A simple word

That speaks volumes

In how to move forward

with grace and love.

Dear One, can you contemplate the value of acting upon this one word, surrender? A word that does not connote weakness or failure.  But instead, it embodies faith and trust in the workings of the Universe. Can you end your struggles and allow progress to unfold as it was meant to unfold; with lessons for all concerned; with an end result not fully anticipated by you.

Ego encourages you to push forward towards an outcome that you feel, in your human mind or with your human emotions, is the most optimal. But remember that you cannot see the entire picture from your perspective. Just as you do not see how your one small gesture of kindness can create a series of loving interactions, neither can you see how the final outcome will help with the personal growth of the All.

Trust, Dear One, that all is well and unfolding in the most beneficial way for the lessons to be learned. Surrender to what you may see within yourself as a flaw and look for the gift within that perceived flaw. Surrender to the situation which may at first appear undesirable and see how it has allowed you to grow in strength and compassion.

That is not to say that you allow yourself to be in harm’s way with any person or situation. What we ask is for you change your perspective on any perceived negative trait or situation. Can you forego judgment and replace it with acceptance and love? For this physical journey is a learning ground and all that occurs in your life is an opportunity for growth and change.

Keep your energetic vibration high to help raise the energies upon this planet. Do not allow yourself to be brought down by others not yet awakened. Be a mentor, a model, to others in how to move forward with grace. Allow your actions, your words, to lose that emotional charge which incites a lower vibration in response.

Do not minimize the strength, the power, of how you move through your world. Others will observe, either consciously or unconsciously. Do not discount how the energetic field which surrounds you can support or negate the lower vibrations of others. You are more powerful than you realize. See the gift of who you are and how you can, in your unique way, encourage a positive change in this world.

Surrender, Dear One, with trust and faith that you have everything that you need in this moment in time. Surrender, with the knowledge that any and all perceived flaws within your personality can also be powerful gifts. Surrender, without judgment, to that which occurs around you and look for the lessons within each interaction.

Allow the current of change to take you where you need to go. Trust this experiential journey upon which you have embarked. For the outcomes, in hindsight, will reveal their gifts, their value, in moving you forward upon your path.

Self-love, non-judgment and compassion hold the same power as the word surrender. Allow them all to enter into your psyche as you make your daily choices. Let them guide you forward. And know that we are with you every step of the way, loving you unconditionally.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. insearchofitall
    Nov 12, 2016 @ 20:20:46

    This was good to read right now. I needed this. It’s been a very rough week and surrender is the best place to go.


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