Tears of Sadness or Joy

Shedding tears. You all do it. It is an emotional release of sadness or perhaps even anger. It is a mechanism of cleansing, of moving the emotions up and out. To once again bring you peace and inner calm. For it is when you feel that inner calm that you have the most clarity in your life.

The human vessel, though fragile, has many wonderful designs within it to help you along your way. And tears are one of those designs. The perception of this world is that shedding tears is a sign of weakness. When in fact, tears are strengthening and empowering. Imagine those tears carrying the emotion from within, little drops of intense emotion moving out. Making room for the love and inner calm that will soon replace that emotion. And often, after you cry, you sleep. Allowing the body to transition from a state of intensity to one of acceptance, love and calming energy.

Remember, it is in those resting moments when you are best able to make and feel the connection. With the loving kindness that surrounds you, envelops and heals you. It is during these moments of rest when your human mind steps aside. And your heart can once again spiral up to strengthen the connection with the All.

The tears evaporate. The emotion is dispersed into the ethers. And once again you have cleared the space for loving energy to replace what has been dispersed. Call to it, invite it in and accept the love. Allow it to fill your earthly vessel to the brim with light. Tingling with pure love.

Do not judge the ways of being. Instead, allow life to flow. Follow the current and do not fight it by trying to swim upstream. Allow yourself to ride the waves as they take you to your next moment in life. Trust not your head, but your inner compass. Close your eyes and navigate with that compass, without judgment, without preconceived notions. For indeed, you are able to fly higher, sing sweeter, and love more deeply than you think.

The mind limits you. The heart expands your horizons and is your rudder as you follow the current of life.

Discard the map and trust the inner voice. For the journey has many paths, all leading to the same end. It is your choice which route you take. But know this. You will arrive at the same destination. Back to the Source, the loving Oneness. Who will be awaiting you with open arms, with tears of joy to have you back once again. Tears of joy.

You are Light.

You are Love.

You are One.

And ALWAYS have been.

Excess or Simplicity?

There seems to be a tendency for those in a physical existence to gather and collect things. We are not here to judge that practice but to guide you in your choices. Why do you want that object in your presence and how does it serve you? What is the energetic vibration that is being emitted from that object and is it positive or negative? And how does it affect the energy flow in the area where it has been placed? Does it enhance the flow or does it hinder it?

Remember that all things are composed of energy…all things. They give off vibrations that reflect their composition and their placement in this physical world. And though energy is not necessarily good or bad, different objects can have a positive or negative effect on you. It all depends on how your energies mesh, if they compliment or detract from each other. Does this object bring you joy and raise your energies, does it deplete your energy as you use it or are around it, or is it’s effect on you completely neutral?

Why were you drawn to this object? Was it Ego that encouraged you to obtain it or does it help you to move forward on your path back to the light? We encourage you to reflect upon these questions when there is something that draws you to it. Will it clutter your life or will it enhance the flow of energy within your immediate space?

Remember that your environment affects you on many levels. In the physical world you think mostly of comfort, but there are many ways your surroundings can add or detract to your energetic field, to your level of stamina, to your emotional states.

Now is a time for cleansing yourself of things in your surroundings that no longer feed you. They may be objects that once were of sentimental value that no longer hold that energy. And you have become so accustomed to their presence in your life that you have not considered how they no longer add to your joy, no longer raise your energies. If that is the case, then it is time to remove them from your physical environment.

We want to impress upon you how much your immediate environment affects you. Again, it is the give and take of energies. What was your emotional state when you acquired that object and does it still hold that energetic influence upon you? And if you find there are objects to remove from your presence, do so. Now is the time. You may do a ceremony if necessary, to thank them for how they have helped you in the past. Or, by using your inner strength, to tell them that they have not served you and it is time to go.

Remember that you all vibrate at different frequencies and those frequencies change as you move down your spiritual paths. What no longer serves you may be a perfect object for someone else. Be more aware of your energetic environments and how the energy flows (or doesn’t flow) within your immediate surroundings. Do an energetic cleaning, replacing the old with a more positive vibration for you, or with nothing at all and allow the energies to flow unhindered.

You are at a place now where you can be more a-tuned to the unseen effects of your environment. Begin to use these ‘sixth’ senses that are awakening within you. Trust your feelings, trust yourselves. Gently change the flow of energies around you and see how it affects you. For it will.

Take off the blinders and begin to feel. Remove the chains and learn how to dance in the flow of energies around you. Open your hearts and feel the joy in the positive movement of energies surrounding you.

It will make you laugh.

It will make you smile.

It will fill you with complete and utter joy!