Can You Believe in Yourself?

Who are you and how far can you go?
What are the possibilities for your life?
Are you really capable of changing the world?

Do NOT think that you are incapable of change, undeserving of success, unable to reach greatness. All of these are possible and inevitable in your life, if you just allow. They are destinations on the roadmap of your life and you can choose the circuitous route or the direct route. That is your choice. But the destination is set. It is time for you to move forward with a true belief in yourself and in what you are capable of achieving.

Do not allow fear to immobilize you and keep you from freeing the passion within that is yearning to be free. Set fear aside, bury it deep within Mother Earth and take flight. To parts unknown? Oh what an adventure that will be. Did you not choose to come here to this physical plane with an adventurous spirit? Do not let fear dominate your thoughts and guide your actions. It pales in comparison to the greatness of your spirit. You do not yet realize the greatness that lies within you. How can you not have this greatness when you are connected to the All? You have universal knowledge at your fingertips, available to you if you only give yourself the quiet time to hear it.

Do not follow the pack which moves in community with fear. Be the leader, the path-finder, the greatness that you are. Lead the way for others. Show them that nothing is achieved in mediocrity. Do you not want to see what is on the other side of the road? Are you not curious of the possibilities that lay ahead?

If you are tired and feel beaten down, ask yourself why. Are you putting out too much energy to stay behind when your spirit within is pushing to move forward? This internal struggle will cause you to feel exhausted as you struggle to keep the status quo when your higher self urges you to break free. Move forward with pure intent and see how much fruit hangs low before you to be plucked and savored.

The universe is awakening and beginning to move forward as has been prophesized for many years. You are here to be a part of that change. You are needed to help with this forward movement. Be aware of the synchronicities that will occur more often in your life. Your fellow light workers are gathering and calling you to action. Open your eyes to the opportunities that lay at your feet. Remember there is no possibility for failure in your life.

If you were able to step back and view all the parts in motion, you would see how your movements affect others and the awakening that is occurring. We realize that within the human form this is impossible for you to envision. But we can see it from our vantage point and your piece of the puzzle is very important, regardless of how minor a role you think you play.

You are filled with greatness, dear one. Close your eyes and feel the stirrings of activity around you. This is the energy of change, filled with love, guided by love, and enacted in love. There is much joy in this activity. Feel that within and around you and smile, dance and give gratitude that YOU are a part of this journey, this prophetic change that is now beginning to occur.

YOU are needed.
YOU are One.
YOU are greatness.

This is who you truly are.

Why Not Today?

The time is right now, in this very moment, for you to begin your new way of being. It is a very simple process, this new beginning. No preparation required. Just begin. Begin to be the sacred vessel of light and love who casts a positive light on your surroundings.

And how do you do this? Begin with a smile. Allow yourself to feel the love that surrounds you at this very moment. Every breath draws in love. Every exhale sends out love. Peaceful existence in, loving attention out. Joyous remembrance in, warmth and compassion out.

YOU are a conduit for love. It flows through you and outward. Can you feel the peace settling into your being as you read these words? They are words of truth and somewhere deep within, you remember, and the smile begins to form without effort. You feel the connection with the Mother as your feet become one with her. The peace that you feel is calming and familiar. You are grounded, you are connected, you are one.

And in this moment, in this state of being, your mind is clear. No worries, no schedules, no judgment. This is your reservoir of strength that is present at all times. This is how you begin. Today.

What comes next is a moment of insight, a spark of remembrance, a release of tension. Allow it, embrace it and understand that this is the beginning.

For the next few moments, close your eyes and practice this exercise and we shall guide you down your path. Gently, lovingly and always by your side.

Breathe in
Breathe out
Smile and feel the love surrounding you.

And when you finish, give gratitude for all that you have, for all that you are.
Why not begin today?

What if?

What if you ceased all worry?
What if you began to smile more often?
What if you took a deep breath every few minutes?
What would happen?

Do you realize how much time, effort and energy goes into worry? Worry about things you cannot change. Worry about possibilities that are only that, possibilities. Worry about the past, the future. Have you ever considered the fact that you rarely worry about the immediate present? This is the time of action, the time of now, the time currently unfolding in your life.

The only time that exists is the present. The past is over and done, the future yet to unfold. So then why do you spend so much time and energy focusing on something that does not even exist? Imagination is a tool that feeds creativity. However, imagining something in your mind and just allowing it to sit there and gain strength is not productive. The present is a time of action and the only time over which you have control of your actions. Control of YOUR actions, not those of another.

Memories are teaching moments. How they make you feel tells you whether you acted from your heart or out of fear or anger. They are tools to show you how far you have come or what you should consider changing. Can you understand the continuum of your life? Actions taken. Memories of those actions. Reflection on change or not. Then actions once again with hopes of different or similar outcomes.

The key word in this continuum is action. Which can only occur in the present, for that is all that exists. You have no control of the past or the future, only of the now. Acting with pure intent is all that needs to be done. And if intent was not pure in a past instant, then it can be pure in this very instant.

There is a reason why memories are forgotten or different for everyone involved. The lesson has been learned and so the memory no longer fills a need. Individual memories of the same interaction differ because each participant has a different lesson to learn from that interaction. And once the lesson is complete, the emotional charge will dissipate from that memory. And soon, the memory will cease to exist for it is no longer necessary for growth.

The present is all that is real. The future has not yet occurred. And how your life changes from moment to moment is dependent on the web of connection and on how you choose to manifest the future. In the school of life, the past is the textbook, the present the test, and the future the result of how much you have learned from that textbook. It is the continuum of life dependent only on what you do NOW.

So smile and see the beauty around you.
Take a deep breath and center yourself.
Worry changes nothing, only action moves you forward.
And your destination changes with each passing moment.

You cannot be sure of what will happen. You can only be sure of how you will be in the moment. And as you become more accustomed to acting with pure intent, the future matters not. For you can be certain that pure intent in action is all that is required to move forward in light and in love.

Only You

Only you can change your world.
Only you can accept the love offered to you
Only you can create a life of joy and bounty.
It is up to you.

Understand that the power to change your world lies with you and no one else. For no matter what another does for you, the final decision to accept the gift, the joy, the love is yours. It begins with self-love and acceptance of the power and strength that is yours. You can give it away, which many of you do every day. Or you can use your power to make a shift in your life starting at this very moment.

How do you give away your power? Perhaps we need to give you a few examples. Do you worry what others think of you? Do you allow the actions of others to cause you great emotional distress? Do you require the approval of another before you make a decision? Do you think others are better or smarter or more worthy of love and success? Do you associate with others who constantly criticize you?

Often the life you lead is so habitual, that you do not even realize how you give your power away every day. So, stop. Review your life and ask yourself if any of these examples resonate with you. And if they do, begin to make a change without judgment, without drama, only with joy. Give gratitude for the lesson and gently move on. For remember that all are growing, all are changing, and all deserve loving kindness whether given in person or from afar. Each and every one of you has your own individual power and for that reason, you do not require another’s power to move forward in this world.

All the knowledge you need is within you in the connection that you have with the All. That does not mean you should not discuss with others, interact with others or seek advice from others. But the final decision, the final choice should be your own, regardless of what another thinks. You cannot make a wrong choice because every choice provides a lesson learned. Do not agonize over a decision. Breathe, go within and sit with the possibilities. Then move forward with pure intent and trust that all will unfold as it should. The connections that you have with others affect the result of your choice and you cannot predict the outcome. You can only move forward with pure intent and joy. Be open to the lesson that results and know that each step you take brings you closer to the Source.

Remember that you are here to learn and grow. Each life is important in what it contributes to the collective consciousness. Trust your intuition, for that will guide you on your path. Do not harshly judge yourself or others for actions taken, for decisions made. For every step you take affects another on the web of connection. And somewhere along that filament of connection, your action made a difference. Your decision taught a lesson.

Trust yourself. Move forward with pure intent. Walk gently but firmly forward and see how you can change your world.

Only you can do this.
Today, in this moment, choose joy, choose to reclaim your power.
Gently and with love.
Know the joy of self-discovery.
The possibilities are endless.

Forgiveness, Understanding and Growth

Are you able to forgive what seems the most heinous of actions? Even without completely understanding the motivation behind those actions? Can you disperse that deep emotion felt and come back to center?

You are not responsible for the actions of others. You are only responsible for your own actions, words and thoughts. Although there is certainly a connection and exchange of energy between you and all of existence, the immediate concern you must have is with your own actions. For change begins with you and the energy you send out into the world. It has a much greater impact than you realize.

There are occurrences upon this plane with which you do not agree, which may cause you much pain and emotional turmoil. For this, we understand. As many of these actions do not follow the lessons which we teach. However, please remember that All are connected. Judgment, condemnation and prolonged anger do nothing to move the collective consciousness forward.

Emotional reactions are a human condition and help move you towards action, either positive or negative. They are the catalyst for growth, for change, in either a forward or a backward direction. When you feel these emotions, we ask that you not hold them close for long periods of time. Instead, allow these emotions to be the catalyst for positive change in the world.

Only through love and forgiveness, kindness and compassion, joy and awareness of the inter-connection of All will you be able to grow closer to the Source. You may not understand the reasons for the actions of others. But that does not mean you cannot respond after a time with a positive action.

Do you not see how the negative actions of one often bring out the best in another? It is the give and take of love that moves you forward. This loving kindness is present in each and every one of you. Focus on that rather than on the negative catalyst that caused the outpouring of love.

There will come a time when loving kindness will be ever present in your world. A time when these expressions of love will be a daily occurrence, and not only in response to a negative deed. Start now. Begin today in changing anger and judgment into forgiveness and love. You need not understand the reasons of others, for often they are beyond your comprehension.

Allow your negative response to pass quickly. Move into a higher vibration of love and action. This is how you become part of the forward movement of your world. This is how you show others the way of being. This is how you contribute to the loving kindness ever present in your world.

Do not walk in fear and anger. Do not look for suitable punishment and retribution.

Walk instead in light and love.

Show others the way of being. Be the example of forgiveness and compassion.

Change your world……….. with gentleness, forgiveness and love.

Allow your light to shine in times of darkness.

And call on us when you need help.

You are never alone.

What of Power?

Have you given away your power? Do you allow others to cause you to be happy or sad? Have you forgotten who you are and from where you have come?

One thing that has been difficult for you to learn here upon this plane is how powerful you are. You are connected to the All. You came into being when a part of the Source was given to you. Yet, every day, you allow others to determine if you are filled with joy or sadness. You take your cues from others rather than from within.

Perhaps you are afraid of the power that has been given to you. Perhaps you feel unworthy to be gifted with this immense amount of power. Perhaps you are uncertain how to use it in your daily lives. And so, let us begin by explaining this to you in terms that you will better understand.

Power here upon this plane is associated with wealth, possession, status and control. This is how you are taught of power and many of you see that power used for means of self-gain. Should you not be a person of means or status, you feel powerless in your daily lives.

The truth is that you have much power, but of a different nature. You have the power of love and connection and this carries much more weight than the power you see in your world.

Think of this. You have the power to diffuse a tense and potentially dangerous situation by sending love and light, by raising your energies to envelop everyone involved. You have the power of connection to the All, where all knowledge lies in the collective consciousness. You have the power of inner peace and clarity in an outside physical world of chaos and din. You have the power to change this world, just by using all the gifts mentioned above.

The power you own is intangible and permanent. It is ever-present and is not something that can be taken from you. However, you often give it away freely and create for yourself a world of lack, of fear, of uncertainty.

Take back your power. This power is present in all of you. More power for you does not mean less power for someone else. That is only true for this ‘power’ you have created in this physical world which feeds off of others. True power resides within.

You hold the power of how your day will be by how you choose to see it.
You have the power to step back from emotion, blame, drama and to be of joy, knowledge and strength.
You have the power of the connection of love.

Which is more powerful, a connection made in love and service or a connection made in fear?

You have all the power that you need.
Use it wisely and daily and change the world.
That is true power.

Do Not Fear the Unknown

Why do you fear the unknown? Why must you know everything that is to happen before it does? Your future is evolving and your actions in this very moment will change the outcome. So then, how can you predict what will happen? Is this not part of your learning process?

Your need to control, to ‘be prepared’ for what is to come, is causing you much distress and elicits fear within you if you do not know. You spend much time wondering and worrying about the future. When in fact, the future does not yet exist and depends on the present. In reality, there is no future, there is no past. There is only the NOW. And the now is where you should be focusing your attention.

We have talked about the web of connection and of the continuum. We have told you how everyone and everything is connected. With this knowledge in hand, understand the flow of creativity within and amongst you all. Understand how your energy, your thoughts can and do affect what will happen next, not only in your life, but in the life of the All.

Thinking about the future and the past engages your mind. Being present in the NOW engages your heart. Have you ever lost yourself in an activity, focusing your complete attention on it to the extent that you forget the passage of time? These are the times when you are truly connected to the continuum as you stream with the collective consciousness in your present activity. During these moments there is no emotion, no thought, just complete indulgence in your present action. While you are in this state, there is room for nothing else. There is no need for anything else. You are linked in to the continuum with full abandon.

In reality, there is no unknown in terms of meeting new people, journeying to a new destination, beginning a new task. For if you are a part of the All, there is knowledge in this connection available to you. Knowledge that you, as part of the All, have used before. But in order to tap into this knowledge you must get out of your head and back into your heart where the knowledge lies.

True knowledge, of universal dimensions, lies within your heart. Knowledge of living in a physical world lies within your mind. This is the mind’s purpose, to retain memories of how to exist on this physical plane. The trick is to combine these two forms of knowledge to move forward.

The veil is thinning, which means that more and more of you are living with a foot in both worlds. No longer will this ‘earthly’ knowledge be enough for you to move forward. You have graduated to the next class and must now pull in the universal knowledge to help you straddle both of these worlds simultaneously.

More and more, you will need to draw on the knowledge of the continuum to move through your day. Do not be afraid of this new way of living. You are ready. You have our support and help. Move softly and gently into the unknown. It is not dark and sinister, but filled with light and music and opportunity.

Approach your day with love and certainty that all is as it should be. Be present in each moment, moving forward with love. By doing so, how can the next moment and the next not be the same, filled with love? Love is all there is.

Release the fear from your minds. Open the windows of your hearts and allow the brightness of our world to fill your days. You no longer just exist in a physical world. You are now a part of both worlds and for that we sing with joy. With open arms we welcome you and will guide you. Just ask. It is just that simple.

What of……………Purpose?

A subject we have discussed before. But well worth bringing up again. What is the purpose of your being here? Your life upon this plane, with its difficulties, its joys, its limited time. Why are you here? And why is it so difficult at times for you?

You are here because you are needed here at this time, on this plane. There are many changes occurring. Changes that will tip the scales as to the future of life here and in the entire Universe. Your presence is needed at this time. In this place. To help make the necessary changes. To help raise the energies, the vibrations. To increase the joy. To contribute to the growth and healing of others.

YOU are needed here at this time.

How, you ask, can I make a difference? I am just one person who struggles daily with my own growth, my own issues, my own fears. Yes, you do. But you do not feel that way every moment of every day. And in those times when you experience joy, lightness and freedom……those are the times when you send out positive vibrations that surround you. Positive vibrations that move out into the ethers to help raise the energies. All of you are not at this level at the same time. For all of you are on different levels in your path back to the Source.

But all of you ARE connected. And the more of you who are aware of how the Universal connection works, the greater the effect on the whole. Do you not think this scribe goes through times of struggle and growth? And yet, it is the connection with all of you, the readers, which brings light into her life. This happens with all of you. During a time of struggle, a glimmer of light shines on you from many possible sources; a playful pet, a loving child, a kind stranger, a beautiful sunset.

There is beauty, there is joy present every moment of every day. And the more of you who notice this, the easier it will be for the masses to see this joy.

It is up to you, each and every one of you, to raise your own energies as much as possible. So that you can shine the light for someone else who is struggling at that moment. It is the power of the connection. And the more of you who can ‘see the light,’ the easier it will be for those who live in fear.

YOU, in your life, are laying down the path for others to begin their journey back to the Source.
YOU, in your life, are showing others the way.
And YOU, in your life, are noticing more days of light than darkness because of others who shine the light for you.

This is your purpose here. The veil is thinning between worlds, the energies are rising. And much of this is because of you. No matter how insignificant you think you are.

YOU make a difference.
YOU are a part of the change.
YOU are needed here at this time. Do not ever doubt that.


And though you have no conscious memory of this, you agreed to be a part of this adventure at this time. To make a change. To be a part of the process.

So open your wings and soar. And during those times of struggle, do not judge yourselves. For there will be a source of joy that comes to you to help you rise up again. Remember, this is still a human existence and with that comes limitations. But do not forget that underneath it all, you are a being of light and of love. Who has chosen to be here at this time.

And for that, you have our eternal gratitude.

Why are you not listening?

Why are you not listening when we talk to you? Why do you turn your head, lower your eyes, or walk away? Why do you call to us, often in desperation, yet when we answer, you do not listen? We are always with you. Always. We hear your call to us and we are there with a response. Always. But you do not seem to hear it.

And so we ask: How do you expect to receive your answers?

Do you expect an apparition to appear in front of you with the solution to your dilemma? Do you expect a rumble in the sky, a bolt of lightning to precede any words of wisdom and encouragement? Where and how do you expect to get your answers? Think about this.

The answers to your questions are always provided to you. But perhaps not in the way you expected them to arrive. The messenger might be a child with a simple question, a colleague’s action that sparks a thought. Or, it might be a gut feeling, an urge to ‘go this way’ or to talk with someone you just happened to see. The answers to your questions come in countless ways. They are not dramatic. But gentle and natural interactions.

Every aspect of your daily lives has a message for you. But you must be open and receptive to the messages. Do not doubt your insights, your synchronous interactions with others. These are the ways in which we interact with you. This is how the connection flows throughout the universe. Sudden, dramatic responses are not our way. For the message would be lost in the orchestration of the delivery.

This means that your awareness of all that happens during your day, being present in the moment, will allow you to ‘hear’ your answers. And you may not realize that your answer arrived until after you have awoken from a dream. After you have returned home and reviewed your day. After you have said good-bye to the person with whom you were speaking.

Do you not realize that you are a part of us and we are a part of you? And so, your answers come from interactions with each other, as we are present with all of you.

The answers may come from any part of your life; animal, mineral, plant, spirit, thought. Change your way of listening. Be present and understand that AHA! moment. Be grateful to the person who gave a part of themselves in order to be the messenger for you. Look everywhere. See everything. No action is too small to go un-noticed. Gentle messages. Quiet examples. Simple solutions.

Be quiet, be observant and be ever present in the moment. And understand also, that YOU are a messenger for others. You may not be aware of this role which you play daily. But it is one of your many functions here upon this plane of existence. As you all search for the path to follow back to the Source. You are an important part of the solution for others, as they are for you.

Synchronicity, co-existence, and connection. Open your hearts to the ways of the universe. Take flight, soar high and sing sweetly. All are possible. For we exist within you and among you and always urge you to grow, to dance, to know the joy of life.

Do not doubt yourselves.


Practice non-judgment.

And be present in the moment.

This is your lesson for today.

Tears of Sadness or Joy

Shedding tears. You all do it. It is an emotional release of sadness or perhaps even anger. It is a mechanism of cleansing, of moving the emotions up and out. To once again bring you peace and inner calm. For it is when you feel that inner calm that you have the most clarity in your life.

The human vessel, though fragile, has many wonderful designs within it to help you along your way. And tears are one of those designs. The perception of this world is that shedding tears is a sign of weakness. When in fact, tears are strengthening and empowering. Imagine those tears carrying the emotion from within, little drops of intense emotion moving out. Making room for the love and inner calm that will soon replace that emotion. And often, after you cry, you sleep. Allowing the body to transition from a state of intensity to one of acceptance, love and calming energy.

Remember, it is in those resting moments when you are best able to make and feel the connection. With the loving kindness that surrounds you, envelops and heals you. It is during these moments of rest when your human mind steps aside. And your heart can once again spiral up to strengthen the connection with the All.

The tears evaporate. The emotion is dispersed into the ethers. And once again you have cleared the space for loving energy to replace what has been dispersed. Call to it, invite it in and accept the love. Allow it to fill your earthly vessel to the brim with light. Tingling with pure love.

Do not judge the ways of being. Instead, allow life to flow. Follow the current and do not fight it by trying to swim upstream. Allow yourself to ride the waves as they take you to your next moment in life. Trust not your head, but your inner compass. Close your eyes and navigate with that compass, without judgment, without preconceived notions. For indeed, you are able to fly higher, sing sweeter, and love more deeply than you think.

The mind limits you. The heart expands your horizons and is your rudder as you follow the current of life.

Discard the map and trust the inner voice. For the journey has many paths, all leading to the same end. It is your choice which route you take. But know this. You will arrive at the same destination. Back to the Source, the loving Oneness. Who will be awaiting you with open arms, with tears of joy to have you back once again. Tears of joy.

You are Light.

You are Love.

You are One.

And ALWAYS have been.

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