To Be At One

What does this mean?
How do you walk in unity?
How does this change your life?

Dear One, you already are one with all of thee. What has not yet occurred for many of you is having this realization of who you really are. This is the next step for you…to understand the meaning of this truth as you walk upon this physical plane.

Think of the human body made up of millions, trillions, countless individual cells. And although these cells are separate, they are all a part of the same organism. And they all work in unison in order for that organism to exist and to navigate through the day. These individual cells may not be in close proximity, and yet the existence of one is necessary for the survival of the other. What happens to a cell in one part of the body can most definitely affect other cells in other parts of the same body.

So too is it with you and the countless other souls in existence. All are one. All are a part of a whole organism which requires each and every individual soul in order to move forward. The actions that you take affect other parts of this organism. As do their actions affect you. But, unlike the human body, the connections are not as visually apparent and so it is more difficult to accept this concept. And yet, this is the reality of your existence. All connected, all as one. One with All of Thee.

So again, we say to you, as you move through your day, be aware of how you affect all in your environment …..animal, mineral, human, vegetable, spirit, etc. It is impossible for you NOT to be able to do so. Just as the action of one cell in the human body can make a vast difference to the rest of the organism and its cells. This is how it is across the entire universe.

And so, be aware of your actions, thoughts and words. Understand that what happens in a place distant geographically will still affect you. For the impulses are sent as waves which can travel great distances at great speeds. Understand that you are a part of an intricate web of existence and the ebb and flow, similar to the breath, the pulse, of the universe moves through every living being.

Of this you can be sure. Your reach extends greatly out into the universe of which you are an integral part. Do not diminish the value of your contributions. For your mere presence in a room can change the immediate environment. It is your choice as to how you wish to change that environment. Will it be positive or negative?

Be the loving, enlightened being that you truly are.
Make it a positive change. One held in light and in love.
This is your path.
Walk it proudly and in love.
For love is all that is and that of which you are.

Many blessings to you, dear one.


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