Connection to All

No matter the label, the appearance, or the actions

You have a connection to all who cross your path.

Perceived differences are diminished by what you have in common,

The connection of love with all.

Dear One, the differences you perceive with others in this world are minimal when you reflect upon what you share with each other. Can you begin to focus upon what you have in common with others and begin there? Can you realize that love is still the bonding force, even though you may have disagreements in how you see this world? It begins with mutual respect, kindness and active listening.

All of you came here, to this physical existence, to experience a different way of being than which you are accustomed. Each and every one of you had the courage to embark on a journey that would encourage you to see yourself as separate, rather than being as one with all. Your choice was to come to this plane to learn lessons unattainable elsewhere.

As you move forward through this life, you are given opportunities to see yourself divinely connected with all, rather than separate and alone. The pace of this world encourages you to take everyone you meet at face value because you do not feel you have the time to delve deeper. You choose to not use that precious time of yours to listen with your heart, rather than with your mind. This results in pre-conceived notions of who that other person really is and what they really want from this world.

Can you take a breath and pause? Can you give others the attention required to move past the label or judgment, placed upon them by yourself or others? For if you allow yourself this opportunity you will begin to see how much you share in your lives.

Remember that one situation may evoke different emotions in each of you because of past experiences. Each of you came here to learn individual lessons. You came here with different traits, placed in different situations, to assist you in learning those lessons. But do not forget that any lessons learned by you as individuals also help the group consciousness move forward.

One individual life could not experience all of the lessons necessary for the expansion of the Universe. And so, each of you contributes in your own way, as you move through your individual lives. If you were to scratch beneath the surface of everyone’s life, you would find the same hopes and dreams for a life of peace and love. You would find the same yearning to feel ‘at one’ once again with all. You would see the same self-doubt, fear and worry that you have experienced.

Can you, instead of quickly attaching a label or preconceived notion on someone, can you instead, stop and listen to them; stop and see how similar you truly are? You all have been given free will to explore this life with all the possibilities it provides. And you all have learned lessons and have grown. The question we ask is if you have grown from that person you were just a day ago, why would not another have done the same?

Can you see each person anew each day, knowing that they are different today than they were yesterday? Can you realize that others have regrets of actions or words done in the past, just as you have? Can you see them as a being of light, challenged by this physical existence, trying to come back to center, to who they really are, just as you struggle with the feeling of being alone and separate.

Remember that each and every one of you has a deep memory of being one with all, and each of you are trying to find your way back to that wondrous feeling of being a part of something greater than yourself. Your journeys may be different, but your paths are the same; back to the Source. Your situations may be different, but you are the same; with different ideas, but with the same hopes for connection and peace.

Dear One, can you begin to look for the similarities rather than focus on the differences? Can you act with kindness and respect toward each other, rather than re-act with emotion seated in misunderstanding? Can you begin to join hands and hearts and consciously work together; for you already are working together on another level as kindred spirits experiencing this physical plane?

Take a breath.

Take a step back and change your perspective.

Change begins with you.

Open your heart, open your eyes and join each other on this journey of life.

Begin to understand why we call you

Dear One with All of Thee.

See the Divine in All

Do not be blind

To the light that shines

Within all

Who cross your path.

Dear One, all of Thee are Divine Beings; here upon this earthly plane on an experiential journey. This we have told you before. But now it is time for you to begin to see this in others as they pass through your life here upon this plane.

You have much power in the energy you put out in your interactions with others. Being in a physical form, you focus on physical strength and appearances, for that is what you have been taught to see.

And yet, within every one of your physical forms, human, animal, mineral, vegetable, there is a Divine essence spiraling around that form. Often it becomes lost in the chaotic energies here upon this plane. But it is there, a glow of intense wonder, within all of you; for all that you see comes from the Source.

We encourage you to think in terms of energy and the way it moves; unlimited across continents, across space, across realms. It flows easily and freely and you have the ability to work with this energy in how you think, how you act and how you love.

Dear One, can you begin to send love to all who cross your path? Can you begin to honor the Mother and all of her creatures as you walk upon her ground? Can you begin to see the Divine in All of your surroundings?

For indeed, unrealized by so many of you, you walk in a sea of light. This world which your see with your physical eyes is a holographic image. If you were to allow the physical forms to melt away, what would remain is Divine Light. Can you imagine this in your world?

Close your eyes and begin to imagine what it would be like to move freely and easily in a beautiful mist of light composed of colors never before seen by you. This is the true reality of your existence. Oh, Dear One, we wish for you to consider this concept and the possibilities it has for you.

Can you honor this beauty which surrounds you, even in the most desperate of places? Yes, there are wounded souls, wounded lands, wounded hearts. But they can begin to heal and once again shine their brightest.

It begins with you and how you see your world. When you wish to offer prayers for another, be it animal, mineral, vegetable, see it in its Divine Light. In your compassionate heart, you may wish to show pity but this is adding to the lower vibration already existing in that situation.

Can you instead, see the Divine Light in all those who need support and prayers? Allow them to glow in their own inner light, for it is there. It is just hidden from view due to circumstances. Do not ask for healing for someone. See them as already healed and allow their energetic forces to once again recover their inner power connected to the Divine.

Be not attached to any outcome, for you do not have the higher vision of the All.

Be not attached to timing of change, for in reality there is no time or space.

Can you act in pure intent, seeing all healed, honoring the Divine within them? And can you do the same for yourself, for you are also filled with radiance, light and pure love.

Dear One, claim your true identity and begin to use your thoughts and actions in the most powerful way you can….in love. For love is stronger than anything else.Love comes from the Divine….the Divine within you.

Dear One With All of Thee.

Your Place in the World

csmonitor_Leif Ove Andsnes

Pianist Leif Ove Andsnes

Why are you here?

How do you fit into this world?

Why do you feel so out of place?

Dear One, you are meant to be here in this world at this time. There is a purpose to your life, be it to facilitate growth in another or yourself, to be present with your whole being at a necessary time or to be a loving presence in a world gone awry.

Never feel that you have been misplaced or forgotten, for you are surrounded by loving beings at all times on this journey of yours. Never feel that you do not make a difference with your presence, for your power is great. Never be anything but your authentic self. For your individuality is what makes you so valuable on this shared journey upon this physical plane.

The unseen world is what we ask you to focus upon this day. For more often than not, it is what you do on an energetic level that makes a difference. Just being present either in thought or prayer for a friend who needs support can make a great difference.

Sending love or healing thoughts is a powerful tool. Energy knows no bounds and your thoughts, your intent, can traverse this globe in an instant. Like attracts like and there are many others just like you scattered across this world quietly doing their work. You are not alone on this journey but are supported by legions of loving beings. Rather than shutting them out, open your heart to them and to the loving guidance they offer you.

All come from the Source, though many upon this physical plane have succumbed to the illusion of power created by fear. There is much suffering in this world, much of which is the result of many choosing fear over love. But you embarked upon this journey aware of the presence of suffering; knowing that challenges are what lead to growth.

The true power lies within you. And this power is great enough to endure suffering with love. The key is to understand the impermanence of each moment of your life. The joy, the sadness, the disappointments, the successes are all just a moment in time on your path forward.

Can you begin to see, really see, that the true nature of all existence is love? Can you accept that you are a being of light living in a physical world filled with illusions created by the human mind? Can you empower yourself knowing that by changing your perspective you can dissolve the illusions that create suffering?

We are not condoning passivity or lack of action. We are encouraging you to take a breath and come from your heart rather than from your mind; the mind which is often filled with fearful thoughts. For Dear One, you CAN make a difference by how you view your world.

You can make a difference by not accepting the illusion created by fear.

You can make a difference by radiating a loving presence as you move through your day.

You can make a difference by offering or seeking support when needed.

Each of you has a unique gift to share with this world. Some may be at the forefront encouraging others to act with pure intent. Others may be quietly raising the vibration of this environment, doing their work in obscurity. Some are doing their own personal work. For does not global change begin with changing how you perceive your personal world?

Dear One, however you move through this world, do it in love; for yourself, for others, for the All.

Do it in gratitude for the opportunities which lie ahead for you.

Do it with grace, knowing that you came here for an experiential journey.

You have a purpose and that purpose is to be your authentic self. Acknowledge and use your personal power to help dissolve the illusions created by fear.

One step at a time.

One breath at a time.

For the highest good of all concerned


Do you understand its meaning?
Do you remember where you have been?
Do you know where you are going?

Dear One, do you really understand the concept of existence in its truest form? This is not the current physical form that you inhabit of which we speak. What we would like you to contemplate is the true nature of your being. The connection of all things. The existence of light and love that permeates every living thing. EVERY living thing.

Can you begin to open up your mind to consider a consciousness that pulses only with light and with love? Can you accept that this is your true nature of being? This human form, this physical existence, is only a temporary stopping ground, an illusion if you will, to be used as a playground, a teaching arena to help you move forward and to expand your own consciousness. And that of the collective consciousness.

We have used this term often, the collective consciousness, for it best describes existence. There is no separateness between any living being, be it animal, mineral, vegetable, spirit, vapor, liquid. Are you able to ruminate upon that truth? You are one with all that has ever existed. There is no separation. There is no end. There is no beginning. There is just you and you encompass all.

We understand that this might be a new concept to many of you. So consider life consisting of wave forms rather than solid mass. Imagine your hand in a body of water and how it feels as you move it against the liquid. How the water moves in synchrony with the movement of your hand. How the movement of your hand stirs the water. Slow movement results in gentle waves. Fast movement results in turbidity or perhaps a vortex. Consider this visual as you read our words of how all are connected. For it is not only your voice, your breath, your physical motion that creates waves of movement around you. It is also your thoughts which flow from you in waves with either a positive or negative force attached.

Dear One, it is time for you begin to think in terms of waves instead of physical form. Sit quietly, breathe deeply and slowly move your palms closer and closer together. There will be a point before they physically touch, that you will feel a soft resistance, a force between them. This is a form of the waves of energy of which we speak.

In reality, this energy which is your true nature is only light and only love. But here in this physical plane you have the choice to see it as either positive or negative. This is part of your journey, part of your lesson here, to find your way back to the reality of who you truly are. It is not an easy journey with the detours of a physical existence. But it is possible. And for all of you, there will be a time when you reflect back upon this physical journey as you view it from the perspective of the enlightened being that you truly are. Dear One, you are nothing less than that. You truly are an enlightened being of light and love on a journey of discovery and knowledge.

You have always been this enlightened being.
You will continue to be this enlightened being.
And there will come a time that this truth will once again be a natural state for you.

So continue your journey with the knowledge that the destination is already determined.
It is only the path you take that is your choice to make.

Transitions are Occurring

The energies are raising here upon this earthly plane. This has been a long time coming and we rejoice in its occurrence, here and now. The time has come for all to begin their transitions within this earthly plane. For each and every one of you this will manifest a different way.

You are all connected, not only to this earthly plane but to the heavenly vistas above and around you. What is occurring at this point of time is a thinning of the veils that separates these two dimensions. For many of you, this will not require any changes for you or affect you in any major way. But for others, you will see, feel, experience physical, mental, emotional changes in your daily lives. For you, we give our encouragement, our focus and our help as you ask for it. And now is a time to ask for that help. There is no need for concern, but there is a need for action. Call on us to guide you as to what action is needed for you individually. It is all a matter of readjusting your thoughts, your words, your deeds and how you walk through your daily lives.

For those of you who are feeling these effects, understand that your way of living must change to allow your light to shine, for your path to widen and clear in order for you to move forward. There is nothing to fear, there is no judgment, no punishment, no reason to worry about ramifications from your actions past, present or future. This life of yours is beginning to expand and each of you who are beginning to feel the effects of this expansion must allow room in your life for this expansion to occur and continue.

You, you are the vehicles, the vessels of change. You are the ones who have committed to partake in these changes that are occurring at this time. You are the ones who we honor for your dedication to moving forward on your path; and while doing so, clearing the way for others to follow. You are the teachers, the stars who shine brightly enough to light the way for others. We understand that you may not feel that way at this very moment. But we know who you really are and the power you hold at your fingertips to help move things forward as they accelerate the way of being here upon this plane.

You, you are the ones who are the chosen, the leaders, the seers, the visionaries, the guides for those who follow behind you. Your time is now to make the changes necessary to move forward. Tend your physical bodies for they are the vessels given to you to house your very souls. Do not doubt that the vessel you are using has not been purposefully selected for the tasks you are meant to do. Do not doubt that you are or will be placed in the perfect location to do your work, that which calls to you. Heed that call. It is no longer possible for you to ignore it. Your time is now, dear ones.

Trust. Yourself, your purpose, your gifts, your placement. Trust your connection and the messages that each and every one of you receives. No comparison, no judgment. Only connection, support, love and light. Call upon us. Call upon each other. And bask in the knowledge that this is only a brief time of transition for you before the skies open for you with all their glory and knowledge. But you must be readied. You must be in order. Take the time now to do so. And call upon us for help. For we understand, we love and honor thee for all that you do.

The Reflective Mirror

Stand in front of a mirror and what do you see? A face too wrinkled, too tired, not attractive enough, with features either too big or too small. But when you reply with an answer such as this, it means you are only looking through your human eyes at a human vessel.

Look deeper. Look within the eyes that stare back at you. Now close your eyes and continue to look. This time look inward. What do you see?

Is there a light appearing before you, a color, a matrix dancing on that viewing screen in front of you? How do you feel when you see these things? And you WILL see these, for they are there for everyone, including you. If you do not see them at first it is only because you are unaccustomed to ‘seeing’ this way. You may say that you see only darkness, but look closer, for dispersed among that darkness are points of light, everywhere. Look closer and breathe.

You are composed of light.

We have told you this many times before. But now it is time for you to begin to see the light within. See with your heart, not with your mind. Turn off the dialogue and just breathe. Settle in to the breath, for just a few minutes. And as you do, pull the blanket of love closer around you. Envelop yourselves with the warmth of the love that is everywhere. Pull it closer and allow it to heal your wounds, to soothe your frayed nerves, to swaddle you as a babe, to allow you to feel loved and protected.

And breathe.

Inhale love for you, exhale love for all.
Love in and love out. Love in and love out.
Effortless, natural, and healing.

For your natural state is one of light and love. The denseness of the human form creates the illusion of separateness and aloneness. You believe the illusion that the human form controls you and your life. When, in fact, it is the other way around. YOU control your human form. And you do it with how you allow your energies to vibrate.

As you breathe, surrounded by love, see all the atoms of your humanness begin to dance. To DANCE with JOY. Every atom of your being in motion, emitting loving vibration. And allow it to connect with the love enveloping you. As if two pieces of a puzzle have snapped into place. Connected as One. Your true and natural state.

Feel the connection. Feel the love.

And so, the next time you see that human face reflecting back at you, see the dance, the flickers of light as they bounce off each other in their dance. And see the cloak of love that surrounds you. Every day, all day, without fail.

You are Light.
You are Love.
You are One.

The Soul’s Purpose

Before embodiment, your soul made a choice to learn certain lessons during its existence upon this plane. The choices were made for the collective consciousness without emotion, in a sea of love, in a field of light, in a spirit of unity and giving.

Once planted here upon this physical ground, the soul, while remembering its task, cannot always relay that information to the conscious mind. And so the human body, the conscious mind, the ego, does not remember the contract made, the motivation behind the choice.

Remember that free will exists and you have a choice in what spirit you use your time here upon this plane. You may choose joy and compassion. Or you may choose anger and judgment. The choice is yours. And the choice you make affects the All.
Your journey, your personal journey, is to find your way back to the Source with the cards given to you here, in this lifetime. The choices are yours in how you play that hand. No matter your choice, you continue to be a being of light and love. No matter your choice.

The physical body is vulnerable with limitations. The soul is eternal. The loss of the physical body only allows the soul to move forward by another means. The connection is always there between you and others with whom you have crossed paths here upon this plane. The connection is also present with those you have not physically encountered. Remember that you are connected to the All. TO THE ALL. It is impossible to break that connection.

The soul’s journey from the human perspective is arduous and difficult. However, from a higher perspective, the soul’s journey is joyous and free. Done in love.

The actions of a single soul affect the All. The combined actions of many souls have an even greater effect on the All.

Choose to walk your soul’s journey with a gentle step and follow not the path of fear. Your time spent in your physical body is limited. Your time spent in light is never-ending. It is happening at this very moment. Even though your conscious mind may be unaware.

Raise your vibration. Reach out and reach up. Choose light over darkness. Choose compassion over judgment. Understand that how you act today affects the All.

Take comfort from others and give comfort to others when needed. Your light already shines from within. Allow it to wrap itself around you and others. Allow your light to wrap around the entire physical world. You and your every thought, word and deed make a difference.

Accept the joy of who you really are and share that with others.

Shine the light from within to the world.

Feel the love that surrounds you.

Walk you soul’s journey gently and with love.

And if you stumble, we shall be behind you to catch you and set you back upon your feet.

You are Light.

You are Love.

You are One.

The Web of Connection

There is a clear web of connection that touches All of existence across planes, which gives you the opportunity to Be At One in ways you have never imagined.

The time is now for you to better understand this connection in order to nurture and better develop it.

The time is now for you to better understand that you do not and have never stood alone in this world.

The time is now for you to understand how your actions, thoughts and deeds affect the entire web of being.

You have a responsibility in your lives towards others, towards the All. in your thoughts, your words and your actions.

The physical body creates an illusion of separateness between you and everything else in existence.  This design was in order for you to find your way back to the Oneness, along with the collective lessons that you have learned along the way.  But many have lost their way and believe in complete separateness from the entire being of the Universe.  The absolute truth is that you are and always have been connected to the Source of Creation from the first moment of your existence.  You are NOT alone, and it is not even possible for that scenario to exist.

There is a Universal pulse that runs throughout all of existence.  It flows through you even as you are unaware of its rhythm flowing within you.  There are moments when you have a flash of recognition of this Oneness of being, but many discount it as a quirk of existence.  When in reality, it is the essence of existence.  All are connected.  Imagine the breath of existence flowing through each and every one of you and of all creation.  Can you even begin to imagine this?

You are coming into a time on this planet where many will feel alone and isolated as others celebrate the connections that they have.  The truth, however, is that all are connected.  The breath that you take is exhaled by another, the pulse of the Universe beats in rhythm throughout your collective veins.  You are a part of something larger than this physical vessel which you currently inhabit.

It is time for you to better understand the connection between each and every one of you with all of Creation.  The physical nature of your current existence was designed for you to pursue individual growth while also contributing to the whole.  You must understand that you are part of a WHOLE.  That each inbreath you take is exhaled by another. There is a Universal connection, though we will focus only on the connections here upon this physical plane you currently inhabit.

It is time for you to bless everything and everyone that crosses your path.  For in essence, as you do this, you are also blessing yourself.  It is time for you to help to raise the energetic vibration of this plane of existence.  When you feel sad or depleted, sit quietly and slowly raise your focus from within your physical bodies to a point just above your crown.  Make this connection and allow the universal flow to fill you with loving energies.  Understand that you are not a single cell of existence, but an integral part of a Universal whole.  It is impossible for you to be alone because of this connection.

Take solace in this connection.  For it is a loving connection and more expansive than you can imagine.  You are an integral part of the Universal whole and your existence matters greatly.  Your contributions are necessary and valuable.  Your very breath fills the entire Universal being, every moment of your days.

Know that you are a part of something much larger than what many perceive in their daily existence here on this physical plane.

Know that your contribution to the All is valuable and integral to the growth of the Universal Being.

Know that you are incapable of being alone.  How is that possible with the web of connection that flows between all of existence?

Ask for help if you are feeling depleted and alone.

Call for help with no expectations of the response you might receive.

Be open and receptive to the Universal love that surrounds and envelops you.

Every moment.

Every day.

With every breath that you take.

You are NEVER alone.


There is much noise that surrounds you, that lives within you.  Think of your daily lives. The hustle and bustle, the timers, the beepers, the static, the machinery.  And then think of what fills your head every moment of the day.  Worry, decision-making, planning, analyzing.  Do you ever take the time to just listen?

The perception here is that individual success comes with monetary wealth, personal possessions, power over others, status within your societies.  But individual success does not really exist.  How can it when you are a part of the All?  When you are connected to all of existence?  How can personal success truly exist?  And yet you spend your days striving for a better place in society.

We understand that your society, particularly in the more developed areas, believes that monetary success makes your lives easier. And we understand that many of those without that wealth suffer greatly.  But is it not also true that many who have accumulated much wealth also suffer?  Instead of pushing forward as your society has taught you, stop.  And listen.  All that you require in terms of knowledge, timing, forward movement begins here….within the silence.

Come back to us by way of the silent path. Turn off your machines, worry not about tomorrow.  Be present in the now.  In silence.  The din that surrounds you, which has permeated within you, drowns out the silence and the knowledge that you seek.  Can you allow yourselves the time to be still? To be present. To be at-one?

You have become addicted to noise, to stimulation, to moving at such a fast clip that you are missing the journey.  Is the destination that you seek fulfilling when you reach it?  How much did you miss in your efforts to get there?  How many opportunities to experience joy and connection have you missed as you have focused on the journey’s end?  Living is not done in leaps and bounds.  But in small, quiet steps. Taken one by one.  Allow yourself the pleasure, the joy, of the journey.  In silence.  As you listen to the inner voice, the connection, the Universal knowledge that awaits you there.  Quietly. 

By tapping into this well of silence, you will understand the dance of the Universe.  That everything is moving exactly as it should.  That Universal movement does not flow in measured increments of time.  Instead, it is the coming together of multiple forces which allows you to take the next step. Do you not realize that each step you take is not taken alone?  But in synchrony with much larger forces that surround you.


Can you hear the quiet beat of the Universal heart?  Do not work against it with personal aspirations.  Work WITH it in harmony with All That Is.  How many do not know the next step that you should take?  

Tap into the silence.  Allow yourselves those joyful moments of just being.  Surrounding yourselves with noise and activity is not the way.  Instead, surround yourselves in silence every day, if only for a moment.  Allow it to caress and soothe your frayed nerves.  Allow it to provide you with the answers you seek.  Trust that it will bring you joy and connection.  And leave the noise behind.  Change your world.

 It begins with you.

 In a single moment. 

Of silence.

Reclaim Your Power

Gently. Firmly. Lovingly.

Reclaim your power that you have given away. Reclaim your power that you have denied. Reclaim your power in order to use it in light and in love. It is yours. It has always been yours. It is a part of who you are. Reclaim it and use it wisely and for the common good.

Each and every one of you is connected to the Source and with that comes the power of creation. Creating your world, your life, your perception of how things really are. Many of you feel unworthy and are unaware of how easy it is to change your lives by how you perceive them.

You need not be victims to others, you are stronger than that. You need not live with fear in your hearts, for you are of love. The power you have is in how you perceive your world. Is it one of kindness and joy? Or is it one of fear? You have the strength to change your immediate life and draw either fear or love to you. And as more of you choose to own your power, ah, see how the world in which you live will change.

You are ready to acknowledge this power; to use it to perpetuate a loving world. It is time for you to cease your acceptance of lives filled with fear, with blame, with negative thoughts and actions. The change begins with you.
Remember that you are One with All. That you are connected to All. And with that connection comes the power of the Universe. Not to be used for self gain, for that does not truly exist but in your minds. But to be used to raise the energies of your world and of the Universe.

Change your perceptions of what you can do. Choose joy every day. Choose self-worth in every action. Choose positive loving thoughts over negative fearful thoughts. And see how your daily lives change. YOU create your world. YOU have the power to do so. Do not let others choose the world in which you live. Choose it yourselves. Choose a world of love and kindness and see what that creates for you.

Remember that your thoughts are very powerful. They create your world. It is your choice to view your life as positive or negative. Choose love. Choose forgiveness. Choose to live in the moment. The past does not exist . The future has yet to be created. And it starts with the now.

Judge not yourselves or others. For the lessons you have learned have brought you to this place where you stand in this very moment. Ask that your lessons be gentle as you continue on your path of growth and expansion. Do not minimize who you are and of what you are capable of doing, of being, of creating.

Live fully in THIS moment, this perfect moment of existence. Breathe in love. Allow it to fill your lungs, your body, your entire being. You come from love. You shall return to love. Shed these dark cloaks of fear and dread. You have the power of creation in every moment of your days. EVERY moment.

Reclaim your power. Reclaim your joy. Be the source of light and love that you truly are. Be expansive in your joy. And radiate love to all who cross your path. No matter who they are. Feel yourself being uplifted as you do so. Can you feel the lightness returning?

Reconnect with your Source. The power is yours and has always been yours. And now is the time to reclaim it.
For your light is needed to shine

The light begins with you.

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