Can you feel the pulse of change within your being?
Can you trust that all will unfold exactly as it should?
Will you accept the coming changes in your life with grace?

Your life is not static but ever-changing, that is the design of the human existence. You are here to learn, to discover, to love, to laugh, to enjoy the beauty of the world around you. You are here to explore all the possibilities available to you. Can you go back to the child-like delight of self-discovery and step on the path of change and transformation?

Please understand that your purpose for life here is to experience as much as you can. Every interaction that you have is a stepping off point for change, be it subtle change or expansive change in your life. Every moment of your life grants you the opportunity for a new discovery, a new way of being, a chance for joy and love. Every moment.

Consider changing your perspective on your life. At the end of every day, give yourself a few moments to review your day, without judgment, but only as an observer. Consider the connection that you have with each and every person with whom you interacted that day. Remember that you are one with all, and so in a sense, you interact with yourself in all situations.

What if, what if, everyone took the time at the end of their day to review and to bless every interaction they had regardless of how it went, good or bad? What if those combined blessings transformed the past and opened up the possibility for a lighter, more joyful, loving interaction the next time you meet. Remember that the moment is NOW. Offer gratitude for the lessons of the past, bless those with whom you interacted and see in your mind’s eye, only gentle loving interactions in the future.

Your transformation has begun, you are ready to help change the world and it begins with you. Can you combine all the teachings already provided here into your daily life? Deep breaths, loving breaths, wrapped in light and love; walking in higher vibration, sending fear down into Mother Earth, living in the moment of NOW. If you do, you will find yourself standing taller, feeling stronger, accepting the love around you and returning it into the ethers surrounding you.

Do not allow yourself to don that victim persona. For you are not a victim of anyone or anything but your own fear. Understand the power which runs through your veins at all times. Know that when you ask for help it is there immediately and that the answers to your questions may come in any shape or form. Allow the synchronicity of life to move you forward. Get out of your head and be aware of your surroundings. Instead of bullies and brutes, you will see other wounded souls like yourself who are in need of loving kindness.

Know, truly know, that you are the writer of your own story. You can choose to put a positive or negative spin on it. Allow yourself the setbacks that you will have, for they still contribute to your forward movement along your path. Nurture yourself as you would a child who needs a loving embrace.

You are on your way. Your transformation has begun. You are worthy and you are loved and you are a powerful force of light and love.

Ah, what wonders of life lay before you. Open your eyes to the beauty and love that surrounds you and see the reflection of light and love staring back at you when you look into a mirror.

Your beacon of light shines brightly, the embers within are ready to burst forth into a steady flame.

Your transformation has begun and we sing with joy for its coming!

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