Rejection and Love

Live not in the past

Yearning for that which no longer exists

Instead be present in the now

Aware of the love which surrounds you

Dear One, as you exist in this human form, it is still easy to believe that you are separate from others and all things. This physical form appears to create a barrier between you and the rest of your world. But in fact, you are one with all, connected to all and inseparable from all.

How does this relate to rejection? Can you understand that if you are truly a being of love, then you attract love and are always surrounded by love? This human condition with its limited perception perpetuates this belief that loss or rejection is possible. In reality, it is an illusion, but perhaps a necessary one for your personal growth.

Can you continue to walk in love, see the love that continues to surround you in spite of perceived loss or rejection? We have already discussed the loss that occurs when one leaves their physical body. But what about loss when another walks away from you leaving you feeling rejected, angry or unlovable?

Although you are spiritual beings temporarily in a physical state, this comes with memories from earlier experiences on this physical plane. Many of you have not yet resolved past conflicts, forgiven yourself or others for deeds done or undone. And so, these memories become a part of your energetic field, lighting up when you find yourself in similar situations.

Courage and resolve are required to acknowledge these energetic mis-alignments in order to move forward on your path. It is a part of the learning curve of this physical plane. And in order to regain balance within your life, you may require help from many possible sources. What is important is that you pursue these avenues with self-love rather than chastisement or blame.

Dear One, wounds can be healed, and it begins with you allowing yourself to be led to the right person, the best practice, the perfect situation to start the healing process. Can you have enough faith in yourself to know that many interactions are motivated by unhealed wounds, false beliefs or forward movement on your path?

Acknowledge the limitations that result from these unresolved issues and know that you have the strength to move forward through them to the other side where peace resides. Understand that you are surrounded by love. Open your eyes to it. For so often the human condition urges you to focus on your perceived lack rather than seeing the abundance in your life.

Dear One, all here upon this plane are on the same path back to the Source. Lives and interactions intersect and fade as the waves in your oceans. And yet, all continue to be a part of that ocean, in constant movement, redirection and flow.

Do not doubt yourself for you are a part of and also the entire ocean of life, as you are connected to the All. While you have the individuality of a single drop, you also have the power of the entire body of water. Your unique personality helps others on their journey just as they are in your life to help you on your own path.

All are connected. All are one. And the purpose is to find the path containing self-love, unconditional love, compassion and strength. It is there in front of you, waiting for you to take your first step forward; knowing you are loved, knowing that you can love unconditionally, knowing that all you are is love incarnate.

Dear One With All of Thee.


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