What is your truth?
Is it the same as another’s truth?
Does it really matter if it is the same?

What is truth and what does it mean to you? Does it set the standards by which you live? Does it stay the same throughout your lifetime? Or does it change for you over time? Does it affect the way you treat others and yourself? What is your truth?

Universal truths, personal truths, scientific truths, emotional truths, are they all the same? And do you all share the same truths? Many questions, we know, but it is time for you to reflect upon this in order to move forward. For how you live your life depends on that which you believe to be true.

You see your reflection in the mirror and think, ‘I am not attractive, I look old’ when another might see you as a shining light in their life. You observe an interaction between strangers and decide that it is the result of an argument when another viewing the same interaction sees it as an act of love. Which is the real truth?

What you see is a reflection of your past experiences, your emotional history, your current state of being. What you see is a result of the incident being filtered through your human eyes, your human perspective. For this reason, each and every one of you will see things differently because your personal experiences have been different. But that does not mean that both observations are not true, for they are to each individual who is the observer.

Ponder this. Each of you has come here to experience life, to learn certain lessons in order to share with the All. Would it not then allow the greatest opportunity for growth to see all possible explanations for an interaction? Would that not contribute more knowledge to the continuum as you move forward on this human journey? This life here, now, is experiential in order to learn and grow, not only for each individual, but for the All. For this reason, is it not necessary to allow each and every person the freedom to experience their individual truths without wanting to convince them to see your truths instead?

All of you are on an individual journey for the All. Each of you is at a different place on the path back to the All, some further along than others. For that reason, each of you can learn from each other as you see the world through your individual perspectives. Embrace these differences for each and every one of you has something to contribute to the collective knowledge. Dissolve Ego as you approach others. Allow them to grow and learn as you are doing every day. They are not your adversaries, they are your teachers, just as you are theirs. Be gentle with each other. Respect and love each other.

Understand the universal truths are the same for all of you. But they are not always apparent to you as you walk this human path. As you continue to grow, you will better understand these universal truths, for your inner light will become stronger.

Until then, be still and listen. Judge not, but open yourself up to seeing from another perspective. Know that you are all a piece of the Divine on your own scavenger hunt seeking your piece of the puzzle. And when you all return with those individual pieces, oh, the possibilities are indescribable.

When you struggle with disharmony, relax, breathe and feel Mother Earth beneath you. Allow your vibrational energies to rise as you acknowledge that connection with your higher self.

Be not afraid.
Be not judgmental.

Be who you really are.
Be of light and of love.
That indeed is truth.


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