What of …..Energy?

Do you understand the concept of energy and how it works in the universe?  You hear the word and use the word, but do you understand how it really works?

You are made of energy, as is everything in the entire universe.  Think about that.  Everything, even the inert objects that you see and use every day, are composed of energy.  If you were to don special glasses that would allow you to see this, what would appear before you are vibrations everywhere of different frequencies.  In the human form, this would be distracting for you and so that is not a part of your physical makeup.

If you think of energy as a fluid medium like water, you can better understand how it flows and permeates everything around it.  But unlike water, it is not easily contained within a vessel.  As you walk through your day, a wisp of your energy trails along behind you, as a hint of perfume might waft in the breeze.  Your imprint is left everywhere you have been.  Add to this your emotional state and you might begin to understand how what you think or say or feel adds to the vibrational mix that surrounds you and your immediate vicinity.

Now think of the mixing of those energies as people mix during their daily activities.  Even without being within physical reach, your energetic state is affecting those around you.  How far reaching your energy flows is different for each and every one of you.  Some of you hold it very close to your physical bodies, while others can extend their energetic fields across rooms.  The ascended masters are capable of extending their energy great distances.

Why do we tell you of this today?  To better show you how you affect your surroundings every moment of the day.  Your anger, sorrow or joy affects those around you even if you try to hide it behind false words or deeds.  In order to begin to raise the energies of the world, it must begin with you.  In order for you to grow accustomed to the raising energies across the universe, it is important that you understand how you might add or detract from the energetic continuum.  We are here to help you to adjust to the raising vibrational fields that are beginning to permeate your world.

Can you understand that you have the power to change your world?  Just by changing your thoughts or your words?  Can you understand how powerful each of those is within the energetic fabric of the universe?   Angry words do not only reach across to that person with whom you argue.  They continue on out into the ethers surrounding you to either be diffused or enhanced by others around you.

You must understand that you do not act alone.  That you are a part of the continuum.  That being said, understand also that you DO have the ability, the power to diffuse negative energies by raising your own.  We will help you with this, as we know that many of you are still in the early learning stages of this concept.  We understand that beginning to think outside of the ‘box’ of the human form is still new to many of you.

We tell you all of this because the changes are occurring and we wish to make this as gentle as possible for each and every one of you. Again, we say that this is a joyous event that has been anticipated for a very long time.  The fact that this is happening now underscores the fact that enough of you have grown to help facilitate the process.

Be of joy and feel the love surrounding you.

Know that you can make a difference in just the way you move through your day.

Understand that there is help for you, waiting for your call for assistance.

You are a radiant light that is beginning to shine brighter every day.

Ah, we sing with joy for the progress that you make every moment of your day.

Smile as we smile, sing as we sing and love as we love…..



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