What no longer serves you

Or serves this world.

Allow yourself to rise above

The thoughts

Which have held you down

For so long.

Embrace your own divinity.

Dear One, it is now time for you to discard those thoughts which no longer serve you. For each thought you send out into the ethers is held there, ready to manifest into reality. You, as an incarnation of the Divine, hold a responsibility for the creation of that thought made through fear or through love. Which shall you choose?

It is time for you to understand that the ethers surrounding this physical plane are filled with toxic thoughts created in fear. They hang there filling the energy around you with despair and hopelessness. You are co-creator of this world with all other sentient beings of creation. Jointly, you have the power to create a world enhanced with love or held back by fear.

Thoughts are energy which can be transmuted by you and how you see yourself and this world. Can you release those fearful thoughts while asking for the powers that be to transmute them into love? Then begin to pay attention to what it is that you send out into the Universe.

This world in which you live is awakening to the truth of the power of love. This world is a world of duality. It has been created for you to learn in the most perfect way in which your soul needed on its personal journey.

But, Dear One, you now live with a foot in both worlds, the seen and the unseen. The veil has lifted and you are now able to ascend to a higher vibration which allows you to glimpse the truth of the connections between and among all of creation.

You have such power. Power enough to ask the Universe, ‘I am present, what can I do to help?’ While you will always have support and guidance as you face your daily challenges, be aware of the power which lies within you. The power to give back to the loving beings who are assisting in the ascension of this plane.

Shift your focus to what YOU can do to help. It begins by monitoring your thoughts and releasing those which are created in fear. Replace them with thoughts of love, of joy, seeing the beauty and the blessings which surround you wherever you go.

Begin by clearing thy mind. By just being. And allowing the grace of the Oneness to fill your entire being. You are a part of this, Dear One. You are no longer able to deny it. For your power is surging and waiting to be released. To be used for the highest good of all concerned.

Free your physical environment from that which no longer serves you. Many of your possessions were obtained when you existed in lower vibration. They no longer serve you. Meditate on this and you will know exactly what we speak of.

Do a ceremony and burn those negative thoughts written on a scrap of paper. Send them off into the ethers with the prayer to transmute them into loving energies. As your energies continue to rise, you will be more acutely affected by your surroundings. You will feel drawn to the Mother, to the healing properties of water, wind and fire in ceremony.

Sing, dance and give gratitude for the awakening of your soul to its highest potential. The more who awaken, the easier it will for others to follow their paths. It begins with the release of that created in fear. Can you trust the progression of this planet as it begins to vibrate higher and higher? For all of these occurrences will affect you, Dear One. For you are divinity incarnate and connected to the All That Is.

Allow the flow of higher energies to help you move forward with grace. Accept your individual gifts, many of which you have viewed as flaws. But remember that in moderation, everything can be a gift. Trust yourself and your connection to the Oneness. And celebrate the expansion of this world as it opens to a higher plane.

You are ready. You have the power. You have the ability to rise above your old way of being.

Break out of your chrysalis.

Allow your wings to dry

And then soar

Higher than you have before.

This is the new you.

Embrace this gift to the world.

The gift is YOU.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Prayer Circle:

Much gratitude to all who are sending prayers out to this world. The power of focused prayer will only intensify as we all become more aware of who we really are. I will sit at 9PM EST this evening, Sunday, to join with all who participate. Once again, do it at a time most convenient to you and I’m certain our loving thoughts will still connect.

Send love out into this world. And see it surrounded by the gentle light coming from within all of our hearts, connected through the divine within us all. Imagine it however you wish, touching every sentient being upon this earth.

This week I am focusing on the hearts of all mankind opening up to their own divinity. I am seeing all of mankind treating each other with respect, kindness and love. I am seeing joy on the faces of all the children of this world and feeling the pulse of love growing stronger each day around this globe.

I will also add my thoughts to any individual prayers you send out for loved ones.

Many, many thanks to you for all you do. For just being you. For taking the time to read this blog and for sharing the gift of YOU with the world.

Many, many blessings to you, Dear One.



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Prayer and Trust

prayer and trust

How do you pray?

Is it motivated by fear or by love?

Can you trust that the outcome will be

Exactly as it should?

Dear One, the world needs your positive input, your blessings and your support. Your prayers are always heard and are projected out into the ethers surrounding you and beyond. You are never alone, you are never abandoned and you are never punished for perceived indiscretions.

Can you begin to trust that your life, your world, is unfolding as it should in order to lead you forward toward your individual greatness and growth? This day we wish to guide you in how to put your most positive intentions out into the ethers. For many of you do not understand the workings of the Universe.

It begins with love and with trust that all will be well. It includes gratitude and understanding that all prayers should be ‘for the highest good’. Otherwise, since all are connected, the outcome you desire may come at the expense of another.

Can you trust that perceived set-backs are indeed the beginning of the path to greatness? How often did you wish for a certain outcome that never occurred? And yet, in retrospect, you were able to see how your desire would not have been the best course for you or for another.

The human perspective is limited and filtered through human emotion. Suffering is often the impetus for change. The human spirit is quite powerful, yet unrealized for its greatness. And suffering is a part of the human condition. For without personal challenges, your time here upon this earthly plane, would be for naught.

We say to you again, that love surrounds you, love supports you and love encourages you to reach higher than you thought possible. In times of distress, know that we surround you with our loving embrace and have not turned away from you. In truth, we are right there by your side, ready to help the moment you call upon us.

The words you put out into the ethers during prayer are not as important as the feelings you project. If you wish for peace, start the process by feeling peace within and projecting it out into the world.

If you desire healing for yourself or another, see the recipient of your prayers already healed. Send positive energies, see strength and power, rather than weakness, in need of help.

For although compassion is the motivation, seeing another as a victim surrounds them with negative energies. Instead, lift up their vibrations by seeing their strength and their personal power navigating them through their current challenges. Surround them in loving light, see them whole and healed, filled with love and peace of mind.

Gratitude, as well, projects out into the ethers a higher, rather than a lower vibration. Give gratitude for future events, as if they have already occurred. When you enter your vehicle, give thanks for getting to your destination and back safely. When you rise from your resting place in the mornings, give gratitude for a most wonderful day ahead. The ethers that surround you reflect back to you what you feel. If you walk in fear, you will see only fear. But if you walk in love and gratitude, your life will be filled with joy and peace of mind.

The complexity of existence is more than the human mind can comprehend. Even when you return to us, you will comprehend only as much as you are prepared to receive. Growth, Dear One, is a continuous process. It does not end after you leave your physical body. It only continues on another plane, a destination which you choose when you are ready to move forward again.

Dear One, we encourage you to walk through your day with loving kindness. Project out into the universe a world of love and joy. See others in all of their strength and power. And understand that all challenges are opportunities for you to realize the strength that resides within you.

Send blessings out into your world. Do this throughout your day. Give gratitude for gentle strength, love and joy in all who cross your path. It begins with you, Dear One.

See your own strength in your connection with the All.

Understand the power of your thoughts and feelings.

Rise above any perceived notions of failure or weakness.

You are a part of the Source of All of Creation.

Dear One, fill your world with light and love.

It begins with you.

Solar Eclipse or The Day of Darkening


solar eclipse

Dear Readers,

Below is guidance that I received for today’s solar eclipse. Thought you might want to read it also. Many blessings to all.



Regarding thy day of darkening:

Honor thy land

Honor thy physical world

Honor thy life and the love that surrounds thee

Honor all that has occurred to thee in thy life,

For it has allowed you to grow…

To be where you are at this moment of time.

Honor all of existence

Honor thy past, thy present and thy future

Honor thyself

Honor all of creation, Dear One

And be at peace with all that is

And with who thee are this day

And where thee shall tread tomorrow



“Ascension,Everything Connected”

Dip your toe into the stream of consciousness

And allow yourself to be carried

To exactly where you need to be today

And trust that all is as it should be.

Dear One, how often have you noticed the synchronicities in your daily life? Are they chance encounters or are they caused by the lighting of energies across the web of connection? This is the web of connection that keeps you all close to the Divine, even at those times when you feel lost and in despair.

There is a purpose to your life and to all those in existence here upon this plane and in the entirety of creation. When you consider that all are connected across eternity by a pulsing flow of Divine energy, then can you accept that synchronicity is more complex than you might have considered.

The human mind was not intended to be able to grasp many of these concepts that are the backbone of your daily existence. There is more that is required to begin to understand and the answers are held in that quiet space between your words, thoughts and actions. It is here where the truth lies and where you can discover your true nature of being and how the universe works.

Can you accept that there is more to existence than what you can sense with your physical body; sight, sound, taste, touch, smell? It begins with opening your mind to infinite possibilities of connections and interactions between not only the seen, but also the unseen worlds.

As the vibration of this plane continues to increase, more are coming to help with the ongoing ascension that appears to be causing such chaos in your world. What is occurring would be called ‘growing pains’ in your world. But growth is necessary and a constant in your eternal life. It is the challenges that are laid before you, by your own doing, which give you the greatest opportunities to stretch to your greatest capacities.

Dear One, as this process continues to move forward, synchronicities will continue to increase in your life. Some may discard them as mere coincidences, but they are much more than that. They are the answers to your prayers, the help for which you asked, the required connections that contribute to not only your growth but to the growth of the All.

If you can fathom an intricate web of energetic pulses connecting all of creation, you can begin to see how the action of one affects the other; how a pull in one direction causes the entirety to shift, if only slightly. Can not a spider feel when an insect has touched down upon its web? So too can you feel, if only subconsciously, the pulse of energy flowing to and from you, across space and time.

Synchronicity occurs as a result, as an impetus, to move you gently from one area of growth to another. It is the stepping stone, the helping hand, the tool given to you to assist you in your purpose here in this physical existence. You do not move alone. Your insight and inspiration come from the group consciousness working together with you to move you and all of creation forward.

Accept these gifts given to you as you move through your day. You may not understand at first why this particular situation was presented to you. But as you move into and through it, you may begin to realize the gift of it all.

Dear One, you are connected to the All, but you also have free will to act or respond as you wish. It is all a part of the adventure of life here upon this plane. But when a synchronistic occurrence appears in your life, remember that you are being offered help and re-direction to stay on the path chosen by you a long time ago.

You receive and you contribute to this web and the result can often be a synchronistic moment.

Accept this gift of connection.

Give the gift of connection and open your mind

To the sacredness of every moment of existence.

Each moment filled with a pulse of love directed at you from the Divine.

From the Divine to the Divine, like to like.

One With All of Thee.


Know Thyself

Do you really know who you are?
Is that reflection in the mirror accurate?
Can you accept the truth?

Dear One, are you ready to hear the truth of who you really are? Can you listen and just sit with the words and allow them to permeate your consciousness? For so many of you see only your imperfections and focus on those. When in fact, your brilliance outshines any minor flaws that you see in your make-up.

You, you are love incarnate. Read that again and let that thought sit with you for a moment. Can you accept that piece of truth about yourself?

And so, if you are love incarnate, how can you not be surrounded by love, for does not like attract like? Deep inside each and every one of you is a flame, a spark of brilliance that is ready to burst forth in its purest form. What prevents this from coming into being is the fear that you allow to contain it. For you, in your human mind, cannot accept the immensity of who you truly are; the power which you have; the miracles that you can bring forth in your own life.

Sit, breathe, and focus on that light within your heart. See it burning steadily, large or small, it matters not. For it will never burn out of existence. That is not possible. Focus on that light, send it love and see what happens to it. Feel the warmth of it and allow it to caress your entire being with that loving glow.

This is the spark of you which fills this human body. This is the spark of you that remains connected to the All. This is the spark of you which is an extension of your higher self which vibrates at a higher frequency. This higher self of yours who guides you daily. Quietly, gently and patiently. For this is the part of you which knows you better than anyone else. For it IS you. This is the part of you which knows exactly what you need at any at any point on your journey. This is the part of you which can offer you the guidance, the loving embrace that is required at any moment of your day. That guidance, that loving touch cannot be lost. It is forever there with you. You are never alone and always have this connection to another plane of existence; which sees you as you truly are. One with All of Thee.

Sit with this knowledge. Allow yourself to become accustomed to this truth about yourself. You have never been lost, for your internal compass has always been there. It has always been lit. It will never go out. That is not possible. You, you have this seed of greatness deep within you. Can you allow yourself the time, the nurturing, to allow this seed to sprout and grow into the majesty of who you really are?

Rid yourself of that thought that you are unworthy, unknowing, unloved. That is Ego talking to you. Begin to listen to that quiet voice within you. Fan the flame with acceptance and love. And oh, dear one, the warmth of you will outshine the brilliance of your own sun that warms this planet. Consider this until we speak with you again. That is all we ask of you this day.

Open your heart to the possibilities.
And wrap yourself in love.

For love is all there is.

Call On Us

You are not alone on this journey.
Do not shut us out.
Open your heart to the possibilities.

Dear One, this journey of yours may have some challenges that you have not foreseen. The climb may be steeper than you anticipated. Your preparation for this journey may feel inadequate for you. But the truth is that all is well and you have loving companions by your side at each step that you take.

The only judgment comes from you, your human mind. It comes not from your higher self or from any of the guiding light beings who stand by your side. For we know that there is no need for judgment. All paths taken by you are important. And we are here for you to keep you moving forward, regardless of what path you have chosen.

Dear One, remove the fear and judgment from your mind, from your aura, from your immediate environment. It is not needed. For you have done nothing wrong. Trust in yourself enough to know in your heart that you continue to move forward with your every step. Compare not yourself with others, for you are all One. All of who are moving in the same direction, to the same destination. Home.

Remember that as your energies begin to rise, your physical body may require different ways of being. Perhaps more rest, nourishment more often, fewer sweets and more protein. For foods in their purer form help better promote your higher vibration. Be mindful of what you eat and give gratitude for all those who gave of themselves so that you could partake of this nourishment. Many of you have heard this before, but it is easy to forget in the complexities of your daily life.

Call upon us. For we are here, right next to you. But we cannot offer help without your permission. And in your requests for help, be not too specific, as your human mind still limits the possible outcomes of your situation. Remember that the possibilities for you are endless, limitless. Instead, ask for help or guidance that will help move you forward in the best possible way for you in your current situation. Always for the highest good. If you ask for possibilities to grow, they will be provided. But should you ask for specific situations, be prepared for them to occur. Be prepared to take the next step.

Know Dear One, that you are surrounded by love. For love is all there is. Though it is often masked by human situations, human fear and hurt. Can you, in your daily life, rise up and view a situation from a higher perspective? Can you, in your daily life, give another a chance at being their best? Can you, Dear One, walk into a situation with nothing but love in your heart, projecting out into the field around you? No expectations. No preconceived notions. No timeline. Just an openness to the possibility of an interaction more perfect than you could have imagined. An outcome more joyful, more loving than you ever expected.

Remember that YOU set the tone for your day and how it will unfold. You have that power and use it every day, whether or not you do it consciously. If you find this difficult to believe, try it. Try it right now. And send out positive energy for a day, a situation more perfect than you could ever have imagined. And watch the events unfold.

Remember, also, that your point of view does not include the entire web of consciousness. For in your current state, that is not yet possible. Know, trust, that any outcome will move you forward. Know, trust, that your interactions are not only lessons for you, but lessons for others. Move through your day acting with pure intent. That is all that is required.

All is well, Dear One.
All is as it should be.
Blessings to you as you move forward on your journey.

You are never alone.

Transition and Peace

How do I change?
Is peace really possible in my crazy life?
Where do I begin?

Dear One, you are a child of the universe and always, always have help awaiting your call. You are never alone, you are always loved and anything is possible for you. Anything.

Begin by taking a moment. And in that moment, a deep breath; a releasing breath. And settle into your physical body. Feel your feet firmly on the ground. Breathe out your stress, your anxiety and feel the strong connection you have with Mother Earth. A connection so strong that it is difficult to even lift up your foot. Breathe.

Now through that connection begin to feel the energy rise from Mother Earth up into your body. Through your feet, through your legs and up. Solid grounding energy. And with that energy comes strength from the Mother. A solid foundation upon which to stand. On your in-breath, allow this energy to rise within your body. On your out-breath, send it back into the Mother through the soles of your feet. In and Out. In and Out. Can you feel the peace settling in?

If you do this at different times throughout your day, the frenetic energies around you will not affect you as they often do. This need not be done for more than a few breaths. And are you not breathing anyway, unconsciously? So be mindful of your breath, your breathing , and see how this will change your way of being.

When you become whisked up in the frenetic energies around you, there seems nothing solid upon which to hold. Like a leaf in a storm, you feel as if you will be blown away without direction. And indeed, many times you do just that. So begin to take back control of your life with your breath.

And as you practice this breathing, you will be better able to focus. You may notice a part of your body which needs attention, for you are more fully present in your life. You may begin to realize the stress points in your daily life. Once you are more aware of these, you are in a better position to make a conscious change in how you walk through your day. But you must want to make a change. It begins with you. There is work involved, and yet the results will be instantaneous. They may not be long lasting as you may fall back into your old way of being. Which is why you will have to make a conscious effort to begin this transition of a new way of walking through your day.

Ask for help. Give yourself a moment in time to breathe. Are you not worth a moment in time? This is the beginning of your transition to a new way of being. The world around you may continue to be frenetic and out of control. But there you stand in the midst of the storm, quiet, solid, connected. In your safe and sacred space within, alone with your breaths. In and Out. In and Out. In and Out.

And it just takes a moment. Give yourself that moment. Start small with just a few breaths.

This is just the beginning. Learn to shut out the world in order to center yourself and replenish the strength within. It has always been there quietly waiting for you to take it off the shelf and use it once again.

Take the first step.
Do it now.
What better time than right now to begin to change your life.

Am I Really Ready?

What if I do not feel ready?
What if I am too afraid?
What do I do to stop this?

Once you are on the path, there is no turning back without feeling a great loss within your soul. This is not due to punishment or judgment. It is because you have had a glimpse of what is possible, what is true for you and you will yearn for it. For on some level, it will feel like home. The tension you feel will be between your fear (Ego) and your heart (Soul).

Call upon us if you begin to feel this tension within. Ask for a gentle move forward. Ask for help and guidance. For we always hear your prayers, we are right beside you at all times. You are never alone. Be gentle with yourself and do not judge yourself. Give yourself some quiet time to allow the chatter within to cease. This takes practice, as your lives are so busy, filled with stimulation from all around.

Sit for 5 minutes a day and just breathe. In and Out. In and Out. Remember that when you ask for guidance, it may come from any source. Your answer may come from a child’s question, from a part of Nature, a comment on the radio, a scene which you observe during your daily routine. All are one and for this reason, have no expectations of how your guidance will occur. Be open and receptive and just allow. It may be come in a dream or in an unexpected Aha moment. Remember the web of connection between all of creation. ALL of creation.

You are a spiritual being who is experiencing life in a human body. As the vibrational energy of this physical plane begins to increase, it will become easier for you to move ahead on your path. If you do not allow fear to hold you back. Dissolve that fear and allow it to flow from you down into Mother Earth as you walk on the ground, or down the drain as you cleanse your physical body. Replace that fear with a golden light of healing around you. Wrap yourself in love and pause to feel the comfort of it. And you will notice the difference. It will feel wonderful and familiar, for you have been in this place before.

All of the answers you need are within you, for you are connected to the All at all times. If you need more guidance on the physical plane, ask for the most fitting teacher for you and that teacher will walk into your life. In one of many forms. Be discerning, ask many questions, and if you do not feel at ease then bless that teacher and move on. Throughout your physical life, many teachers in many forms will cross your path. As you grow, you will have different needs and so be prepared to move on to the next step when it is time.

And at all times as you move forward on your path, call upon us to help guide you and to light your way. Ask your higher self for confirmation that you are on the correct path for you at this moment in time. Be gentle with yourself and remove yourself from negative influences, be they human, energetic or emotional. Begin to trust your connection. Remember that your higher self is still connected to you and that will never change.

You are not alone.
You are exactly where you need to be at this very moment.
You have the strength and the power to make any changes you feel are required.
You are loved.
You are love incarnate.
And you are One With All of Thee.

Why do you hold back?

You have much to offer.
Your presence makes a difference.
Others need your light and your love.

Do not deny the brilliance that emanates from within you. Do not say you are not worthy. Do not compare yourself to others. For you are all one. When a part of your physical body aches or is injured, another part of your body works harder to move the vessel forward.

So too, in the realm of the All. Fill the void that is present in the lives of others as you allow your light to shine. In doing so, you help the All to move forward as a whole. In return, during those times when you ache or doubt, allow the light of others to hold you up and carry you forth until you are back in sync with your internal glow. This is the way of being, not only here upon this physical plane, but within the entire Universe. All are connected.

Have you watched a massive flock of birds in flight, dancing in synchrony to the rhythm of a sound you cannot hear? Why do they not fly into one another and fall to the ground? How do they know which way to turn, connected as if by an invisible thread? They are indeed connected and do not have the struggles of the Ego, the mind, to dissuade them from realizing their connection to the All.

So too, there is a rhythm for you to follow. To dance and move forward with the same grace as these birds in flight. You are all connected. You are all One. How would it be on this physical plane if you all moved in synchrony just as these birds? It is possible. It is actually a way of being to which you are accustomed. But here in these physical bodies, which give the illusion of separateness, you have forgotten the ebb and flow of the entirety of being. You have forgotten your place in the group consciousness.

Now is the time for you to open your heart and strengthen that connection to the All. What do you have to lose? Ego will speak up when you ask, but listen not to Ego. Listen to your heart. That yearning within that you feel is your heart seeking a re-connection with the All.

Can you take that leap of faith and allow yourself to believe that you are not alone? To know that it is impossible for you to be alone? For you are but one cell in a body of light and love which traverses the entirety of being. And your presence, your action, your acceptance is needed to move that being forward. It is not a matter of IF you will remember who you are. It is only a matter of WHEN.

The masses are growing and this missive is but one of many that are being sent out to all of you across your world. Different lands, different voices, different words. But all with the same message.

Answer the call of your heart. Answer the call of your being. Allow your inner light to shine and see how your life changes. Notice the synchronous moments in your life. Feel the love exuding from all living beings. Mother Earth is pulsing with love. She is moving. She is growing and your help is needed to make the coming transitions as gentle as possible.

Laugh, dance, love. Share the joy that fills your being. For there are those who need to be reminded at this time. Do not hold back, for you are an integral part of the collective All.

We know who you truly are.
It is time for you to know it also.

Be of One.
Be of Light.
Be of Joy.
Be of Love.


Can you feel the connection?
Can you trust the connection?
Can you use the connection to move forward in your world?

One. That is all there is, only one. And you are very much an integral part of this Oneness. Like a cell in your physical body which works in conjunction with all the other cells to create a functioning, complete entity. All of these cells join together to allow the physical body to move, to exist, to create. Alone, one cell can do nothing. But when connected to the entirety, it allows the body to move forward, to function in the physical world.

And so, you, the ‘real’ you, is connected to the Oneness, which could not exist without your input, without the part that you play to help It to move forward. There have been many names, many descriptions of this Totality of Being and we shall not argue with any of those. For each and every one of you the connection has a slightly different meaning, a different purpose in your life and so you each have a different description that you use.

All of that matters not. What matters is how you use that connection and how you contribute to the growth and knowledge of the All. Do you walk with pure intent, non-judgment and lightness of being? Or do you pounce on anyone who does not share your personal beliefs? Do you close yourself off to any differences from your personal way of living? Have you closed down your mind, your life, to the infinite possibilities of new experiences?

These new experiences can occur in a moment, by being more aware of your surroundings and noticing anew something that has been there all along. You might suddenly notice the fear, the hesitation in the voice of someone to whom you have readily given your power. Or you may suddenly realize the strength that flows within the veins of someone you barely noticed in the past. The possibilities are endless of the knowledge that is waiting for you to pluck from the everyday moments of your life.

Open your eyes, your ears, your heart to your daily life and see, hear and feel what you have been missing. Just be aware, take in that information, sit with it and see where it takes you, how it will change your way of being, if ever so slightly. For it will and it does every day, often un-noticed by you because you are in your head, playing the same song over and over while at the same time, a new symphony is offering you a new way of being.

You, you are the eyes, the ears, the heart of the Oneness. You are like the Voyager craft that is now seeking new information outside of your solar system. You are the seeker, the information gatherer, the courageous adventurer. Separate, but connected. Individual, yet part of the All. Both collector and giver of knowledge, every moment of your day.

Be at peace with who you are and with your place in the Universe.
Your life is not only in this world, but expands far beyond.
Begin to think bigger, dream larger, reach further than you ever have before.

The possibilities, the opportunities are endless.
For you are a part of the whole, the One, the All.
And your life here, now, is precious and meaningful.
Beyond your comprehension.

You are power,
You are strength,
You are knowledge,
You are wisdom.
You are light and you are love.

Always and forever more.

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