Resistance to Change

What is the tether

That keeps you from freedom?

What holds you captive

In a world of chaos and fear?

What keeps you

From a stronger connection

To your higher self?

Resistance to change.

Dear One, can you begin to understand how your fear of the unknown is holding you hostage? Your path to freedom begins with moving out of your comfort zone. Allowing yourself to leave the baggage behind. Taking a step forward into the mist with only faith and trust. Trust that you are more than this human form with restrictions and limitations. Can you just be and set yourself free?

The veil between worlds has parted and you now have the capability of moving further into the freedom of the unseen world. Freedom from worry, judgment and suffering. Freedom to just be. And by doing so you soon realize the strength of the connection between you and your higher Self. Between you and the Source.

What is occurring in your world at this very moment is massive change. Change that can be challenging unless you allow yourself to ride the waves with trust and faith. We ask you to begin to shed those layers of fear which have burdened you for so long. We ask you to expand your mind to realize that the possibilities in your life are limitless. And we ask you to allow love to supersede fear in every aspect of your life.

You live in a physical world with all of its rules and regulations, with endless tasks that fill your day. You try to keep up and to manage as best you can. But you are exhausted. From the mounting expectations of this physical world, from the constant drama which fills this world and with your doubts of your own capabilities of moving forward.

Can you change the way you see your world, the way you move through your world? Can you begin to shift your view of yourself from a limited human being to the embodiment of a divine being? We are not suggesting arrogance but acceptance of the possibility that life is greater than that which you experience with your human senses. That YOU have more potential, more power and more grace than you could ever have imagined!

Dear One, you now have a foot in both worlds. We have told you this numerous times. We ask you to put more weight on that foot in the unseen world from this point on. By considering the possibility that you are more than you realize. That there is an existence beyond this physical world. And that you are strongly connected to those higher realms. This connection is as natural as each breath that you take. Unconsciously, but a constant in your every moment of your life.

By accepting this connection to the unseen world, you will lighten the load of your human existence. Can you begin to change your priorities in life to accommodate your dual existence in the unseen world? Can you consider that time may be better spent in connection by ‘just being’ rather than completing a human task to perfection?

Can you begin to weigh the difference between the call from your higher Self and the call from your human self? For at this time, you do hear both, though you may not yet realize it. Which activity is more important to you at this time, a task of duty or an activity of joy? We do not suggest you cease acting from integrity. We only ask you to stop and question the mindless repetition of things that bring you no joy.

Putting more weight on that foot in the unseen world will bring more trust and faith. It will strengthen your understanding of these connections. And with more trust and faith, the challenges created by these current changes in the physical world will lighten and become less burdensome.

Change is here and will continue. And part of that change is within you, Dear One. The change in the realization that you are indeed a brilliant being of light living in a physical world. The realization that through your connections with the higher realms you can ease the suffering here upon this plane.

Can you change your view of this world

And of your purpose in being here?

Rather than resist the change that is occurring

Can you ride the wave of change with trust,

With faith and with grace?

Consider changing your priorities

And see how this changes your world.

Accept your power, accept who you truly are

Dearest, dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

I’ll hold space for all across this globe to open their hearts and their minds to who they truly are. For all to release their resistance to change. And to reconsider their priorities in their lives.  Let us all hold each other up with loving support as we inch closer to a new way of being.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude to the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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On the Cusp

on the cusp

Do you see it?

Can you feel it?

You are on the cusp of change.

Do not allow fear to detain you any longer.

For it is time to remove your blinders

And see clearly once again.

Dear One, you are on the cusp of change. Feel it, see it, hear it, taste it. For it is there in the wings, awaiting your introduction to bring it centerstage in your life. Draw back the curtains and invite it forward in all of its glory, with all of its empowerment and with its knowledge flowing forth from deep within you.

You have seen much in these years spent on this physical plane. Much of it has been challenging to watch, to experience. And yet, if you did not see the darkness, how could you yearn for the light? The duality has been necessary for you to mark the contrast between the extremes of existence. You have experienced both and you have emerged wounded, yet emboldened with the realization of which path you choose as you continue your journey.

You are on the cusp of understanding the purpose of your existence here upon this plane. Just as a young babe takes those first unsteady steps with conviction, so too, you have chosen to continue the journey in spite of being unsure of what lies ahead. You have come so far.

Honor how far you have come. Honor the scars you may have accumulated in the process. Honor the strength that has allowed you to forge through despite the challenges. And honor the lessons which filled you with the desire for a better life, a gentler life, a life of love over fear.

Breathe deeply and allow that breath of yours to carry you yet further on your journey. For that breath will bring with it the knowledge that stirs deep within you, ready to emerge to guide you forward. That breath connects you to every other organism upon this physical plane which breathes in unison with you.

Honor the connection you have with others. Can you raise your perspective and see the beauty of the movement of all of physical existence in unison? Just as your winged creatures create glorious forms above you as they move in mass, in synchrony. Many connected as one in forward movement. So too, with you. Connected as one, you are the creative juices flowing through the veins of the Mother.

For you to see this unity in form, your perspective must be from a higher vantage point. You are at the cusp, Dear One, ready to raise your own vibrations so that you are able to see the Oneness of All. You are threads on the same tapestry of life. You are molecules of life moving in and out, betwixt and among all other sentient beings. You are not one island in a sea of angst, but an archipelago connected and solidly grounded beneath the visible lines of sight.

You are on the cusp of great change and this truth brings shudders of joy and excitement throughout the Universe. Listen for that voice within which shall guide you forward. Feel the loving embrace which gently picks you up and rights you when you stumble. See kindred spirits revealing themselves through the eyes of your fellow travelers. If they show fear and trepidation, extend your hand out to them and embrace them with all of your being.

Love, self-awareness and shared experiences are propelling you forward on this journey of remembrance. And with each new day, a spark of recognition of truth, your truth, the Universal truth, will flare within you. You are ready for this. You have covered many miles to reach this point in your journey and you stand on the cusp of remembrance, of change.

Take the risk. Take the leap. Know that a safety net is always there for you in the loving embrace which concurrently cradles you with affection while gently urging you forward. Forward to freedom from your old ways of being.

Trust yourself and the process of your remembrance.

Love yourself and all who share this journey with you.

Embrace what is coming and see it only through the filters of love.

Love deeply and unconditionally.

Feel the joy and freedom of self-awareness.

And know peace, Dear One.

Dear One With All of Thee.

Loving Thoughts


Honor yourself for all the joy you have brought to others

Honor others for the gifts they have given you

Some very apparent

While others require quiet reflection

In order to see the power of the interaction,

To see the perfection of the gift

As you move forward on your path this day.

Dear One, every interaction is a holy interaction, a sacred exchange of energy and love. A completion of a promise made a long time ago. An act performed in love; though this recognition may take much quiet reflection to be seen.

Can you walk this day with love in your heart for all of creation? Can you bless everyone and everything you pass on your journey this day? Can you open yourself to the love surrounding you by coming from your heart, rather than your mind, this day?

Love is all there is. Love is all that is required. It is the Ego, the mind where Ego lives, which encourages you to feel otherwise. It is the Ego which continues to tell you that you are alone and required to fight for what is yours, in a land of scarcity and fear. When, in fact, the truth lies within your heart.

Creation came from love. All of existence came from love and all will return to the loving embrace of the Source, upon completion of this physical journey. Ascension is occurring across this plane, for the growth of all of you. It requires a loving acceptance of your personal life being one of growth and not punishment or shame.

Can you change your perception of this day and your life to see a gift of self-exploration? Can you accept that this world is not a battlefield, but a playground, and that you are being watched with tender care, by those who love and support you?

Begin this day to change your world, both personal and global, by changing your perspective of what you see around you. Can you see others as wounded souls in need of love, rather than adversaries? Can you honor Mother Nature for all that she provides for you, free of charge? Can you accept that you are never alone and trust the part you play in the Universal web of connection?

For every perceived negative situation in your life, there is also a positive way to view it. Choose this positive viewpoint. Reflect upon the words you use and choose softer, gentler words when you converse with others. Breathe love into any memories which elicit fear within your body or your mind. And with every breath you take, send love out into this world.

Use your personal power to help with the ascension occurring as we speak. Tread softly, speak gently, and trade judgment for compassion in all that you see.

Begin today to share the love you have within. Contribute to the rising vibrations across this plane. It begins with you, accepting your true nature as a loving, spiritual being with only love to give. Give it freely to others and also give it to yourself.

All are worthy.

All are receptive.

And all are capable of returning love to you.

Give them that chance.

Give them your love.

Dear One with All of Thee.


Do not allow the veils of despair

To descend around you.

For though times may appear to be filled

 With fear and strife

There is a light behind it all

Silently falling around you

Embracing you in love and hope.

Dear One, there is much strife in your land at this very moment. This physical plane is filled with opportunities to feel despair and fear. But there is hope, there is love, there is brilliance and it comes from you. For you are the light that can carry forth the hope, the joy and the peace of mind that is so necessary at this time.

Dear One, we understand that you can feel the pressure of the fear and dread, the anger and the pain, the lack of hope that surrounds your world. But it is to you we come asking for help, for you are the solution. You are the hope. You are the loving being who can implement change at this very moment.

Do not despair, for there are universal changes occurring at this time and many of these will never be apparent to you in your physical state. But the universe is expanding and growing and much of what you are experiencing are growing pains. And on this physical plane, these growing pains are felt more acutely than elsewhere across the cosmos.

Being in a physical form, feeling alone and separate, you are unable to see the masses of light energy surrounding you, ready to help you across this perceived abyss of hopelessness. Call out to us, open your arms, your heart to us and allow us to work more closely with you as you move through your day.

If you were not on this physical plane, you would be more aware of the universal movement of energies that are preparing for the changes across the cosmos. This is the time that many have spoken of in messages given across the ages. And this time of change will provide opportunities for love and joy never seen before upon this physical plane.

You are here at this time because you have unique gifts that will contribute to the safe passage of humanity across the bridge of change. Do not doubt the importance of your presence here upon this globe at this time. It is no mistake that you are here, exactly where you are, at this time. For you are exactly where you need to be to help move the energies forward.

Can you trust the Divine plan? Can you trust yourself, your strength and resolve, to move forward today, tomorrow and for your remaining time embodied upon this planet? You are not alone on this journey, for it is shared with many others, seen and unseen, who surround you at this time.

For those who are very sensitive to the changes in energy, we suggest that you give yourself time to rest. Give yourself time to replenish. Give yourself permission to step back from the fray for a moment to regroup and re-center yourself. Find some quiet time to just sit and breathe in love and send it back out into the ethers of this world.

You, Dear One, are the answer to your prayers.

You, Dear One, have the strength to move forward in grace.

You, Dear One, remain connected to the Divine with each breath you take.

For you are the Divine Incarnate; connected, powerful and loving.

Share that love with yourself and others.

And free yourself from any feelings of despair.

Shine your light for all to see.

Dear One with All of Thee.

What Do You See?

As you look around

Through which lens do you view your surroundings?

Is it tinted dark or clear and bright?

How do you paint your world?

Dear One, your immediate world is colored by the lens through which you view it. For every perceived negative situation that occurs there is an equal and opposite positive aspect to it. The choice is yours through which window you wish to view your world. We suggest removing the dark film as you look around you.

The possibilities in your life are endless. As humans, you are creatures of habit and feel comfortable with repetition in your travels, in your dining, in your thought processes, and in most aspects of your life. When is the last time you traveled a different road on your daily journey? Chances are you travel the same path day in and day out, rarely choosing an alternative route.

Repetition does appear to be energy efficient as you rarely have to be completely present in that moment. This allows you time to spend daydreaming, thinking of the past or the future, or replaying that old interaction over and over in your mind. This allows you time to spend in your mind rather than engaging with your surroundings.

Dear One, would it not be an exercise in self-discovery to change your daily habits? What would happen if you turned right instead of left? What new sights would engage your attention? What if you took a chance on trying something completely new and foreign to your life?

There is security in following the same routine daily, but is this life not an experiential life? How often have you declined participating in a new experience because it was delving into the unknown? How often have you already viewed it through tinted lenses rather than seeing the bright possibilities it might provide for you?

Can you take your next step forward without judgment, without expectation and with a clear lens through which to view this choice? Repetition breeds stagnation and stunts your forward movement. Yes, it does provide security but it also shuts down your senses. You no longer hear another viewpoint provided by someone else. You no longer see the subtle changes on that well-traveled path. You begin to shut down rather than expand outward.

Dear One, this life is filled with opportunities for joy, for generosity, for expansion and growth. Can you shut down your mind which becomes so active in reflection during those repetitive motions? Can you open all of your senses to your surroundings and remove the dark tint from your lens?

Open your mind and allow the breeze of new ideas to flow through as they clear out the old judgments, the repetitive thoughts of the past or the worries of the future. Open your heart and allow new situations to filter into your life. Open your eyes, all of your senses, and engage with the world around you.

There is so much beauty and joy here upon this physical plane. There is so much opportunity for laughter, community and new experiences every day. Begin this day by taking an alternate path on your daily journey. Try a new experience and challenge your physical senses; taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing.

You are much too great to live in such a small enclosure when the entire world, the entire universe is there as your playground. Repetition dulls the senses. Change heightens them. And allowing yourself to be open to new experiences with love rather than fear will give you an entirely new perspective on your world; a world of beauty, of passion, of possibilities and of love.

Remove the dark blinders and take a chance. Today.

What of……. Possibilities?

What is possible in my life?
How far should I reach?
Can I go too far?

Dear one, the possibilities for you are endless. Endless. You have the knowledge, the opportunities provided by the entire universe. There is no limit for what is possible for you in your life, in your existence here upon this plane. For you are a child of the universe.

As you anticipate your daily life, planning, dreaming, considering how to move forward, remember this. The expectations that you have about future events actually limit you and the possibilities. Why? It is because you are creating those expectations in a ‘human’ framework. And that human mind of yours does not have a grasp of your life’s potential. The human mind contains you within the human box. Break out of that box and allow the universe to show you the way. Walk through your life without expectation and see how it changes.

Ponder this. If you approach a new day in your life expecting only this or that, you have shut the door to many other possibilities yet unconsidered from your human perspective. You only look for and see those possibilities you have created in your mind. But do remember that your mind is connected to Ego and to your human form.

What if instead, you threw open the door, the windows of your existence and allowed the perfect opportunity to lay itself at your feet? What will occur will be greater, more meaningful, more joyful than anything you could have ever imagined. And your human mind will be astounded by what just happened.

Do not forget that you are connected to the All, to the web of connection throughout all of existence. With this comes an open book, a sight yet unseen, an experience yet unfathomed by your human existence. Just as your human form limits your mobility, so too, does your human mind limit your forward movement.

Can you approach each day without expectation? Can you give gratitude each morning for another day more perfect than you could ever have imagined? By doing this, you have created the opening for miracles to occur. The miracle of accepting yourself as you truly are, without limit, with endless possibilities.

Approach each day anew. Approach each person in your life anew. Approach every repetitive experience anew with open eyes and an open heart. The results will give you pause.

As the veil thins between the worlds, you are surrounded by opportunities for a new way of being. You are strolling through an orchard laden with fruit, ripe and ready to be plucked. To be savored and enjoyed. There are no sour pieces of fruit, for each and every bite gives you an opportunity for growth, an opportunity for nourishment for your very soul.

Take a chance, take a bite and allow the sweetness of light to fill your very being. And as you take on this nourishment, listen for the universal song playing sweet melodies in your ear. Feel the softness of the grass beneath your feet, the universal light on your face. Smell the fragrance of love untethered wafting in the air.

Oh sweet joy of life. This is yours for the taking, dear one. Do not deny yourself the wonders that surround you. Remove the blinders, open your heart and allow pure love to fill your entire being.

For you are One.
You are that Light.
You are Love Incarnate.
Bless you.