There is much noise that surrounds you, that lives within you.  Think of your daily lives. The hustle and bustle, the timers, the beepers, the static, the machinery.  And then think of what fills your head every moment of the day.  Worry, decision-making, planning, analyzing.  Do you ever take the time to just listen?

The perception here is that individual success comes with monetary wealth, personal possessions, power over others, status within your societies.  But individual success does not really exist.  How can it when you are a part of the All?  When you are connected to all of existence?  How can personal success truly exist?  And yet you spend your days striving for a better place in society.

We understand that your society, particularly in the more developed areas, believes that monetary success makes your lives easier. And we understand that many of those without that wealth suffer greatly.  But is it not also true that many who have accumulated much wealth also suffer?  Instead of pushing forward as your society has taught you, stop.  And listen.  All that you require in terms of knowledge, timing, forward movement begins here….within the silence.

Come back to us by way of the silent path. Turn off your machines, worry not about tomorrow.  Be present in the now.  In silence.  The din that surrounds you, which has permeated within you, drowns out the silence and the knowledge that you seek.  Can you allow yourselves the time to be still? To be present. To be at-one?

You have become addicted to noise, to stimulation, to moving at such a fast clip that you are missing the journey.  Is the destination that you seek fulfilling when you reach it?  How much did you miss in your efforts to get there?  How many opportunities to experience joy and connection have you missed as you have focused on the journey’s end?  Living is not done in leaps and bounds.  But in small, quiet steps. Taken one by one.  Allow yourself the pleasure, the joy, of the journey.  In silence.  As you listen to the inner voice, the connection, the Universal knowledge that awaits you there.  Quietly. 

By tapping into this well of silence, you will understand the dance of the Universe.  That everything is moving exactly as it should.  That Universal movement does not flow in measured increments of time.  Instead, it is the coming together of multiple forces which allows you to take the next step. Do you not realize that each step you take is not taken alone?  But in synchrony with much larger forces that surround you.


Can you hear the quiet beat of the Universal heart?  Do not work against it with personal aspirations.  Work WITH it in harmony with All That Is.  How many do not know the next step that you should take?  

Tap into the silence.  Allow yourselves those joyful moments of just being.  Surrounding yourselves with noise and activity is not the way.  Instead, surround yourselves in silence every day, if only for a moment.  Allow it to caress and soothe your frayed nerves.  Allow it to provide you with the answers you seek.  Trust that it will bring you joy and connection.  And leave the noise behind.  Change your world.

 It begins with you.

 In a single moment. 

Of silence.


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  1. chattingwithspirit
    Dec 07, 2012 @ 09:08:03

    I know I am so fortunate to have time on my own during my day, to be in the silence … and I cherish that so much. It can be so difficult for people with busy lives to find that time, but what a massive difference it would make to their lives.

    As always, beautifully written, and just reading your words makes me feel at peace and at one with all. Thank you 🙂


  2. judithatwood
    Dec 10, 2012 @ 08:46:40

    Your insight is both valuable and timely. I see a lot of needless noise, especially with the solstice now so close. Thank you for the reminder of the value of quiet. Namaste


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