Your Place in the World

csmonitor_Leif Ove Andsnes

Pianist Leif Ove Andsnes

Why are you here?

How do you fit into this world?

Why do you feel so out of place?

Dear One, you are meant to be here in this world at this time. There is a purpose to your life, be it to facilitate growth in another or yourself, to be present with your whole being at a necessary time or to be a loving presence in a world gone awry.

Never feel that you have been misplaced or forgotten, for you are surrounded by loving beings at all times on this journey of yours. Never feel that you do not make a difference with your presence, for your power is great. Never be anything but your authentic self. For your individuality is what makes you so valuable on this shared journey upon this physical plane.

The unseen world is what we ask you to focus upon this day. For more often than not, it is what you do on an energetic level that makes a difference. Just being present either in thought or prayer for a friend who needs support can make a great difference.

Sending love or healing thoughts is a powerful tool. Energy knows no bounds and your thoughts, your intent, can traverse this globe in an instant. Like attracts like and there are many others just like you scattered across this world quietly doing their work. You are not alone on this journey but are supported by legions of loving beings. Rather than shutting them out, open your heart to them and to the loving guidance they offer you.

All come from the Source, though many upon this physical plane have succumbed to the illusion of power created by fear. There is much suffering in this world, much of which is the result of many choosing fear over love. But you embarked upon this journey aware of the presence of suffering; knowing that challenges are what lead to growth.

The true power lies within you. And this power is great enough to endure suffering with love. The key is to understand the impermanence of each moment of your life. The joy, the sadness, the disappointments, the successes are all just a moment in time on your path forward.

Can you begin to see, really see, that the true nature of all existence is love? Can you accept that you are a being of light living in a physical world filled with illusions created by the human mind? Can you empower yourself knowing that by changing your perspective you can dissolve the illusions that create suffering?

We are not condoning passivity or lack of action. We are encouraging you to take a breath and come from your heart rather than from your mind; the mind which is often filled with fearful thoughts. For Dear One, you CAN make a difference by how you view your world.

You can make a difference by not accepting the illusion created by fear.

You can make a difference by radiating a loving presence as you move through your day.

You can make a difference by offering or seeking support when needed.

Each of you has a unique gift to share with this world. Some may be at the forefront encouraging others to act with pure intent. Others may be quietly raising the vibration of this environment, doing their work in obscurity. Some are doing their own personal work. For does not global change begin with changing how you perceive your personal world?

Dear One, however you move through this world, do it in love; for yourself, for others, for the All.

Do it in gratitude for the opportunities which lie ahead for you.

Do it with grace, knowing that you came here for an experiential journey.

You have a purpose and that purpose is to be your authentic self. Acknowledge and use your personal power to help dissolve the illusions created by fear.

One step at a time.

One breath at a time.

For the highest good of all concerned


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