Personal Light

You do not see it

But others do

And they are attracted to it

As a moth to a flame

Dear One, each and every one of you has a signature glow, a light which shines brightly within you and beyond. This flame is how you are found throughout the Universe, for no one else has the same shining light. All are different. All are unique and all were created in love.

Upon leaving this physical form, you return to us who have waited in anxious anticipation for your return. Your journey here upon this plane has been observed with a loving eye, encouraging you along the way. You are never alone. You are always loved. You ARE love incarnate.

Can you think in terms of energy rather than physical form? It is time for you to begin to contemplate this part of your true nature. This physical realm has enticed you into a mindset that sees illusion as truth. This entire existence, your entire makeup, the entire Universe and beyond were created as energy and will continue to exist always as energy.

If you sit quietly and close your eyes, you might say that all you see is darkness. But look again, look deeper and you will see points of light interspersed among that darkness. There is light everywhere. You are surrounded by it. You are a part of it.

Dear One, you have the ability, the power to share your light with the world. The thoughts that emanate from your mind come out as light, as energy, which travels far into the cosmos. The emotions which you feel do the same. The words which you speak vibrate as energy and move out from your physical frame, out and beyond.

There are those whom you encounter throughout this life who make you feel safe and comfortable. You are drawn to those people. Why? It is because they have allowed their inner light to shine forth, unencumbered by fear, surrounded only by love. And this reminds you of your home, your true home, in a non-physical realm vibrating with love and joy.

There is a part of you that understands these words and knows the truth revealed by them. Dear One, allow that part of you to gain strength once again, to gain momentum as you continue your journey back to the Source. Would it not be an easier journey with the knowledge of the love, the light, the individual and collective power that you carry with you at all times?

Sit and call forth this part of you which so aches to come forth. Perhaps you have experienced that ache in your heart and misunderstood it as a longing for something else. Consider that this longing which you feel is for a reconnection to your Divine Self which is trying to come forth in all of its glory.

Sit, breathe and allow the Divine to embrace you, to surround you with love. It is time for you to join the awakened souls and share your light with the world. EVERYONE is capable of this for everyone has a light to shine and contribute to the world.

Dear One, see yourself as we see you; as a radiant being surrounded by light.

See your words, your thoughts, as energetic waves of vibration moving out from you into the world and beyond.

Know that whatever happens here in this physical existence, you will be welcomed back with joy and unconditional love. For that is all there is.

Remember you were created in love; you are surrounded in love; you are love incarnate.

Dear One with All of Thee.





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