What does this word mean to you? What images does it awaken in your mind’s eye? What memories emerge from your past when you think of this word? It is a gentle word that evokes compassion and love, reassurance and trust, peace and kindness.

Every one of you can remember a time when you were in distress and someone came to you and offered you comfort. This probably occurred more when you were a child and not as frequently as an adult. But the need is still there, is it not? For physical and emotional and spiritual comfort. It gives you strength and calms your fears. It helps you to see the brightness of the sky behind the thick dark clouds of your situation. And it is initiated by love, showing that you are not alone and that you have someone to rely on in times of need.

How often do you find yourself aching for this show of love but not knowing who to ask for it? Or perhaps you feel as if you would be showing weakness if you required it from someone else.

The truth is that this need is very real and very prevalent within the human form existing in this physical world. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing that should keep you from seeking comfort when you need that extra dose of love. Not only do you gain from receiving this from someone. But also, the one who comforts you gains much in return. It is the connection, the bonding, the exchange of love between two sentient beings that is key.

We have stated before that making connections between each other here on the physical plane is one of your lessons. The feeling of separation caused by the physical body requires you to find ways to see the Oneness of All, the natural state. And so this need for comfort is a part of the human condition. It is only Ego which equates this need with weakness. When in fact it is not weakness at all, but another way in which you can discover the power of love. The power that each and every one of you has within you. The power that you all share as One.

It is the give and take of this love that helps you to discover your true self. Just as one part of your physical body may need more rest due to over-exertion. So too, one part of you in this physical form may need more love and support from a different part of you in another physical form.

Understand that you all are One. And this give and take is just an even-ing out of the love that fills you all. Some may need a little more while others have an excess to give. In the end, it all comes and goes from the same place. The place of One.

Remember the connection, the continuum of existence. There are no have’s or have-not’s. There are only temporary fluctuations in the dispersment of love.  By design.  To allow you to learn the joys of giving and receiving. To understand that there is NEVER a deficit of love between and among you. How can there be when that is your true makeup, when that is what you truly are?

Deny Ego its success in preventing your sharing of yourself with others. For truly, you are sharing of yourself with yourself. And in the end, you will not only give, but also receive in the very same instant. The instant of the exchange of love.

Discover your true self in love, with love and because of love.

For love is all you are and all that is.


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  1. judithatwood
    Sep 03, 2012 @ 05:32:20



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