Be Your Authentic Self

Can you love yourself enough

To be honest with yourself?

Do not hide perceived flaws

Which can be gifts in disguise.

Dear One, the idea of perfection is still very common in this physical plane. So many strive to be perfect. But what does that truly mean? What you might perceive as a flaw to be hidden and ignored may be considered a precious gift by another.

It is time for you now to be your authentic self and stop hiding your perceived failures or imperfections. For, Dear One, you are a perfect being of light, who chose certain traits for this lifetime to learn and grow.

Can you find the strength to acknowledge your true self with all of your perceived flaws? For indeed, you have enough strength to move forward in light and love, regardless of those imperfections you see in yourself.

We do not understand this practice of labelling one another with a single word that is meant to describe your entire being. For one word could never describe the complexities of a single soul embodied on this plane.

Each and every one of you is a unique being with different strengths and weaknesses, different gifts to use here on this physical journey. There should be no shame or fear in acknowledging your authentic self. For your personal journey carries a specific piece of knowledge to contribute to the collective consciousness.

Dear One, do not allow that human mind of yours to spin a negative picture of your personal traits. Instead see yourself as you truly are and if you feel you need help to learn to work with your unique traits, then seek it out. Call upon us to guide you to those who can help you see yourself more clearly, with more compassion.

If you feel you cannot do it alone, then call upon those who love you for their help and support. But do not label yourself as damaged, unclean or unlovable. Life here upon this physical plane is very challenging and so different from your natural state. Go within and call upon your higher self to lead you forward when you are feeling paralyzed with fear or self-judgment.

Remember that this journey is experiential. This journey is in a world created by you. For each and every one of you has the ability to see beauty or to see ruin; to see possibilities or to see stagnation; to walk in self-love or self-judgment.

Embrace your authentic self and find that compassion for self that you have for others. Follow the advice you would give to others. Understand that vulnerability is part of the journey to discovering your inner strength; to discovering who you truly are.

Perfection means nothing here upon this physical plane. For all of you are here to interact with each other as your authentic selves in order to grow and to learn. Bless those around you and bless yourself exactly as you are. Seek help if you are suffering. For you are loved, truly loved, beyond measure.

Dear One with All of Thee.


Rejection and Love

Live not in the past

Yearning for that which no longer exists

Instead be present in the now

Aware of the love which surrounds you

Dear One, as you exist in this human form, it is still easy to believe that you are separate from others and all things. This physical form appears to create a barrier between you and the rest of your world. But in fact, you are one with all, connected to all and inseparable from all.

How does this relate to rejection? Can you understand that if you are truly a being of love, then you attract love and are always surrounded by love? This human condition with its limited perception perpetuates this belief that loss or rejection is possible. In reality, it is an illusion, but perhaps a necessary one for your personal growth.

Can you continue to walk in love, see the love that continues to surround you in spite of perceived loss or rejection? We have already discussed the loss that occurs when one leaves their physical body. But what about loss when another walks away from you leaving you feeling rejected, angry or unlovable?

Although you are spiritual beings temporarily in a physical state, this comes with memories from earlier experiences on this physical plane. Many of you have not yet resolved past conflicts, forgiven yourself or others for deeds done or undone. And so, these memories become a part of your energetic field, lighting up when you find yourself in similar situations.

Courage and resolve are required to acknowledge these energetic mis-alignments in order to move forward on your path. It is a part of the learning curve of this physical plane. And in order to regain balance within your life, you may require help from many possible sources. What is important is that you pursue these avenues with self-love rather than chastisement or blame.

Dear One, wounds can be healed, and it begins with you allowing yourself to be led to the right person, the best practice, the perfect situation to start the healing process. Can you have enough faith in yourself to know that many interactions are motivated by unhealed wounds, false beliefs or forward movement on your path?

Acknowledge the limitations that result from these unresolved issues and know that you have the strength to move forward through them to the other side where peace resides. Understand that you are surrounded by love. Open your eyes to it. For so often the human condition urges you to focus on your perceived lack rather than seeing the abundance in your life.

Dear One, all here upon this plane are on the same path back to the Source. Lives and interactions intersect and fade as the waves in your oceans. And yet, all continue to be a part of that ocean, in constant movement, redirection and flow.

Do not doubt yourself for you are a part of and also the entire ocean of life, as you are connected to the All. While you have the individuality of a single drop, you also have the power of the entire body of water. Your unique personality helps others on their journey just as they are in your life to help you on your own path.

All are connected. All are one. And the purpose is to find the path containing self-love, unconditional love, compassion and strength. It is there in front of you, waiting for you to take your first step forward; knowing you are loved, knowing that you can love unconditionally, knowing that all you are is love incarnate.

Dear One With All of Thee.



Can you face adversity without fear?

Can you find your innate strength and connection

To help you through?

Dear One, your life here upon this earthly plane is filled with times of adversity and challenge. This is part of the experiential existence that comes with this physical journey. The question is ‘Are you able to move through these times of adversity with strength and grace?’

Remember that you have much inner strength and that your connection to the All can provide you with the knowledge, the insight, needed to move forward in challenging times. But in order to hear the guidance from your higher self it is necessary to calm your mind and to trust.

When your emotional body begins to take over in times of stress, a fog descends upon your connection to the All. Consider a bottle of unfiltered apple juice that has been shaken and disturbed. The clarity does not reappear until all the chaos settles to the bottom of the container once again.

So too, with you and your inner strength, your knowledge, your grace and connection to the One. Can you take a few moments to sit and breathe, to settle that emotion that begins to rise from your belly? Can you allow the peace of the Oneness to once again envelope you, from within and around you?

Dear One, know that you have the tools, the mastery, to overcome any adversity in your life. Yes, perhaps the plans you had for the unfolding of your day, your week, your life may be forever changed. But can you trust that adversity often is present to gently guide you in another direction; a direction which you may never have considered.

Dear One, from a higher vantage point all that transpires in your life has a flow and a purpose. You may not be able to see it for you cannot see the larger picture. But trust that your strengths, your skills, your gifts are fully visible from a higher plane. And often, you are gently guided to use that which you have mastered but may not yet be aware of or confident enough in your ability to use.

We say to you that you are stronger, more knowledgeable, with greater gifts that you allow yourself to see. Consider these challenges as a proving ground of that which you are capable. No longer see yourself as a nascent being when you have the wings, the capability, to soar above the clouds of uncertainty.

You, Dear One, are capable of so much more than you will ever realize. And so, in these times of challenge, dig down deep and find that which you have hidden away from your own consciousness. You have hidden away these masteries out of fear, lack of confidence or self-judgment. It is time to rise up and trust in yourself and in the Universal intelligence and use your gifts with compassion and love.

Have faith in yourself and in the guidance that you receive every day.

Have faith that your life is unfolding exactly as it should.

Have faith that no matter what comes your way, you have the strength to survive with grace.

Understand that these challenges are lessons for you or for others as they see how you handle the adversity in your life. Do you shake with fear and anger, do you think only of yourself? Or do you ask for help, accept any help and offer help to others along the way? How do you handle your life’s challenges?


You are never alone

You are surrounded by a loving presence at all times.

And you are always heard when you ask for guidance. Always.

For you, Dear One, are loved beyond measure.

Transition and Peace

How do I change?
Is peace really possible in my crazy life?
Where do I begin?

Dear One, you are a child of the universe and always, always have help awaiting your call. You are never alone, you are always loved and anything is possible for you. Anything.

Begin by taking a moment. And in that moment, a deep breath; a releasing breath. And settle into your physical body. Feel your feet firmly on the ground. Breathe out your stress, your anxiety and feel the strong connection you have with Mother Earth. A connection so strong that it is difficult to even lift up your foot. Breathe.

Now through that connection begin to feel the energy rise from Mother Earth up into your body. Through your feet, through your legs and up. Solid grounding energy. And with that energy comes strength from the Mother. A solid foundation upon which to stand. On your in-breath, allow this energy to rise within your body. On your out-breath, send it back into the Mother through the soles of your feet. In and Out. In and Out. Can you feel the peace settling in?

If you do this at different times throughout your day, the frenetic energies around you will not affect you as they often do. This need not be done for more than a few breaths. And are you not breathing anyway, unconsciously? So be mindful of your breath, your breathing , and see how this will change your way of being.

When you become whisked up in the frenetic energies around you, there seems nothing solid upon which to hold. Like a leaf in a storm, you feel as if you will be blown away without direction. And indeed, many times you do just that. So begin to take back control of your life with your breath.

And as you practice this breathing, you will be better able to focus. You may notice a part of your body which needs attention, for you are more fully present in your life. You may begin to realize the stress points in your daily life. Once you are more aware of these, you are in a better position to make a conscious change in how you walk through your day. But you must want to make a change. It begins with you. There is work involved, and yet the results will be instantaneous. They may not be long lasting as you may fall back into your old way of being. Which is why you will have to make a conscious effort to begin this transition of a new way of walking through your day.

Ask for help. Give yourself a moment in time to breathe. Are you not worth a moment in time? This is the beginning of your transition to a new way of being. The world around you may continue to be frenetic and out of control. But there you stand in the midst of the storm, quiet, solid, connected. In your safe and sacred space within, alone with your breaths. In and Out. In and Out. In and Out.

And it just takes a moment. Give yourself that moment. Start small with just a few breaths.

This is just the beginning. Learn to shut out the world in order to center yourself and replenish the strength within. It has always been there quietly waiting for you to take it off the shelf and use it once again.

Take the first step.
Do it now.
What better time than right now to begin to change your life.

How do I do it all?

How do I juggle the obligations in my life?
Where do I start?
Breathing does not help me.

Dear one, you have allowed many pressures in your life to weigh you down to the point of being frozen in fear. Fear of lack. Lack of time, lack of energy, lack of wisdom. This has been a way of being for you for such a long time. You have slowly taken on more and more obligations, not noticing the burden until it has become too heavy to carry yourself.

For some, the reason is Ego; no one else can do it as well as I can.
For some, it is nurturing or loyalty; I want to help as much as I can.
For some, it is the only option as you see it; I have to do this, there is no other way.

Take a moment and sit with your life as it is. See it from afar, as you remove yourself emotionally from your life. Observe yourself, scurrying around, no breaks, no time to breathe. Just frantic movement. Use the image of a snow globe, your life contained within, shaken with flurries of snow swirling around you as you blindly make your way forward. Then set it down and allow the chaos to settle. Allow the movement to cease. Allow the clarity to emerge as everything settles down.

Now observe your life closely in the calm and what do you see? Has anything changed? Does anything seem different? Have priorities shifted? If you see no change, pull back a little further in your observation of your life. Expand your field of vision and look again. Are there others who have appeared who are helping? Do you see your life a year or two later when those current priorities seem so unimportant?

The point of this exercise is to step back and observe your life in order to get a better perspective of what is really important and what is not. This exercise gives you a better idea of how we see you and your lives, as we observe. Stepping back can give you clearer vision, broader perspective and guidance for change. While you are in the midst of all your daily tasks, many done routinely without thought, you are unable to get an objective view of how you live your life.

Take a moment to stop, detach and review the process of how you live your life. As the veil thins between worlds, you are better able to do this exercise. This is because you are beginning to see from another perspective as you become accustomed to your changing world. You will soon be able to move back and forth between worlds. For some, only as your body rests. For others, as you consciously move through your day. This will allow you greater knowledge, better understanding and a more rapid growth towards your true self. But how much, how often, how fast depends on you.

We are here to help you gently transition your life to a new way of being.
Call to us and we shall help you, with love and gentle encouragement.
For your growth is our growth.
For we are One With All of Thee.


What is your truth?
Is it the same as another’s truth?
Does it really matter if it is the same?

What is truth and what does it mean to you? Does it set the standards by which you live? Does it stay the same throughout your lifetime? Or does it change for you over time? Does it affect the way you treat others and yourself? What is your truth?

Universal truths, personal truths, scientific truths, emotional truths, are they all the same? And do you all share the same truths? Many questions, we know, but it is time for you to reflect upon this in order to move forward. For how you live your life depends on that which you believe to be true.

You see your reflection in the mirror and think, ‘I am not attractive, I look old’ when another might see you as a shining light in their life. You observe an interaction between strangers and decide that it is the result of an argument when another viewing the same interaction sees it as an act of love. Which is the real truth?

What you see is a reflection of your past experiences, your emotional history, your current state of being. What you see is a result of the incident being filtered through your human eyes, your human perspective. For this reason, each and every one of you will see things differently because your personal experiences have been different. But that does not mean that both observations are not true, for they are to each individual who is the observer.

Ponder this. Each of you has come here to experience life, to learn certain lessons in order to share with the All. Would it not then allow the greatest opportunity for growth to see all possible explanations for an interaction? Would that not contribute more knowledge to the continuum as you move forward on this human journey? This life here, now, is experiential in order to learn and grow, not only for each individual, but for the All. For this reason, is it not necessary to allow each and every person the freedom to experience their individual truths without wanting to convince them to see your truths instead?

All of you are on an individual journey for the All. Each of you is at a different place on the path back to the All, some further along than others. For that reason, each of you can learn from each other as you see the world through your individual perspectives. Embrace these differences for each and every one of you has something to contribute to the collective knowledge. Dissolve Ego as you approach others. Allow them to grow and learn as you are doing every day. They are not your adversaries, they are your teachers, just as you are theirs. Be gentle with each other. Respect and love each other.

Understand the universal truths are the same for all of you. But they are not always apparent to you as you walk this human path. As you continue to grow, you will better understand these universal truths, for your inner light will become stronger.

Until then, be still and listen. Judge not, but open yourself up to seeing from another perspective. Know that you are all a piece of the Divine on your own scavenger hunt seeking your piece of the puzzle. And when you all return with those individual pieces, oh, the possibilities are indescribable.

When you struggle with disharmony, relax, breathe and feel Mother Earth beneath you. Allow your vibrational energies to rise as you acknowledge that connection with your higher self.

Be not afraid.
Be not judgmental.

Be who you really are.
Be of light and of love.
That indeed is truth.


Can you feel the pulse of change within your being?
Can you trust that all will unfold exactly as it should?
Will you accept the coming changes in your life with grace?

Your life is not static but ever-changing, that is the design of the human existence. You are here to learn, to discover, to love, to laugh, to enjoy the beauty of the world around you. You are here to explore all the possibilities available to you. Can you go back to the child-like delight of self-discovery and step on the path of change and transformation?

Please understand that your purpose for life here is to experience as much as you can. Every interaction that you have is a stepping off point for change, be it subtle change or expansive change in your life. Every moment of your life grants you the opportunity for a new discovery, a new way of being, a chance for joy and love. Every moment.

Consider changing your perspective on your life. At the end of every day, give yourself a few moments to review your day, without judgment, but only as an observer. Consider the connection that you have with each and every person with whom you interacted that day. Remember that you are one with all, and so in a sense, you interact with yourself in all situations.

What if, what if, everyone took the time at the end of their day to review and to bless every interaction they had regardless of how it went, good or bad? What if those combined blessings transformed the past and opened up the possibility for a lighter, more joyful, loving interaction the next time you meet. Remember that the moment is NOW. Offer gratitude for the lessons of the past, bless those with whom you interacted and see in your mind’s eye, only gentle loving interactions in the future.

Your transformation has begun, you are ready to help change the world and it begins with you. Can you combine all the teachings already provided here into your daily life? Deep breaths, loving breaths, wrapped in light and love; walking in higher vibration, sending fear down into Mother Earth, living in the moment of NOW. If you do, you will find yourself standing taller, feeling stronger, accepting the love around you and returning it into the ethers surrounding you.

Do not allow yourself to don that victim persona. For you are not a victim of anyone or anything but your own fear. Understand the power which runs through your veins at all times. Know that when you ask for help it is there immediately and that the answers to your questions may come in any shape or form. Allow the synchronicity of life to move you forward. Get out of your head and be aware of your surroundings. Instead of bullies and brutes, you will see other wounded souls like yourself who are in need of loving kindness.

Know, truly know, that you are the writer of your own story. You can choose to put a positive or negative spin on it. Allow yourself the setbacks that you will have, for they still contribute to your forward movement along your path. Nurture yourself as you would a child who needs a loving embrace.

You are on your way. Your transformation has begun. You are worthy and you are loved and you are a powerful force of light and love.

Ah, what wonders of life lay before you. Open your eyes to the beauty and love that surrounds you and see the reflection of light and love staring back at you when you look into a mirror.

Your beacon of light shines brightly, the embers within are ready to burst forth into a steady flame.

Your transformation has begun and we sing with joy for its coming!

Designing Your Life

Do you know what it is you wish to do with your life?
Are you at a cross-roads, wondering what to do?
Is it clear in your mind the next steps you are to take?

Dear one, your life is a time to explore new avenues of being. The possibilities for you are endless; the support, ever present. What holds you back is fear and uncertainty. Can you overcome these in order to open up your wings and fly? Do you not realize that there is always a safety-net underneath you, ready to catch you if you begin to falter?

The world is yours to explore and to experience. We understand the concerns you have about having enough to survive and provide for those who you love. But allowing fear to hold you back is not the way to experience this gift of life here upon this plane.

How far outside of your self-limited box have you traveled? How long have you repeated the same motions day in and day out when they no longer feed your soul? If the longing is there, it is time for you to make a move. Do not focus on the negative possibilities. For there are an equal number of positive results from your actions and anything that occurs in your life is a movement forward. A lesson, knowledge to be shared, a new experience to allow you to grow.

Do not allow yourself to stagnate because of fear of the unknown. Instead, embrace it and take a chance. You will be amazed at what you will find and experience. And you will wonder why you did not attempt this change sooner.

Do not act impulsively, but center yourself, go within and ask yourself, your higher self, how to proceed. There is always a way. Allow the possibilities to flow within and do not allow that analytical mind of yours to engage. Instead, open your heart to what your soul requires for the next chapter in your journey. The veil is thinning, the rules are changing, the possibilities are endless. It is time for you to trust your longings that need to be fulfilled. As long as you act with pure intent and not from anger or retribution or judgment, your life will unfold in a burst of color and delight. Trust.

It is time to listen to your heart, not your mind, your ego. Manifest in your mind what it is that you want. Do this with love. And watch it begin to unfold before your very eyes. All things are possible. But it is up to you to take the first step.

Remember that you are surrounded by love. You have a squad of cheerleaders urging you on. Be honest with yourself about how you feel in your current situation. Give yourself some quiet contemplative time to connect with your higher self and design the next step in this journey of your life.

The end result may not be exactly as you had planned, but it will allow an opportunity for you to grow, to shine, to share your gifts with others. It will allow the opportunity for you to remove yourself from a situation that no longer serves you. And in making that change, remember that you are leaving behind opportunities for others to grow in your absence.

Act in love. Believe in yourself and all the opportunities that lie ahead for you. Anticipate with joy. And take that next step with strength and resolve knowing that you are NEVER alone. Ask for help if you are feeling unsteady. There will always be strong arms around you to support you if you stumble.

Take that chance.
It is your time to shine.


How often have you experienced self-doubt?
How often have you questioned the choices that you have made?
How often have you wondered if what you heard or thought or felt is really true?

It is time to lay aside all of these feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty. The time is now to move forward with trust in your heart for how your life is unfolding. If you have moved through your life with pure intent, that is all that is needed. If you have not, but are reading these words, then it is time to accept the lessons from the past and move forward with your new-found knowledge. Do not waste time and energy chastising, worrying, going down the path of ‘what-if’. Trust that you are exactly where you should be in this very moment. Trust in the perfection of your world.

You are a sentient being with feelings, connections and more power than you realize. Perhaps you have used these aspects of your make-up for self-gain. Perhaps you are the one who has given your power freely to another. Or perhaps you are someone who is frozen with fear to take the next step down your path to wholeness and love.

What happened in the past no longer exists. But the lessons and knowledge gained from your past lives with you still. It also resides in us as we grow closer to understanding how best we can help and communicate with you in your daily lives. For us, it is finding the way to speak to you through the human condition so that you are able to open your hearts to who you really are. There is no concern interacting with you on a soul level, for that connection is strong and true. The challenge for us is to first appeal to that part of you who goes through the daily routine, still unsteady and uncertain of the connections you have, of where you fit in the world. All that is needed for us is a tiny crack in that human shield to allow the light to shine through.

The lessons that you learned may have felt insurmountable for you. But you are still here. You are reading these words and for us, that is the chance to share our love and knowledge with you. There is perfection in your life every day and you are moving forward every day. The ‘mistakes’ of old are just tools for you to use as you move forward on your path. Remember them, grow from them, as we have. But do not put any more energy into blame and regret. As we have said before, your lessons are not only for you, but for many others whom you touch every day. They also contribute to the collective consciousness. They have a purpose. That is not to say that you do not take responsibility for those actions, for that you must do in order to move forward.

If you are having difficulties releasing memories of old there is a simple ceremony that you can do to help yourself move forward. Write down those feelings, how you feel about those actions today. Then do one of two things. Either bury that piece of paper in Mother Earth to be absorbed by her imminent strength and transformed into loving energy. Or, burn that piece of paper and allow the smoke from it to rise into the ethers to be carried away by the winds of change and forgiveness. Whichever manner you choose, include forgiveness and gratitude in your prayer as you release the bindings of these memories. Allow yourself to be free in order to take the next step on your path back to the Source.

Understand your connection to the loving universe of which you are an integral part.

We offer our gratitude to you for sharing those lessons with us so that we may learn.

Please understand that any forgiveness that is necessary is not needed from us.
The forgiveness must come from you. Forgive yourself, forgive others and join the waves of love that are building in your world as we speak. We shudder in joyous anticipation of your awakening.

Trust yourself and realize who you truly are and the integral part of life that you serve.
You are Light.
You are Love
You are One.
And you are never alone.

Opportunity and Abundance

Every moment presents an opportunity for change.
An opportunity for love.
An opportunity for true vision.
Every moment of your day.

How often do you take those endless opportunities to make a difference in your life? Many see their daily lives as lives of repetition and drudgery. The same thing every day. They are bored. They feel hopeless. They ask ‘Is this all there is in life?’

And yet, YOU have the power every moment of your day to change. Not just one chance in a lifetime, but every breathing moment. And seizing those opportunities will energize you. They will crack open the heavy veil which may have cloaked your existence. You were not meant to do the same thing day in and day out. You are here to learn, to gain knowledge, to expand your horizons. And this can be done in the simplest of ways. You might start by taking a different route home from your daily outing. You might start by changing your routine in the morning as you start your day or in the evening as you prepare for rest.

Why do we encourage this practice? The human condition easily falls into a daily routine, so repetitious that you need not even focus on what you are doing. It is habit. It is familiar. This allows you more time to be ‘in your head’ with less need to focus on your surroundings. Ego rules because you are not present in the moment. You are thinking of the past, the future.

How often have you driven to your destination and wondered how you arrived because you were far away, lost in your thoughts? This is one reason why it is not a practice for many to be present in the moment. For you have created a condition where you do not need to be present. You are not really living your life. You are just robotically going through the motions.

And so, we encourage you to change your routine, if only slightly every day. We understand that many of the same things need to be completed every day. But do they need to be completed in the same way, with the same attitude every day? Making even these small changes will open you up to new opportunities because you are more present in the moment. You need to be, as you are making a change. Opportunities abound, abundance surrounds you. But it is up to you to seize them. That is your free will choice.

And as you begin to shed that cloak of familiarity, you will become more aware of those intuitive moments. Why? Because you are more engaged in your daily existence. As you face the unfamiliar, you are more apt to follow your gut feeling, your intuition. You will feel more alive. You will be more interactive with your surroundings. You will begin to notice all the beauty that surrounds you. As you awaken to the hundreds of possibilities present in every moment of your life.

Make a change. See your life from a different vantage point. You may be surprised at what you have been missing. Take a chance on life, if only a small one. The time is now to begin to break those mindless habits of existence to which you have become so accustomed to living.

Open your eyes, open your hearts, open your world to the abundance that surrounds you.
It only takes a moment and the opportunities are endless.
Begin to live again and to connect with all that you are, with All That Is.
You will be surprised at what you discover.

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