Make No Comparisons

Between yourself and another,

Or between any two people.

Each is unique

In their gifts

And how they serve

This world.

Dear One, no one is better than you. No one is less than you. Each has a role in this world to help move it forward in its growth and ascension. All are One, and how do you compare yourself to yourself?

Each of you is multi-faceted and is one of the infinite facets of the Oneness, the Source. Each facet is expressed through All of Creation.

Can you understand that every individual with their personality affects this world? Rather than judge the merits of their actions, honor them for how they provide opportunities for the growth of this world.

Others may provide you with an example of what you want to do. But they may also show what you would NOT wish to do. They provide you with a living example through their lessons and the potential outcomes of their actions. You have avoided a painful detour through your observation of the life of another. Gratitude, rather than judgment, might be your response.

Can you take a step back and see how the perceived weaknesses or strengths of others ebb and flow, inculcating into the lives of each other and creating a wondrous web of interaction and support? There is a perfect harmony between the gifts of each of you. Again, Dear One, each of you is one expression of the Source. Combined, you ARE the entirety of the Source with all the grace and love potential realized!

Do you not see the design of why you are different from others? You, in your own life, with your gifts, provide support and opportunities for others that no one else can in the same way. If you were more like another, the world would suffer the loss of who you truly are.

Dear One, the synchronicities of life link you up with those who can best guide you forward and whom you can guide forward as well. Become more aware of how the presence of another has made a difference in your life and, yes, how you have helped another as well.

You are PERFECT in who you are and where you stand at this exact moment. Can you trust the intricate machinations of this world and beyond? Can you trust your connection to your God, your Source, your Higher Self as you are gently guided forward through your life? Can you stop questioning your worth and begin to see the light which emanates from your heart? Oh, how can you not see that glorious brilliance that fills your very being?

Of course, you continue to have lessons to learn and growth to experience. That is part of the reason you are here, Dear One. But the other reason you are here is to serve this world with what you, and you alone, can offer. You are a seed of light from a far galaxy bringing knowledge you do not yet realize you have to share. Honor who you are and your role in this world.

Reflect upon your life and how many souls have crossed your path, some whom you have taught and others who have taught you in their own way. Can you see the matrix of learning and support, the grid of love and knowledge of which you are an intricate part? Dear One, your presence is needed. Never doubt that. Never diminish your role; continue to play that role as you live and breathe on this plane.

We bow to you. We honor you for choosing to experience this physical world with all the challenges it provides. Yet, through those challenges, much growth is offered that is unavailable in other planes of existence. Can you believe that many souls who have not embodied eagerly wait their turn to experience the opportunities you have here on this blue planet?

Make no comparisons, Dear One, for all of you are loved and honored for being exactly who you are. When it seems too difficult, ask for help, and guidance will come. Trust in that truth. You are LOVED beyond measure and are NEVER alone. Feel our presence in your life, Dear One, for we are here with you always.

Trust in yourself.

Believe in yourself

Allow those layers of doubt

To fall away

And allow your brilliant light to shine.

Oh, Dear One,

Oh, courageous and generous being

You are SO LOVED.

Dearest, dearest One With All of Thee


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I’ll hold space and offer my support to all across the globe to trust in who they are, where they are, and the role they play here upon this plane. May we all hold each other up with loving support as we inch closer to a new way of being.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all be grateful to the unseen world holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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Make No Assumptions

With your mind.

Instead, allow your heart

To guide you forward.

The truth lies within your heart.

The mind is filled

With misperceptions.

Dear One, we offer another reason for you to come from your heart in your interactions. For it is within your heart that the truth lies, coming straight from the Source. The mind is filled with detours, desires, misconceptions, and old ways of seeing. The heart will guide you forward with grace and truth.

Consider the values of old, which remain within your mind, even though you are becoming aware of these misperceptions. How often do you still react in a situation due to old habits of being that remain unchecked?

The world and beyond are moving rapidly to higher ways of being. Your heart is ready to respond to these new dimensions while your mind continues to lag behind, believing in old ways of living in your world.

You have come so very far and have further yet to travel on this path to higher vibrations and dimensions. Yet, you are doing so well. We bow to you for how much you have grown. And we encourage you to reflect upon how you continue to cling to old ways of seeing your world.

Yes, those values are safe and comfortable and require little effort as you move through your day. But, Dear One, you have had glimpses of the untruths in your current beliefs. Perhaps they are just a mild itch that you choose to ignore. So we ask you, instead, to be open to what your intuition, your higher self, is telling you.

Many sources have told you to see each day anew, with new possibilities and new ways of interacting with others. This is not a new concept for you. We wish to remind you that you are not the same person you were yesterday, nor is anyone else. You are all affected by the changes and interactions that have touched you from those moments up to now.

Being rigid in your daily life no longer serves you. Even the tallest trees that appear straight and firm will sway in the wind currents. See them as your model of how to be in the coming days. Allow yourself to flow with the current rather than hold on to old beliefs.

Can you be open to the possibilities that lie before you? Can you accept that there are more than one or two ways to respond when deciding? Can you cease taking someone at face value and ask your heart to guide you forward? For many are attempting to hide their true nature due to fear. Do you not often do the same?

As your world continues to change, there will be more opportunities for living with grace and joy. It begins with trusting your connection with your higher self, the source of those intuitive thoughts or those synchronistic occurrences.

You are being offered the opportunity to live in a higher vibration. But just as a hot-air balloon requires the discarding of ballast, so too do you need to throw off old limitations to soar higher and higher. You need not do this alone, for you are surrounded by many benevolent beings who are here to help you.

Stop and reconsider when you harshly judge another. Understand that you DO know and CAN do those things you have considered unreachable. Come from love as you move through your day; love for others, but also love for yourself.

This is a time for awakening from a sleep of millennia. Some will awaken sooner, and some will attempt to create chaos as they struggle to hold onto the old ways of being. But rest assured, Dear One, that there are brighter days ahead for all of you. Accept the help we offer you and open your hearts to another kinder, gentler, and more powerful way of being.

Accept the truth

Of who you are.

Shed the ballast

Of those old limitations

And begin to soar

Higher and higher.

We will guide you forward.

Dearest, dearest One With All of Thee.


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I’ll hold space and offer my support to all across the globe to discard old limitations, and to listen to their hearts rather than their minds. May we all hold each other up with loving support as we inch closer to a new way of being.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all be grateful to the unseen world holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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The Power of Creation

Artist Lucio Fontana creating a new piece,

Lies within you.

For you are

An extension of the Divine,

Co-creator with the Source,

Filled with light,

Connected with the All That Is.

Dear One, it is time for you to better understand the power which lies within you. So many of you have chosen to crawl on your bellies when you can soar above the hubris and the fears. For you, Dear One, have the power to create your world. What keeps you from being satisfied with the world that exists around you?

Enough of you have awakened to begin to make a difference upon this blue planet you call Earth. If you have been following this blog, you have been given guidance of how to move forward with grace. And yet, nothing seems to have changed. Or has it?

Through what lens are you viewing your world? How much of your creativity have you used in molding your world into one which you find pleasing to you? Have you changed your perspective? Have you allowed your imagination to run wild with possibilities for change? And have you acted upon any of those possibilities to change your life?

Dear One, you walk a fine line at this time with a foot in both worlds. One foot exists in the etheric realm, the unseen world, the place of your true birth. A birth into a timeless existence of energetic potential and connections across all of existence.

The other foot belongs to a soul embodied in a human form on a physical plane. A form which has allowed your soul to forget its true nature. A form which feels separate from all others. A form which experiences a plethora of emotions often led by fear.

This is a challenging life for all of the embodied souls now present upon this physical plane. But it is also a wondrous time of change, possibilities and awakening. A time when it is possible to more easily access the knowledge from the higher realms. Knowledge to help change this physical plane to a higher vibration. To a plane lighter in being, more joyous and connected.

The duality of this existence is the reason for the challenge of these times. For Dear One, you were given the gift of being able to choose fear or love during this incarnation. A most perfect opportunity for rapid growth into self-realization. And now you are being given the gift of remembering how to use your creative power to choose love and move away from a dualistic existence.

This will not happen in a day, perhaps not in a lifetime. But it is possible to move in this direction by awakening to your connection to the All and to your true nature. Begin with balancing your life that now exists in both worlds.

Observe what is occurring here upon this plane. But rather than receding into an emotional state so common in the human form, instead rise above it into your other self.

That self which can view your world through the eyes of the heart. Compassion for self and others. Faith in yourself and in your connection with the All That Is. And knowledge that you have the capacity to create the world you wish to see here upon this physical plane.

Understand that there are many ways to view another, to view an event, to view an outcome. Understand that all is connected, and certain events may be necessary to occur to move your planet forward. Know that impatience will not bring you the peace required to see your world more clearly. Action may be required, but not RE-ACTION. And that action can take many forms.

In order to create, it is necessary to respond rather than to react. For to react is an extension of the emotion of fear. Stop. And remember that the truth of existence lies in the pause between actions, the silence between words or notes. These are the times when you are best able to connect to that part of yourself that exists in the higher realms. To access the knowledge needed to move forward with grace.

Each moment of your life is filled with an infinite number of possibilities of what can occur or how you choose to view your world. Your growth in technology has helped you in many ways, but it has dampened your imagination. You have lost the ability to imagine, to dream a better world because you have allowed your personal world to be dictated by the words, the actions of another.

Dear One, it is time for you to move through your world guided by your higher self. Rather than being directed by the actions or words of others. For you are capable of greatness.

Free yourself from the bindings of fear which have controlled you for so long. Open your heart to love. Trust your own intuition and your connection to the higher realms, to your higher self.

You have the power of creation. You have the freedom of choice to move forward with fear or with love. Learn to balance on both feet. One in each world, the seen and the unseen. Use the knowledge from one world to guide you forward in the other world.

It is possible. It is time.

Trust yourself. Love yourself.

And create a world of love and grace.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


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I’ll hold space for all across this globe to spend this time in silence, in peace. Allowing their connections with the All, with their higher selves, to strengthen and guide them forward. And I will send love out with every breath I take.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude towards the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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The Power of Love

Open Your hearts

And recognize the power

That lies within them.

The power of love

Stronger than

Any human invention.

It is your divinity in action.

Use it with grace, gratitude

And compassion.

Dear One, it is time for you to recognize the nascent power that resides within your heart. It has always been there. And combined with the hearts of others upon this globe and beyond, it is a force greater than you can imagine. Allow the light from within to flow outwards surrounding your entire physical plane with its beautiful luminescence.

Allow the guidance to come from your higher self, from the benevolent beings who are here to assist you in your awakening. You need not be a pawn to anyone since you have the power of love within you. You have the ability to be discerning and to be able to separate the truth from the untruth. The answer is within your heart where it has always been.

You are strong enough. You have had enough experiences in your life to give you the resilience to move forward with grace. You better understand what is possible despite the challenges that appear to block your path forward. If you doubt this, reflect back upon your life and all that you have overcome to reach this very day.

Dear One, we honor you for your presence here upon this physical plane at this very moment. We have told you before how you are able to do much more than you realize; with your mere presence in the most perfect placement at the most opportune time.

By acknowledging each other during your daily travels, you are able to send out a spark of light, of love to everyone you see. This smallest of gestures will move into the wave of collective consciousness. And if the one to whom you direct this love is not yet able to accept it, the loving energy will continue on down the matrix. It will reach another who may have needed just that amount of love to reach the threshold of awakening.

Remember that you are all connected and there are more and more awakening every moment of the day. And each new awakening brings more strength, more power to the collective of loving energies pulsing across your globe. For indeed, Dear One, have no doubt that there is a constant stream of love flowing around this physical plane. And it is getting stronger every day.

We say again that it begins with you as you unleash the brilliant power of love that resides within you. This is Divine love and has no limitations. The vessel of love will not run dry. For indeed, you are love incarnate. The embodiment of love with limitless power not yet realized.

Step away from the notion that you have limitations on what you can do. Yes, it appears that you are just one person. But you are also a divine soul connected to the matrix of love that spans beyond this plane into infinity. You are NOT just one powerless being. You are so much greater than that.

Break down the walls of illusion which you have believed for so long. Your power is limitless and that is the power of love. Sending out this love to areas darkened by fear can bring miraculous results. But do remember, that intention is for the highest good of all concerned.

What this means is that your idea of a most perfect outcome may not occur. For your perspective is not yet able to see the larger picture. You have yet to realize how legions of souls have taken on the task of certain situations to help awaken more souls to the power of the connection through love.

Trust that you have the power to change your world. Give gratitude to those who have offered their lives in service to the divine by inspiring you and others to awaken to your own divinity and personal power.

You are a divine being

Awakening through love

With the help of other kindred souls.

Be of love, to yourself

As well as to each other.

Trust the power gifted to you.

Use it for the highest good.

Walk in grace

And change your world.

Dearest, dearest One With All of Thee.


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I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

Tonight, I’ll focus sending love to all those oppressed and also to the oppressors. I will see the brightest beacon of light illuminating the darkness created by fear. I will send strength and discernment to all involved.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.



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A tool much needed at this time.

For yourself and others

As you all follow your personal journeys,

As you rise above the fear which surrounds you,

As you find peace in the stillness within.

You have grown since yesterday

And tomorrow you will be even further along your path.

This is the way of being

Here upon this Earthly plane.

Dear One, the essence of your being has changed since the day before, since the moment before. With each breath you take, you expand yourself wider, further along the path you chose for this incarnation.

Often the best way forward is to breathe, five or seven counts in, five or seven counts out. The breath will lead you to the stillness you seek for better clarity and peace.

Consider how often you hold your breath. Anger, frustration, and fear cause you to halt the exchange of air within your lungs. To release any of those emotions, focus on your breathing. Slowly. For what is more important than breath? Whatever you choose to do next can wait a moment as you replenish with the breath of the Divine. In and Out.

This busy life that you lead has you scurrying around in all directions, without purpose. You feel that as long as you are doing something, you are making progress. But, Dear One, being still is making even more progress. For it is in this stillness that you connect once again with your higher self. Outward movement is for earthly ‘progress’. Stillness expands your soul.

This physical world is just a place where you have landed for a short period of time. Your true existence lies within. Without a physical form that gives the impression of separateness; that encourages the misguided quest for accumulation of things, of power. The completion of tasks as an earmark for growth and success. But is this really true?

Can you change your focus from ‘what you are doing’ to ‘who you are being’? For does not the latter drive your actions, your thoughts, your words? Time is an illusion and you exist simultaneously in the past, present and future. Another concept difficult to grasp, but worth reflecting upon.

You do this everyday in your mind, reliving what happened in the past, looking forward to the future and often not even being mindful of the present.

But you also are doing this energetically as there is no linear timeline in that realm. What does this mean for you? That there is always time to do what needs to be done. That healing the present heals the past.

Your physical body need not be in constant movement. There is time for stillness. We remind you of the connection of all things. This means that for an action to occur, something else along the web of connection must shift first. This is where patience plays a role. And faith. That all will happen at the most perfect time. You experience this every day as you prepare the food for your physical body. Consider the steps you must take in this process. Can you extend this concept out to every part of your life?

Just as a seed opens underground and begins to seek the light so too does growth percolate within you and all beings. And much of this growth is unseen until a new petal bursts forth in all of its beauty. Nurture yourself and others as you move through this life. Allow for the time necessary for growth to emerge in all of its glory.

Do not judge yourself too harshly as you are slowly moving forward on your path. Just as the cells of your physical body replace themselves unnoticed by you. So too, does your spirit grow, your soul expand, your wings emerge for a most wondrous flight above the fray of fear on this plane. Also unnoticed by you.

Do not judge others harshly as they are on their own paths. Show them patience and compassion and encourage them to blossom in their own time. For as they grow, so do you. Their lessons learned are your lessons learned as you are all connected.

Honor others for their struggles and their growth. Hold them high and support them with love. No matter who they appear to be on this earthly plane. For they are one with you, providing opportunities to you for your own personal growth.

All are One. All are Connected. And each will grow in their own time. Allow patience to grow by slowing down your breathing. Five or seven breaths in, five or seven breaths out.

You have grown so much up to this moment and if you reflect upon your life, you will see this. Honor who you are and how far you have come. Understand that all will occur in due time. As every piece of the mosaic falls into place.

Worry not about time

Breathe into stillness

Allow patience to grow

And know that you have grown

Just while you have read these words.

We honor Thee for your courage.

Deep bow to Thee.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Mayor of Belladon

You are a most powerful being

Able to create your world

By changing your perspective.

Why then, do you doubt so

Your ability to move forward

In love?

Dear One, this world in which you live, your entire existence, is held in sacred union with the Divine at all times. The unseen world supports you with every breath that you take. You are held in gratitude for incarnating at this time to do the work which can only be done from this plane. And yet, you doubt yourself, your existence, your purpose, your power.

Understand better the workings of the Universe as we tell you that life here unfolds FOR you. Life does not happen TO you. The challenges which arise can be viewed from many vantage points. Do not always choose the most negative perspective. For this only causes you distress when always there is a more positive, joyful way to view your life.

Your intuition, your higher self, guides you at all times. If you can allow your heart to open and shut the chatter of your mind, clarity will come. Reflection of all actions, words or thoughts is always helpful. But not when the self-judgment continues to replay over and over again.

If you can trust and walk in rhythm with the Universe by trusting your intuition, then you will be able to see the thought, the word, the deed, for what it truly is.  An opportunity for growth, for change. You are not able to see the true effects of what happened a moment before this moment. For your physical body limits your sight, your movement and your understanding.

Can you begin to accept the actions of others as another step forward on their own paths. The brief interaction you had with them may be the perfect impetus for them to reflect and make a change in their lives. The seed has been sowed, perhaps to be nurtured at a later time, when conditions are more favorable for growth.

There may be no immediate outcome or there may be opportunity for more clarity, more conversation or more action. Can you trust your intuition enough to follow it, to follow your heart in all that you do? Can you see those you judge instead as wounded souls trying to find their way? And can you allow others to grow at their own pace, with relationships chosen by them for their greatest lessons?

You, Dear One, are a teacher to many, a student of others, and an integral part of the All That Is. The web of connection joins you with all sentient beings here and beyond. Your presence is powerful and often all that is required for the next step forward. Trust. Trust. Trust that you have the strength, the capacity to love and the opportunity to grow in the most wondrous way.

Do not let fear hold you back. Instead, listen to your heart. Act with authenticity and integrity in all that you do. And understand that you are not aware of all the possibilities of outcome that may occur in the next breath which you take.

You, Dear One are divine, able to move mountains. Do not cower in self-doubt or fear. Trust the connection that you have with the All. Understand that the lessons were chosen by you prior to your birth. And always, always, always you have a sacred connection with the Source.

Breathe in that strength of connection and breathe out love to all, including yourself. Self-reflection is helpful, but self-doubt will undermine your forward progress.

Stand tall and acknowledge

That the Universe supports you

In all that you do.

For knowledge is gained

Through every experience

No matter through what colored lens

It is viewed.

You are One, you are Sacred, you are Loved.

Dear One With All of Thee.


Every moment of your day

You make choices.

What guides those choices?

And how do those choices

Affect your life?

Dear One, as you inhabit this physical world you have the free will to make infinite choices every day. The choices that you make clear your path forward as they affect how your life evolves. What guided those decisions that you made? Was it love, fear, faith or trust? And should you judge those choices as good or bad?

Each and every one of you came here with a lesson to learn. And in the process of learning that lesson, you often are an unknowing teacher for others. How can this not be true as you all are connected through the web of consciousness?

The key to this is how observant you and those around you are to what is occurring right before your eyes. There is always an energetic, subconscious portion to every occurrence in your life. And each of you will absorb this no matter what. But the true substance of the lesson is revealed only through observation and reflection. And often this reflection is done in hindsight.

Consider this. How often do you mimic the actions of another without thinking? These might be choices made by a parent or an elder that were often done when you were a child. As that child, you repeated those actions without considering that there were other options. They were familiar and how things were always done. So of course, you continued following the same path.

But often, that way of living is not the best path for you. And it takes much reflection and courage to realize that you must take another course, to live your life another way. Making that choice may be difficult and frightening as you do not know what lies ahead. These are the times when being your authentic self and following your heart will free you to follow your own true path.

There is a great lesson in this for you. And also for those who encourage you to continue following the more familiar ways of being. The unknown lays before you with equal possibilities of causing you pain or joy. And often you are meant to follow this part of your path alone. Do you have the faith, the trust in yourself, in your connection with the All, to take a chance?

Dear One, all paths lead to the same end. It is just that some paths are richer in what they provide for you. Some paths are filled with numerous lessons unattainable if you remained on the familiar course. Yes, challenges may lie ahead. In fact, that is most assuredly a given.

But in facing those challenges and moving through them, you will find a strength, a resolve, a character trait that you did not realize you had. And in making this choice, you often are providing an example for others, encouraging them to do the same.

The possibilities of your life experiences are infinite, Dear One. So, if you are not comfortable where you sit at this moment, then make a choice to change your position. Reflect upon the path that has led you to where you are. Is your life serving you as it is? Are you serving others in your current state of being?

But remember also, that often, a pause is needed before taking another leap forward. This pause may be necessary to give you time for rest and reflection. This pause may be necessary for the matrix to rearrange itself in order to provide you with the best choices. Everything within the web may not yet be in place to lay your best path before you.

Dear One, do not compare your life to that of others. For each of you is unique in the gifts you have and in the lessons that will fill your life. If you are observant and reflective, trust that you will be led forward exactly to where you need to be to take your next step. And if a pause is necessary, accept it with the faith that it is exactly what is required at this time of your life.

Each choice made will provide a lesson. Observe your choices and those of others without judgment. Be kind to yourself and others. For each life lived contributes an important piece of knowledge to the collective consciousness. Each life lived is worthy of respect. And each life lived affects you in some way, regardless of your awareness of this connection.

Live your life to its fullest.

Embrace the challenges

With the richness each contributes

To your life.

Move forward with faith and courage.

And give gratitude for each lesson

Provided to you or to others.

All are connected.

All are loved.

Dear One With All of Thee.


It awaits you

Every moment of your day.

Can you allow it in?

Can you change your perception

And see it everywhere?

It exists and waits

To envelope you.

Dear One, there is such joy surrounding you at all times of your day. But it is your perception of your world which clouds your vision. Can you begin to push through the fog created by your mind and feel, accept the joy that is yours?

It begins with you and how you view your world. Any loss which you feel can be seen another way. A loved one has discovered freedom from this physical world and any pain which accompanied them on this journey. You are no longer limited by physical boundaries and can be together in a more natural way, in an energetic way, at any time of the day.

A lesson learned may have been momentarily painful, but the benefits received shall open up wondrous possibilities in the days to come. By experiencing this lesson, you have grown. You have taken a step forward upon your path. Rather than self-recrimination, there can be celebration and gratitude.

A disappointing outcome tells you that was the wrong path to take. You will be gently guided forward towards the more appropriate direction to take. The timing may not have been the best for you to reap the most benefits from your next step forward. Remember that all are connected and often a piece of the matrix has not yet been awakened to create the most perfect outcome for you.

Patience, forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude are all traits to be nurtured. By doing this, you will open up the possibilities for more joy to flow through your veins. There is a lesson in every encounter which you have.

It may be a piece of information given to you which was needed for your next step. It may be an awareness that your response was a habitual response and not appropriate for that encounter. It may be a sudden realization that the other person is not as you originally perceived them. This may allow you to show more compassion or to retrieve the power you had given them in the past.

Understand that life is here for you to grow, to learn and to begin to accept your own divinity. Your wings are beginning to sprout. Allow them to emerge over time and enfold you in their strength and their light.

You, Dear One, have come so far. Celebrate how far you have come. Celebrate your strength and resolve for arising from your bed and just being present at times you wished to do otherwise. Celebrate the opportunities you had the courage to take. Give gratitude for the guidance, the compassion and the love directed towards you throughout your day.

There is so much to celebrate. The joy is there clouded by your feelings of inadequacy or malcontent. Can you step forward and dissolve those clouds? Can you trust that your life is given to you as a gift, wrapped in love and anticipation of how you will use it in the coming days?

The choice is yours, Dear One. We reach out to you in love, eager to guide you forward in your journey home. Can you begin to see the synchronicities which are the trail markers for the path to take? Can you accept that you have the power to see life as a gift or as a burden?

You have so much to offer to the All on this journey of yours. And each step you take is not taken alone. Call upon us when you feel the loneliness or despair. Close your eyes and feel the loving embrace extended to you at these times.

Consider, if you can, that the world around you is filled with love. Every atom of vibration is set into motion with love. You are an integral part of this. You are connected to a vast matrix of possibilities.

Take a chance.

Discard the fear

And replace it with faith.

Faith in yourself and in the Universal Being.

Accept the joy of life.

Accept the joy of you.

Dear One With All of Thee.

Freedom Through Faith

Can you begin to understand

That trusting yourself

And the natural order of creation,

Trusting that all is occurring as it should

Will give you the freedom you seek?

Dear One, your human perspective causes you to see only a few possibilities of how the world, the Universe, can grow and progress. In truth, there are an infinite number of potential outcomes, all dependent on the interactions occurring at this moment. And so, we ask you, which is more important, the interaction, or the outcome?

As you exist here upon this physical plane, you see only a miniscule portion of creation. You live in a holographic world of illusion, which has the purpose of being a stage for growth for you and all who exist here in this realm.

But if you were to view life, all of creation, from our vantage point, you would understand how limited your perspective is. You would see how many opportunities are available for you and your personal growth, and thus the growth of the collective consciousness. You, in experiencing life this way, are acquiring knowledge for all of creation.

Your world and interactions not only affect you and the others involved. They affect all of this realm and beyond. Your growth, your personal progress, becomes growth along the entire web of connection. Whatever happens to you and your immediate world continues the process of learning and growth far beyond what you can see.

Remember that you are but one integral part of a complex tapestry of life, much of which does not exist in a physical form. This physical realm was created as a means of accelerated learning. For being in the human form, feeling the illusion of separateness, enhances the growth which you experience.

Think of what a leap of faith it takes for you, in a human form, to trust that you are not alone, that there is an unseen world which surrounds you and supports you. What a leap of faith it takes for you to trust that there is a purpose for all of the suffering you see and experience here upon this physical plane. And what a leap of faith it takes for you to begin to trust that all is occurring as it should, for the purpose of the growth of the Divine, of the All, which includes you and all of creation.

Can you change your perspective of this world and see how it is not the outcome that matters as much as the process of learning, of growth? If you do, you may begin to understand the power that results from this awakening to the force, the power of love and compassion. It is the awakening that will bring you home. Home to the realization that you are divine and contributing to the expansion of the collective consciousness.

You, Dear One, are here to see past the perceived differences among you, to realize that you all are the same, in power, in your divine nature, and in your capacity to love and therefore change the world. There is no difference between you and anyone/anything you meet upon your journey. All are sacred. All are equal in their role to help move the Divine forward in self-realization and experience.

If you can achieve but a mere piece of this realization while in this human form, while on this physical plane, with all of its distractions and strife, you will have surpassed all expectation. You will have awakened the internal flame of light within, allowing it to shine brighter with each passing moment.

Can you begin to trust in yourself, in your own divinity and sacredness, and in the truth that indeed you are moving forward with each breath that you take? Focus not on the outcome, but on the process. Move forward with pure intent, motivated by love. Banish fear from your life and begin to trust your connection with the All.

For you, Dear One, are just beginning to come into your power. Not the power so many seek here upon this physical plane. But the power of love and connection. The possibilities are endless as you begin to open you heart and your mind to the wonder of life.

Trust in yourself

Trust in the Universe

Of which you are an integral part.

You are just now beginning to open

To your potential of service to yourself

And to the All of Creation.

Embrace your life, your power

And walk in love and faith.

Dear One With All of Thee.

Embrace the Divine Within

It is time to accept your true nature,

That of your divinity

And your connection to the All.

Change your way of viewing your world

And look through the eyes of the Divine.

Dear One, the energies are rising and it is time for you to see your world, your life, through a different lens, through the eyes of the Divine. For you are a divine being and it is time for you to shed the notion that you are a mere mortal with no power, with little capacity to change the world. It is time for you to accept your power and use it for the highest good.

You are a part of an infinite web of divinity. It exists all around you, each cell playing an integral part in how this world, your world, and the collective consciousness expands into its highest potential. You have not even begun to reach your potential and what holds you back is the illusion that you are a mere mortal, lacking power and reach.

Dear One, you are so much more than that and we encourage you to begin to shift your perception of your world, of yourself and of the interactions which you have every moment of your day. For each interaction has the potential to raise the collective consciousness through the mixing and raising of energies during that interaction.

Many do not understand this and so we are speaking of this concept today to create a small crack in that illusion you have believed since your arrival here upon this physical plane. Can you begin to accept how powerful you truly are in creating your life, in changing your world, and in expanding the collective consciousness?

It begins by recognizing the sacred in everyone, everything that you encounter. If all were created by the Divine, and that is truth, then how could they not have the sacred energies of the Divine within. Can you begin to accept that as you begin to awaken to your true nature, your life will change, your world will change. The choice is yours whether or not you choose to accept this truth.

The energy that expands and raises the vibration of your world, is the energy of love. You have seen, you are seeing, what fear does to a world as it permeates every part of your life. You, even in your desire to rise above it, still are surrounded by it, in the words you use, the thoughts you have, and the judgments of yourself and others. It begins with you, Dear One. You are the answer. And you are not alone in this journey.

Understand that there is more to existence than this world you see with your physical eyes. It is a world which you feel in your heart, yet are still unsure what to believe when ‘un-natural’ occurrences appear in your life. You discount them as mere aberrations and refuse to see the meaning behind them. You are ready, Dear One, to take the next step in the awakening that is occurring here upon this plane. For the rising of the vibrations here affect much more than your local environment.

All are connected in divinity. All are connected through love. However, there are many who choose not to see that love and feel more comfortable wrapped in fear and trepidation. You are ready, ready to take the next step forward into the light of the Divine. And once you take that first step, you will begin to realize that the light comes from within you, for you ARE divine, as is all of creation.

Open your eyes to the possibilities of life and the power bestowed upon you to change your life, your world. It is your choice as to which life you wish to live, one of love or one of fear. There is a surge of energy flowing into your world at this time and it will only become stronger as its vibration rises around you. Those who choose not to accept this incoming loving light will feel uncomfortable, for it is so different from the fearful energies which have permeated your world for so long.

Dear One, open your mind, your heart, to the possibilities of a divine life surrounded in love. Once again, we say to you how courageous you have been to walk this physical plane. You arrived with amnesia, without the memory of who you truly are. But the time now is for you to awaken and we sing in loving anticipation of what is to come for you and your world.

Choose love over fear.

Honor the divine in all you encounter.

And with each step forward

Know that you are surrounded by loving arms

Who will support you and guide you forward.

You are divine.

You are love.

You are the vehicle for change.

It begins with you.

Dear, dear One With All of Thee.

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