Growing Pains


Just as physical growth

May cause some discomfort

So too, spiritual growth

May do the same.

But know the end result will be wondrous.

Dear One, growth comes with its own process and often discomfort. Spiritual learning may cause you to reflect upon issues long buried deep within your being. And it is the brave soul who allows these issues to percolate and emerge for reflection and release.

The human psyche is well developed to allow you to move forward despite many hurts or disappointments. And often this is done by burying those feelings so that you are able to survive the moment and carry on.

But eventually, especially if you have opened to your spiritual path, these long-forgotten feelings must be brought to the surface to be faced with love and forgiveness. For they sub-consciously affect how you walk through your world even though you do not remember them. What was initiated as a protective measure for you may become an anchor holding you back from further progress upon your path.

It takes courage and faith to allow these feelings to surface and we encourage you to seek help or counsel if you are struggling with what is emerging. It is a part of the process of the cleansing of the soul which will allow more light to emerge as a result.

Dear One, if this is happening to you, it means you are ready, you are strong enough, you have the support to allow this process to continue. Trust in yourself and do not attempt to over-analyze what is occurring. It is more helpful to focus upon what you are feeling rather than what your mind is thinking. For the human condition in many cultures encourages thinking over feeling. And it is time to recognize your feelings and allow them to be heard.

The world is changing, the universe is expanding, and all sentient beings are affected by what is occurring. There are many upon this plane who are very aware of this and who are working very hard to help others to raise their vibrations to ease any discomfort these changes bring to them.

If you are struggling, reach out to others whom you trust. If you have come to the other side of those growth spurts, reach out to those who are confused about what is occurring in their lives. Remember, all are connected. And as one person works through long-forgotten issues, all others gain. This is because you all have similar issues, with varying degrees of intensity, but still they are universal across the human condition.

As you continue to grow, and indeed you will and are growing, love and compassion will become a more natural response to incidents which occur in your life. This includes self-love and self-realization of how far you have come in this earthly life of yours.

It will include compassion for others as you begin to reflect upon the common traits of the human condition and how the spectrum is affected by the level of personal awakening of each person. You will begin to reflect upon how you speak to others, how you listen to others and how you act toward others.

This is in your future, Dear One. But it requires effort on your part, and some discomfort, as discomfort usually goes hand-in-hand with growth. However, you must remember that you are not alone in this. Many others are experiencing the same as you. And you have much help available to you from both the seen and the unseen worlds. Reach out; either for help or to give help. It is all connected and each person’s progress will affect you also.

You are a being of light

Brave enough to live in a world of duality

Where the lessons can be challenging

But not insurmountable.

Help surrounds you

Reach out and take it.

For you are loved and respected

Beyond measure

Dearest One With All of Thee.





Waving Torches at Things by Ian Hobson

The time is now

To remember times past

And all those you have known

For eternity.

Dear One, deep inside of you there is a spark of memory that is beginning to awaken. It is the memory of times past and the recognition of knowing once before all who stand before you now. You have known them, and us, for eternity and will continue to know us forever more.

Awaken to the memory of seeing us as we truly are, the embodiment of love, the same as you. Formed in love, everlasting in love. For truly, love is all there is. Anything other than love is a separation from your true nature and from those whom you have known as one with you.

The feeling of separation is encouraged by the physical forms which you embody. They mask the true connection you have with the All, which you have had for all time and will have forever more. Even though you may have experienced different lifetimes in different forms, the connection has always been there and will continue to be there as you move forward.

Can you begin to allow that spark of memory to fire for just an instant and remember your true place in the world, in the universe, in the All That Is? You are one drop in an ocean of love. An individual indeed, but also a part of a vast essence of being created in love. You are an integral part and can feel the connection as you travel with the waves of energy which flow just as your ocean tides.

See us, know us, as you have in the past and will once again in the future. For we are not separate from you, but a part of you. Just as every sentient being is a part of you. All dancing to the rhythm of the great OM, the song of life, of love, of creation.

Dear One, do not shy from this truth revealed to you this day. Instead reflect upon it and open your heart to the possibilities never before considered in this human existence which you are now experiencing. Remember that you are so much more than this physical body, which is just a sheath to serve you as you learn your lessons on this physical plane.

Know us and feel the joy of the connection that you have with all who surround you; human, plant, animal, mineral and also in the ever present unseen world around you. Open your mind to the possibilities of this truth. And consider what can be learned, what can be accomplished as you strengthen your connection with the All.

We have told you before that the energetic vibration is rising here upon this plane of existence and knowing this truth will help serve you in the days to come. Do not feel unworthy. Do not feel forgotten. Do not feel alone. None of these is possible as you are a part of all of existence and have been for all time; past, present and future.

Tone daily and allow the waves of those tones to carry you further into your true reality. You will return, you must return to your physical body as this is your path. But know that you are currently living with a foot in both worlds. And many are having difficulty with the increasing energetic vibration upon this plane. Send them love, see them whole and at peace. For as they heal, so shall you and vice versa. This is possible because you are all connected, in love.

Dear One, accept the truth of these words. And if they seem too much for you, by reading this far, the seed has been planted; to sprout at a future time when this knowledge is needed.

You are loved beyond measure.

You are One With All of Thee.

For all time, in all realms,

With the knowledge and strength

always available to you

As you continue to grow

And know the joy

Of the Oneness of All That Is.



Rainbow Lotus by Ng Wai Chor on 500px

You are awakening

To the truth of your existence.

One with all you see

Co-creator with your Maker.

Filled with love.

A Divine being.

Dear One, allow the awakening to open your eyes to your true nature, that of a Divine being, at one with all. Accepting this truth will show you another way to look at your present situation. Accepting this truth will encourage you to walk, to speak, to act in love. For love is all there is and love is the essence from which you were created. Love is the source of your breath, the result of your existence.

Can you, in all aspects of your life, begin to look through the filter of love rather than fear? You are connected to the collective consciousness and it is through this connection that you receive all the knowledge you require to move through your world.

For your world is but a hologram, conceived in love, exuding love and malleable by your loving thoughts. The conscious thoughts which you have help to re-arrange the world which you see. It moves and adjusts according to the expectations of your mind. This has been the gift of this life in the physical. To be able to see the results of your creative consciousness. This is not something that is available on other realms.

It is time for you to realize this truth so that you can work with it to allow the innate love within everything you see and everyone you meet to burst forth, leaving behind all fear and suffering. You have been given the gift of duality here upon this plane. For how can you learn if there are no opposites? How can you choose if there are no choices to allow opportunities for growth?

Every breath that you take can be a breath filled with love or fear. Every choice that you make can be one made in love or fear. Every experience you have can be viewed with gratitude and faith or with suffering and fear. By experiencing all these possibilities, you are allowing others to learn through you.

Dear One, you are a student and a teacher at the same time. You have the opportunity to create in order to learn and to teach. You are in a unique position to experience that which is not possible on other realms. You are an adventurous soul who chose to be here to grow or to help another to grow.

There are no isolated incidents. There are no private thoughts, for their energies go out into the cosmos, and their energies create situations for growth across the Universe. Be not judgmental of who you are or what you have or have not done. For all acts are but one element of a lesson provided for your growth. You are not the same entity you were just moments ago, for you have grown with every step you take. You may not see it, but it is clear across the Universe as your progress is watched with love and gratitude.

Dear One, you are pure energy, temporarily embodied here upon this physical plane in order for all of creation to experience itself. Yes, you are an individual soul, but you are connected to the All, in love. Your time here is temporary before you return to pure consciousness, unembodied, free from the harshness of this physical world.

If you do not like what you see in your world, then change it. Use your powers of creation to gently shift the energies, raising them higher into the vibration of love. There is only so much we can do from our vantage point. It is up to you, Dear One, to begin the process. How? Breathe in love, breathe out love. See the Divine in all you encounter and practice heart-to-heart encounters rather than mind-to-mind encounters.

Forgive yourself as you begin to understand that life here is for learning, and sometimes you stumble.

Love all whom you meet, see them as kindred souls, trying to find their way in this physical world.

Give gratitude for all that you have and see the abundance which surrounds you. Remember that physical possessions are only holograms. It is the intangible, the experiences, which fill you with knowledge and teach you how to be the Divine being that you truly are.

Be at peace, Dear One.

For all is well with you.

Change begins with you and how you see your world.

Choose love and light and joy.

Dear One With All of Thee.

This Change is for You

What is happening at this time

Is part of your personal journey.

It is also part of the Universal growth

And how you choose to participate

Affects the All.

Dear One, it is not a mistake that you are here upon this physical plane at this time. You chose to come here to grow, to help others to grow, and to use your connection to make a loving contribution to the All. This is a wondrous time of change and you can make a difference using your power and grace.

We are not saying that there are not possibilities for tumultuous times ahead, for the possibilities range in depth and reach, dependent on the energies sent out by you and all here upon this plane. You have been through much personal growth in the recent past; growth of which many may not be aware. It will become more visible to you in the coming days for you may find yourself not reacting as you have in the past.

Dear One, growth is not always visible to the conscious mind or to the physical senses by which you navigate through this world. But be assured that your internal compass has become more connected to the universal energies that are gently surrounding you every day. The physical or emotional changes that you are experiencing may be caused by this cosmic shift in energy here and throughout creation.

You are stronger, more connected and more intuitive. You have a greater ability to love and to offer a loving response to adversity. Kindness and compassion do not denote weakness; quite the opposite, they show strength. At times when others are promoting anger and physical confrontation, harsh judgment and fear, your inner strength provides the balance required to move forward with pure and loving intent.

This physical plane continues to perpetuate the illusion of lack and isolation when in fact there is abundance for all and constant loving support from the unseen world. You, Dear One, now have a foot in both worlds, the unseen and the physical. Can you begin to draw on the strength and power of love rather than succumb to the illusions created by fear in this holographic physical realm?

It is time for you to rise up in all of your glory and share the love that fills your entire being. Many are already doing their work quietly, un-noticed by others but acknowledged and assisted by the unseen world. Do not feel that your contribution of loving kindness, inner strength and quiet prayer does not make a difference. For indeed it does.

Do not allow yourself to be filled with despair or frozen with fear of the possibilities of change. For change can also bring wondrous results. Can you have enough faith that you CAN make a difference by sending love out to this world and to the Universe with every breath?

There is now a critical mass of awakened souls who are doing just that every day. There is much light coming into this plane. See it above you and pull it down around you and around this entire globe of existence. It is a wondrous, healing light and it may take some time for all to become more accustomed to its higher vibration. But with this light comes a stronger connection, a loving embrace and a joyous  existence beyond your imagination.

Remember that for every fearful outcome that you can imagine, there is an opposite and loving outcome equally possible. It is up to you which outcome will emerge. But understand, Dear One, that there are many unseen hands gently moving you forward for the highest good.

Accept this help. Contribute with your own loving thoughts and actions. Draw on that inner strength that is most definitely present within you. For despite what you think, you HAVE grown, you ARE connected, and you WILL shine in the coming days.

How can you not, Dear One With All of Thee?



A simple word

That speaks volumes

In how to move forward

with grace and love.

Dear One, can you contemplate the value of acting upon this one word, surrender? A word that does not connote weakness or failure.  But instead, it embodies faith and trust in the workings of the Universe. Can you end your struggles and allow progress to unfold as it was meant to unfold; with lessons for all concerned; with an end result not fully anticipated by you.

Ego encourages you to push forward towards an outcome that you feel, in your human mind or with your human emotions, is the most optimal. But remember that you cannot see the entire picture from your perspective. Just as you do not see how your one small gesture of kindness can create a series of loving interactions, neither can you see how the final outcome will help with the personal growth of the All.

Trust, Dear One, that all is well and unfolding in the most beneficial way for the lessons to be learned. Surrender to what you may see within yourself as a flaw and look for the gift within that perceived flaw. Surrender to the situation which may at first appear undesirable and see how it has allowed you to grow in strength and compassion.

That is not to say that you allow yourself to be in harm’s way with any person or situation. What we ask is for you change your perspective on any perceived negative trait or situation. Can you forego judgment and replace it with acceptance and love? For this physical journey is a learning ground and all that occurs in your life is an opportunity for growth and change.

Keep your energetic vibration high to help raise the energies upon this planet. Do not allow yourself to be brought down by others not yet awakened. Be a mentor, a model, to others in how to move forward with grace. Allow your actions, your words, to lose that emotional charge which incites a lower vibration in response.

Do not minimize the strength, the power, of how you move through your world. Others will observe, either consciously or unconsciously. Do not discount how the energetic field which surrounds you can support or negate the lower vibrations of others. You are more powerful than you realize. See the gift of who you are and how you can, in your unique way, encourage a positive change in this world.

Surrender, Dear One, with trust and faith that you have everything that you need in this moment in time. Surrender, with the knowledge that any and all perceived flaws within your personality can also be powerful gifts. Surrender, without judgment, to that which occurs around you and look for the lessons within each interaction.

Allow the current of change to take you where you need to go. Trust this experiential journey upon which you have embarked. For the outcomes, in hindsight, will reveal their gifts, their value, in moving you forward upon your path.

Self-love, non-judgment and compassion hold the same power as the word surrender. Allow them all to enter into your psyche as you make your daily choices. Let them guide you forward. And know that we are with you every step of the way, loving you unconditionally.


Recovery and Renewal

Growth is occurring

Subtle, but strong.

Do not despair

Thinking you are stuck in the mire of past emotions.

You are, in fact, moving forward in love.

Dear One, regardless of how it appears to you, there is forward movement for you every day. You are growing and moving along your path at a steady pace. Perceived setbacks will occur as you continue to re-dress the wounds. But each time, another layer of healing has appeared and you are on the road to recovery.

The human condition is filled with emotion, both feelings that you crave and those you wish to bury. But in order to move forward, the wounds must be exposed to the light in order to best heal. Just as you put fresh dressings on physical wounds, so too, emotional wounds require exposure for another review.

And each time, as more distance separates the cause of the wound from the present moment, you will be able to view that wound from a higher perspective. More compassion, more forgiveness, more unbiased observation is possible each time the wound resurfaces in your life.

Do not feel as if you have failed when it appears once again. In fact, to the contrary, you are on the road to recovery. For with each appearance you have a different perspective.  By removing and replacing the dressing soiled with expressed toxins, you are slowly allowing the toxins to be released and discarded. And each time, there will be fewer toxins to remove as you slowly heal the tender wound.

Emotional healing is a process and is not completed in an instant. It can require many reviews. And as your awakening continues, the attached emotion loosens its hold on the wound. For emotion can cloud your perspective, not allowing you to send loving light to all involved.

The human condition is so skilled at burying emotions that you may be completely unaware they are present. Many of you may not even be able to describe these emotions once they surface. Facing the emotion and blessing it for the lesson provided will allow the healing to begin.

Dear One, growth can be subtle or it can be obvious to all. Trust that with each breath you take you are one step further along your path. If you find you are confused, then spend time in stillness and invite the emotions to rise and release their hold on you. Do this without judgment. Do this with love and gratitude that you have been given the opportunity to grow.

Tend your emotional wounds as you would a physical wound; with love and with care. Seek help if you feel they need more skilled attention than you can provide. But do it with acceptance and with love, for yourself and for all involved.

Buried wounds fester. When exposed to the light (love) and the air (breath), they heal more quickly. Provide this when old wounds resurface. Their appearance is an indication that you have grown enough to take another look at them; that you are strong enough to revisit and forgive a little more. Their appearance is a testament to how far you have come

Heal them with love, not regret or anger.

Heal them with controlled breath and stillness to allow the AHA moments to surface.

Heal them with forgiveness for yourself and all involved.

This is how recovery and renewal begins.

One breath at a time.

One heartbeat at a time.

One step at a time.

Always in a forward movement.

And never alone.



Can you stop resisting the flow of your life

And have faith that all is unfolding as it should

With hidden miracles tucked within those challenges

Dear One, there is so much more to your existence than what you perceive with your human senses. There is a Universe out there to which you are connected. There are machinations of connection at work which involve your life and all of creation.

Can you find the peace of mind that is within your being and accept that all is well? Can you believe, truly believe, that you are wrapped in a loving embrace which supports your every step forward on your path? Can you give gratitude for your life instead of allowing fear to inculcate into your very being?

If you were to see the infinite web of connection you would stand in awe of the majesty of creation. You would see flashes of light moving down each filament that connects one to another to the All. And you would begin to see how one action affects another which affects another and so on.

You would also realize that you indeed are an integral part of this mosaic of life, this beautiful tapestry of connection that envelops the entire cosmos of being. No action of yours or anyone else is an isolated occurrence. Each action, thought, word affects the All in this giant web of being.

If you could look down upon your life with our perspective, you would understand why a situation arose and how it moved you and others forward on their paths. You have not been forgotten or left astray on an isolated island in this sea of being.

Quite the contrary, you are at the center of the Universe, helping to move it forward as it continues to learn through your experiences here upon this physical plane. Once again, we tell you how you are a brave adventurer who willingly took on this physical life to learn, to teach, to help to expand the Universe.

Dear One, hold your head up high, open your heart to all and allow those fearful thoughts to leave. For this fear that you feel lowers your vibration and creates the illusion of separation, abandonment and unworthiness. Illusions, indeed, for nothing could be further from the truth.

You have much power, much love, much courage and much support every moment of your day. We understand from your experiences how difficult it can be to navigate this physical world. But remember that it is all an illusion, created as a learning ground for you and through you, for all of creation.

Breathe in the love that surrounds you and feel the peace embracing your thoughts and your physical body. Breathe out the fear and allow it to dissipate into nothingness. Can you allow the internal stress that you feel to melt away in the radiance of your internal flame, ever present and gaining in strength daily, despite what you may think?

Take a walk in nature. Allow the antics of the innocent to bring you joy. Listen to the sounds of nature’s song as she sings to you, her charge, her babe. For she only has love for you. She is created in love, just as you have been.

Can you live in the moment? For remember that past and future only exist in your mind. And in this moment, in this very moment, are you not breathing and experiencing life in a peaceful moment as you read these words?

Spend time with us in meditation daily. This is how you can better connect with who you really are. This is how you can build your trust in your own inner voice, your intuition, your connection to the Source. If you can allow just a few moments out of your daily routine to sit, breathe and feel the inner stillness; if you can do this you will begin to notice a change in your life.

Are you not worthy of this daily time of peace and stillness, if only for a moment? Your higher self calls to you, speaks to you throughout your day. But it is in the stillness that you can best hear your inner voice.

Heed the call. Stop and breathe and listen.

Listen to the peace, the stillness and to your higher self.

It calls to you. It is always there. You have not been forgotten.

It is you who have forgotten who you are.

Remember once again with peace in your heart.

Joyous singing abounds.

Love embraces you.

Dear One with All of Thee.

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