Transitions are Occurring

The energies are raising here upon this earthly plane. This has been a long time coming and we rejoice in its occurrence, here and now. The time has come for all to begin their transitions within this earthly plane. For each and every one of you this will manifest a different way.

You are all connected, not only to this earthly plane but to the heavenly vistas above and around you. What is occurring at this point of time is a thinning of the veils that separates these two dimensions. For many of you, this will not require any changes for you or affect you in any major way. But for others, you will see, feel, experience physical, mental, emotional changes in your daily lives. For you, we give our encouragement, our focus and our help as you ask for it. And now is a time to ask for that help. There is no need for concern, but there is a need for action. Call on us to guide you as to what action is needed for you individually. It is all a matter of readjusting your thoughts, your words, your deeds and how you walk through your daily lives.

For those of you who are feeling these effects, understand that your way of living must change to allow your light to shine, for your path to widen and clear in order for you to move forward. There is nothing to fear, there is no judgment, no punishment, no reason to worry about ramifications from your actions past, present or future. This life of yours is beginning to expand and each of you who are beginning to feel the effects of this expansion must allow room in your life for this expansion to occur and continue.

You, you are the vehicles, the vessels of change. You are the ones who have committed to partake in these changes that are occurring at this time. You are the ones who we honor for your dedication to moving forward on your path; and while doing so, clearing the way for others to follow. You are the teachers, the stars who shine brightly enough to light the way for others. We understand that you may not feel that way at this very moment. But we know who you really are and the power you hold at your fingertips to help move things forward as they accelerate the way of being here upon this plane.

You, you are the ones who are the chosen, the leaders, the seers, the visionaries, the guides for those who follow behind you. Your time is now to make the changes necessary to move forward. Tend your physical bodies for they are the vessels given to you to house your very souls. Do not doubt that the vessel you are using has not been purposefully selected for the tasks you are meant to do. Do not doubt that you are or will be placed in the perfect location to do your work, that which calls to you. Heed that call. It is no longer possible for you to ignore it. Your time is now, dear ones.

Trust. Yourself, your purpose, your gifts, your placement. Trust your connection and the messages that each and every one of you receives. No comparison, no judgment. Only connection, support, love and light. Call upon us. Call upon each other. And bask in the knowledge that this is only a brief time of transition for you before the skies open for you with all their glory and knowledge. But you must be readied. You must be in order. Take the time now to do so. And call upon us for help. For we understand, we love and honor thee for all that you do.


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