Be Free

Happylittlehideaway on tumblr

Happylittlehideaway on tumblr

Open your heart

Open your mind

Release the burdens caused by fear

Dear One, there is still so much fear in this world. It surrounds you in a foggy mist and blocks the light from shining forth, both through you and to you. There is no longer a need for you to hide behind this fog. Shine your light upon it and burn a hole through it. Allow the opening to expand until you are no longer surrounded by this foggy mist of fear.

Instead see yourself, the world, enveloped in a healing golden light. Similar to the golden glow which shines upon the land as your sun sets below the horizon. You, Dear One, create your world. Create one of healing light, of joy, of peace. Close your eyes and see it all around you and when you open them, you will see it before you. For you are a more powerful creator than you ever imagined.

You were given that gift to help change this world. You were given the ability to set your mind to create a world of beauty and joy. This is why you are here at this time. You came here to help with the awakening that is now taking place across this planet. We understand that it may seem that there is only chaos and greed. But you do not see it from our perspective. And what we see is forward movement; a higher vibration beginning to swell across your planet. And with this higher vibration comes more joy, greater expressions of love, and more awareness of the beauty which surrounds you.

Dear One, can you trust that your world is unfolding exactly as it should? Can you trust that you are placed exactly where you need to be to do your best work? Can you trust that the guidance, the help that you seek is provided to you when you ask? Open your eyes without a preconceived notion of how this guidance will come. It may be in a song. It may come from a chance encounter with a total stranger. Or it may be a sudden AHA! moment that pops into your mind at a time of rest.

If your body hurts, send it love, not fear. If you are delayed from your perceived timeline, ask yourself ‘why am I being given this time?’ Walk in love, mindful of every step that touches the ground. Live in gratitude, even if you do not understand. This is your life, your creation. If you do not like it, then change it. If that change affects others, make those changes in a loving, compassionate manner. Act with pure intent. Send out love and see it come back to you.

Allow yourself to be free of the restrictions of your mind. Allow your heart to break free of the fear encasing it. Allow love into your life with every breath, every step, every moment of your day. Remember that you are a part of a whole, you can never be alone. That is impossible. Remember that we are by your side at all times. You cannot see us because we move in a higher vibration than you do at this time. But you are learning, you are growing, you are awakening and the most wondrous of times lay ahead of you.

Free yourself and walk in love.

For you are One with All of Thee.

Conjoined in love, created in love and sustained by love.

Negative thoughts

How often do these run through your mind?

Can you release them and allow them to go?

Can you instead surround yourself in love and light?

Dear One, this world is changing and with it so are you changing. But your old way of being still tries to remain with you and control how you walk through your day. As you continue to move forward on your path, these old ways of being will no longer serve you. It is time to open the window and allow them their freedom.

The veil is thinning rapidly and for you that means a new way of being. For you, there will be a pull to be more open, more loving, more gentle with yourself and others. This may be a new and different concept for many who have been in a place of self-judgment and critical thinking. In fact, this way of being has become so familiar you may not even be aware of how it controls your day. This way of being has become a habit for you. But all habits can be broken and it is now time for you to consider breaking free from these old ways of being. Are you willing to try?

Consider your thoughts and how they form and how they remain within your surroundings throughout the day, coloring the way you see your world. Your perspective can be one of love or one of fear. And your thoughts contain the palette by which you color your day. Do you see lightness or do you see darkness surrounding you? We are here, dear one, to tell you that you, you have the strength , the power to change how you color your day. Do not feel powerless in this. Instead pull up that inner strength that is connected to the All and begin to shine light into all of the dark corners of your mind. You are very capable of doing this and we shall gladly help you with this if you call upon us.

Remember that your thoughts have a way of permeating every part of your day. They sit there in wait for the perfect opportunity to paint an interaction either in fearful colors or loving colors. You have become accustomed to allowing your mind to control your world. Can you change that and instead allow your heart to rule your world? For your heart is where your strength lies. Your connection with the All begins in your heart. That is where the love flows forth in all of its joy and peace.

Can you begin to change these dynamics and chase away the negativity from within your mind? There is no negativity within your heart. That is impossible. For anyone who labels themselves or others as hard-hearted, look again. Those hearts are protected because of fear. And fear exists in their minds, only in their minds. The fear has surrounded their hearts and disallowed them from freeing the love within.

When a negative thought arises within you, open the window of your mind and release it. Shine the light on that corner of your mind and fill it with love instead. Do not allow your mind to play that thought over and over in your head. Instead, put that thought into a bubble and blow it away. See a flame before you that purifies all things and send that thought into the flame to be dissolved into light. Or set that thought down on paper and then bury it, burn it, or walk away from it. Remember that allowing these thoughts to rule you has become a habit and it will take practice to break this habit. But it can be done and you are strong enough to do it.

Remember, that no matter what the situation, you are surrounded by love.

Focus on that abundance of love rather than any perceived lack in your life.

You live in abundance, every moment of your day.

Crack open the blinds of your mind, take a peek and see that love surrounding you.

What a joyous sight that is!

You are loved, you have always been loved and always will be loved.

You are love incarnate.

You are One With All of Thee.


Another Live Radio Interview!

everyday angels  I’m very excited to tell you that Marie Elisa on Everyday Angels Blogtalk Radio has invited me back again on her program to talk about this new year, 2015. The live interview airs this Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 at 8PM EST. If you can, come join us and if not, they do archive the show after the airdate.

Hopefully, I will be less nervous this time around. I’ve already asked for guidance as to what messages I need to share with the audience and so let’s just have fun with it. Even if you don’t tune in, I want to thank all of you for your continued support. It has not always been easy for me to come out of the closet, so to speak, with this gift of mine. But I am more dedicated than ever to serving in the best way I can to help make this world a better place.

The link to the show is

If you wanted to call in and comment during the show, the phone number is (347) 838-9862, then press 1


What do you see?

What do you see as you look through the windows of your eyes?
Do you see beauty all around you or do you see only the same mundane world?
Can you look a little longer, a little deeper, past what you expect to see?

Dear Ones, if you look without any expectations, you begin to see things as they really are. You begin to see the beauty in around you. Where you are, what you have and the subtle changes occurring daily in your life. If you change your daily route, your daily routine, you will begin once again to participate in your life.

For as long as you do the same things in the same fashion day after day, your body moves like an automaton, without thinking, without feeling, without seeing or noticing anything that is going on around it. It is just a habit, to be repeated every day in the same fashion as the previous day. No wonder you feel nothing, see nothing.

When you change the way you move through your day, you engage your entire being. Since you have not done it this way before, you pay more attention to what you are doing, to where you are going. And in that fashion, you will begin to see what is surrounding you and wonder ‘why have I not seen that before?’ The truth is that is has most likely always been there, but your blinders have prevented you from seeing them.

Instead of staying inside that mind of yours living in the past, planning for the future, try to extend yourself outside of yourself and see, really see, what is happening around you. This is the first step in starting to live your life and breathing in the richness of what surrounds you every day.

Beauty surrounds you. Love surrounds you. The world is actively moving forward around you; through the seasons of each year, through the give and take of others in their interactions. If you begin to be present, really present, in your life every day… will begin to see the questions in another’s eyes, the love expressed in ways other than words, the joyful living of others who are being experiential in their days.

Try, for today, to change your routine. Change your way of moving through the world. Yes, it is easier to do things the same way every day, for you feel that you will accomplish more this way. But with that may come the lack of engagement, the lack of joy, the lack of being present in the moment, in the now.

Your lifespan here is limited. There is so much to see. There is so much diversity around you. What are you missing by going through your days with blinders on, just so that you have time to do more of the same, wearing those same blinders?

Take a chance and open yourself up to the many possibilities in your life. See what surrounds you every day. Breathe and with each breath, move yourself from inside of your mind, out into the world around you. And see how much you have missed. The time is now to change. Begin today and embrace your world

One With All

You are never alone
You have never been alone
That is impossible.

Dear One, the truth is that you are a part of a continuum that stretches to infinity. Your connection is with all things. All things; animal, mineral, plant, spirit. Being in your current state within a human body creates the illusion of separateness. But that is only an illusion. You are One With All.

This means that your every thought, action, word is heard across the continuum and has an effect on the entire universal being. Be not judgmental against yourself for your actions that were not of pure intent. For this earthly plane is a learning ground. And there are checks and balances set up to help disperse the negativity that has come forth from this plane. But we want you to understand that any prayer, any call for help is always heard and acknowledged. You are not alone on this journey and your calls for help will be answered, though not always in the way you might imagine.

Dear One, the time is now to begin a new practice in your life. Do not limit the possibilities in your calls for help. Do not be so specific that you do not allow for possible solutions that you never even imagined. For what you can do is broader, more powerful, greater than you have allowed yourself to believe.

Choose your words more carefully with a more positive tone. Speak of what you can and will do rather than what you cannot or will not do. The universe rotates in a positive direction and so the statements that begin with, “I will not do…….” are not as powerful as the statements that begin with, “I will do….” This is just a habit that you have formed over the years and can be easily changed. What you do not yet understand is the power in making that minor adjustment to your words.

Dear One, know that where you are at this very moment is exactly where you should be; where you are needed at exactly this time. As we have said before, the web of connection is so vast, you may never understand why you are in this exact place at this exact time. But have the faith that it is where you are to be. The interactions that you have are meant to be at that precise moment in time. The control that you have is in the tone of the interactions, be they positive or negative. That is your choice and part of your journey.

Remember that there is no time in reality. What this means is that prior to a future interaction, you can begin to change the energetic vibration of that interaction by setting the tone in your mind, in your body, in your own vibration. You have the power to do this. By doing so, you are preparing yourself and the situation in a positive way that will help to create a more positive interaction. The power is yours, Dear One. The power has always been yours. For you are a divine being, created from the Divine as you now co-create with the Divine around you. Do not feel unworthy of this state of being. For this is who you truly are.

Love surrounds you, envelopes you, fills your entire being. It is all that is. And so, allow that love to emanate from every pore of your physical body. Allow the light of it to shine. For this is who you truly are. And if you find yourself slipping back into the illusion of lack of love in your life, then allow it to pour into you from all around you. And feel the light lift you up and put you back, once again, on your feet.

Free yourself of the illusion of separateness.
Understand that the streaming you do as your body sleeps also continues during the time when it is awake. It is just that the mind gets in the way and does not always allow the process to unfold.

Be at peace, Dear One, with who you are.
For you ARE One With All of Thee.


Do you understand the power you have?
Do you see how you walk in strength?
Do you know that your own fear makes you vulnerable?

Dear One, you are only as vulnerable as the amount of fear that lives within you. Opening up your heart to others shows more strength than you ever imagined you had. And that strength shall carry you forward as you begin to share your true essence with those around you.

The fear you hold around yourself builds a shield of protection against your perceived attacks from others. Be it in the form of personal love, physical love, emotional love, the truth is that your fear compromises the internal strength which resides within you.

In your human mind, you have created scenarios which you believe can hurt you if you share your love with others. What you do not understand is that love, the internal love of which you are made, is much stronger than the fear which you have empowered in your mind.

Love is strength. Love is all that is. And fear has succeeded in creating the illusion that it is more powerful than love. It has puffed itself up to appear larger and stronger than it is. For in reality, fear is no match for the love that resides within each and every one of you. The strength of your true nature, as a loving being, can dissipate the fear with a single breath. It is only in your mind that you have fed your fears and allowed them to become so powerful in your life.

Can you understand that you have the power? Can you begin to realize that you can walk tall and strong, surrounded by your internal source of love? This is your true make-up, and the source of this love is bottomless, limitless. It is only in your human mind that you have given such power to the fear which you have allowed to immobilize you. Fear is nothing. Fear is weak. Fear is an illusion. Love is all that is. Raise your sword of light and shine it brightly and see how fear will slink away.

You have the power and that power is love. You have always had that power, but have not considered it to be a part of your make-up. The time is now for each and every one of you to allow that love, that internal power, to rise within and banish the illusion with which you have lived until now. You are strong enough to do this. You have the power of love. Within and around you. For as you have been awakening, so has your connection to your true nature been strengthened. And it is from this connection that you can draw this love, this power that is you.

Understand that true power, true strength lies with love and not fear. Consider walking in love and see how it begins to change your life and the lives of those around you. Dear One, it is now time for you to understand who you really are. Know this. Feel this within your heart. And walk tall knowing the power of love that supports you in your every step, with your every breath.

You are One with All in love.

Walk Thy Path

In Peace
In Love
In Gratitude

Dear One, it is time for you to raise your head and take that first step onto your path. It awaits you, beckoning you to take a chance and explore the possibilities in your life. Do not shrink back in fear. Instead, take a deep breath and in that moment, take your first step. The adventure awaits and the joy that is in your future will surprise you. For, Dear One, your passion is your joy. And to truly experience the joy available to you, you must follow your heart. Do not allow your mind, your Ego, to dissuade you. Your guidance is in your heart. Follow it.

What do you have to lose? When there is a part of you that yearns for change? It is fear that holds you back and it is now time for you to set down that fear, take up thy sword and move forward. There will come a time when you look back and wonder why you waited so long to take that first step.

You say you do not like the unknown. What you do not realize is that the unknown can also occur in your current life, with its repetitive motions. You think that if you continue to do the same every day, that you can be sure of the outcome. But you must realize that this is only an illusion for you. Your life can change in an instant. And so, for that reason, take a chance, move in the direction in which you yearn to move. What do you have to lose?

You must realize that you are co-creator of your life here upon this plane. You have a choice of what will come next for you. You are no longer imprisoned behind the walls created by fear. You are free. Free to fly, free to soar, free to do what you came here to do. The time is now, Dear One. Take a chance. You will be surprised at how easily everything falls into place.

Know that we are here surrounding you every step of the way. We shall light the way for you. Open your eyes and see the path laid out before you. Raise your head, open your heart and take that first step. And see how your life changes. Continue to move forward with pure intent. Continue to trust your heart. Continue to disallow fear to enter into your plans. For fear is beginning to weaken in your life. And love is taking the upper hand.

Walk in love. Walk with faith in yourself and your connection to the All. For you are one with the All and with that comes great power and strength. You are in the process of your awakening and for that we rejoice. Be clear in thy purpose and if it does not seem clear to thee, then move forward in faith.

Notice the synchronicities in your life and follow their lead. For they happen all the time. Remove your blinders and see, really see, what is happening around you. That will be your guidance as to which course you take. Notice how your gut feels as you move through your day. It is where your intuition lies and it will guide you forward.

Accept your power.
Accept the joy that is yours for the taking.
Accept the love that surrounds you.

You are worthy of it.
You are strong enough to move forward.
And you are NEVER alone.

You are One With All of Thee.

Be Thyself

Allow thy true self to emerge.
Trust the path laid before you.
Stand tall and walk in grace.

Dear One, if you can accept who you truly are, then the first step is to walk in grace and allow thy true self to emerge. Allow the brilliance of who you truly are to begin to shine within and around you. Trust that this is your true nature and begin to change your life and the world.

The first step is to trust that the life you are leading is moving you forward. There are many opportunities in your daily life to shine your light unto others. No word ever needs to be spoken. Just the brilliance of your light which is allowed to shine is all that is needed. And should you choose to speak, do so quietly, with grace and banish judgment from your life.

For indeed, all are exactly where they should be at this time. This is an important window in time where changes can be facilitated by each and every one of you as the Universe begins its new way of being. You are positioned in the most perfect spot for you, individually, to make a difference. And each of you shall make a difference. The choice is yours as to what you will do next.

As you become more accustomed to being who you really are, you will become more sensitive to what is around you. For remember that you are connected to the All. As you allow your true self to emerge, you may feel more deeply than ever before. For this reason, it is important for you to care for your physical body at this time. Rest, as much as possible. Eat as well as you can. And be joyful, in the knowledge that you are here upon this physical plane at a very joyous time of change. You chose to be here for this shift in consciousness. But in that human form, many have forgotten this choice. Many feel burdened by the current situations in which they live. Many feel alone and useless.

For this reason, the more of you who can begin to shine your light upon others, the easier it will be for others to awaken from their slumber. Send loving thoughts out to others. Smile more often and wrap yourself in your glowing light. But also tend to yourself and begin slowly as you become accustomed to this new way of being. Choose joy. Every day. Upon awakening, make a conscious commitment to choose joy each day. Do it daily and see how the energy around you and within you changes. A simple statement with a powerful result.

I choose joy this day.

Joy is your gift to yourself and to the world. And it is present there in the wings, every moment of your day. Allow it to over-ride the thoughts of your mind that say otherwise. Slowly over time, quiet that mind of yours which sends out negative thoughts to you and others. Can you be firm in your belief of who you are and of what you are capable? Oh Dear One, even more than what we have told you is possible. But we shall start slowly and continue to say to you until you feel it in your heart… are love incarnate. You are capable of miracles every day. And the first miracle is to allow joy into your life.

Accept the joy and share it with others.
Call upon us if you need a reminder.
Call upon us if you need a gentle boost.
Call upon us whenever you need comfort.

These are your first steps forward and oh how the heavens sing in anticipation.
Allow your brilliance to shine, Dear One.
And see how the world begins to change.

Call On Us

You are not alone on this journey.
Do not shut us out.
Open your heart to the possibilities.

Dear One, this journey of yours may have some challenges that you have not foreseen. The climb may be steeper than you anticipated. Your preparation for this journey may feel inadequate for you. But the truth is that all is well and you have loving companions by your side at each step that you take.

The only judgment comes from you, your human mind. It comes not from your higher self or from any of the guiding light beings who stand by your side. For we know that there is no need for judgment. All paths taken by you are important. And we are here for you to keep you moving forward, regardless of what path you have chosen.

Dear One, remove the fear and judgment from your mind, from your aura, from your immediate environment. It is not needed. For you have done nothing wrong. Trust in yourself enough to know in your heart that you continue to move forward with your every step. Compare not yourself with others, for you are all One. All of who are moving in the same direction, to the same destination. Home.

Remember that as your energies begin to rise, your physical body may require different ways of being. Perhaps more rest, nourishment more often, fewer sweets and more protein. For foods in their purer form help better promote your higher vibration. Be mindful of what you eat and give gratitude for all those who gave of themselves so that you could partake of this nourishment. Many of you have heard this before, but it is easy to forget in the complexities of your daily life.

Call upon us. For we are here, right next to you. But we cannot offer help without your permission. And in your requests for help, be not too specific, as your human mind still limits the possible outcomes of your situation. Remember that the possibilities for you are endless, limitless. Instead, ask for help or guidance that will help move you forward in the best possible way for you in your current situation. Always for the highest good. If you ask for possibilities to grow, they will be provided. But should you ask for specific situations, be prepared for them to occur. Be prepared to take the next step.

Know Dear One, that you are surrounded by love. For love is all there is. Though it is often masked by human situations, human fear and hurt. Can you, in your daily life, rise up and view a situation from a higher perspective? Can you, in your daily life, give another a chance at being their best? Can you, Dear One, walk into a situation with nothing but love in your heart, projecting out into the field around you? No expectations. No preconceived notions. No timeline. Just an openness to the possibility of an interaction more perfect than you could have imagined. An outcome more joyful, more loving than you ever expected.

Remember that YOU set the tone for your day and how it will unfold. You have that power and use it every day, whether or not you do it consciously. If you find this difficult to believe, try it. Try it right now. And send out positive energy for a day, a situation more perfect than you could ever have imagined. And watch the events unfold.

Remember, also, that your point of view does not include the entire web of consciousness. For in your current state, that is not yet possible. Know, trust, that any outcome will move you forward. Know, trust, that your interactions are not only lessons for you, but lessons for others. Move through your day acting with pure intent. That is all that is required.

All is well, Dear One.
All is as it should be.
Blessings to you as you move forward on your journey.

You are never alone.

How to Find Your Way

How do you begin?
From where do you seek guidance?
What is your next step?

Dear one, you have already begun your journey. You are at the trail-head of the path back to the Source. You have never been on any other path. That is the only path available to you. Yes, there may be detours and more circuitous trails that you have chosen. But they all lead back to the same final destination. They all lead you home.

Trust this and discard the roadmap in your head. The true map, the clearest directions lay in your heart. Your roadmap lies in your heart. Any detours that occur are due to the doubt in your mind, that Ego of yours whispering in your ear, encouraging you to go this way or that. But the truth is that no matter which way Ego suggests you go, the truth is that you will eventually reset your destination to a more direct path home. For your higher self is stronger and more resilient than your Ego and will redirect you if you get too far off course.

So what do you do? Listen to that higher self, those yearnings that come from deep within. Not the yearnings of this world, but the yearnings for the larger world from which you come. You need not deny yourself the earthly pleasures along the way, for that is a gift of this experience for you.

But allow that other part of you, which you have heard before, allow that other part of you its voice. Listen and if you do not understand, ask for clarity. If you still do not understand, ask again. And then be still. Quiet your mind, that ever active part of you. Quiet your mind and allow your heart to speak to you. And if you still do not understand or are afraid to take that next step, then call upon us. For we are here for you. We see your path laid before you and will gently reposition you if necessary. But only with your permission.

You are never alone in the forest, in the darkness, in the silence. If you feel that tremor of fear begin to shake your being, that is the time to open your heart, to close the shutters on your mind. That is the time to take some deep, centering breaths. To feel Mother Earth beneath your feet, supporting you, as she always does, even when your thoughts are elsewhere. She is there quietly supporting your every step. How can you feel alone when you have this support beneath you every moment of your day?

Turn off that mind, that Ego which will become more nervous as its hold on you becomes weaker. Close your eyes and see the light that surrounds you. See the light that glows within you. Light connects to light, there is no other way. Open the portals within, if only a fraction, and allow the light to co-mingle, one with the other, and feel the shift within your entire being.

Be not afraid of who you really are.
Journey forward with the knowledge that all paths lead home. All paths.
Ask for help, for guidance, if you feel lost.

And if you feel alone, notice the strength of Mother Earth beneath you.
Her strength is your strength as you are one with Her.
As you are One with All of Thee.

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