Being of Light


That you are.

Can you accept your divinity?

Or do you shake

In the shadow of unworthiness?

Unaccepting of your true nature,

Unaware of the power of your service

In this world and beyond.

Dear One, Thee are The IAM, IAM. Thee are The IAM. There is no need to deny this truth any longer. For in your denial, you lose the power of any acts of service you might choose. Accepting this truth does not require arrogance. Just quiet acceptance, humility, compassion and love.

We have talked of perception many times. Your thoughts color how you see your world. Your past may still linger within your mind, within your body holding you captive in fear. The healing for you can be difficult for the memories remain of past torments and pain.

But there are more memories embedded within you. And these are the memories of being held in light while in your natural state prior to embodiment. A state of love and connection. These memories live within your heart center and can be reached through meditation and quiet reflection.

It is the pain of past suffering and loss that holds so many of you down. And we say to you, it is time for you to soar above these binding thoughts. How does one do this? Sit quietly, raise your arms above your head, palms together, slowly separate, palms out and bring them down around your sides. This creates a divine circle of love and safety around you as you begin to meditate.

Focus on your heart and allow it to beat in synchrony with the Universal heartbeat. You say you do not hear it but in truth, it is innate within you. It is a part of who you are. Listen. Trust the memory of this which resides within you.

Begin in your heart center and focus on your breath. Then begin to raise your focus higher within your body with each breath. Slowly, quietly, move your attention higher and higher until you reach and move through your crown chakra. Think or quietly repeat the mantra ‘I AM’ and mix your energies with those above you. Then bring them down into your body, through your chakras, out the soles of your feet and down into the Mother. Then draw up the Mother’s energies through your body and out your crown chakra.

You, Dear One, are the conduit between heaven and earth. Only embodied souls can mix both higher astral frequencies and the lower earthly frequencies. And these are mixed through this exercise, through your physical body. Combining and evening out the discord between the physical and the astral. You are the lightning rod, the catalyst for change.

Allow this light to heal your physical body as it pulses up and down your energetic centers. As you advance you can begin the exercise in your heart center and send energies in both directions on the outbreath. Returning and mixing within your heart center on the inbreath.

You are the IAM. Can you begin to understand the importance of your presence here upon this physical plane? Yes, you have come for your own personal growth. Lessons abound throughout your life. With synchronicities bringing you together with these lessons and guidance of how to be of love throughout.

But you are also an integral part of the healing of this physical plane. Of the expansion and growth of the collective consciousness. The path to Oneness is simple. It is through love. But the complexities of how all of creation, seen and unseen, interact is unfathomable for the human mind.

Even in the unseen world, beings in different realms do not hold the key to complete understanding of their existence and beyond. However, they are more aware of the power of love, the existence of love and being surrounded by love. Never alone.

Dear One, your service to the All is unique and most important as the Universe begins to expand outward and upward. You are a being of light whose strength and connection will pull you through.

Have faith in yourself

And in the role that you play

In this wondrous, ever-changing Universe.

You are the IAM.

Wondrous being of light.

Dearest One With All of Thee.

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Doing the Work

Enlightenment is the result

Of an awakening

To who you really are.

And the process of awakening

Requires reflection

And observation.

Are you ready for this?

Dear One, you are surrounded by divinity, you yourself are a divine being. But the process of being housed in a physical body has allowed you to become detached from your true nature. The road to enlightenment requires time and self-reflection.

Although you have many guides who are ready to help you on your journey, the work begins with you. The gift is not the enlightenment. The gift is in the process of awakening and becoming aware of the true nature of your being. For these moments of self-discovery can be intense moments of joy. Even if that joy comes after much trial and suffering.

For Dear One, this is the reason for your incarnation upon this plane. Just being told by another the how and the why of your present state of being is not of service to you. Small insights into your personal life are helpful to guide you down your path. But the personal work must be done by you.

Consider being given all the answers to a test without having had to prepare or study prior. What is the impact for you? Do you retain anything at all of what was given to you? However, if you spend hours preparing so that you truly understand the subject, do you not gain much more from the exercise?

The same is for your personal growth. If you do not spend the time in reflection and observation of the how’s and why’s of your behavior, how will just being given the information truly help you in your awakening?

The guidance you seek is not always provided in complete answers to your questions. Instead the guidance may lead you to the trailhead of the next path to take. The guidance may provide you with synchronous moments to provide the option for you to observe and decide how to best move forward.

And if there is a particular lesson you chose to learn this incarnation, each successive opportunity for learning it may be a little more difficult. For living without reflection does not allow for the AHA moment that is possible in each opportunity and the lesson will be lost.

You are held so dearly by all of divinity. Can you change your perspective to one of gratitude and reflection rather than one of being victim? This is not meant to downplay any intense suffering experienced by many. It is suggested to help you understand that all occurrences in your life are possibilities for growth.

Remember also that often what occurs in your life was meant to be a lesson for another. For prior to embodiment, your life’s possibilities were reviewed with loving intention. And often souls offer to experience certain interactions for the personal growth of other souls to be embodied at the same time.

Before you judge another harshly or feel extreme frustration in a situation, ask yourself if this is an opportunity for growth. For you or for another, for a nation, for the world. The complexities of the Universe are beyond the understanding of the human mind.

But the love that resides within your heart can provide much solace and peace. Allow the peace to gently send any thoughts on their way, not providing them a seat at the table. Just passing through as you reflect, observe and process a situation.

You will always have assistance and guidance in your personal awakening. But you must also do the work with each step you take forward.

You have the strength.

You have the connection.

And you are loved so dearly.

Help is always provided

Often in most subtle of ways.

Know the joy of awakening

To your true divinity.

Dearest One With All of Thee.

On the Cusp

on the cusp

Do you see it?

Can you feel it?

You are on the cusp of change.

Do not allow fear to detain you any longer.

For it is time to remove your blinders

And see clearly once again.

Dear One, you are on the cusp of change. Feel it, see it, hear it, taste it. For it is there in the wings, awaiting your introduction to bring it centerstage in your life. Draw back the curtains and invite it forward in all of its glory, with all of its empowerment and with its knowledge flowing forth from deep within you.

You have seen much in these years spent on this physical plane. Much of it has been challenging to watch, to experience. And yet, if you did not see the darkness, how could you yearn for the light? The duality has been necessary for you to mark the contrast between the extremes of existence. You have experienced both and you have emerged wounded, yet emboldened with the realization of which path you choose as you continue your journey.

You are on the cusp of understanding the purpose of your existence here upon this plane. Just as a young babe takes those first unsteady steps with conviction, so too, you have chosen to continue the journey in spite of being unsure of what lies ahead. You have come so far.

Honor how far you have come. Honor the scars you may have accumulated in the process. Honor the strength that has allowed you to forge through despite the challenges. And honor the lessons which filled you with the desire for a better life, a gentler life, a life of love over fear.

Breathe deeply and allow that breath of yours to carry you yet further on your journey. For that breath will bring with it the knowledge that stirs deep within you, ready to emerge to guide you forward. That breath connects you to every other organism upon this physical plane which breathes in unison with you.

Honor the connection you have with others. Can you raise your perspective and see the beauty of the movement of all of physical existence in unison? Just as your winged creatures create glorious forms above you as they move in mass, in synchrony. Many connected as one in forward movement. So too, with you. Connected as one, you are the creative juices flowing through the veins of the Mother.

For you to see this unity in form, your perspective must be from a higher vantage point. You are at the cusp, Dear One, ready to raise your own vibrations so that you are able to see the Oneness of All. You are threads on the same tapestry of life. You are molecules of life moving in and out, betwixt and among all other sentient beings. You are not one island in a sea of angst, but an archipelago connected and solidly grounded beneath the visible lines of sight.

You are on the cusp of great change and this truth brings shudders of joy and excitement throughout the Universe. Listen for that voice within which shall guide you forward. Feel the loving embrace which gently picks you up and rights you when you stumble. See kindred spirits revealing themselves through the eyes of your fellow travelers. If they show fear and trepidation, extend your hand out to them and embrace them with all of your being.

Love, self-awareness and shared experiences are propelling you forward on this journey of remembrance. And with each new day, a spark of recognition of truth, your truth, the Universal truth, will flare within you. You are ready for this. You have covered many miles to reach this point in your journey and you stand on the cusp of remembrance, of change.

Take the risk. Take the leap. Know that a safety net is always there for you in the loving embrace which concurrently cradles you with affection while gently urging you forward. Forward to freedom from your old ways of being.

Trust yourself and the process of your remembrance.

Love yourself and all who share this journey with you.

Embrace what is coming and see it only through the filters of love.

Love deeply and unconditionally.

Feel the joy and freedom of self-awareness.

And know peace, Dear One.

Dear One With All of Thee.



A simple word

That speaks volumes

In how to move forward

with grace and love.

Dear One, can you contemplate the value of acting upon this one word, surrender? A word that does not connote weakness or failure.  But instead, it embodies faith and trust in the workings of the Universe. Can you end your struggles and allow progress to unfold as it was meant to unfold; with lessons for all concerned; with an end result not fully anticipated by you.

Ego encourages you to push forward towards an outcome that you feel, in your human mind or with your human emotions, is the most optimal. But remember that you cannot see the entire picture from your perspective. Just as you do not see how your one small gesture of kindness can create a series of loving interactions, neither can you see how the final outcome will help with the personal growth of the All.

Trust, Dear One, that all is well and unfolding in the most beneficial way for the lessons to be learned. Surrender to what you may see within yourself as a flaw and look for the gift within that perceived flaw. Surrender to the situation which may at first appear undesirable and see how it has allowed you to grow in strength and compassion.

That is not to say that you allow yourself to be in harm’s way with any person or situation. What we ask is for you change your perspective on any perceived negative trait or situation. Can you forego judgment and replace it with acceptance and love? For this physical journey is a learning ground and all that occurs in your life is an opportunity for growth and change.

Keep your energetic vibration high to help raise the energies upon this planet. Do not allow yourself to be brought down by others not yet awakened. Be a mentor, a model, to others in how to move forward with grace. Allow your actions, your words, to lose that emotional charge which incites a lower vibration in response.

Do not minimize the strength, the power, of how you move through your world. Others will observe, either consciously or unconsciously. Do not discount how the energetic field which surrounds you can support or negate the lower vibrations of others. You are more powerful than you realize. See the gift of who you are and how you can, in your unique way, encourage a positive change in this world.

Surrender, Dear One, with trust and faith that you have everything that you need in this moment in time. Surrender, with the knowledge that any and all perceived flaws within your personality can also be powerful gifts. Surrender, without judgment, to that which occurs around you and look for the lessons within each interaction.

Allow the current of change to take you where you need to go. Trust this experiential journey upon which you have embarked. For the outcomes, in hindsight, will reveal their gifts, their value, in moving you forward upon your path.

Self-love, non-judgment and compassion hold the same power as the word surrender. Allow them all to enter into your psyche as you make your daily choices. Let them guide you forward. And know that we are with you every step of the way, loving you unconditionally.


Personal Light

You do not see it

But others do

And they are attracted to it

As a moth to a flame

Dear One, each and every one of you has a signature glow, a light which shines brightly within you and beyond. This flame is how you are found throughout the Universe, for no one else has the same shining light. All are different. All are unique and all were created in love.

Upon leaving this physical form, you return to us who have waited in anxious anticipation for your return. Your journey here upon this plane has been observed with a loving eye, encouraging you along the way. You are never alone. You are always loved. You ARE love incarnate.

Can you think in terms of energy rather than physical form? It is time for you to begin to contemplate this part of your true nature. This physical realm has enticed you into a mindset that sees illusion as truth. This entire existence, your entire makeup, the entire Universe and beyond were created as energy and will continue to exist always as energy.

If you sit quietly and close your eyes, you might say that all you see is darkness. But look again, look deeper and you will see points of light interspersed among that darkness. There is light everywhere. You are surrounded by it. You are a part of it.

Dear One, you have the ability, the power to share your light with the world. The thoughts that emanate from your mind come out as light, as energy, which travels far into the cosmos. The emotions which you feel do the same. The words which you speak vibrate as energy and move out from your physical frame, out and beyond.

There are those whom you encounter throughout this life who make you feel safe and comfortable. You are drawn to those people. Why? It is because they have allowed their inner light to shine forth, unencumbered by fear, surrounded only by love. And this reminds you of your home, your true home, in a non-physical realm vibrating with love and joy.

There is a part of you that understands these words and knows the truth revealed by them. Dear One, allow that part of you to gain strength once again, to gain momentum as you continue your journey back to the Source. Would it not be an easier journey with the knowledge of the love, the light, the individual and collective power that you carry with you at all times?

Sit and call forth this part of you which so aches to come forth. Perhaps you have experienced that ache in your heart and misunderstood it as a longing for something else. Consider that this longing which you feel is for a reconnection to your Divine Self which is trying to come forth in all of its glory.

Sit, breathe and allow the Divine to embrace you, to surround you with love. It is time for you to join the awakened souls and share your light with the world. EVERYONE is capable of this for everyone has a light to shine and contribute to the world.

Dear One, see yourself as we see you; as a radiant being surrounded by light.

See your words, your thoughts, as energetic waves of vibration moving out from you into the world and beyond.

Know that whatever happens here in this physical existence, you will be welcomed back with joy and unconditional love. For that is all there is.

Remember you were created in love; you are surrounded in love; you are love incarnate.

Dear One with All of Thee.




Peaceful Living

Are you breathing every day?

Do you feel your feet upon the ground with every step?

Do you see the beauty around you everywhere?

Dear One, it is up to you to choose whether or not you want a peaceful or chaotic life. It is your free will to choose. We are here to help you move forward on your path, but it is you who must make the choice. Are you able to say each morning upon awakening, Today I choose joy and peace in my life?

You are the captain at the helm and we are your crew willing to guide you through the rough waters into a smooth, serene and calm inlet. A place of respite to catch your breath and scan the horizon. Look for the calm waters, for they are there, every day, just below the surface, at the center of your being. For within you is the master of your life with the key to your serenity. This has always been the case. You have just forgotten to look within.

There is so much activity and energy coming at you from outside sources, you forget the peace within…a place where you can go to rest, though not to hide. For remember, you came here to experience a physical life with all of its nooks and crannies; all of its opportunities and possibilities. Indeed you are a courageous soul with much strength and power. Do not forget who you are and why you are here.

When you feel overwhelmed, take a moment to stop and breathe, in and out, in and out. For if you are tense, you may have forgotten how powerful and soothing that breath can be for you. Close your eyes and see that internal flame of light. For it is there and will never go away, though it might flicker at times of uncertainty. It is that internal light of yours that guides us to you. For each of you has a signature glow that is only yours, unique to you always through eternity. No matter where you are, which existence or plane you have chosen to experience, you always have your signature glow. The light within you is who you truly are.

If you imagine the Source as a magnificent entity of light emanating love across infinity, you are a part of that Source. Your internal flame came from that Source and so you are a part of the All. That can never change. And your experiences here and in other destinations bring back knowledge to the Source, experiential knowledge collected by you. And you WILL return to the loving embrace of the Source. For like returns to like.

There are many planes, many opportunities for growth, and an infinite number of flames of light, just like you, across the entire collective consciousness. You are never alone, Dear One and you are a part of the Magnificence of Being as is all of creation. Everything you see, everything you hold, everything you hear or smell, all of this is a part of the Source.

Contemplate upon this information, for it may be new to many of you. And yet, in your contemplation there may be a tiny spark of recognition in these words. For truth has a way of revealing itself to you at a time when you are ready to hear it. We feel this is that time for many of you.

Today, choose peace and joy in all that you do.

Today, feel the internal strength rising within you.

Today, allow the smile of recognition to emerge from within.

For now and always, you are One With All of Thee.

Perspective is Key

How do you see your life?
Do you see challenges
Or do you see opportunities for growth?
How do you view your life?

Dear one, life is unfolding for you exactly as it should. Remember that there are many unseen forces contributing to your forward movement. But as you continue to grow, you will become more aware of these forces within and around you. You do not see them now because you know not for what you are looking.

There are many layers of life here upon this physical plane. For not only are you affected by the physical attributes available to your physical existence, you are also affected by vibrations higher than can be perceived at this time by your physical body. For although you exist here upon this earthly plane, there is still a part of you that is anchored in another dimension of higher vibration. It is for this reason, that you might often become confused and feel the shift, the repercussions of existing in both dimensions at the same time.

For this reason, we ask you to understand that all that is unfolding is for the highest good. Hard to accept, we understand, when you look at it only from a human perspective. But you are not only a human body. You are truly a spiritual being who is temporarily inhabiting a physical form in order to grow and learn. In order to teach the collective consciousness from the experiences you have here upon this physical plane.

For being here is an opportunity, a gift of which not all spiritual beings are able to partake. You, you were the courageous one to come here to this plane of heaviness with feelings of separateness. You, you were anxious to have the earthly experiences available here upon this plane. And for some it has been more difficult than originally imagined. For inhabiting these physical forms creates the illusion of separateness that overshadows the truth of Oneness of All beings.

Can you, then, change your perspective from one of worry, fear, and gloom to one of love and acceptance? Can you feel your inner vibration begin to rise as you change your perspective from a negative to a positive one? Can you begin to understand that all that occurs in your life is a step forward, a gift of change, an opportunity for growth? If you can begin to view your life in this manner, without judgment or fear, the internal struggle that you feel will begin to abate. And peace will begin to descend upon you. It will envelope you and as a result you will feel the joy that is your innate right, your true state of being.

Dear One, when times become too difficult and you feel yourself once again sliding down that slope to negativity, stop and allow yourself a moment to breathe. One deep breath in, holding for a few seconds, and then blowing it out as you release the tension that has built up within you.

As the entire planet continues in its transformation, you may experience more physical challenges. But know that all is temporary, all changes will accelerate your growth and help to raise the vibration not only of your personal physical form, but for the entire planet on which you currently reside.

Change your perspective from one of doubt and fear, to one of joy and acceptance. For the heavens sing for you. They sing with joy at the progress you have made. They sing for they understand how far you have come and how bright the future will be for you. Any physical changes that occur to you or to the Mother are necessary for the continued rise of vibration across the entire Universe.

You have accomplished so much, Dear One.
And for that we sing to you. We sing for you.
And we hold much gratitude in our hearts for this courageous and selfless journey upon which you have partaken.

Many blessings to you, Dear One.
You are much loved by All.

To Be At One

What does this mean?
How do you walk in unity?
How does this change your life?

Dear One, you already are one with all of thee. What has not yet occurred for many of you is having this realization of who you really are. This is the next step for you…to understand the meaning of this truth as you walk upon this physical plane.

Think of the human body made up of millions, trillions, countless individual cells. And although these cells are separate, they are all a part of the same organism. And they all work in unison in order for that organism to exist and to navigate through the day. These individual cells may not be in close proximity, and yet the existence of one is necessary for the survival of the other. What happens to a cell in one part of the body can most definitely affect other cells in other parts of the same body.

So too is it with you and the countless other souls in existence. All are one. All are a part of a whole organism which requires each and every individual soul in order to move forward. The actions that you take affect other parts of this organism. As do their actions affect you. But, unlike the human body, the connections are not as visually apparent and so it is more difficult to accept this concept. And yet, this is the reality of your existence. All connected, all as one. One with All of Thee.

So again, we say to you, as you move through your day, be aware of how you affect all in your environment …..animal, mineral, human, vegetable, spirit, etc. It is impossible for you NOT to be able to do so. Just as the action of one cell in the human body can make a vast difference to the rest of the organism and its cells. This is how it is across the entire universe.

And so, be aware of your actions, thoughts and words. Understand that what happens in a place distant geographically will still affect you. For the impulses are sent as waves which can travel great distances at great speeds. Understand that you are a part of an intricate web of existence and the ebb and flow, similar to the breath, the pulse, of the universe moves through every living being.

Of this you can be sure. Your reach extends greatly out into the universe of which you are an integral part. Do not diminish the value of your contributions. For your mere presence in a room can change the immediate environment. It is your choice as to how you wish to change that environment. Will it be positive or negative?

Be the loving, enlightened being that you truly are.
Make it a positive change. One held in light and in love.
This is your path.
Walk it proudly and in love.
For love is all that is and that of which you are.

Many blessings to you, dear one.


Do you understand its meaning?
Do you remember where you have been?
Do you know where you are going?

Dear One, do you really understand the concept of existence in its truest form? This is not the current physical form that you inhabit of which we speak. What we would like you to contemplate is the true nature of your being. The connection of all things. The existence of light and love that permeates every living thing. EVERY living thing.

Can you begin to open up your mind to consider a consciousness that pulses only with light and with love? Can you accept that this is your true nature of being? This human form, this physical existence, is only a temporary stopping ground, an illusion if you will, to be used as a playground, a teaching arena to help you move forward and to expand your own consciousness. And that of the collective consciousness.

We have used this term often, the collective consciousness, for it best describes existence. There is no separateness between any living being, be it animal, mineral, vegetable, spirit, vapor, liquid. Are you able to ruminate upon that truth? You are one with all that has ever existed. There is no separation. There is no end. There is no beginning. There is just you and you encompass all.

We understand that this might be a new concept to many of you. So consider life consisting of wave forms rather than solid mass. Imagine your hand in a body of water and how it feels as you move it against the liquid. How the water moves in synchrony with the movement of your hand. How the movement of your hand stirs the water. Slow movement results in gentle waves. Fast movement results in turbidity or perhaps a vortex. Consider this visual as you read our words of how all are connected. For it is not only your voice, your breath, your physical motion that creates waves of movement around you. It is also your thoughts which flow from you in waves with either a positive or negative force attached.

Dear One, it is time for you begin to think in terms of waves instead of physical form. Sit quietly, breathe deeply and slowly move your palms closer and closer together. There will be a point before they physically touch, that you will feel a soft resistance, a force between them. This is a form of the waves of energy of which we speak.

In reality, this energy which is your true nature is only light and only love. But here in this physical plane you have the choice to see it as either positive or negative. This is part of your journey, part of your lesson here, to find your way back to the reality of who you truly are. It is not an easy journey with the detours of a physical existence. But it is possible. And for all of you, there will be a time when you reflect back upon this physical journey as you view it from the perspective of the enlightened being that you truly are. Dear One, you are nothing less than that. You truly are an enlightened being of light and love on a journey of discovery and knowledge.

You have always been this enlightened being.
You will continue to be this enlightened being.
And there will come a time that this truth will once again be a natural state for you.

So continue your journey with the knowledge that the destination is already determined.
It is only the path you take that is your choice to make.

Opening to the Divine Within

You are Divine
You have always been Divine
You always will be Divine
No matter what you say, do, or think.

Dear One, the true nature of your being is Divine spirit. If you believe that All is One, then how can you not believe that the Divine lives within you; that you are part of the Divine. This is who you truly are. Begin to accept and use the power given to you by acknowledging your true nature. This is the first step.

How is it possible that someone like you who struggles every day, who sees all their personal failings, who doesn’t feel the divine presence within, can actually be a part of the Divine? It is because your true sight has been blocked by fear and acceptance of the physical world in which you live as the only world. When in fact, this world is an illusion. Only present for you in order to allow you to grow, to experience the richness of different stimuli, different situations that do not exist in your natural state.

Can you accept that this world in which you live is a gift for you? Can you begin to understand that all that happens here for you is only a temporary state until you return home to your true existence? Can you begin to understand that this illusion of life here upon this plane can be changed by you by changing your perspective?

You have lived long enough in your mind accepting the limitations that it offers. The time has now come for you to understand the power you have to change your world; not only your personal world, but the entire physical world in which you live. Do not doubt this truth, for remember, you are Divine!

We understand that the steps you have been taking in this direction have been small, measured and hesitant. But there is no longer time to hesitate. It is now time for you to take giant leaps forward. All that you believed before about your personal limitations must be discarded in order to do this next step. We understand that this is still difficult for you, which is why we speak to you here and in other venues. To encourage you. To assure you that WE are your safety net as you begin to spread your wings and fly.

This is your natural state……not one to be in only during short moments of meditation or prayer, but every moment of your day. This state truly is effortless, if you open the cage door behind which you have lived for so very long. See the beauty surrounding you and the beauty within you. Beauty draws beauty and Dear One, it begins with you. Within you. Share that inner beauty of which you only allow fleeting glimpses to others. Open up the flood gates and allow the rush of light to shine forth.

Can you see the possibilities if all of you, each and every one of you, allowed this to happen? There would no longer be darkness, for it will have been washed away with the inner light of all of you. The Divine light is there within and the time is now for it to burst forth in all of its splendor.

You, Dear One, are ready for this.
Take our hand and allow us to guide you forward.
The path behind you has dissolved and the path forward is covered in diamonds of light.
Sparkling, inviting, lighting the way.

Take a chance, take a leap, and discover that indeed, you can fly!
Divine One, this is your time.

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