How often have you experienced self-doubt?
How often have you questioned the choices that you have made?
How often have you wondered if what you heard or thought or felt is really true?

It is time to lay aside all of these feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty. The time is now to move forward with trust in your heart for how your life is unfolding. If you have moved through your life with pure intent, that is all that is needed. If you have not, but are reading these words, then it is time to accept the lessons from the past and move forward with your new-found knowledge. Do not waste time and energy chastising, worrying, going down the path of ‘what-if’. Trust that you are exactly where you should be in this very moment. Trust in the perfection of your world.

You are a sentient being with feelings, connections and more power than you realize. Perhaps you have used these aspects of your make-up for self-gain. Perhaps you are the one who has given your power freely to another. Or perhaps you are someone who is frozen with fear to take the next step down your path to wholeness and love.

What happened in the past no longer exists. But the lessons and knowledge gained from your past lives with you still. It also resides in us as we grow closer to understanding how best we can help and communicate with you in your daily lives. For us, it is finding the way to speak to you through the human condition so that you are able to open your hearts to who you really are. There is no concern interacting with you on a soul level, for that connection is strong and true. The challenge for us is to first appeal to that part of you who goes through the daily routine, still unsteady and uncertain of the connections you have, of where you fit in the world. All that is needed for us is a tiny crack in that human shield to allow the light to shine through.

The lessons that you learned may have felt insurmountable for you. But you are still here. You are reading these words and for us, that is the chance to share our love and knowledge with you. There is perfection in your life every day and you are moving forward every day. The ‘mistakes’ of old are just tools for you to use as you move forward on your path. Remember them, grow from them, as we have. But do not put any more energy into blame and regret. As we have said before, your lessons are not only for you, but for many others whom you touch every day. They also contribute to the collective consciousness. They have a purpose. That is not to say that you do not take responsibility for those actions, for that you must do in order to move forward.

If you are having difficulties releasing memories of old there is a simple ceremony that you can do to help yourself move forward. Write down those feelings, how you feel about those actions today. Then do one of two things. Either bury that piece of paper in Mother Earth to be absorbed by her imminent strength and transformed into loving energy. Or, burn that piece of paper and allow the smoke from it to rise into the ethers to be carried away by the winds of change and forgiveness. Whichever manner you choose, include forgiveness and gratitude in your prayer as you release the bindings of these memories. Allow yourself to be free in order to take the next step on your path back to the Source.

Understand your connection to the loving universe of which you are an integral part.

We offer our gratitude to you for sharing those lessons with us so that we may learn.

Please understand that any forgiveness that is necessary is not needed from us.
The forgiveness must come from you. Forgive yourself, forgive others and join the waves of love that are building in your world as we speak. We shudder in joyous anticipation of your awakening.

Trust yourself and realize who you truly are and the integral part of life that you serve.
You are Light.
You are Love
You are One.
And you are never alone.


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  1. joedalio
    Aug 03, 2013 @ 15:57:35

    Thank you for the excellent post! When you understand who you truly are, that you are totally connected to the God of the universe, trust and the removal of doubt becomes automatic 🙂


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