in judgment of another, there is always that opportunity present to lean into compassion with just a small shift in posture. And love is always with you slowly wringing out the last drops of fear which weigh you down.

All of these opportunities are present with every breath you take. The choice is yours, which way you wish the pendulum of emotions to swing in the arc of your life experiences. And each time you drop the veil of darkness which surrounds you, a bit more of your luminous body emerges.

You are shedding the skin of doubt and fear and allowing a new beginning to be born giving you new tools to use for the next challenge ahead. And as you progress, you will begin to see these challenges more as opportunities to choose how to move forward.

Feel the emotions you must feel as you begin to discard the old ways of being. Allow them to rise and dissipate into the ethers. The human body was specifically designed to allow for these emotions to help move you forward. You are strong enough. You are connected enough. You are loved enough to allow them to move through you like a hollow bone. Up and out. Up and out.

Dear One, nurture yourself as needed, for living a life of grace begins with loving yourself. Seek help in ridding yourself of the wounds that bind you. Understand that the door to your prison has never been locked. It just required you to see your life differently, though the lens of love.

There is rebirth occurring all around you. Just spend time with the Mother and observe the tender first steps of her charges as they navigate their new lives. So too with you, Dear One. Each day you have the opportunity to navigate a new way of being. The choice is yours through which lens you view your world.

Choose love and clarity of vision. Allow the loving forces which surround you to guide you forward through the intense emotions you may be feeling at this time. All is temporary. All challenges provide you with choices on how to proceed. And all paths, all choices, continue to lead you back to the Source.

See the joy which surrounds you. Test the waters on each side if you must. But know that you are never alone. Know that you are loved unconditionally. And know that there is much strength within you. The entire Universe exists within you and a luminous body fuels your life with love.

Accept this love.

Accept the gift of this life.

Accept the gift of you.

Dear One With All of Thee.


Compassion for Self


compassion for self

How do you see yourself?

How do you describe yourself?

How do you fit into the world around you?

Do you live in community

Or are you an island alone?

Dear One, it is impossible to truly love another if you do not love yourself. For all are connected and how you feel about yourself affects how you feel about others. And so, the work begins to better understand why you are so self-critical. From where did this habit come?

Begin by noticing how you describe yourself to others. How long have you judged yourself for words spoken or actions done in the past? How often do you compare yourself to others and feel unworthy or undeserving of another’s love or admiration? What do you think when you see your reflection in a mirror? How often are negative words of description used in these situations?

It is time to reclaim your power from old ways of thinking. Children are open and receptive to love and new experiences and believe all that is said to them. Much of this has been done in love, but can often be misconstrued because of the naivety of the child. A comment made by a tired adult in attempts to teach may be misunderstood by a child, yet held close to the heart and carried throughout life.

Everyone loves in the best manner that they are able, but often it is not given in the way most needed at the time. The lesson to be learned is how love yourself in the way you need to be loved. This can be done by reflecting on an incident from the past and offering comfort to that younger self as the adult you are today. For only you know how best to comfort your younger self. Embrace that child self and tell them what they most needed to hear at the time. Practice this exercise and see how powerful it can be for you.

Dear One, you all embodied to learn lessons and many of you chose difficult lessons. This does not mean that you are unable to move through them and past them. But it takes time and compassion to clearly see the way forward. It also is very helpful to have community to guide you forward. This community could be formal or informal, large or very intimate. As you grow, your needs for this will change over time. Have faith that the teachers, the companions, the community you need at this very moment will be provided. Trust the synchronicity of your life.

The world is awakening at this time and many of you are going through personal growth that can feel overwhelming. You are not alone in this and you are exactly where you need to be at this time. If you are just beginning to realize how your previous way of life no longer serves you, understand that you were not ready until this moment to make the changes required to move forward.

Begin today to gently reflect and make changes in how you see yourself in the world. Ask for help if you cannot do this alone. Allow synchronicity to take you where you need to go.

You are connected to the All and embedded in the web of connection. The forward movement of others affects you as that positive energy moves down the energetic filaments of the web. In the same fashion, any personal growth that you experience affects others.

This is the time for a major awakening and you will be offered more opportunities for growth and reflection. Do not be afraid to take them, to use compassion and forgiveness in your personal reflections.

You, Dear One, have come so far

And have the potential

To reach higher than ever imagined.

There is no limit to how far you can go

But do it gently with compassion for self.

Allow your internal light to fill your physical body

With love and only love.

It is time.

Dear One With All of Thee.

The Breath of Love

breathe as love

Healing is possible.

It begins with you.

Through your loving breath

Anything is possible.

Begin now

And help to change the world.

Dear One, your breath is love and as you breathe in and out you are able to circulate the love of the Universe; first within your physical body and then out into the world. Yes, it is that simple. Accepting the loving embrace of the All and then sharing it with all around you.

Do you not realize that every aspect of Mother Nature does this for you every moment of her existence? You are surrounded by love with every step that you take. This is why you feel more relaxed and calmer when you walk among the trees, along the brooks, at peace with your surroundings.

You are a part of Mother Nature, though many in this world feel that they have rule over her. You are one with her and she is a manifestation of the loving Universe, as are you. The difference is that she still remembers and exists in perfect harmony with the Oneness. Many of you have yet to accept your true nature, one of love.

The Mother transmutes carbon dioxide into oxygen with every breath that she takes, allowing you to exist upon this plane. She does this without thought, without judgment, only doing what comes naturally for her. You can do the same. You breathe every moment of your day. It is required for the very existence of your human form upon this physical plane.

Why not, then, use that breath as a vehicle for sending love out into this world and beyond? Without judgment, without thought, you may become at one with the Mother as you co-exist with the All That Is. But, you say, my life is more complex. I have emotions with which to contend during my day. I have more to do that just stay in one position and breathe love.

Indeed, you do. Your human form has more complexities than much of Nature, with the thoughts produced by that human mind, with the societal rules set up by humankind. Indeed, you do, if you allow your emotions to call you into actions, which are often regretted upon later reflection. You have been given a greater task, the one of personal growth, which affects the collective consciousness.

But you also have the ability to change, to create your world through which you move. You have been given the gift of creation, Dear One, as a means of self-discovery. And now is the time for you to use that gift for the highest good. The Mother is here to support you, no matter what your choice. She will continue to be a loving presence for you in this physical realm. For you are one of her charges, just as she is one of yours.

Can you begin to use the physical movement of breath as a vehicle for love. For those who struggle with self-judgment, breathe in the love of the Mother and of all of creation. Allow it to fill your entire being with the moist warmth of love, filling every pore with the light of love. Can you offer gratitude on your exhale for all the love which surrounds you, no matter what you think or do or say?

As your personal healing begins, can you then begin to send that love out to others, unseen and perhaps unknown to you, yet requiring that loving breath just as you did. You do not exist as an individual entity in this world or in the all of creation. You are an integral part of the Universal Being. You are connected to the pulse of love which breathes constantly throughout your existence upon this physical plane and beyond.

Connect. Connect with the Mother and with the All. Connect through the breath of love. Quiet that mind of yours and consciously begin to send and receive love with every breath you take. It begins with you, Dear One. You have the power to change the world, beginning with your breath. It is that simple.

Breathe deeply.

Inhale the loving embrace of the All.

Then send it out into the world,

To others who need it as you have.

You are One, Dear One.

You are part of the breath of Creation.

Accept your true nature

And breathe love.

Share it with all.

Dear One With All of Thee.

Unity in Prayer


        unity by nelum walpola             children in the marketplace –

Understand the power of prayer

Understand the power of unity

Understand the power of seeing healing already present

In your heart and in the hearts of all.

Dear One, there is great strife here upon your physical plane at this time of change and transition. It is to be expected as change is difficult for many who have been living in an un-awakened state. What can you do to help the Universe expand in consciousness and love?

Remember that you are not alone even though that illusion may present itself to you in your daily life. In reality, there are multitudes across many dimensions who walk beside you in spirit and awakening.  They are but a heart connection away from you; a heart connection that can be made in just a breath.

Sit quietly and invite this connection with other awakened souls to help raise the vibration and consequently the awareness of those who still struggle with the human condition. The belief in lack of abundance fosters greed, selfishness and fear. When in fact there is abundance surrounding each and every one of you.

Look towards Mother Earth to see how she has provided you with all you need without charge. Close your eyes, open your heart and feel the love coming forth from nature. Remember that you are only stewards of this physical plane whose personal growth depends on living in harmony with the Mother and all of her creatures, human and otherwise.

Dear One, sit quietly and breathe love out into your immediate world. See that loving breath combine with the breath of all kindred souls to create a soft layer of love surrounding this physical plane. As more and more add their loving breath to this blanket of love, it will continue to extend out beyond and across dimensions. There is such power in this. Recognize this power.

Forward movement requires peaceful existence, loving kindness and awareness of the strength in combined efforts towards peace and love. If you heighten your awareness of this process you will see small yet miraculous changes occurring as a result of your quiet efforts.

Remember that the power of love supersedes any other force in the entire universe. Know this in your heart as you move through your day. Understand that it begins with love of self; for you are indeed a divine being on a journey of self-discovery. Close your eyes and feel the love being sent to you at this very moment, across miles, across dimension, across the millennium of existence.

Dear One, do not succumb to fear and feelings of powerlessness and failure. You are exactly where you are meant to be at this very moment. And it is the experiences already lived that have brought you to this very moment. Lessons learned have allowed you to reach this moment in time.

Allow the power of your breath, the power of your love, the power of your connection to the All to help raise the vibration here upon this physical plane. Understand that this strife you are currently experiencing can be transformed by the power of love. And understand that your limited perception does not allow you to see the progress made with every step you take.

Believe in yourself. Believe in the power of love. Believe in the power of unified consciousness.

Have faith that you CAN and ARE making a difference whenever you send out loving thoughts or act with loving kindness despite the perceived wall of resistance you meet along the way.

Join the awakened others who share with you the loving connection of the All. Help others to awaken by sending them love and only love. For you are the power, you are the instrument of change here upon this plane and across the cosmos. And you are joined by countless others who choose to move forward in love regardless of whether they can see immediate results or not.

Have faith, Dear One, in yourself and in the power of prayer and unity.

You, Dear One, chose to be here at this time of transition and we honor you for that choice.

And we support you as we hold you close in our hearts, loving you beyond measure.

Dear One with All of Thee.


Recovery and Renewal

Growth is occurring

Subtle, but strong.

Do not despair

Thinking you are stuck in the mire of past emotions.

You are, in fact, moving forward in love.

Dear One, regardless of how it appears to you, there is forward movement for you every day. You are growing and moving along your path at a steady pace. Perceived setbacks will occur as you continue to re-dress the wounds. But each time, another layer of healing has appeared and you are on the road to recovery.

The human condition is filled with emotion, both feelings that you crave and those you wish to bury. But in order to move forward, the wounds must be exposed to the light in order to best heal. Just as you put fresh dressings on physical wounds, so too, emotional wounds require exposure for another review.

And each time, as more distance separates the cause of the wound from the present moment, you will be able to view that wound from a higher perspective. More compassion, more forgiveness, more unbiased observation is possible each time the wound resurfaces in your life.

Do not feel as if you have failed when it appears once again. In fact, to the contrary, you are on the road to recovery. For with each appearance you have a different perspective.  By removing and replacing the dressing soiled with expressed toxins, you are slowly allowing the toxins to be released and discarded. And each time, there will be fewer toxins to remove as you slowly heal the tender wound.

Emotional healing is a process and is not completed in an instant. It can require many reviews. And as your awakening continues, the attached emotion loosens its hold on the wound. For emotion can cloud your perspective, not allowing you to send loving light to all involved.

The human condition is so skilled at burying emotions that you may be completely unaware they are present. Many of you may not even be able to describe these emotions once they surface. Facing the emotion and blessing it for the lesson provided will allow the healing to begin.

Dear One, growth can be subtle or it can be obvious to all. Trust that with each breath you take you are one step further along your path. If you find you are confused, then spend time in stillness and invite the emotions to rise and release their hold on you. Do this without judgment. Do this with love and gratitude that you have been given the opportunity to grow.

Tend your emotional wounds as you would a physical wound; with love and with care. Seek help if you feel they need more skilled attention than you can provide. But do it with acceptance and with love, for yourself and for all involved.

Buried wounds fester. When exposed to the light (love) and the air (breath), they heal more quickly. Provide this when old wounds resurface. Their appearance is an indication that you have grown enough to take another look at them; that you are strong enough to revisit and forgive a little more. Their appearance is a testament to how far you have come

Heal them with love, not regret or anger.

Heal them with controlled breath and stillness to allow the AHA moments to surface.

Heal them with forgiveness for yourself and all involved.

This is how recovery and renewal begins.

One breath at a time.

One heartbeat at a time.

One step at a time.

Always in a forward movement.

And never alone.

Your Story


Do you know your real story?

Not the one you tell others upon first meet

But the true nature of who you are

And why you are here.

Dear One, each of you has a story, perhaps many stories, you tell others to describe yourself so that they may get a sense of who you really are. But how true is this story? Do you embellish, leave out certain parts that you prefer not to reveal?  And is this person, this story, with whom you identify really who you are?

How many of you identify yourself with a single word; mother, teacher, recovering addict, blue collar worker, writer, student, and so on? How many of you focus on one aspect of your life and hold onto that for years beyond the incident? I was rejected by my lover, I was over-looked for a promotion, I was a victim of circumstance.

Indeed, each of these events, at the time, were momentous. They may have caused emotional distress at the very least and had a strong effect on your life. The question is: Have you been able to move forward past that event? Do you see it as a life lesson which helped mold you into the person you are today? Are you able to bless it, acknowledge the effect it had on your life and use the lessons learned in your current life?

Dear One, that event was just one moment in a lifetime of experiences here upon this plane. The purpose of this life is to experience different events for the lesson and move on to the next one. By remaining stuck in that one experience, you are unable to see who you really are. And that is a spiritual being of light who has chosen to live on a physical plane to learn what cannot be learned in any other realm.

We understand that this physical existence can be challenging, particularly with the emotions of the human form which often drive your thoughts and actions. But do not lose sight of the fact that this existence is only an opportunity to learn. It does not in any way define or take away from who you really are.

Dear One, you are a being of light. You are a vessel of love. You are connected to the All. Your REAL story is one of love and desire to grow. Your REAL story is one of courage and adventure. Your REAL story is one of communion with all of existence.

For in your natural state, you understand that there is abundance of love and support from the All. And the All encompasses all of existence across realms, across the universe; the collective consciousness.

Your real story is not one of hurt or deceit, manipulation or greed, selfishness and anger. Your real self understands that all is unfolding exactly as it should to allow you the opportunity to learn the lessons you came here to learn. NONE of this life experience is delivered as punishment; only as a lesson chosen by you prior to your embodiment upon this plane.

Dear One, your real story is one of faith, knowing that no matter what, you have loving support around you. Knowing that no matter what, you are loved and will return to our loving embrace when you have finished your life experiences here. Your real story is one of trust, forgiveness and knowledge of abundance for all.

So when you think about your story, go a little deeper, past this physical plane. Yes, indeed your experiences have molded you on this journey and will help you as you continue to move forward. But acknowledge that there is more to you than what you see in the mirror.

Trust your connection with the All.

Have faith that you are only seen with love and joy, with anticipation for your return after this experiential journey.

Reflect upon the strength, the light and the love that fill your very being at this very moment.

Your story is a wondrous one. if you can remember who you REALLY are….an extension of the Divine.

Dear, dear One With All of Thee.

Your Help is Needed

Can you shine your radiance upon this earth?

Can you raise the energies around you?

Can you walk in love rather than in fear?

Dear One, your help is needed to raise the vibrational energies of this plane beyond their current level.

Yes, we have been working with the All to raise them as is the natural evolution of this plane. However, it is time for all of you to consciously do the same.

You have grown so much, even though many of you still do not see it. And you have had to evolve as this plane on which you live continues to grow and change in its natural progression. And if you are reading this, then you have considered the possibility that indeed you are a more than a physical being; that you are a spiritual being with more power than you realized.

If you have accepted that this is a possibility, that you as an individual have personal gifts given to you to use during this physical existence, then we ask you to go a step further. We ask you to see this world in a positive light. We ask you to send love to all sentient beings upon this plane….to ALL, without judgment.

Do not allow the fear that permeates your airwaves to lower your vibrational energies. Instead, stop, close your eyes, breathe deeply and connect to the All. Use this connection to anchor yourself to the positive energy that fills the Universal Essence. Remember that you ARE a part of this Universal Essence, as are all sentient beings here upon this plane.

We can see the difficulty that many of you have in accepting that there is positive movement upon this plane. We understand that you do not have the perspective, the higher view, that we have of your plane and its progress. But remember that when the light shines upon what lives in darkness, survival mode is initiated. And that which lives in darkness fights to survive.

Love is stronger than fear. Light is able to chase the darkness from its hiding places so that all can see. Love conquers all. Love is the essence of your being. Do you not see the best emerge from others in the darkest times? Evolution is occurring here upon this plane and your radiance will help to bring it forth.

It is time for you not only to contemplate the possibilities of who you really are but to act as the spiritual being that you are; even if you might not completely believe it. We have told you before that you are creator of your world. Walk in power. Walk in love. Walk in radiance.

Are you able to envision a radiant glow emanating from within your being, surrounding you completely? Are you able to see how you leave traces of that light in your wake, just as you leave traces of a fragrance behind that you may have placed upon your physical form?

Do this now. Today. Reach up, connect and send that light out to all who cross your path. Imagine in your mind’s eye a beam of light beginning with you spreading across your entire globe. And consider the brightness of this light as it joins all others who do the same. A pulsating light of love surrounding your entire world.

This is possible through you for you have the power to do so.

Believe in yourself and the possibilities.

Dear One with All of Thee.

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