Silence, Stillness, Calm

Picture a beautiful summer’s day. Sitting on the bank of a creek, in dappled sunlight, with the sound of the water like quiet music playing in the background.

Now picture a traffic jam with honking horns, angry outbursts, overheating engines, and missed meetings.

Which one would you choose today? And do you have a choice? Many say that they have no choice…. but need to be present in the latter, fighting to move forward on a road to more chaos. This is your world that has been created by you. More noise, less stillness. Which, of course, affects your physical bodies immensely.

How can you find that stillness in a world of noise and chaos? That stillness is within. Each and every one of you has a place of stillness within you from which you can draw your strength, your energy, your resolve as you face your days in this human existence.

First, stop and breathe, deep breaths, even breaths, loving breaths. Focusing only on those breaths and allowing the outside din to fade as you move further within your personal sanctuary.

Next, hear the beat of your heart. Steady, even, like footsteps taking you down the path to your sanctuary, your inner world of stillness. This is not a journey that needs to be forced in any way. It is an easy trek just moments away from where you started. And there you will find the peace which you seek, the stillness, the calm and the silence that is necessary for you to reconnect with your higher self.

This is from where it all begins, from where the wisdom arises, the insight surfaces, the calm envelops your entire being. The trip is free, no charge, no reservations, no luggage required. All that is needed are a few breaths, a willingness to partake, a belief that you CAN do this and DO deserve it.

Imagine a world where every one takes this path at the very same moment. What would happen to the outside din? Would it cease? Would you meet each other on the bank of the same creek, at the foot of the same mountain, at the water’s edge on the same beach? And when you return, after only a few breaths, would the physical world have made a shift towards a higher energy, a more peaceful vibration, a more gentle existence?

There is only one way to find out.

Take the journey.

Find your way to inner stillness and see how it changes the world in which you live.

How much more simple can it be?


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