Can you face adversity without fear?

Can you find your innate strength and connection

To help you through?

Dear One, your life here upon this earthly plane is filled with times of adversity and challenge. This is part of the experiential existence that comes with this physical journey. The question is ‘Are you able to move through these times of adversity with strength and grace?’

Remember that you have much inner strength and that your connection to the All can provide you with the knowledge, the insight, needed to move forward in challenging times. But in order to hear the guidance from your higher self it is necessary to calm your mind and to trust.

When your emotional body begins to take over in times of stress, a fog descends upon your connection to the All. Consider a bottle of unfiltered apple juice that has been shaken and disturbed. The clarity does not reappear until all the chaos settles to the bottom of the container once again.

So too, with you and your inner strength, your knowledge, your grace and connection to the One. Can you take a few moments to sit and breathe, to settle that emotion that begins to rise from your belly? Can you allow the peace of the Oneness to once again envelope you, from within and around you?

Dear One, know that you have the tools, the mastery, to overcome any adversity in your life. Yes, perhaps the plans you had for the unfolding of your day, your week, your life may be forever changed. But can you trust that adversity often is present to gently guide you in another direction; a direction which you may never have considered.

Dear One, from a higher vantage point all that transpires in your life has a flow and a purpose. You may not be able to see it for you cannot see the larger picture. But trust that your strengths, your skills, your gifts are fully visible from a higher plane. And often, you are gently guided to use that which you have mastered but may not yet be aware of or confident enough in your ability to use.

We say to you that you are stronger, more knowledgeable, with greater gifts that you allow yourself to see. Consider these challenges as a proving ground of that which you are capable. No longer see yourself as a nascent being when you have the wings, the capability, to soar above the clouds of uncertainty.

You, Dear One, are capable of so much more than you will ever realize. And so, in these times of challenge, dig down deep and find that which you have hidden away from your own consciousness. You have hidden away these masteries out of fear, lack of confidence or self-judgment. It is time to rise up and trust in yourself and in the Universal intelligence and use your gifts with compassion and love.

Have faith in yourself and in the guidance that you receive every day.

Have faith that your life is unfolding exactly as it should.

Have faith that no matter what comes your way, you have the strength to survive with grace.

Understand that these challenges are lessons for you or for others as they see how you handle the adversity in your life. Do you shake with fear and anger, do you think only of yourself? Or do you ask for help, accept any help and offer help to others along the way? How do you handle your life’s challenges?


You are never alone

You are surrounded by a loving presence at all times.

And you are always heard when you ask for guidance. Always.

For you, Dear One, are loved beyond measure.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mochateaoh
    Jan 24, 2016 @ 13:39:37

    Thanks for an encouraging post. The “challenges” just keep coming, but I (we) have emerged from the latest one and hope one a quieter time ahead. Strength has never been my strong point. (Pun intended) However, I trust my intuition and have learned to follow my heart. It’s a journey.


  2. insearchofitall
    Jan 24, 2016 @ 14:43:28

    There is plenty of adversity to go around but I no longer go looking for it. Keeping my attention on all that is good and remembering that I am adaptable to whatever comes my way. It’s been the best trait I have. And knowing I’m watched over. Thanks.


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