Mis-perception Causes Doubt



Artwork by @aykutmaykut

Can you trust what you see with your physical eyes?

Or do you need to look from your heart

To understand exactly what is happening

And why?

Dear One, this physical world in which you live is filled with illusions which can lead to mis-perceptions and doubt of who you really are. Remember that the physical senses help you navigate a physical world. But there is much more to existence that this. And in order to see beyond, to understand what is really happening, requires looking through your third eye; using your intuition and seeing with compassion and love.

You are so much more that you realize as you walk on this physical plane. For years, you have accepted the reality which you have experienced with your physical senses. This has brought you joy at times, while on other occasions has caused you to lose faith in yourself and in the forward movement of creation.

Today we wish to remind you that there is more to existence than what you can experience through the physical body. The lack of experience you have in using your other ‘senses’ is causing you much distress and promoting fear and doubt. We encourage you to acknowledge and to work with the entirety of your being, which includes your energetic bodies and senses.

You have had glimpses into this world when you had a spark of an idea, an impulsive moment to take another route or to say words which you had not planned to speak. If you were to pay closer attention to your days, you would recognize more of these moments which you cannot quite explain. These are the times when your other self, your higher self, is guiding you forward as it reaches through the barriers of physical existence to reach you in your most natural form.

Dear One, can you begin to allow yourself to accept that there is more to your existence that what you perceive with your physical senses? It is time. For now, as the vibrational energies of this physical plane are rising, there is a part of you that yearns to be free from the chains that have kept it hidden for so long.

In order to move through your world, with the higher vibrations coming into existence, it is necessary to begin to accept the gifts of these additional senses that are so natural for you. Deny them no longer and accept them for the gifts that they are. The physical senses brought you only so far. To continue the journey, it is time to cease listening only to that human mind and to begin to see through your heart center; that energetic space whcih exists around your physical heart area.

There is an awakening occurring across this planet of yours and your help is required to continue to move the collective consciousness forward. Can you set aside those feelings of unworthiness, of doubt and fear and to begin to move forward with your innate grace and power? Giant leaps of growth are not required. But opening up your heart and coming from a place of love and compassion will begin to unwrap the bindings that have held you back for so long.

When you perceive of a situation or a person and begin to make a judgment, stop. Take a breath and revisit what you think you are perceiving. Open your heart and your mind, ground yourself and surround yourself with the loving embrace of the Oneness. Then look again. Be open to all possibilities, for there are an infinite number of possibilities, unlike the minor few conjured up by your physical mind.

Send love and blessings to that person or situation, not judgment. View through the veil of compassion and see what is happening as an opportunity for growth, for all involved. For truly, that is all that it is. An opportunity for growth. An opportunity to come from love and compassion. An opportunity to walk in grace. And remind yourself that love is much stronger than fear. Always.

True power, true peace, does not come from physical strength but through internal love and acceptance of all that is. You are unable to see the larger picture from your vantage point here upon this physical plane. You are, however, able to send blessings and love to all, even if you do not agree with their actions.

Remember, with compassion, the times you were wounded and wanted to lash out to ease your internal pain and confusion. Remember, with compassion, the times when you felt so alone and ignored by others. Remember that you are a being of light and love, capable of seeing clearly through your additional, non-physical senses.

You, Dear One, are the instrument of change, not only for this physical world, but across realms, as all are connected. In love. Allow your true nature to emerge. See things as they really are. Love your fellow travelers on this plane, unconditionally. Love as you wish to be loved. Bless as you wish to be blessed. Cease judging, as you wish not to be judged.

You are greater, stronger and loved more than you realize.

Extend your hand behind you to pull others forward, just as you reach forward to be held in love by those ahead of you on their journeys.

Love, Dear One.

For love is all there is.





You are not alone

You have not been forgotten or forsaken

The guidance continues to be here for you

And for all who seek it.

Dear Ones, in times of great distress and turmoil there continues to be a safe haven from the emotions of fear and pain. That safe haven resides within you. The answers come not from outside sources. The truth lies within your very being. The truth is revealed through your connection to the Divine.

You are encouraged to find time to be still and allow that peace to begin to rise within and fill you with peace, acceptance and joy. For, Dear Ones, all is unfolding exactly as it must for the greatest opportunity for growth for each individual and for the entire physical plane.

Can you accept that the source of your discontent is also the catalyst for change which will propel the human condition forward in this time of universal expansion? Remember that this physical plane is only an illusion, yet an important part of the collective consciousness. Your lessons reverberate outward through many unseen realms as all of Creation is touched by your choices and actions.

Dear One, love is the true nature of all of existence. Each and every embodied soul was created in love by the Divine and is a part of the Divine. However, many have forgotten this and it is up to you, the awakened souls, to begin to change the course of your lives as a model of love, forgiveness and compassion.

Love is stronger than hate. For love comes from the Source. And yet, the shadow side of human nature is present to give each and every one of you a choice of how you wish to live your lives. When shown the results that come from hatred and greed, you are given the free will to continue in that shadow or to bring your light into the world. Which do you choose?

We say once again that this human existence is an experiential opportunity for you to grow. And growth does not occur without perceived challenges upon your path. Can you allow your light to shine as brightly during the challenges as you have been able to do during the times of calm?

Your strength lies in your connection to love and to the Divine. Your strength exists within as your higher self and your Divine connection guide you forward in light and in love. Your strength comes from joining with others who are a model of grace and love during chaotic times.

Dear Ones, follow your heart. You can make a difference with your thoughts, your words and your actions coming from a place of love. The human condition is filled with a plethora of emotion, much of which can bring your vibration down. Can you allow yourself to be lifted towards the light and your vibration to rise higher than it has ever been?

For what you do not see is the expansion of the Universe and the need for all to vibrate at a higher level to move gently through this necessary change. The end result will be wondrous, bringing all to a point never before reached.

We ask you, the awakened ones, to join together in love and help those who have fallen to move forward without fear or judgment. We ask you to move forward knowing that love is the answer to all challenges. We ask you, Dear Ones, to act with grace and compassion for all.

You are not alone and never have been. You came from the Source in love and will return to the Source in love. The lessons you are now experiencing will help the entirety of Creation to grow in self-discovery. Can you have as much faith in this as we have faith in you to find your way forward in light?

For you, Dear Ones, are held with high esteem as you find your way in this physical realm.

You, Dear Ones, had the courage and curiosity to embark on this physical adventure.

You, Dear Ones, have all the strength and guidance you require within your hearts.

For you ARE One With All of Thee.



Was it just by chance?

Or was it divinely inspired?

Will you pay attention

Or just ignore this gift?

Dear One, you receive guidance every day from all that surrounds you, seen and unseen. The web of connection is constantly in motion, with energy flowing in all directions. It helps to answer your questions and guide you on your forward path. All that you are required to do is open your heart and pay attention.

You are so accustomed to this physical body which you inhabit. You still think of it as who you really are. You still think that interactions, communications, are limited by the physical realm and its ‘laws of physics’.

In order to move forward as these veils between realms have thinned, you will need to think more in terms of energy rather than physical limitations.

Yes, Dear One, you can communicate with another without any physical device. Yes, Dear One, you can create your own personal world by how you perceive it. And yes, Dear One, the unseen world is a larger part of your existence than this physical realm.

When a synchronistic occurrence appears in your life, do not ignore it. For it may be in response to a prayer, a request. Or it may be guiding you in a direction you had not considered; but one that will more easily deliver you to your desired destination on your personal journey.

Synchronistic occurrences are not chance occurrences. You may have put out into the ethers the desire to see someone to resolve an old issue. And before you know it, that person crosses your path. Remember how powerful your thoughts are as you move through your day.

You may not ‘see’ these loving helpers who are with you always. And you may not think that they hear you when you cry out for help or guidance. The truth is that you are always heard; that help and guidance are provided in many ways. And synchronicity is one of them.

Remember, Dear One, that you are but one part of a vast collective consciousness. The complexities of this are unfathomable to your physical mind. All are connected and interact daily in ways that go unnoticed by the physical senses.

Can you begin to accept that there is another dimension at work in your daily life? Can you embrace the loving complexities of life as it truly is? And can you allow the unseen energies to flow unhindered by your fear or worry or judgment?

Dear One, you are an integral part in a vast network of consciousness. How you move forward on this physical realm is never judged, but only appreciated with gratitude for the knowledge you contribute as you move through your day, your lessons.

Dear One, accept this gift of synchronicity that we provide to you.

Understand that guidance occurs in many ways in synchronistic moments.

Honor all that come your way, large or small, weak or strong, loving or not. For all interactions move you forward on your path.

Remember that you are in reality a being of light, of energy, and can move through your day in this form.

You are loved dearly, always heard and loved unconditionally.

For you are part of the All.

One with All of Thee.



How do you make your decisions?

With love and faith in yourself

Trusting that your life is unfolding as it should?

Or with fear, emotion and self-judgment?

Dear One, you make decisions every day of your life. Some have little consequence or so you say. But others have a great effect on your life. How do you approach these decisions, with fear or with love?

The truth is that every decision you make has consequences. Just as every thought, every word you speak puts forth energy into the world, into the collective consciousness. How you move through your world every moment has consequences.

However, you pay attention only to the decisions which you feel will have a greater impact on your life from this point on. And yet, every choice you make affects your life greatly.

For example, a decision you make to take a certain route to your destination may incur many possible results. You may avoid an accident on an alternate route, you may come across someone in need, or you may reach your destination at the most opportune time to interact with someone you had hoped to see.

Many of your daily choices are made without much thought or emotion because you do not worry about the outcome. This allows your higher self, your intuition, to guide your actions. And the synchronicities of life are more apt to occur.

Can you approach every day of your life this way; without allowing emotion or fear to cloud your connection with your divine self? Can you trust that connection and follow your heart, your intuition, with all decisions? Can you trust that the outcome for any choice you make is the most perfect outcome for you?

Dear One, you are presented with opportunities for growth, for love and forgiveness every day. Can you settle the conflict, the chaos in your mind and allow your heart, your higher self, to speak to you?

Do not allow your fear of lack or fear of insecurity to cloud your process for life’s decisions. For these fears are the result of an illusion of reality that does not exist.

In truth, your world, your life is filled with love and opportunity and abundance. If you cannot accept this then consider why you are holding yourself back from seeing, from receiving this. The answer will always be fear.

You, Dear One, were created in love, are surrounded by love, and have the power of love to use every moment of your day. Your life is an opportunity for growth.

Do you fill each day with judgment or acceptance? Do you have faith in yourself and in the unfolding of your life? Can you choose with your heart and trust that the outcome will be better than you ever expected?

Ask for help in finding your truth, the path you are to take. But remember, that any direction you choose will contain a life lesson. And is that not why you came here, but to learn and to grow?

Dear One, no choice made from your heart can be a wrong choice.

You are an extension of the Divine.

You are loved unconditionally

And you are cradled in loving embrace every moment of your existence.

Walk in love, Dear One.

Choose love and walk in peace.


Thy Guiding Light

photo credit: G.Sorensen

photo credit: G.Sorensen

You are never alone

But guided by your light

Connected to the All

In loving embrace

Dear One, understand that you are never alone. That is impossible as you are a part of the Source, connected by love. It is through this connection that you are guided as you move through your day.

Not all of your essence is present in this physical body. Some of it remains free-flowing in its dis-embodied state, closer to the Source in spirit form. Much of the guidance you receive through moments of inspiration comes from this higher self who is more aware of your reason for being here upon this physical plane.

You came here with purpose, for an experiential life in the physical realm. You came in order to grow and contribute back to the collective consciousness what you have learned. All are connected. And as your personal growth raises the vibrational energies of this physical plane, in turn, all other realms are able to raise their vibrational energies as well.

For this reason, as you make choices every day, you are guided as much as possible without interfering with your free will. Know that you have many watchful eyes cheering you on as you make your way forward on your path. These eyes are non-judgmental and always loving as they follow your progress.

Dear One, your guidance is received more easily when you are in a calm, quiet state. Emotional turmoil makes it more difficult for you to hear the guidance being sent to you. For this reason, it is helpful to take time to sit and be still, to quiet that racing mind of yours with deep, relaxing breaths.

Be present in the moment as this guidance may also come through nature, through the voice of a child or the lyric of a song. Learn to trust your own intuition. Learn to be aware of your surroundings and any messages that may be sent to you through various sources during your day.

You are never alone, Dear One, and as you continue to grow you will become more aware of our presence in your life. Do you see the shimmering points of light that surround you? Do you feel the warmth of our embrace when you ask for comfort? Do you hear that gentle voice guiding you forward?

Trust yourself and your own intuition. Trust your connection with the Source. Trust that life is unfolding as it should. Learn to replace any fears you might have with faith that all will be well. Embrace love with the knowledge that love is within you and around you.

For you are love incarnate.

You are connected to the All.

You are able to create your world.

Create it in love.




The outcome is not what you expected

Is it a failure?

Or a re-direction?

Dear One, as you live and plan your life often you do not see the outcomes you expected. This causes disappointment, feelings of failure and sadness. But if you believe, truly believe, that life is unfolding exactly as it should for you, is this truly a failure or perhaps a re-direction?

Existing in the human condition is difficult. Your true nature is clouded by the physical, mental and emotional aspects of this human experience. And while they have been important contributors to your human experience, they also have caused you great worry and concern, often leading you down the path of fear. You have forgotten what a powerful force you are. You have forgotten about the natural rhythm of the universal flow. You have forgotten how to hear and accept the guidance you receive every day.

It is time to remember who you are, how you flow in the universal wave of existence and how your connections to the All bring you knowledge and guidance. In order to do this, give yourself time to just sit and breathe; if only for a few moments each day. Allow yourself to re-connect with the Oneness. Feel yourself gently being carried in the universal flow with complete faith and trust. Feel the love surrounding you and emanating from your core.

As the vibrational energies of this physical plane continue to rise, they allow you to re-connect more easily than you had in the past. And as you do this, release all worries about an outcome that was not part of YOUR plan. Listen and watch for guidance as how to move forward from this moment on. Be present in the moment. The past no longer exists. The future has yet to occur. But in this moment right now, are you not breathing, are you not loved, are you not connected? Allow any fear that has begun to rise in your belly to leave you. Surround it with loving light and release it.

You, Dear One, are destined for greatness. You are gently being guided to move forward by your higher self, that part of you who is able to see the big picture. You do not see things from a higher perspective, but from a human perspective which causes you worry and sadness. If you were able to see it from our viewpoint, the fear would cease and you would understand that all is unfolding exactly as it should.

There are no wrong paths to take, for all lead back to the Source. There are no mistakes in this experiential existence here upon this plane. For all is as it should be. Stand tall, walk proudly and in love. And allow your actions, your words to be guided by pure intent. No judgment, no accusations, no worry. Replace them with acceptance, gratitude and faith. All is well, Dear One. All is well.

See those unrealized plans as gentle guidance to re-direct your energies, your focus. This has happened to you in the past. How often have you found yourself saying , ‘I am so glad I did not…..’ ? Trust, Dear One. Even more in this time of awakening, trust.

For you are never alone. You are always connected and you are being gently guided forward to where you can do your greatest work, be your most glorious self.

Worry not, Dear One and remember the power, the strength, the glorious light that lies within you.

Walk forward in this physical life with love and joy.

See the beauty that surrounds you. Glorious being that you are, that beauty mirrors who you truly are.

You are a wondrous, adventurous soul capable of greatness.

You are One With All of Thee.

Peaceful Living

Are you breathing every day?

Do you feel your feet upon the ground with every step?

Do you see the beauty around you everywhere?

Dear One, it is up to you to choose whether or not you want a peaceful or chaotic life. It is your free will to choose. We are here to help you move forward on your path, but it is you who must make the choice. Are you able to say each morning upon awakening, Today I choose joy and peace in my life?

You are the captain at the helm and we are your crew willing to guide you through the rough waters into a smooth, serene and calm inlet. A place of respite to catch your breath and scan the horizon. Look for the calm waters, for they are there, every day, just below the surface, at the center of your being. For within you is the master of your life with the key to your serenity. This has always been the case. You have just forgotten to look within.

There is so much activity and energy coming at you from outside sources, you forget the peace within…a place where you can go to rest, though not to hide. For remember, you came here to experience a physical life with all of its nooks and crannies; all of its opportunities and possibilities. Indeed you are a courageous soul with much strength and power. Do not forget who you are and why you are here.

When you feel overwhelmed, take a moment to stop and breathe, in and out, in and out. For if you are tense, you may have forgotten how powerful and soothing that breath can be for you. Close your eyes and see that internal flame of light. For it is there and will never go away, though it might flicker at times of uncertainty. It is that internal light of yours that guides us to you. For each of you has a signature glow that is only yours, unique to you always through eternity. No matter where you are, which existence or plane you have chosen to experience, you always have your signature glow. The light within you is who you truly are.

If you imagine the Source as a magnificent entity of light emanating love across infinity, you are a part of that Source. Your internal flame came from that Source and so you are a part of the All. That can never change. And your experiences here and in other destinations bring back knowledge to the Source, experiential knowledge collected by you. And you WILL return to the loving embrace of the Source. For like returns to like.

There are many planes, many opportunities for growth, and an infinite number of flames of light, just like you, across the entire collective consciousness. You are never alone, Dear One and you are a part of the Magnificence of Being as is all of creation. Everything you see, everything you hold, everything you hear or smell, all of this is a part of the Source.

Contemplate upon this information, for it may be new to many of you. And yet, in your contemplation there may be a tiny spark of recognition in these words. For truth has a way of revealing itself to you at a time when you are ready to hear it. We feel this is that time for many of you.

Today, choose peace and joy in all that you do.

Today, feel the internal strength rising within you.

Today, allow the smile of recognition to emerge from within.

For now and always, you are One With All of Thee.

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