What of……. Purpose?


A life lived in love

Each day embraced

With joyful anticipation

Of experiences yet to come.

Dear One, are you able to rise each day in joyful anticipation of your day ahead? Are you able to see all challenges not as obstacles but as gentle lessons or re-direction? Are you able to give gratitude for the love which surrounds you in tender embrace every moment of your day?

You have a dual existence with one foot here upon this earthly plane and one foot still present in that realm from which you came. You chose to come here to this physical existence for the purpose of self-discovery and growth. Whatever you learn on this chosen path will not only increase your self-awareness, but will help with the growth of the All.

For Dear One, All are connected. All are one. As the courageous soul who chose this temporary physical existence, you are held in gratitude for what you have learned along the way. For that knowledge is shared across the entire collective consciousness.

You are NOT a weak, desperate soul who is only able to limp forward on your daily walk. You have the strength, the knowledge, the courage of the All within you with help just a prayer away. Remember that your entire essence is not here within this physical plane. And it is that part of you that remains behind in your true form which guides you along the way.

It is easy to accept this human existence as reality when in fact it is an illusion created for you as a training ground, a school of learning and self-discovery. But remember, Dear One, from where you came, your true nature, as one of light and love surrounded by gentle souls eager for your return.

You chose to come here at this momentous time of change upon this physical plane. You chose to be a part of this much anticipated transformation as the vibrational energies begin to rise here on this plane. You chose to help others on this path back to the Source during this time of greatness.

Dear One, though you came into this physical existence knowing the potential challenges that would come your way, many have forgotten as they have become completely embroiled in the human existence. There is no judgment for this. For this path can be difficult when only viewed with the human mind.

Can you reconnect and allow your higher self to guide you forward? Can you trust the unfolding of your life with the knowledge that you are never alone, but surrounded by loving beings cheering you on? Can you begin to accept this physical life as a temporary existence, just a brief moment on your journey forward in your eternal life?

Dear One, do not forget how much you are loved. Do not forget that all the knowledge you need rests within you in that connection with Self. Do not forget that all prayers are answered in a manner that is for the highest good.

Do not allow this physical existence to hold you hostage from your true nature as a loving being of light, capable of greatness. Remember than there is no judgment of perceived failures in your mind. See the Divine in all that appears before you. And love all who cross your path.

Use the power that is yours to help with the coming changes to this world. For you are a blessed soul, temporarily housed in this physical frame. Look past the physical and go within to find your true self. Honor all that you see within, all aspects of yourself. Be gentle with yourself and others.

Dear One, see the beauty of your surroundings, know the joy of pure existence. Walk with the grace of your true nature. And know, always know, the depth of our love for you.

Dear One With All of Thee.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sanghamitra
    Feb 21, 2016 @ 10:46:00

    So powerful and motivating 🙂


  2. mochateaoh
    Feb 21, 2016 @ 13:36:22

    Thanks! Optimistic as always! I recently enjoyed listening to a young physicist doing a TED talk. He has amazing insights. Here’s the link:


    • the_tovarysh_connection
      Feb 22, 2016 @ 20:29:52

      Thanks for the link, Curt. I’ve always thought the physicists would find the answers. Did you ever finish Brian Greene’s book? You also might want to look into Dr. Mary Asterita-Robol, and her ideas about quantum physics and energy healing.


  3. Mary
    Feb 22, 2016 @ 12:32:44

    Wow! What timing for me. I am struggling with knowing my purpose especially in my work life. Knowing that I am supported and loved in my journey eases my body and mind. Thank you.


  4. insearchofitall
    Feb 25, 2016 @ 10:01:20

    Always the helpful reminder. I wonder about the direction of those coming changes. I’m hoping for more light. 🙂


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