See the Divine in All

Do not be blind

To the light that shines

Within all

Who cross your path.

Dear One, all of Thee are Divine Beings; here upon this earthly plane on an experiential journey. This we have told you before. But now it is time for you to begin to see this in others as they pass through your life here upon this plane.

You have much power in the energy you put out in your interactions with others. Being in a physical form, you focus on physical strength and appearances, for that is what you have been taught to see.

And yet, within every one of your physical forms, human, animal, mineral, vegetable, there is a Divine essence spiraling around that form. Often it becomes lost in the chaotic energies here upon this plane. But it is there, a glow of intense wonder, within all of you; for all that you see comes from the Source.

We encourage you to think in terms of energy and the way it moves; unlimited across continents, across space, across realms. It flows easily and freely and you have the ability to work with this energy in how you think, how you act and how you love.

Dear One, can you begin to send love to all who cross your path? Can you begin to honor the Mother and all of her creatures as you walk upon her ground? Can you begin to see the Divine in All of your surroundings?

For indeed, unrealized by so many of you, you walk in a sea of light. This world which your see with your physical eyes is a holographic image. If you were to allow the physical forms to melt away, what would remain is Divine Light. Can you imagine this in your world?

Close your eyes and begin to imagine what it would be like to move freely and easily in a beautiful mist of light composed of colors never before seen by you. This is the true reality of your existence. Oh, Dear One, we wish for you to consider this concept and the possibilities it has for you.

Can you honor this beauty which surrounds you, even in the most desperate of places? Yes, there are wounded souls, wounded lands, wounded hearts. But they can begin to heal and once again shine their brightest.

It begins with you and how you see your world. When you wish to offer prayers for another, be it animal, mineral, vegetable, see it in its Divine Light. In your compassionate heart, you may wish to show pity but this is adding to the lower vibration already existing in that situation.

Can you instead, see the Divine Light in all those who need support and prayers? Allow them to glow in their own inner light, for it is there. It is just hidden from view due to circumstances. Do not ask for healing for someone. See them as already healed and allow their energetic forces to once again recover their inner power connected to the Divine.

Be not attached to any outcome, for you do not have the higher vision of the All.

Be not attached to timing of change, for in reality there is no time or space.

Can you act in pure intent, seeing all healed, honoring the Divine within them? And can you do the same for yourself, for you are also filled with radiance, light and pure love.

Dear One, claim your true identity and begin to use your thoughts and actions in the most powerful way you can….in love. For love is stronger than anything else.Love comes from the Divine….the Divine within you.

Dear One With All of Thee.


Shine light upon the darkness

See it in its nakedness

Limp and full of weakness

No match for the loving light within your heart

Dear One, do not allow fear to creep within your heart. For the love which embodies you is much stronger than any darkness that attempts to control you. Light always overcomes shadow. Does not the warmth of the sun encourage you to remove the layers of cover and show your true self to the world?

You are beings of light, created in love, each and every one of you. It is your choice to decide which path you shall take on this physical journey. Will you choose to walk in love, accepting your inner light and sharing it will all who cross your path? Or will you choose darkness, encasing your heart in fear in attempts to control others; sharing that fear as you move forward on your path?

The choice is yours. But remember that love is your true nature and those who live in fear have not accepted their true nature. They have not seen that there is abundance everywhere. They do not understand the joy, the true lightness of being created by the loving connection encircling their hearts and their lives.

Dear One, choose light. Choose love. And when fear begins to draw near, surround it in love. Surround it in light and reveal its nakedness, its lack of power, its true weakness. For Dear One, fear has power over you only if you give it your power. You are a part of a streaming light from the Divine. Accept that truth.

By shining your light, by sharing the warmth of your love, you may begin to crack open the hard shell of fear which hides in the shadows, in the darkness. By shining your light, you are increasing the vibrational energies within and around you. By shining your light, you are dipping into the never-ending reservoir of love within and around you.

Dear One, be not afraid of those who seek to take your power through fear. For true power lies in love. Accept the love of the Universe. Allow that love to flow within you and through you. Call upon us when you feel you need the support of our strength; though in truth, that strength already lies within you.

Be at peace with who you are, a being of light and love.

Walk free from fear, free from worry, free from self-doubt and judgment.

Live with grace and love in your heart.

And understand that help is just a prayer away.

Join the light, send out love and live with peace in your heart.

You are a part of the Divine as is all of creation.

You are One with All of Thee.


lotus by thai bamboo

lotus by thai bamboo

What does this mean?

Do you experience this in your life?

Who are you really?

Dear One, you are now living your life with a foot in two worlds. One world is the physical world of which you are most aware and very comfortable. The other world is the energetic world, that unseen world of which you are also a part. It is only an illusion that all of your essence exists here upon this physical plane.

Now that the veils have thinned between worlds; now that the vibration of this world is moving to a higher level you will be more able to realize the true nature of your being. You were more aware of this as a child when your connection with your ‘imaginary’ friends was much stronger. Now, once again, those friends are calling to you to make their presence known to you. With the changes in this physical plane it is easier for them to show themselves to you in ways that are comfortable and non-threatening to you.

Dear One, it is time for you to understand that you came here with a purpose in mind. Your very presence here upon this physical plane makes a difference. The actions you do every day, the words you speak, the thoughts you think, make a difference in this world. You still do not understand how powerful you are and how you are able to create your world.

Yes, there is light and there is also darkness here upon this physical plane. Both serve a purpose in the continuing expansion of the Universe. For how can you learn, how can you grow if everything is so easy? Remember that you came here for certain experiences. You came here to do certain things. Yet, many do not fulfill that goal because of the distraction of the physical world.

There is no judgment if you do not move forward as you had planned. There is only gentle guidance to move you back on track, back to where you wished to be in your life here upon this plane. There may be people you meet that you recognize for just a moment. Consider that they may be someone here to guide you, someone with whom you planned to work with during your lifetime here.

Remember, every encounter you have is a holy encounter. Every encounter is a potential lesson for you and the other person. Every encounter is an exchange of energy, either positive or negative. Make it positive. And if in the moment of engagement, you are unable to do so, then release that negativity as soon as possible. Bless it as a lesson for you and move on.

Allow the radiance of your true nature to shine. Create a world of love and positive emotion. Do not try to control your world, but set your intent every morning and then allow it to unfold before you. Allow it to unfold as the petals of a lotus blossom with a brilliant light at its center.

You, Dear One, live in two worlds. As your conscious mind focuses on this physical world, your higher self reaches out to you from a different realm to guide you forward on your selected path. No matter what happens, you will be welcomed back to a loving embrace.

If you are confused, if you are unsure of your next step, allow for some quiet time to connect with your higher self. Ask for guidance and then watch for it. For the guidance will come in any number of ways. You are not lost. You are acclimating to a new way of being. Embrace it, be gentle with yourself and always love yourself and others. Allow this love that is at the center of your very being to emerge as your lotus flower unfolds.

Dear One, trust, allow and love.

Be at peace with where you are in this very moment.

See the potential in all interactions; the potential for a holy encounter.

Dear One With All of Thee.

Accept the Gift

…..Of You.
For you are
The gift to the world.

Are you able to comprehend this? Are you able to accept that you are a gift packaged in a human form? Within that form is a brilliant light shining brighter than your sun; with rays extending out to infinity. This is who you truly are. A gift of light for those not yet awakened.

The packages containing these gifts come in many shapes and forms. Some are a bit damaged or crushed, but what is inside remains unscathed, untouched in its brilliance. Can you see past the packaging and peek inside? For that is where the treasure truly lies.

The ebb and flow of life here upon this plane has caused you to be accustomed to change, though some continue to resist anything but the safe repetition of their daily lives. Any change that occurs in your life is another slight unfolding of the outer wrapper. It is another portal from which a ray of inner light can find its way outward to shine.

Soon you will be better able to see this in those around you. In those whom you see every day. And suddenly, in one aha moment, you will notice a flickering around them. You will notice waves of energy coming forth from them. You will see bands of light around all living things. All living things.

But you are not quite ready for that. The process must be gentle so as not to alarm you. For this truly will be a new way of seeing for you. So what will occur is a slow shift in your vision, your inner eye will become more active and you will begin to notice tiny shifts in how you view your world. It has already begun and many are beginning to notice, yet are unsure of what they are seeing. That is why we are here to help you in this transition period. For this time which has been anticipated with joy and love.

It is time for you to begin to trust who you are, what you see and what you know. It is time for you to no longer require the approval of others as you find your own path. It is time for you to open your heart to others who journey with you. Always as you act with pure intent. If you do that, the results, the reactions will be unimportant for you. For you have walked in light and you do not know what another requires to move ahead on their path.

Remember that what you may see as a negative result is in fact the appropriate result for another to move forward. Realize that your sight must not be from the human condition as you question your actions. All is unfolding exactly as it should. Do not allow your human condition to cast a shadow of doubt on that truth.

Instead, walk in light and love. Ask for help when you need it. Trust that you are exactly where you should be in this very moment. Notice the synchronicities of your life and listen for the messages that you receive every day from the most unlikely of sources. You are not alone. You never have been alone. You are an integral part of an infinite web of light and love.

Take your place.
Walk in love
Shine your light wherever you go.
Trust and allow joy to fill your being.

For this is who you truly are.
One with all of thee