Finding Your Way


Are you feeling lost

Not knowing how to move forward?

Are you questioning who you are

And why you are not at peace

Within your heart?

Dear One, do not despair at the state of your life and the unsettled feelings you have within your heart. Do not despair at the number of questions you feel lie unanswered in your mind. Know that you are never alone and that relief is but a breath away.

The world in which you live is changing at a rapid pace, not only by events that are obvious, but also due to unseen energetic alterations occurring daily. Though not as obvious, these energetic changes are felt by you in sometimes subtle and often profound ways.

For you are an energetic being, connected to all things by these unseen forces. You are one with Nature, one with the Universe, one with the cosmic consciousness. You have lived most of your life focusing only on the physical aspect of your existence. But you now feel that something is missing in your understanding of how things really are in your world.

Your internal clock moves in synchrony with the all of existence, unnoticed by your physical nature. And your true essence knows that the time is now for you to become more aware of your true nature and connection. It longs for your consciousness to awaken once again to the awareness of who you really are, a Divine Being.

Your physical mind cannot comprehend this concept, while your heart center aches for your journey of remembrance to begin. And it begins with a breath, a centering breath, as you allow yourself to trust once again that internal, eternal voice that guides you back to your truest essence.

Your mind resists because it has no point of reference with this non-physical existence. The purpose of your mind is to help you navigate this physical world. But your heart knows and is aching to be once again your guiding force, as your time has come to reawaken and reclaim your position in the all of creation.

Fear not, but allow your intuition to come forth and guide you. This is your inner voice, and just as like attracts like, it is anxious to join forces with all those who have already begun the journey of awakening. This internal struggle will ease as you give more credence to what your sub-conscious already knows.

The answers are in how you feel, not in how you think. Follow your instincts and allow yourself the time to sit and breathe, to have the quiet time of connection. When you do this, your mind may not want to co-operate and stop the chatter. But do not despair, for every attempt you make to sit and just be will allow you moments in which you truly do connect; even though you may be unaware at first at how far you are able to travel, amidst the perceived chaos. Do not strive for perfection, only for practice, and one day you will suddenly realize that you have achieved more mastery in connection during these quiet times.

When you sit in silence, place your hand upon your heart and focus on the warmth of the touch. Contemplate those for whom you have gratitude, compassion or love. Breathe and just feel the calmness settle into your entire being. Your journey has begun and as you continue to practice this as often as you can, the internal struggle shall lessen. You will begin to trust the gentle voice that whispers in your ear.

Dear One, know that you are never alone and that help is always available to you at your call. Feel your connection with the Mother, with all things and all of existence. You are not greater or lesser than any of them; you are a part of them. Cease the judgment, the comparisons, and replace those with peaceful acceptance of your connection with all. You belong exactly where you are and you have something unique and powerful to contribute to the All.

Trust, as we do, that you will find your way back to Us. In truth, you have never really been apart from Us. There has always been a part of you who understands the reality of your existence. It is just now stretching and beginning to emerge in all of its glory, moving from within your heart to fill every cell of your being.

Dear One, all is well and you are on your way.

Accept the glory of who you really are.

Accept the connection which has always been.

Accept the loving embrace that envelops you at all times.

You are never alone and you shine with a most glorious radiance.

Dear One With All of Thee.


Your Place in the World


grant collier. northern lights 2

You are a drop of dew on a leaf

Glistening in the sunlight,

Transforming to a raindrop

To quench the thirst of a parched land.

You are a grain of sand

You are a ray of sunshine

You are a gentle breeze

You are all of these and more


For you are One With All of Thee


Dear One, you do not have a singular place in this world, in this universe, for you are one with all. Ego asks you to choose a label and stay with that identity for a lifetime. However the truth is that you are like a chameleon, ever-changing; like a breath of air, free-flowing and far-reaching. You are not one person or one thing. You are One with All for you are a Divine Being.

As you continue to awaken, this truth will become more understandable to you. You will begin to feel your connection to all around you; the love and yes, the pain of others in a physical body and even those who have left this physical plane on their journeys.

You will feel the loving connection with Mother Earth and hear her calls for a gentle touch for all of her creatures. You will begin to know without conscious decisions what the next step is for you to take upon your journey; what action is needed for the highest good for all concerned. This is how your awakening will slowly change how you live your life here upon this plane.

Do not be afraid of these changes, for many have already begun this transition to a higher consciousness of awareness while still inhabiting a physical body. And they are supporting you with their divine light as they understand the importance of a loving embrace for all of creation. Reach out to them, accept their help, their love and their support as you learn how to navigate a new way of being.

Your place in this world is not a single destination. Rather it is an omnipresence, a connection with all of creation. Your place in this world is a state of unconditional love, for yourself and for others; no matter what the situation, this constant state of love is your place in the world.

Begin by nurturing yourself as you take this step forward in grace. Awakening brings more sensitivity to the changes in your physical world along with the emotional states of others. Know that new sensations, new experiences never felt by you before may begin to occur. Be not afraid. But seek out help from others if you require assistance in moving forward. Call upon those of us in the unseen world who are with you every moment of your life. And know, truly know, that many are sending you love and support for the next step you are to take.

Yes, there is much fear and pain in your world at this time. But there is also a wealth of love slowly penetrating the dark corners that harbor fear. For this fear must be brought out into the light so that those not as awakened are also able to see where they are to focus their loving thoughts.

Your place in the world is here, in this physical body; it is there, in loving energy; it is everywhere in the blinding light of your true nature. You exist across continents, across worlds, across dimensions into infinity, for you are One.

Dear One, take a deep breath, and send love out into this world. There is an untapped power within you that is aching to be free to share love with one and all. And as you send this love out unto the world, know that it also comes back to you as a reflection of who you are and what you do.

Dear One, know your place in the world is vast and untethered, but also contained in the temple of your physical body. Move through this world gently, lovingly, and with grace. Treat the temple which houses your soul with that same loving gentleness.

Your place in the world is within the loving embrace provided by you as part of the All.

Be at peace with this, Dear One.

Dear One with All of Thee.


The Oneness of All


Summer Memories.. Elena Shumilova

Why have you separated yourself from others,

From the All?

Do you not understand  that All are connected,

All are One?

Dear One, as you have progressed upon this physical journey of growth, many have forgotten that all come from the same Source and all shall return to the same Source. Many view each other and their surroundings as separate individuals, entities, when in truth all are connected. All are the same.

Do you not see, understand, that what affects others, what affects your world, also affects you because of this connection? This includes your physical world, Mother Earth, who freely gives of herself to provide for your physical survival here upon this plane.

Dear One, each and every one of you is a unique individual with special gifts to share. But that does not mean others, who by all outward appearances seem separate, do not have their own wisdom to share. The survival of this world depends upon your awakening to your realization of the Oneness of All.

We are encouraged by how many of you have realized this truth and move forward on your paths with grace, compassion and loving kindness towards others. It is to you that we speak, who we ask to share your internal light with those still stumbling upon their paths.

Do not allow them to shade your brilliance with their fear of lack and separation. Instead, help them to begin to see their own brilliance, their connection to All, by shining your light upon them.

How is this done? Walk in love, Dear One. Teach by example. Share only positive vibrations in your thoughts, your words and your actions. Understand that the source of their negativity is fear. And so, counteract that fear with love.

The power within you to transform fear into love is still unrealized by many. Begin by sending out love with every breath you take. See your world, your fellow travelers upon this plane, as whole, loving beings; for this is what all of thee truly are.

By seeing all in a positive light, vibrating in that higher frequency which is their natural state, you can help them reawaken to who they really are. Engage with others with your heart rather than with your mind.

For Ego continues to live within your mind encouraging fear of the future and remembrance of the past. And Ego is steadfast in retaining its power over the human condition. Can you instead connect with others through your heart; for that is where all are one with each other and with the Source?

Dear One, power lies with love, providing abundance for all. Any other perception of power is only an illusion. You are here at this time to help to move this planet, the universe and collective consciousness forward. Can you provide support to allow for those who have lost their way to come back to the power of love?

Do not doubt the power of sharing your light with others. Consider what might happen if all of thee who have awakened hold steady in shining their radiance. The time is now for you to step up. The fear and darkness that has existed for so long is now being brought into the light. And it is by emerging into the light that this fear can be transmuted into love.

Begin today, at this very moment. Send love with every breath. You are the impetus for change that is necessary at this time. We believe in you and in the power of love.

Dear One, keep your vibrations high with compassionate detachment. Be of love. Be of light. This is your true nature and the true nature of all who exist here upon this plane at this time. You have our loving support at all times.

We believe in you.

We love you unconditionally.

Share your light with the world and see how it can change.










Embrace yourself in your entirety

For there is nothing within you

But the wealth of the universe

Encompassing All That Is

Dear One, you are an expression of the universal being. All That Is lives within you, encased within that physical form which you identify as self.  For you are one with all and therefore have the knowledge, the complexities, and the love of all of creation within you.

What does this mean to you as you try to find your way in this physical world? It means that you have the potential to be, to express any part of the cosmic consciousness in your thoughts, your words, your actions. All of this is available to you as you walk this path of self-discovery.

You knew this as a child before you were subtly encouraged to develop certain traits that may have been more accepted within your communities. This was part of the learning process of being upon this physical plane.

But in doing so, you may have judged parts of yourself which complete you as a child of the universe. For Dear One, there is a gift, a sparkle of light, in every aspect of your being. The challenge for you is to accept all parts of yourself while understanding that each perceived flaw has a gift embedded within it.

Can you begin to see yourself in your entirety without judgment: the darkness and the light? For each aspect, potential, within you has a purpose as you continue on your journey. Those perceived flaws can often be a reminder that all of humanity has the potential to act at any point along your spectrum of accepted behavior.

Existing within this human condition allows you to experience a plethora of emotions, some accepted, while others are judged as unacceptable. But as you continue to grow, you will begin to see the value in accepting each emotion as it arises within your belly.

The key is to acknowledge all emotions as a part of who you are. The growth comes when you understand the potential value or harm that may come from acting upon that emotion. And often a trait or emotion that you see as negative would be of great service if the intensity or frequency of expression were lowered.

Dear One, you are a child of the universe on a journey of self-discovery. The path ahead may not always be clear. But is not the purpose of this physical existence one of lessons and growth?  Where would the opportunities for growth be on a journey free of obstacles and challenges?

You are a filled with complexities and potentials to walk in love or in fear. Can you love all aspects of yourself as they reveal themselves to you? Rather than suppress and ignore, can you accept and acknowledge your potential to contribute to the darkness rather than the light?

As you begin to see the commonality of potential among all of humanity; as you begin to accept that life circumstances can shift the pendulum of response one direction or the other; perhaps then you will be able to have compassion for those you have judged in the past.

Judge not, Dear One, yourself or others. Each of you has lessons to learn, challenges to face and choices to make in how you respond to those challenges.

Choose love each time rather than fear. For all are connected to the Source with all of its possibilities.

Choose to acknowledge the potential within yourself for any action along the wide spectrum of lightness or darkness.

See the value of acceptance of ALL of you as another layer of your personality is revealed. And know, that you are loved by us unconditionally.Can you, Dear One, do the same and love yourself unconditionally?

For you are part of us, part of the Source, part of all of humanity.

All were created in love and will return to love after this physical journey is completed.

For love is all there is.



How do you approach change in your life?

Do you push so it will occur as you think it should?

Or do you surrender and allow it to unfold?

Dear One, as you walk this physical journey you will have many changes occur in your life. Some of them may be initiated by you. Others may appear completely unexpectedly. And so we ask, how do you approach this change in your life?

If you have been inspired to make a change in your life, you most likely have a vision in your mind of how that change will impact your life. You make the assumption that if you do this then the result with be that. In fact, you may have purposely initiated this change with a certain outcome in mind.

Or perhaps, there is a sudden major shift in the direction you are moving and it takes you by surprise. In these cases, you may have no idea what the outcome might be. In fact, you may conjure up many possibilities which are fear-based and unsettling for you, encouraging you to try to control the direction of the outcome.

What is the best way for you to approach change in your life? Remember, Dear One, that you are not able to see the greater perspective as we do from our vantage point. You may not know how this shift in your life affects others. You may not see the lessons, the potential gifts of this change in direction for yourself and for others.

Can you surrender and trust that this shift will unfold exactly as it should for the highest good of all concerned? Can you quiet the chatter in your mind which anticipates problems or pitfalls that have not yet occurred and may never occur? Can you release the fear that creeps into your belly and just be present in the now? For this very moment is all that exists.

It is so easy for the human mind to create a plethora of outcomes, many based on fear. This mind of yours likes to be active and fear seems to provide many more possible scenarios than joy. Can you calm that inner turmoil and just allow the ebb and flow of the universal connections to move toward the most natural of outcomes?

If you must focus on outcome, can you choose the possible outcomes which are created in joy, in abundance, in love and in power? You have that choice, Dear One. When fear of the unknown begins to rise in your belly, shine that wondrous radiant light that is yours upon this trembling mass of negativity and doubt. Breathe in and breathe out the love of which you are made and engulf that fear with this unlimited love. You are very capable of taking this action.

How often have you anticipated an outcome and mourned the fact that it never occurred; only to be grateful when you have more distance from the entire situation? Can you trust that you have the strength and the support to move gently through any perceived challenges? Can you trust that you can move forward with grace and love and peace of mind?

It begins with recognizing your own power and your own worth. It begins with having enough faith in yourself and in your connection to the All to allow this change to unfold in the most perfect way.

Remember, Dear One, that the human mind sets great limitations on possible outcomes for every moment of your life. This is partially due to your inability to see and to believe in your own greatness and majesty.

Dear One, surrender to the truth that you are a wondrous and powerful being with strong connections to the All. You indeed are a part of this great mosaic of majestic love that encompasses all of creation. Understand that you are being supported and watched over with a love so tender and unconditional.

Call upon us for help when needed. And then know that every moment after the call that help is being sent in the most perfect way. Do not anticipate. Just allow and trust. Trust yourself and your place in the universe. Trust that life for you is unfolding exactly as it should and that you will survive in the most perfect way.

For you, Dear One, are a part of the majesty, the light and the strength of the All.

You are One With All of Thee.

Opportunity for Change


In your daily life

Do you see opportunity

Or do you see only

Challenge and hardship?

Dear One, this day is filled with opportunities to grow, to love, to see beauty and feel joy with every breath that you take. Can you change your perspective from one of fear and frustration to one of love and gratitude for all that you have?

Frustration is a human condition caused by fear. This could be fear of change, fear of seeing your own power, fear of making a wrong decision, fear of not doing enough. When this emotion presents itself it is an opportunity to pause and take an honest look at how you are moving through your world.

Repetition and routine are how you accomplish the many tasks that you have on your daily list. They help you to move through you day with precision and a sense of satisfaction in all that you have completed.

However, the question is in what state of mind did you complete these daily tasks? Were you mindful of all of your actions, aware of how you felt as you completed each task? Or did you perform without thinking or being present? Did you perform them with joy and gratitude or with anger and dread?

Dear One, how you approach each task is an opportunity for you to assess what is driving you forward and what you are putting out into the world, the collective consciousness. We are not saying this to cause self-judgment. We are encouraging you to be more aware of how you are moving through your day.

If frustration appears in your life, then can you reflect on what that frustration is telling you; about changes you might make in your life, or in the way you see your world? If it is fear based, can you consider what is causing that fear?

Are you able to see a pattern that perhaps needs to change? Can you give yourself time to consider your motives, your attitudes and what opportunities are in your life at this very moment to change?

Dear One, know that you are surrounded by loving guidance ready to help at your request. Ask for help, for clarity; from colleagues, friends or from your divine guidance. For perhaps you are being encouraged to make a change in course. This change could be as minor as approaching each moment with mindfulness and joy. Or this change could require taking that leap of faith to follow a passion you have been denying for so long.

When emotions arise, do not attempt to stop them, but allow them to surface and run their course. And while they are at your door, ask them what it was that invited them in.

Ask for clarification and see the opportunity being presented to you during these times of self-reflection. And know, Dear One, there are no wrong decisions. Every choice you make moves you forward on your personal journey.

Listen, Dear One, to what you are being told every day through these emotions felt and know that change is possible. Your life is unfolding exactly as it should and often these times of challenge are positioning you to move in a different direction. Perhaps a direction you never considered.

Trust, Dear One, and have faith in your own powers of perception and intuition.

Know, Dear One, that opportunities present themselves to you every day.

Love yourself, Dear One, despite any perceived failures or setbacks.

For your journey continues to move you forward. And your existence here upon this physical plane is held in much gratitude. You are the courageous one for embarking on this physical journey.

You are connected to the Source. And your life presents beauty, joy, love and opportunity for growth with every breath.

Breathe deeply and accept the Love of the All.

You cannot fail for you are a divine being.

One With All of Thee.


How do you see yourself?

Are you worth loving?

Do you respect yourself?

Or do you focus only on your failures?

Dear One, so many of you accept the view that you are imperfect in many aspects of your life. You are too much of this, not enough of that. You have allowed comments and criticisms from your past to remain with you throughout your adult life.

Instead of seeing the light that shines from within, the light that emanates from your very pores, you only see someone who has in some way failed. You have held onto perceived failures, believed descriptions of yourself from those blind to your inner light.

It is time for you to rise up to your full potential and discard the stories of old that you have used to navigate your journey through life. It is time for you to forgive yourself for anything you feel you may have done to hurt another. It is time for you to show compassion to yourself for actions done while you were still so very young, so early in your personal journey.

And it is time for you to forgive those who you feel wronged you in the past. For by holding on to any beliefs or memories of being victimized only continues to make you a victim. But by doing so, you have become the perpetrator, a victim of yourself and your inability to move past this story of old.

Dear One, can you be your authentic self and honor that person who you are today? Can you live in the present and cease the old way of thinking, of seeing yourself in a negative light? Can you begin to understand that you are a loving being of light, loveable and wondrous; a being who chose a life of self-discovery regardless of which stones might have appeared on the path?

Stand tall, and see, truly see, the value that you have as a sentient being, as a friend, as a person with much to offer those who cross your path. Respect yourself for the mileage you have already accrued on this personal journey of yours. Honor yourself for getting to where you are today. For if you look back, chances are you would never have imagined coming this far.

Dear One, can you let go of the past and live in the present in all of your grace and glory? Can you change the life patterns begun so long ago when, in your early development, you accepted as truth how others described you? Can you release the belief you may have that you are not worthy of better treatment?

Break those chains of bondage that hold those old beliefs so close to your heart. Begin by knowing you have great value and much to offer. If others in your life have not or still do not treat you with loving kindness, then bless them and move on. Bless them, forgive them and do not accept their negative behavior, their negative descriptions of who you really are.

For Dear One, we can see you in all of your brilliance. Perhaps there are a few bumps you have received on your journey, but you are still here and they have made you stronger. Stand tall, yet with humility. Bless and forgive yourself and others. Walk in grace knowing that you leave a trail of pearls on the path behind you.

Change your world, serve your world, by first changing how you see yourself.

For you shine, you are a giver of light and joy.

You are a loving being on a human path.

You are a part of the Divine,

One With All of Thee.

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