The Reflective Mirror

Stand in front of a mirror and what do you see? A face too wrinkled, too tired, not attractive enough, with features either too big or too small. But when you reply with an answer such as this, it means you are only looking through your human eyes at a human vessel.

Look deeper. Look within the eyes that stare back at you. Now close your eyes and continue to look. This time look inward. What do you see?

Is there a light appearing before you, a color, a matrix dancing on that viewing screen in front of you? How do you feel when you see these things? And you WILL see these, for they are there for everyone, including you. If you do not see them at first it is only because you are unaccustomed to ‘seeing’ this way. You may say that you see only darkness, but look closer, for dispersed among that darkness are points of light, everywhere. Look closer and breathe.

You are composed of light.

We have told you this many times before. But now it is time for you to begin to see the light within. See with your heart, not with your mind. Turn off the dialogue and just breathe. Settle in to the breath, for just a few minutes. And as you do, pull the blanket of love closer around you. Envelop yourselves with the warmth of the love that is everywhere. Pull it closer and allow it to heal your wounds, to soothe your frayed nerves, to swaddle you as a babe, to allow you to feel loved and protected.

And breathe.

Inhale love for you, exhale love for all.
Love in and love out. Love in and love out.
Effortless, natural, and healing.

For your natural state is one of light and love. The denseness of the human form creates the illusion of separateness and aloneness. You believe the illusion that the human form controls you and your life. When, in fact, it is the other way around. YOU control your human form. And you do it with how you allow your energies to vibrate.

As you breathe, surrounded by love, see all the atoms of your humanness begin to dance. To DANCE with JOY. Every atom of your being in motion, emitting loving vibration. And allow it to connect with the love enveloping you. As if two pieces of a puzzle have snapped into place. Connected as One. Your true and natural state.

Feel the connection. Feel the love.

And so, the next time you see that human face reflecting back at you, see the dance, the flickers of light as they bounce off each other in their dance. And see the cloak of love that surrounds you. Every day, all day, without fail.

You are Light.
You are Love.
You are One.


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  1. Mary Strong-Spaid
    Jan 13, 2013 @ 08:36:23



  2. judithatwood
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 22:32:17

    A wonderful invitation — I wish everyone could read it and learn. Thank you.


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