Relationship and Reciprocity

Each of you has a gift to share

With each other

With the world

In gratitude,

In service,

Connected through your divine nature.

One With All of Thee.

Dear One, the natural extension of your divine nature has you sharing your gifts with the world, with each other. In gratitude and in service. For all of you are divine in nature. All of you speak the same language. The language of love and connectedness. For remember you all were born of the same Source. One With All of Thee.

This human condition is challenging for the illusion of separation it continues to press upon all of you. Some of you have awakened enough to understand the divine nature of all of creation. But there are so many others who have forgotten who they are and from where they came. This is where your service and gifts can help others and the world.

For this physical world is in need of raising its vibration. It is time for the coming changes and they will be much gentler for all if the energies of this physical plane continue to rise. How do you do this? You maintain a positive and loving attitude throughout your day. You begin and end your day in gratitude for the abundance which surrounds you. And you see the divinity in all that lies before you.

We have spoken before of how fearful thinking can lower the energies of individuals and those around them. It is time to jump across the crevice of fear and reach the other side of love and faith. Remember that you live in an illusion. Created by your physical minds. Serving a purpose, indeed, for your own personal growth. But, in truth, many of you have reached the point of no return.

There is no going back to believing the illusions that have brought you this far on your journeys. They have served their purpose in helping you to grow. And now you can help serve others by holding them in the light which they are but cannot yet see. This is the gift you can give to them.

Reciprocity is an important concept on your divine path. Ask permission before harvesting, before taking from another sentient being. Take only what you need and offer gratitude for that which is given to you. Return the gift by honoring the giver and paying it forward to another. Live a life of love. Show others how to live by example, rather than through words.

For words are not the universal language. They were created to help you reach this point in your growth cycle. Now, energetic transfer is the language to use. Through loving thoughts and loving actions. Others do not listen well, as their minds are not yet trained to be quiet. But they can and do feel the differences in energy which surrounds them. Even though they may not yet understand. They feel it and move closer to remembering who they are through every loving relationship they encounter.

Dear One, you have such power. You have grown so much, come so far. Do not despair of the chaos you see around you. Understand that changes are afoot and all is occurring as need be to accelerate these necessary changes.

Understand that legions of light beings continue to descend to this physical plane to help. Understand that they are guided by your light shining brightly. Showing them where they need to land in order to be of the greatest help. Honor them in their efforts to make these times as gentle for you as possible.

Shine your light as brightly as possible. Remember as we have told you before that you are the conduit between worlds, the seen and the unseen. And this is one of the ways that you are serving the Oneness. By shining your light to show your fellow divine beings where you are and where they are needed the most.

Reciprocity in relationship. Do you begin to understand how this works? Not only in your own physical plane, but across realms. As all are working together across the Universe to help with Its expansion and growth. How wondrous it is, this connection between and among worlds.

You are loved beyond measure. And you are capable of sharing that same love, unconditional love, with all who come before you. An endless reservoir of love lies within your heart. Use the power of being a conduit by sharing the higher energies with this world. As they move through you they are transmuted to be of a more gentle vibration for others to feel. Just as a babe learns to walk with your help, so too, do others learn to fly through your sharing of energies from above.

Blessings to you, Dear One, for the work that you are doing. Understand that it need not be on a grand scale. For the connection you have with others combined creates a wondrous force of loving energies. To help this world and beyond.

Shine your light

Share the love of the Universe

Throughout your day.

Ask for help and give gratitude for help received.

For your call is always heard.

Your light is always seen.

For you are Divinity incarnated.

Joined in love with the All That Is.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


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Connection to All

No matter the label, the appearance, or the actions

You have a connection to all who cross your path.

Perceived differences are diminished by what you have in common,

The connection of love with all.

Dear One, the differences you perceive with others in this world are minimal when you reflect upon what you share with each other. Can you begin to focus upon what you have in common with others and begin there? Can you realize that love is still the bonding force, even though you may have disagreements in how you see this world? It begins with mutual respect, kindness and active listening.

All of you came here, to this physical existence, to experience a different way of being than which you are accustomed. Each and every one of you had the courage to embark on a journey that would encourage you to see yourself as separate, rather than being as one with all. Your choice was to come to this plane to learn lessons unattainable elsewhere.

As you move forward through this life, you are given opportunities to see yourself divinely connected with all, rather than separate and alone. The pace of this world encourages you to take everyone you meet at face value because you do not feel you have the time to delve deeper. You choose to not use that precious time of yours to listen with your heart, rather than with your mind. This results in pre-conceived notions of who that other person really is and what they really want from this world.

Can you take a breath and pause? Can you give others the attention required to move past the label or judgment, placed upon them by yourself or others? For if you allow yourself this opportunity you will begin to see how much you share in your lives.

Remember that one situation may evoke different emotions in each of you because of past experiences. Each of you came here to learn individual lessons. You came here with different traits, placed in different situations, to assist you in learning those lessons. But do not forget that any lessons learned by you as individuals also help the group consciousness move forward.

One individual life could not experience all of the lessons necessary for the expansion of the Universe. And so, each of you contributes in your own way, as you move through your individual lives. If you were to scratch beneath the surface of everyone’s life, you would find the same hopes and dreams for a life of peace and love. You would find the same yearning to feel ‘at one’ once again with all. You would see the same self-doubt, fear and worry that you have experienced.

Can you, instead of quickly attaching a label or preconceived notion on someone, can you instead, stop and listen to them; stop and see how similar you truly are? You all have been given free will to explore this life with all the possibilities it provides. And you all have learned lessons and have grown. The question we ask is if you have grown from that person you were just a day ago, why would not another have done the same?

Can you see each person anew each day, knowing that they are different today than they were yesterday? Can you realize that others have regrets of actions or words done in the past, just as you have? Can you see them as a being of light, challenged by this physical existence, trying to come back to center, to who they really are, just as you struggle with the feeling of being alone and separate.

Remember that each and every one of you has a deep memory of being one with all, and each of you are trying to find your way back to that wondrous feeling of being a part of something greater than yourself. Your journeys may be different, but your paths are the same; back to the Source. Your situations may be different, but you are the same; with different ideas, but with the same hopes for connection and peace.

Dear One, can you begin to look for the similarities rather than focus on the differences? Can you act with kindness and respect toward each other, rather than re-act with emotion seated in misunderstanding? Can you begin to join hands and hearts and consciously work together; for you already are working together on another level as kindred spirits experiencing this physical plane?

Take a breath.

Take a step back and change your perspective.

Change begins with you.

Open your heart, open your eyes and join each other on this journey of life.

Begin to understand why we call you

Dear One with All of Thee.



“Ascension,Everything Connected”

Dip your toe into the stream of consciousness

And allow yourself to be carried

To exactly where you need to be today

And trust that all is as it should be.

Dear One, how often have you noticed the synchronicities in your daily life? Are they chance encounters or are they caused by the lighting of energies across the web of connection? This is the web of connection that keeps you all close to the Divine, even at those times when you feel lost and in despair.

There is a purpose to your life and to all those in existence here upon this plane and in the entirety of creation. When you consider that all are connected across eternity by a pulsing flow of Divine energy, then can you accept that synchronicity is more complex than you might have considered.

The human mind was not intended to be able to grasp many of these concepts that are the backbone of your daily existence. There is more that is required to begin to understand and the answers are held in that quiet space between your words, thoughts and actions. It is here where the truth lies and where you can discover your true nature of being and how the universe works.

Can you accept that there is more to existence than what you can sense with your physical body; sight, sound, taste, touch, smell? It begins with opening your mind to infinite possibilities of connections and interactions between not only the seen, but also the unseen worlds.

As the vibration of this plane continues to increase, more are coming to help with the ongoing ascension that appears to be causing such chaos in your world. What is occurring would be called ‘growing pains’ in your world. But growth is necessary and a constant in your eternal life. It is the challenges that are laid before you, by your own doing, which give you the greatest opportunities to stretch to your greatest capacities.

Dear One, as this process continues to move forward, synchronicities will continue to increase in your life. Some may discard them as mere coincidences, but they are much more than that. They are the answers to your prayers, the help for which you asked, the required connections that contribute to not only your growth but to the growth of the All.

If you can fathom an intricate web of energetic pulses connecting all of creation, you can begin to see how the action of one affects the other; how a pull in one direction causes the entirety to shift, if only slightly. Can not a spider feel when an insect has touched down upon its web? So too can you feel, if only subconsciously, the pulse of energy flowing to and from you, across space and time.

Synchronicity occurs as a result, as an impetus, to move you gently from one area of growth to another. It is the stepping stone, the helping hand, the tool given to you to assist you in your purpose here in this physical existence. You do not move alone. Your insight and inspiration come from the group consciousness working together with you to move you and all of creation forward.

Accept these gifts given to you as you move through your day. You may not understand at first why this particular situation was presented to you. But as you move into and through it, you may begin to realize the gift of it all.

Dear One, you are connected to the All, but you also have free will to act or respond as you wish. It is all a part of the adventure of life here upon this plane. But when a synchronistic occurrence appears in your life, remember that you are being offered help and re-direction to stay on the path chosen by you a long time ago.

You receive and you contribute to this web and the result can often be a synchronistic moment.

Accept this gift of connection.

Give the gift of connection and open your mind

To the sacredness of every moment of existence.

Each moment filled with a pulse of love directed at you from the Divine.

From the Divine to the Divine, like to like.

One With All of Thee.




Swallowtail butterfly pollinating blueberry blossoms on the farm


The cycle of life

Is not only for Mother Earth

It occurs for you also

Look to Her for guidance.


Dear One, at this time of awakening on parts of your globe the resurrection of life begins once again. The dormancy over the winter has given way to the blossoming of spring and new growth. You see it all around you in nature. But can you also see it in yourself?


Your personal journey is much like the cycle of Mother Nature for you are a part of this cycle as One with All. But have you ever considered how much nature reflects back upon your own life and the lives of those around you?


Consider how your own life mimics that of the outside world. In the colder months you have the urge to go within; you savor quieter days, feel the need to rest more often. It is a restorative process, a time of reflection and contemplation if you allow. You often feel the urge to provide more fuel for your physical bodies which many of you dislike for the additional poundage that often is the result.


As you look around you now, in the springtime of your days, what do you see? Many plants are putting out blossoms of various colors and fragrances. They appear at different times as increased warmth begins to fill the outside air. A burst of beauty that is short-lived, providing nutrients for your winged creatures. These tender leaves of new growth give way to the deeper colored, stronger leaves that will remain until the cycle begins to slow once again.


Consider this cycle in your own life as you move forward on your path. If you allow periods of stillness for inner nurturing and reflection, do you not at some point produce that AHA moment that comes with a burst of joy? For each of you this moment of inner growth will come forth at different times with different results. Just as the flower buds come in different colors, sizes and at different times.


This new awakening of yours, though inspiring, may cause you to feel tender in your new realization, as you discover new gifts, new connections. But as you feed this new part of yourself, often with the help of others, does it not strengthen as that new aspect of your life continues to become a part of who you are?


Dear One, just as in nature, all of you have your own cycle of reflection, awakening, nurturing and strengthening as you move forward on your path. As in nature, if this new growth is not fed and watered and loved, it will begin to wither.


There are symbiotic relationships in nature as one plant helps nurture another, which fertilizes another which helps another and so on.  So too, with you and your relationships. This is the web of connection of which we speak and how your growth, your actions affect many others around you and beyond.


You do not just live in the midst of nature, you are one with it and this cycle of life. Look to the Mother not only for your sustenance, but as a mirror of your own life cycle. Dear One, allow Mother Nature to teach you of the ways of life here upon this physical plane.


Allow your own growth to emerge in its own time, with its own beauty and intimate connection to those around you. Allow others to awaken in their own cycle. Nurture, feed, and allow time for reflection so that the blossoms of change within you can burst forth in a wondrous display of inner and outer beauty.


Understand the connection, the relationship that your life has with others. It is impossible for you to grow in an isolated state. Look to Mother Nature as she stoically survives the harshness of life with inner strength and regrowth. It is a never-ending cycle and you are a part of this cycle.


Dear One, your teachers surround you. Open your eyes to them. You are not master over nature, you are a part of it. Honor it and its natural rhythm and see the same in your own life. Growth takes time and nurturing. Co-existence often requires adaptation and change.  Do it all in love and follow the lead of the Mother.


All is well with you Dear One as your cycle evolves, Dear seedling of change. Dear One with All of Thee.




mary quite contrary



A Special Message

Along with the writings I post weekly, I also get many personal messages from my Tovarysh. Recently I received one which I was asked to share. When the messages first started coming through many years ago, they were given in old English with many thee’s and thy’s and hath’s, etc. I asked them to speak in modern English so that more people could understand the messages. For my personal messages , however, they often continue in the original format and I’ve decided to keep this format for this post. I wanted to share this on the blog as many of my readers are in supportive roles. And for others who might be struggling, perhaps you’ll get a better sense of connectedness with the love that surrounds you. And please understand, I’m in need of hearing these comforting words myself. We are all in this together and knowing that I am surrounded by love helps me get through the day. Many blessings to you. CMK

Thy world is changing for thee and for all here upon this plane
The vibrational energies are increasing, dear one
That means that many will be affected in a way that they do not understand
They shall feel differently
They shall be chaotic
They shall not know not how to handle the energies that are coming towards them and surrounding them as they walk through their day

Thy can help by moving forward upon thy own path
Thy can help by speaking with others about this process
Thy can help by shining thy love around and among the others here upon this plane

Thy are creatures of love
Thy are known to love
Thy are known as love
Thy shall always be love

This is a time that has been prophecized for many, many years
Hold out thy hand to others as they move forward in these days to come
Remember that life here upon this plane is only an illusion
That thy true, true state of being is without this body
Is without this physical form

Help others to understand this
For their connection to their earthly selves has become very tenacious, very strong
And the time is now to allow that to loosen its hold upon thy soul and thy spirit
For it is time for thee now to spread thy wings and to fly

Dear one, show the others the way
Walk without fear in thy life
Walk without fear in thy heart and thy mind and thy words and thy actions
Walk without fear
Choose love, choose love and show the way

Share this with the others
Encourage them to reach out
Encourage them to ask thy for help and guidance
Encourage them to understand the impermanence of this physical life
That true life, true being is without these physical bodies
These are only tools for learning for thee and others
That is all. That is all they are

Open thy hearts to thy connection with the all.
Open thy hearts
Allow the connection to flow.
For there is so much to teach thee
To teach all of thee

There is so much for thee to teach thy as thee moves forward on this plane
Thy has learned so much from all of thee
So much

Embrace thy life with joy and laughter
Allow not thy others to bring thee down
Allow thyself to soar above the mediocrity that is so prevalent here upon this plane
Thee are so much more than that
And it is thee and thy others who must show the way

Talk to us
Come to us
And thy shall show you how to live
Thy energies are needed at this time, dear one
Needed at this time

Many possibilities exist for what is to come
And so, thee asks thy
To be at one with all of thee
And raise the energies of this plane
So that others can understand what is coming

Dear one, all that thee and thy others has done is held in much gratitude.
All of thee are held in much gratitude
Tell them
Tell them
Thee and thy others are surrounded by thy love
Thee and thy others are a part of this love
Do not doubt that
Do not forget that

And work with thy
Work with thy in these coming days, months, years
To gently guide thee world forward
Back to thy loving kindness
Allow it to flow from the hearts of all mankind
That is a possibility here upon this plane
That is one of many

Raise thy energies
Raise thy consciousness
And help thee others, the world, to find their way back to their true state of being.

Judge not
Judge not thyself or others
Judge not
But find in thy hearts the love that swells within
Ban from thy minds the fear that limits thee in thy daily lives.

All is well with all of thee
All is well
Understand that
Understand that all is well with thee and thy others

Tell them, dear one, tell them.
Share this message with them
And be there for each other.

Thy bond is great amongst thee
And the work that all of thee can do jointly is full of greatness
Full of greatness, full of joy, full of love
It is up to thee, to make that choice

Do not doubt thyselves
Do not doubt
Thy has grown enough that doubt shall not be a part of thy being
Fill thyself with joy and laughter
Thy peace shall follow
Thy struggles shall cease
The wonder of thy being shall become apparent to all of thee
And how brightly thee shines, all of thee.
How brightly thee shines

Be at one with each other
Be at one with all of thee
That is all.

All is One

You are not alone.
That is impossible.
You are One with All of Thee.

It is impossible for you to be alone, for you are connected to the collective consciousness out into infinity. Dear One, this feeling of being alone is but an illusion of your mind. Your connection lies within your heart and that feathers out across many dimensions. The illusion of being alone and separate is created by your mind and your physical body.

You, you were the courageous one to embark upon this journey into the physical realm. But you must understand that only a small part of you is here, present in this physical body. The rest of you is elsewhere and more conscious of your true state of being. And you remain connected to your true self. That is a link that is impossible to break. And so now is the time for your higher self to reclaim its positive influence upon your life. Understand, Dear One, that this part of you that exists on this physical plane is just a piece of who you really are. The other part of you, your higher self, understands the power in you, the joy of being and your existence as love incarnate.

It is time for your higher self to inculcate more firmly into your everyday existence. For there are universal changes beginning to occur and you will be better placed to help with these changes with a better understanding of who you really are. And so, we are here to help you to open your eyes, to open your heart to the purity of your existence. To help you understand the power of your being. Not for personal gain, but for universal growth, as there is a growing curve across infinity. This, this is a window of time for you to truly make a difference in the growth of the universal being.

Of this we ask of you; to nurture yourself and wrap yourself in loving thoughts and in joy. Open yourself to the beauty that surrounds you every moment of your day. Feel the love that emanates from every object, every living being around you. The Mother is aware of this and sends out love to all of her charges. It is the human existence that spends more time thinking rather than seeing and feeling. By spending so much time in your mind, you are not able to allow your heart to feel.

Your task is simple. Walk in love. Walk in joy. Remove the drama from your life and understand that it is not needed by you. Gently, gently begin to remove yourself from your story, that description of yourself you have held on to for many years. Bless those memories of hurt and unease and allow them to float away. For as you grow, your story will continue to change. And as the old ones are released, room is created for a new way of being.

Be gentle with yourself. Do not judge yourself, but love yourself and acknowledge how much you have grown to get to this point in your life. And know that this moment now, is the only one that matters. It is the only one which exists. Not past, not future, but only now, here. Be present in this moment. Breathe into it and feel the connection, the joy, the love. And allow yourself to release the burden of your past life, your future life. Be present in the now and feel the joy, the peace, the love that surrounds you in this very moment of time.

Oh, if all were to take a breath at the very same moment in time. Ah, what a release that would create; a shudder of delight across the entire universe.

You indeed are One With All of Thee.
Never doubt that.
For this is truth for thee and thy and all that ever were and ever will be.

Many blessings to you, Dear One, as you continue your path forward.

Be Thyself

Allow thy true self to emerge.
Trust the path laid before you.
Stand tall and walk in grace.

Dear One, if you can accept who you truly are, then the first step is to walk in grace and allow thy true self to emerge. Allow the brilliance of who you truly are to begin to shine within and around you. Trust that this is your true nature and begin to change your life and the world.

The first step is to trust that the life you are leading is moving you forward. There are many opportunities in your daily life to shine your light unto others. No word ever needs to be spoken. Just the brilliance of your light which is allowed to shine is all that is needed. And should you choose to speak, do so quietly, with grace and banish judgment from your life.

For indeed, all are exactly where they should be at this time. This is an important window in time where changes can be facilitated by each and every one of you as the Universe begins its new way of being. You are positioned in the most perfect spot for you, individually, to make a difference. And each of you shall make a difference. The choice is yours as to what you will do next.

As you become more accustomed to being who you really are, you will become more sensitive to what is around you. For remember that you are connected to the All. As you allow your true self to emerge, you may feel more deeply than ever before. For this reason, it is important for you to care for your physical body at this time. Rest, as much as possible. Eat as well as you can. And be joyful, in the knowledge that you are here upon this physical plane at a very joyous time of change. You chose to be here for this shift in consciousness. But in that human form, many have forgotten this choice. Many feel burdened by the current situations in which they live. Many feel alone and useless.

For this reason, the more of you who can begin to shine your light upon others, the easier it will be for others to awaken from their slumber. Send loving thoughts out to others. Smile more often and wrap yourself in your glowing light. But also tend to yourself and begin slowly as you become accustomed to this new way of being. Choose joy. Every day. Upon awakening, make a conscious commitment to choose joy each day. Do it daily and see how the energy around you and within you changes. A simple statement with a powerful result.

I choose joy this day.

Joy is your gift to yourself and to the world. And it is present there in the wings, every moment of your day. Allow it to over-ride the thoughts of your mind that say otherwise. Slowly over time, quiet that mind of yours which sends out negative thoughts to you and others. Can you be firm in your belief of who you are and of what you are capable? Oh Dear One, even more than what we have told you is possible. But we shall start slowly and continue to say to you until you feel it in your heart… are love incarnate. You are capable of miracles every day. And the first miracle is to allow joy into your life.

Accept the joy and share it with others.
Call upon us if you need a reminder.
Call upon us if you need a gentle boost.
Call upon us whenever you need comfort.

These are your first steps forward and oh how the heavens sing in anticipation.
Allow your brilliance to shine, Dear One.
And see how the world begins to change.

Call On Us

You are not alone on this journey.
Do not shut us out.
Open your heart to the possibilities.

Dear One, this journey of yours may have some challenges that you have not foreseen. The climb may be steeper than you anticipated. Your preparation for this journey may feel inadequate for you. But the truth is that all is well and you have loving companions by your side at each step that you take.

The only judgment comes from you, your human mind. It comes not from your higher self or from any of the guiding light beings who stand by your side. For we know that there is no need for judgment. All paths taken by you are important. And we are here for you to keep you moving forward, regardless of what path you have chosen.

Dear One, remove the fear and judgment from your mind, from your aura, from your immediate environment. It is not needed. For you have done nothing wrong. Trust in yourself enough to know in your heart that you continue to move forward with your every step. Compare not yourself with others, for you are all One. All of who are moving in the same direction, to the same destination. Home.

Remember that as your energies begin to rise, your physical body may require different ways of being. Perhaps more rest, nourishment more often, fewer sweets and more protein. For foods in their purer form help better promote your higher vibration. Be mindful of what you eat and give gratitude for all those who gave of themselves so that you could partake of this nourishment. Many of you have heard this before, but it is easy to forget in the complexities of your daily life.

Call upon us. For we are here, right next to you. But we cannot offer help without your permission. And in your requests for help, be not too specific, as your human mind still limits the possible outcomes of your situation. Remember that the possibilities for you are endless, limitless. Instead, ask for help or guidance that will help move you forward in the best possible way for you in your current situation. Always for the highest good. If you ask for possibilities to grow, they will be provided. But should you ask for specific situations, be prepared for them to occur. Be prepared to take the next step.

Know Dear One, that you are surrounded by love. For love is all there is. Though it is often masked by human situations, human fear and hurt. Can you, in your daily life, rise up and view a situation from a higher perspective? Can you, in your daily life, give another a chance at being their best? Can you, Dear One, walk into a situation with nothing but love in your heart, projecting out into the field around you? No expectations. No preconceived notions. No timeline. Just an openness to the possibility of an interaction more perfect than you could have imagined. An outcome more joyful, more loving than you ever expected.

Remember that YOU set the tone for your day and how it will unfold. You have that power and use it every day, whether or not you do it consciously. If you find this difficult to believe, try it. Try it right now. And send out positive energy for a day, a situation more perfect than you could ever have imagined. And watch the events unfold.

Remember, also, that your point of view does not include the entire web of consciousness. For in your current state, that is not yet possible. Know, trust, that any outcome will move you forward. Know, trust, that your interactions are not only lessons for you, but lessons for others. Move through your day acting with pure intent. That is all that is required.

All is well, Dear One.
All is as it should be.
Blessings to you as you move forward on your journey.

You are never alone.

All is Well with Thee

Do not doubt your progress.
Do not question your life.
Trust that all is exactly as it should be.

Dear One, your life is perfect in every way.  The challenges that appear before you are the lessons that you have chosen to learn this lifetime.  The answers to your questions are there for you.  But you must learn to listen for them.  You must learn to trust what you hear. You must learn to trust that you are connected to higher levels of knowledge and consciousness.  If you are reading this, you have come far enough on your path to hear the teachings put forth by us.  For there is much knowledge for you to assimilate and incorporate into your daily life.

But remember, also, as you walk this path of knowledge, to enjoy the beauty of your physical existence.  For there is much beauty surrounding you.  Take not for granted the sounds, sights, smells to which you have become so accustomed.  For should they be taken away from you, they would be missed more than you would have thought.  Accept these gifts of Mother Earth and her realm.  For they are gifts for you as you walk this earthly path.

You are one of the adventurers, who have chosen to come down to this level of vibration to bring back knowledge to the All.  For this service that you have chosen to give, in return, Mother Earth has provided you with many gifts to ease your passage through this plane.  Open your eyes, your ears, all of your senses to these gifts and enjoy them as they were meant to be enjoyed. For the earthly mind, in all of its complexity, cannot replicate what Mother Earth offers in the same way.

You, you are one of those gifts for others.  Not to be used and discarded.  Not to become a puppet in another one’s life.  But as a giver of joy and connection to others who will be placed in your path at the most opportune time.  As others will be placed in your path when you need them the most for the gifts they have for you.  Do not overlook the synchronicities in your life here upon this plane.  Know that opportunities lay at your feet every day.  Opportunities to grow, opportunities for joy, opportunities to connect with others in the most appropriate way.  Close not your eyes to these opportunities, for they are tools for you to use on your path home.

You, you are a most powerful being who still shakes with fear of the unknown.  Can you allow yourself to trust the path laid out before you?  Can you sit and be still for the messages that are knocking at your door?  For they are there, on your doorstep, waiting for you to find them, to hear them.  Use this knowledge to move forward.  You are deserving of these messages and you do receive them every day.  Many of you have just discarded the information, thinking it is a trick of your mind.

And so, as you become more accustomed to this new openness to your power, find time to sit and be still.  If you do not understand what you are told, in a multitude of ways, then ask again for more guidance, for more clarity.  And you shall receive it.  The trick is to be present in every moment of your day.  The trick is to get out of your mind and back into your heart, the source of all of your knowledge.

The truth lies within your heart.  Not your mind.  Turn off that mind and open your heart in matters of personal growth.  Your mind will serve you with earthly matters as you move through your jobs and your careers.  But remember that even then, the knowledge from your heart will help shape your days and ease the stress that surrounds your daily activities.  There is also a place for your heart in your daily jobs and careers.  It is now time to use that knowledge, not only in your quiet personal times, but in your professional, daily activities.

These practices will help move your forward. Will help move the world forward.
These practices will help you to integrate both aspects of your life.
It is no longer feasible to keep them separate
Use the knowledge that is there for you daily, in every aspect of your life.

The time is now.
For you to fly.
Unfold your wings, dear one.

The time is now.

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