Can you be compassionate

Yet detached from the outcome?

Which matters most….

The interaction or the outcome?

Dear One, are you able to be kind and compassionate, to do your best, and yet be detached from the outcome? If you act with pure intent, does the response to your actions, your words, really matter? Are you able to give, to focus only on the act of giving and not the result?

You are responsible only for YOUR thoughts, YOUR words, YOUR deeds. We have encouraged you to be of pure intent with all that you do or say. How people respond to you is not your concern if you have done your best in those interactions. Yes, human emotion entwines itself around your every movement for you are living in the human condition. But you are also a being of light, with grace and connection with the ability to come from love in every interaction.

Can you focus on shining your radiance from every pore of your human vessel until it surrounds your human form in light? Can you see yourself as this beacon of light? And can you understand how the energetic transfer of every interaction will thus be encased in that light, that love?

Dear One, speak and act with pure intent, for that is the best that you can do. How another perceives your words, your actions, is their responsibility. You may be misunderstood, for the recipient may not be accustomed to such a loving interaction. Or they may perceive your interaction with mis-trust due to occurrences in their past. Can you, in spite of this, continue to walk in grace and show compassion?

You do not yet understand how much you affect others in ways that are unknown to you. You have been taught to look for immediate responses. You try to change another’s way of being and if you do not see the intended response, you try harder. Many of you worry about what others think of you.

Instead, can you be your authentic self; that being of light surrounded by love? Can you understand that if you have used pure intent in that interaction, that nothing further is needed? Indeed, you may be disappointed. But can you understand that all have lessons to learn? That interaction, motivated by pure intent, may not result in the outcome you expected. And yet, it may have been the perfect interaction to help another on their path.

Have faith, Dear One, that all is unfolding as it should. What you see as a negative outcome may instead lead to a more perfect result than you could ever have imagined. Detach yourself from outcome. It requires strength, faith and grace to continue to walk with compassion despite any disappointment you may feel.

All are one. All are on a journey of self-discovery. And all are beings of light in human form.

Remember that and allow your inner light to guide you on your path. See the light within others, even when they may not be able to see it within themselves.

Be gentle, kind and loving and detach yourself from the outcome. Another may need time to find their way. Allow them that time. Allow the Universe to unfold in its most perfect way. Remember that from your human condition you do not have the same perspective as we do.

Trust, Dear One.

Walk in grace and know that guidance is only a whisper away.

For you are very much loved, Dear Being of Light.

One with All of Thee.

Opening to the Divine Within

You are Divine
You have always been Divine
You always will be Divine
No matter what you say, do, or think.

Dear One, the true nature of your being is Divine spirit. If you believe that All is One, then how can you not believe that the Divine lives within you; that you are part of the Divine. This is who you truly are. Begin to accept and use the power given to you by acknowledging your true nature. This is the first step.

How is it possible that someone like you who struggles every day, who sees all their personal failings, who doesn’t feel the divine presence within, can actually be a part of the Divine? It is because your true sight has been blocked by fear and acceptance of the physical world in which you live as the only world. When in fact, this world is an illusion. Only present for you in order to allow you to grow, to experience the richness of different stimuli, different situations that do not exist in your natural state.

Can you accept that this world in which you live is a gift for you? Can you begin to understand that all that happens here for you is only a temporary state until you return home to your true existence? Can you begin to understand that this illusion of life here upon this plane can be changed by you by changing your perspective?

You have lived long enough in your mind accepting the limitations that it offers. The time has now come for you to understand the power you have to change your world; not only your personal world, but the entire physical world in which you live. Do not doubt this truth, for remember, you are Divine!

We understand that the steps you have been taking in this direction have been small, measured and hesitant. But there is no longer time to hesitate. It is now time for you to take giant leaps forward. All that you believed before about your personal limitations must be discarded in order to do this next step. We understand that this is still difficult for you, which is why we speak to you here and in other venues. To encourage you. To assure you that WE are your safety net as you begin to spread your wings and fly.

This is your natural state……not one to be in only during short moments of meditation or prayer, but every moment of your day. This state truly is effortless, if you open the cage door behind which you have lived for so very long. See the beauty surrounding you and the beauty within you. Beauty draws beauty and Dear One, it begins with you. Within you. Share that inner beauty of which you only allow fleeting glimpses to others. Open up the flood gates and allow the rush of light to shine forth.

Can you see the possibilities if all of you, each and every one of you, allowed this to happen? There would no longer be darkness, for it will have been washed away with the inner light of all of you. The Divine light is there within and the time is now for it to burst forth in all of its splendor.

You, Dear One, are ready for this.
Take our hand and allow us to guide you forward.
The path behind you has dissolved and the path forward is covered in diamonds of light.
Sparkling, inviting, lighting the way.

Take a chance, take a leap, and discover that indeed, you can fly!
Divine One, this is your time.