Begin your day with gratitude

For the abundance in your life.

For the many lessons learned.

And for the growth achieved

During this incarnated life.

Dear One, can you see your life for what it truly is? A life filled with opportunities for growth and love. A life filled with an abundance of love to receive and to share. A life now awakening to your constant connection to the All That Is.

You are loved and held in much gratitude by those in the higher realms for your courage and commitment to living through the challenges. You are loved beyond measure for the lessons learned during this experiential existence on a physical plane. You are loved and respected for taking this journey without full knowledge of your true nature.

But now that the ascension is occurring, you are slowly awakening to who you truly are and your strong connection to All of Creation. You have come far enough to have the capacity to understand the truth of your existence. Open up your heart to the knowledge that is being given to you at this time.

Dear One, gratitude creates a higher frequency, allowing you to send and receive love more easily. Have we not told you often that love is the essence of your existence here and beyond this physical plane? Love is the vehicle that propels you higher. It is the power that overcomes all challenges. Can you see the truth in this?

When challenges block your path forward, draw from that infinite reservoir of love within you. It will guide you forward with grace through the maze of perceived impossible situations. Give gratitude for the help, insight, and solution to your current problem. Always give gratitude as if you have already received the answer.

For indeed, you have. The answer has always been available to you. Giving gratitude raises your vibration to a level that makes it easier to see the best way forward. It lifts you from the fear that holds you back. For any problem, there are many ways forward, and raising your vibration will help you see more clearly the next step. Fear clouds your judgment and your vision.

You are aware of the help surrounding and supporting you in your natural state. But that help is not as apparent to you in this altered state of incarnation. This has been part of the challenge of human existence. But now, as the ascension is occurring, the veil between worlds has thinned, and it is easier for more direct communication between them.

You have come further than you realize, Dear One, and we hold YOU in much gratitude for this achievement. We rejoice in the knowledge that you are more attuned to our guidance. As we stated before, verbal communication is difficult for us. But as your vibration has increased, you are more receptive to guidance through intuition and synchronicity, a more natural means of non-verbal communication.

As more and more awaken, the shift in this world will become as apparent to you as it is to us. Help with this transformation by living a life of gratitude and love. For, Dear One, all is not as it appears, and your power of perception and communication is growing each day.

Feel our love for you. Accept our guidance and allow us to help you move forward. You are the ones who can change this world, and you are doing it. Trust yourself as we trust you to transition from fear to love.

You are the conduit

You are the solution.

You always have been.

Accept this role without a doubt.

With the strength and power

Which resides within you.

It begins with love

It begins with you

Dearest One With All of Thee.


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Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

I’ll hold space and offer my support to all across this globe to be open and receptive to the awakening of their true selves. I hold all in gratitude for being present in this world and for the changes their presence is creating. May  we all hold each other up with loving support as we inch closer to a new way of being.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude to the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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Love Yourself


It is not a selfish act

To love yourself.

That is the first step

In changing your world.

Dear One, we have mentioned before the importance of doing your personal work. For unless you are accepting and peaceful about yourself and your life, it will not be possible to feel that way about your world. For all are connected. Let us explain.

The way to change your world is to raise your vibrations, for your perception changes as your frequency increases. The lens through which you view your world changes, and you begin to have more faith in yourself and the guidance you receive daily.

Since your inception upon this physical plane in a human form, you have been taught and accepted many beliefs about yourself. You have assumed that you are limited in what you can see and in what you can doBut, Dear One now is the time to banish these beliefs from your life. They hold you back from the wondrous gifts you have but have not yet accepted. And it is through these gifts that you can change the world in which you live.

Can you imagine a world where everyone can cease self-judgment and accept the power that they have? What if everyone said ‘ENOUGH’ when those self-limiting thoughts rose again in their minds? How would that change your world?

These self-limiting thoughts have been with you for your entire life, and now is the time to unlock the door to a new way of being. Choose to believe in yourself and your capacity for greatness. All it takes is strong intent to break this life-long habit.

There have been other times in your life when you have had the courage to say that you’ve had enough and will no longer accept a particular situation. Find that courage now to do the same and break this addiction you have to feel limited.

Embrace yourself in your human form and send love to every cell of your body. Give gratitude for all that you have and change your way of thinking. See the abundance in your life, see the love in your life and accept a future with even more love and abundance. Details are not required, only strong intent to change and the belief it will. Can you do this?

Dear One, change the direction of your path toward abundance and love rather than fear and lack. By doing so, you will experience a lightness of being, which is the raising of your vibration. Your light will shine brighter and further than before and will help others do the same.

Ask for help with this transformation, for many want to help you. Do not relive the past with all your perceived failings. Instead, be present this day and give gratitude for what your life has taught you so far. All you have experienced has brought you safely to this moment of exponential change.

Do not return to the safety of your addiction to feeling limited and unloveable. Choose instead to break the chains of bondage and soar higher than you ever imagined possible. It is possible. It is the next step on your path, and when you take that courageous first step, you are closer to a freer world. A world of love and abundance. It begins with you, Dear One.

You have listened to those judgmental thoughts for too long. You have clipped your wings for too long. You have chosen lack over abundance and fear over love for too long. It is time to change how you see yourself and the world in which you live. You are ready to say ENOUGH. Stand tall and love yourself for all you have experienced to reach this moment.

You have so much to offer.

Accept the abundance and love

That will open you

To your personal power.

You are ready.


 And shine brighter.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Standard Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

I’ll hold space and offer my support to all across this globe to find the courage to say ENOUGH when those judgmental thoughts arise. To take the time to pause before they make false judgments that will create more fear in their lives. May we all hold each other up with loving support as we inch closer to a new way of being.


Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude to the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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Do Not Despair

For you are the solution

To what ails your world.

You have the power,

The connection,

To raise this world

To higher vibrations

To loving kindness.

It begins with you.

Dear One, do not allow the events of your world to lead you into despair. For you are the conduit between worlds. You are the link to raising the vibration of this physical plane above the current frequencies. Into a lighter, freer world filled with hope and love.

You are a multi-dimensional being living in a 3-dimensional world. You are here for the lessons available to you for your personal growth and for the growth of the All. And one of those lessons is to recognize your inner power, your connection across realms, to the Oneness, the All That Is.

These physical bodies make it difficult to see the connections you have with all of creation. And many of you may say, ‘I don’t see it. How can I believe this?’ And yet, you believe in the wind, in the heat of the sun, the chill of a winter’s breeze. None of which can be seen by you. And yet, you feel them and believe in them.

All of these are forms of energy in your physical world which affect your physical bodies. Can you take it a step further and accept that energy has no boundaries? It can traverse not only your entire planet, but it can also go beyond. Into realms which you cannot see with your physical eyes. But you can feel them with your heart. And many of you have already done so. You just have not understood what it was that you were feeling.

Dear One, open your heart, allow for the possibility that what we say to you is truth. And reflect upon all that occurs on your physical plane which you do not see and yet it does occur. The growth of a seed sprouting underneath the soil, maturing enough to push up through the earth towards the light.

The presence of microbes beneficial to the breakdown of substances that provide you with nutrients. The activities within your physical form as the blood flows, the nervous system fires, the cells divide and multiply. All of these occur without your notice. And yet all are alive and part of life, propelled by energetic forces unseen by you.

Dear One, take this a step further and reflect upon the energetic forces across realms unseen to you. Realms which vibrate in a higher frequency. This physical plane is only one small portion of the entirety of the Universe. And you have a connection to all which exists.

Yes, your physical plane appears to be moving in the wrong direction. But what we say to you is that you can help change that direction. How? By focusing on your internal growth and keeping your energetic vibration high.

Change begins with you, inward to outward. Do not give these outward events the power to lower your own vibrations and cause you to match their frequencies. Instead, claim your own personal power and allow your outer world to match your inner, higher vibrations.

This is possible and the more of you who understand this truth, the more powerful you become. For all are connected. All are composed of energetic vibrations that affect others in either raising or lowering the surrounding energies.

Can you work from within and hold strong to your own higher vibrations? Can you move forward in love, no matter what? Can you reach out and ask for help to the unseen world, all of whom are longing to hear that request so that we have your permission to help.

In times of despair, go within and find that inner strength, that inner connection to the powers that be. Change is possible. Change can occur and will occur. Be not impatient, but have faith that there is a forward movement occurring. Because many are answering our call to find their power through the connection with each other and with the higher realms.

You are much more capable than you realize. Though many of you still cannot recognize your own divinity. Understand Dear One, that recognizing your own divinity does not mean you are better than another. It means that you are part of the All. The All of Creation which holds the spark of the Divine within. Accepting this truth does not involve Ego. It involves acceptance and trust that love and connection are alive and exist within you.

Connect to the Divine within.

Accept the truth of who you are,

Of the power you have

To raise others through love.

For love has a higher vibration than fear.

And love will always prevail

For that is the Source of the All That Is.

And Dear One remember that you are…..

One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

Tonight, I’ll hold space for all across this globe for a gentle awakening to their own power. That all begin to feel the strong connection they have to the Divine. That all strengthen their inner selves and hold a higher vibration to counter and change what is happening in this world. Inner strength is limitless.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude towards the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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Can You Do the Work?

It takes work, Dear One

To change your world.

And the work begins with you.

For how can you love this world

If you do not love yourself?

Dear One, you have so much power, so much potential to change your world. But let us begin by helping you to change yourself. Not in any major way, for indeed, you are One with All. But can you allow yourself to look at your reflection and truly and honestly say ‘I love you’?

There were so many ideas and beliefs that you were subjected to in your formative years that do not serve you now, in this time of transformation. We offer no judgment on the sources of these ideas for many believed they were acting in love. And many were passing on what they learned in earlier times before the energetic vibrations of this plane began to rise as they do now.

It would be most helpful if the ancestral practices inculcated within you and your societies could be altered to practices based only in love. Can you sit and reflect upon your immediate response to others or to emotionally charged situations? Have you acted in a loving way or have you perpetuated the misconceptions of societal rules passed down through generations?

Consider the visceral reactions you have had to protect yourself at times when it is not necessary. You live in a different world, at a different time that no longer requires such a visceral response.

Consider how you view others who do not resemble you in outward appearance or in culture. Do you see them as different and therefore not worthy of trust or respect? Or do you understand that you are all One and they can provide such depth to your current life if they are approached with love rather than fear.

Dear One, this is not meant to be a treatise on how to revolutionize your world. We are attempting to help you to reflect upon the reasons why you feel and respond the ways you do. Much of it has been the result of the human form, which is not a perfect design. But there is much you can do by increasing your self-awareness of your responses to certain situations. And to reflect upon why it is you have acted in that manner.

As the energetic vibrations continue to rise upon this physical plane, you have more opportunities to affect the outcome. And it begins with how you see yourself and your placement in this world. Are you willing to do the work to understand that you are indeed a being of light created in love? Capable of moving mountains through the power of your love.

If you are ready, then ask for help. For it is waiting in the wings, anxious to lead you forward to a most loving way of life. And through synchronicity, through your dreams, and through nature, you will begin to receive your opportunities for growth.

Dear One, be not afraid of what you discover about yourself. For once brought to the light, old wounds, old ways of being can be healed. Do not fall into the trap of self-judgment as you embark upon this journey. For do you judge a babe falling as it is learning to walk?

Understand that this lifetime is one focused on personal growth and self-discovery. This is a learning ground for you to realize that you are One with All despite the illusion of separateness given by these physical forms.

And once you can begin to truly accept your connection to all of creation, then you can begin to feel the love and reflect that love back onto the world. Rather than blame, consider gratitude for what lies in your path. Reflect each day upon your responses to situations and gently consider the reasons for those responses.

For we urge you to use gentleness with yourself and with others. Remember that you are a product of what has occurred to you up until this point in time. However, you are now discovering new tools to use to crack that shell of fear and judgment which have been so present in your life until today.

Honor the life you have lived. Understand that all that has happened in your life has been an opportunity for growth. No comparisons, for each of you has come with specific lessons they wished to learn. Open your heart and allow the pulse of love to fill it to overflowing. That others may also drink of this nectar that will help you move forward in grace.

Rest and tend this physical body. For it is fragile. More fragile in form than you are in spirit. For you are an eternal being and this physical path is but a small part of your entire existence. Use it wisely. Find the love that exists within and share it with others and with yourself. For change does begin with you.

You are capable

You are surrounded by help.

You can move forward in grace

And shine your inner light outward

For all the world to see.

Do the work, Dear One

And see how your world begins to change.

You are connected.

For you are indeed

One With All of Thee.


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Joy is Possible

It is not only possible

It is innate

Living deep within your heart.

Allow it to emerge

And surround you with

Peace, hope and love.

Dear One, do not allow the world around you to take from you your gift of joy. For it is present. It resides within you. And it is meant to surround you, your life and all whom you touch with its lightness of being. You are a being of joy. Accept this truth.

Once again, we remind you that you are not a victim of your world. Do not fall into the pattern of allowing the outside world to guide your inner world. Indeed, it is meant to be just the opposite. Reflect upon this.

Understand that it is your own perception of your surroundings that drives your emotional state. Rather than allowing your inner light, your inner peace to expand outward to your surroundings, you have allowed yourself to be guided by an illusion.

This illusion is a world of fear and chaos. And yet, you have the key to change. It resides within you. Allow it to be expressed in every breath that you take. Dear One, understand that you control your world. Your world does not control you.

Retrieve your power and change your view of your world and beyond. It is as simple as that. What would happen if each and every one of you saw a world of loving beings existing in a holograph? What would happen if you chose to exude love rather than fear? What would happen if you reclaimed your personal power and said NO to fear and YES to joy?

You are like a fledgling wanting to leave the nest but not yet trusting its wings to fly. You have been nurtured, you have been loved, you have grown beyond recognition. View your reflection in a mirror and look beyond the physical. See what we see. A powerful being of light ready to take flight with powerful wings.

Turn your life around by reversing the way in which you view this world. YOU are in control. YOU have the power to change the dark lens to one of light. YOU are the creator of your world. The power lies with YOU, not with the world in which you live.

Dear One, if you do not like the world which you see, then view it from another perspective. Come from joy rather than fear and dread. Open those most glorious wings of power and take flight towards a lighter, more joyful world of being. You have the power to do this. It is time that you realized this.

What is the greatest lesson for you all to learn while embodied here upon this physical plane? It is the lesson of remembrance. To remember who you truly are and from where you have come. Cease to cower in the corners and instead stand tall, shine your light and change your world. It is within your power to do so. It has always been within your power.

Oh, Dearest One, take a deep breath and draw up that joy from within. Surround yourself with it and share it with the world. Be a model for others. Show them the way. There are such depths of despair. We ask you, any of you reading these words, to bring your light into the world. It is there. It is limitless.

And by doing so, you will encourage others to remove the dark lens and to see a brighter world. A light resides within each and every one of you. Even your adversaries. But it begins with you. You are not alone on this path. Many are quietly doing the work required to awaken this physical plane in a flash of remembrance.

You are needed. You have the tools, the strength, to change this world. No great effort is required. Just a change in your perception of this world. Just allow your inner light to shine and to guide your every action, word, thought.

The joy within you is infectious. When shared it will encourage others to do the same. All that is needed from you is a shift by recreating the world which you see.

See the joy.

Feel the joy.

Experience and share the joy.

It surrounds you.

It fills your very being.

And is meant to be shared.

Open your heart and allow it to flow.

And we shall sing in joy for you and your world.

Dearest One With All of Thee.

Trust in Yourself

Why do you not believe in yourself?

In the possibilities

In the gifts given to you

In the perfect timing

In how your life unfolds?

Begin to trust

And see how your life changes.

Dear One, you are a magnificent being with incredible potential to change your world. And yet you focus only on your perceived flaws. Can you begin to accept your true nature with a neutral state of mind, accepting your strengths, your gifts, and begin to change your world.

Each and every one of you has been ‘designed’ to contribute something unique to this physical world. You move through this matrix of life encountering others or situations which are stations provided for you to make your mark, often in the simplest of ways.

What you have yet to realize is how a small gesture on your part can begin a series of events which blossoms into a momentous change as it moves down the matrix. Everything you do has an effect upon your world. Which is why love and compassion are encouraged at all stages of your life.

And often this love and compassion must be directed towards yourself. This notion that exists in your mind that you are flawed, imperfect or unimportant can only be erased by you. And since it often requires the help of others to remove this way of thinking, you are constantly provided with avenues to receive this help in the most unlikely of interactions.

Dear One, can you begin to accept your divine nature? Can you begin to realize that your greatest of perceived flaws may be your most wondrous gift to share with the world? Your strength lies in your uniqueness. You are different from any other upon this plane. And at the same time, you are the same.

As you continue to awaken, you will begin to have a better understanding of the complexities of how all of creation is connected. The human mind can only grasp so much, for it exists only in a physical world, accustomed to the 4th dimension. And yet, your heart knows and understands much more, as it moves across dimensions, outward in a manner which will not yet be revealed to you.

Can you move through your day, your world with trust and faith? Human nature is comfortable with a world that is neat and tidy, lacking the raw edges deemed unnecessary in this train of thought. And yet, it is in these raw edges where the changes are born.

Remember that in this current state of existence, you are unable to see the larger picture. You may try to uncover the reasons for the actions of another because you need an ordered way of life; everything must fit into a certain box or category.

The problem with this approach is that the human mind limits the possibilities of existence. It cannot begin to fathom the infinite possibilities in any situation. Which means that your tidy explanation of a certain event does not see the depth, the expansion, the true impetus of its occurrence.

If you can begin to nourish the belief that your need to understand is not always necessary. If you can begin to live your life with faith and trust in yourself and in the perfection of the unfolding of your day. If you can choose love and compassion for every event or interaction. How would that change your world?

Dear One, give gratitude for all that occurs in your life. Ask for help daily in moving through your world with love and compassion. Allow the raw edges of life to gently guide you forward. For it is only in expanding your reach beyond that ‘comfort zone’ that you will grow and experience your greatest of lessons.

It is time for you to begin to see the divinity, the perfection, in all parts of your life. As you nurture this way of seeing, your priorities of what is truly important to you will change.

Stretch, grow and expand

Your consciousness and your way of life.

You are ready

And you have our support and guidance

Every moment of your day.

You are wondrous

You are awakening

And we celebrate

Every forward step you take

Back towards your own divine nature.

Dear, Dear One With All of Thee.