Let Your Heart Lead You

let your heart lead you


Can you open your heart

And allow its wisdom to flow?

It is where your connection to Source lies

Follow where it leads you

And walk in tandem with the Divine.

Dear One, can you turn off that mind of yours and allow your heart to speak in its gentle voice, to lead you forward? It does not shout, it does not judge, it does not cause self-doubt. Your heart speaks softly, in a whisper, in those quiet moments when you take a breath, a pause from your hectic life.

Enter the silence and allow it to lead you forward with grace and with love. Do not listen to the loud and boisterous, for often they are incited by Ego, who continues to see separation between all. Listen instead to the calming quiet space ever present in your day. It is just a breath away from the outer chaos that surrounds so many here upon this plane.

Your heart has much wisdom to share if you listen. It carries a torch of love for you to hold high as you take your next step, your next breath; as you choose how you will move through your day. That flame is your flame, your signature glow, that shines eternal, yes, even amidst times of doubt and uncertainty. It is your connection with the Divine. The spark of love, your Essence, created by the Divine, lives within your heart.

Your mind is a tool to help you to move through this world. It gives you the physical answers to your curiosity about this physical world. But listening to it alone will lead you astray. It may lead you to doors that can only be opened with the keys of your heart, in order to discover the truth of existence. When you reach an impasse, seek the answers from your heart, not your mind.

For the workings of your mind can only take you so far. To continue on your path, you require the wisdom which sits in your heart. How often have you spun your wheels, thinking and re-thinking about an incident or a personal challenge? By looking into your heart you will see where the next step lies. Perhaps self-forgiveness is required rather than remembrance of what you see as a ‘wrong’ action.

The joy you seek is within your heart, not your mind. The mind allows you to move through this world as a functioning human vessel. But your heart allows you to feel the joy of this physical human existence. Allow yourself to feel that joy of being with a loved one, of being in a place of beauty and peace. Allow that joy to permeate throughout your entire physical frame.

You were meant to live a life of joy even as you learned the lessons you came here to learn. Do not allow your mind to entrap you in the past or in the future. Instead, allow your heart to help you feel the joy of this very moment of existence. For in this very moment you are complete, you are loved and you are a Divine being.

Drop the weight of shame, of regret or worry. Give it to Us to incinerate in the flame of love. You no longer need this weight, as it is your time to shine, to soar and to share the joy of existence with the seen and the unseen world around you.

For We are here always, whether or not you see Us, We are here. And the best way to connect is through your heart. Allow it to open, even if those hinges are covered with rust, let Us join you in this sacred journey back to the Source.

Dear One, you are sacred.

You are a Divine being.

And you are loved unconditionally.

Allow Us to show you how to be your authentic self.

The One We know intimately and completely.

We will show you how to love if you have forgotten.

It begins with you. Take that step forward and begin to see who you truly are.

Dear One With All of Thee.



How do you connect with others?

Through words, thoughts, touch?

Many ways are possible.

Dear One, there are multiple ways to communicate in this world and many of you seem only to be aware of using words to connect with others. However, in this realm of possibilities, especially as you grow on your spiritual path, there are many other avenues to consider.

Words are the most obvious form of communication but consider the misunderstandings that occur when one person has a different definition than the other for a common word. And, yes, you have many dialects here which can make verbal communication more difficult. How often have disagreements occurred because a word has been ‘misused’ or ‘misunderstood’?

Consider also that words engage the human mind where Ego can continue to hold reign. As the struggle continues, Dear One, be aware of the power of the words that you use. Certainly you are aware of the power of your actions, but words also can sting or cause pain, especially when blurted out in a moment of intense emotion.

In an age of instant communication using your electronic devices, it has become so easy to send out a message without much thought as to how it might be received. Can you be more mindful of how you communicate with others in this world?

As a young babe, you did not yet have the ability to speak of what you needed. And yet, there was direct communication through other means; indeed, forming a bond without words.

Can you consider another way to connect with others that includes a more thoughtful means of expression? In many cases silence could be the best means of communication?

Dear One, it is possible for you to send your intentions, your feelings in an energetic connection. You have the capability to do this. How often have you contacted another who tells you that they were just thinking of you?

And in a more intimate environment, often a touch is all that is needed to convey the message that you want to deliver. In other realms, words are not used to communicate. This is only possible here in the physical plane as you are embodied in this human form.

Prior to your life here, you were more accustomed to communicating in a non-verbal manner. This may be the reason why there is still so much confusion as to the exact meaning of the words you use.

We have told you before that the veil between the worlds is thinning, almost non-existent. And for this reason, we will be better able to communicate with you, but in a non-verbal way. The messages you receive from us will be more in the form of AHA moments or intuitive urges to do or not do something.

As this physical realm continues to evolve so too will you in your ways of communication with others. It is time for you to increase your awareness of these non-verbal cues and guidance from your surroundings. Do not say it is beyond you, for indeed you are more sensitive than you realize. And this is a means of communication that is familiar to you from your time in a non-physical plane.

Dear One, this journey of yours is one of remembrance, of who you really are.  Begin the journey by increasing your attunement to the unseen, the unheard guidance that comes to you every day. Practice with a loved one in understanding where they are or what they wish to convey to you.

There may be a time when this form of communication will be necessary for you. Trust your connection to the All, trust your own abilities of heightened awareness. Silent communication is possible. Indeed it happens every day of your life.

Trust what lies beneath the surface of your immediate world. For it is more powerful than you realize.

Begin today. Close your eyes and scan your world and that of your loved ones.

We shall be there to help guide you. Ask and we shall come.

Dear One With All of Thee.


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Through what lens do you view your world?

One of compassion

Or one of judgment?

Dear One, how you perceive your world and the actions of others affects your response, your behavior and your immediate surroundings. Do you judge others because they do not behave in a manner you deem appropriate? Or do you see others with compassion for what may have occurred in their lives to drive that behavior?

How often has someone not responded to you in a manner you expected? Perhaps they were unkind, uncommunicative, negative or judgmental. What was your reaction to this behavior? Did you immediately judge them, take their actions personally and place them in a specific category in your mind? Or did you bless them and move on?

The human condition can involve suffering; physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. But how much of this suffering is expanded by your perspective on your life or your interactions with others? Are you able to find the beauty, the joy, in your life despite what others may think, say or do?

Dear One, you are aware of the suffering you have experienced. And if you reflect upon your life, you will see how this suffering may have colored your response to others. Your actions may not have been your best and you may have asked those closest to you for forgiveness.

Can you keep this in mind when others do not respond to you with their best behavior? Can you see them as wounded souls struggling with issues unknown to you? And so, can you not take these interactions personally, causing anger or judgment?

We are not suggesting that you condone such negative behavior or allow another to abuse you in any way. However we do encourage you to find compassion and send love instead. You can still walk away from this behavior, but can you do so in love rather than fear or anger?

Each morning wrap yourself in a white light of loving energy, feel your feet upon the ground and give gratitude for the gift of the new day. Know that you have a choice to surround yourself with the beauty of your true loving nature, or to envelop your being with fear and judgment. This is your choice.

Dear One, remember that you are one with each and every person who crosses your path. Rather than accepting any negativity from another, allowing them to lower your vibration, send them your loving energy to help raise theirs.

You may once have been where they are now. There is no need to add to the fear or suffering they may be experiencing at the present moment. Instead, be secure in knowing that your light has an effect on others; even if you walk away.

Dear One, approach each person with loving kindness every day. If they do not respond in kind, bless them and continue to allow your light to shine. Remember that you are all on a path back to the Source. And there are times when each of you may stumble as you move forward.

Know who you truly are and shine that brilliant light of yours every day.

Judge not yourself or others but try to find compassion for all.

For truly, you are more wondrous, more powerful than you can ever imagine.

Dear One, Dear Being of Light and Love, Dear One with All of Thee.



Was it just by chance?

Or was it divinely inspired?

Will you pay attention

Or just ignore this gift?

Dear One, you receive guidance every day from all that surrounds you, seen and unseen. The web of connection is constantly in motion, with energy flowing in all directions. It helps to answer your questions and guide you on your forward path. All that you are required to do is open your heart and pay attention.

You are so accustomed to this physical body which you inhabit. You still think of it as who you really are. You still think that interactions, communications, are limited by the physical realm and its ‘laws of physics’.

In order to move forward as these veils between realms have thinned, you will need to think more in terms of energy rather than physical limitations.

Yes, Dear One, you can communicate with another without any physical device. Yes, Dear One, you can create your own personal world by how you perceive it. And yes, Dear One, the unseen world is a larger part of your existence than this physical realm.

When a synchronistic occurrence appears in your life, do not ignore it. For it may be in response to a prayer, a request. Or it may be guiding you in a direction you had not considered; but one that will more easily deliver you to your desired destination on your personal journey.

Synchronistic occurrences are not chance occurrences. You may have put out into the ethers the desire to see someone to resolve an old issue. And before you know it, that person crosses your path. Remember how powerful your thoughts are as you move through your day.

You may not ‘see’ these loving helpers who are with you always. And you may not think that they hear you when you cry out for help or guidance. The truth is that you are always heard; that help and guidance are provided in many ways. And synchronicity is one of them.

Remember, Dear One, that you are but one part of a vast collective consciousness. The complexities of this are unfathomable to your physical mind. All are connected and interact daily in ways that go unnoticed by the physical senses.

Can you begin to accept that there is another dimension at work in your daily life? Can you embrace the loving complexities of life as it truly is? And can you allow the unseen energies to flow unhindered by your fear or worry or judgment?

Dear One, you are an integral part in a vast network of consciousness. How you move forward on this physical realm is never judged, but only appreciated with gratitude for the knowledge you contribute as you move through your day, your lessons.

Dear One, accept this gift of synchronicity that we provide to you.

Understand that guidance occurs in many ways in synchronistic moments.

Honor all that come your way, large or small, weak or strong, loving or not. For all interactions move you forward on your path.

Remember that you are in reality a being of light, of energy, and can move through your day in this form.

You are loved dearly, always heard and loved unconditionally.

For you are part of the All.

One with All of Thee.


How much do you truly hear?
Are you able to connect with your higher self?
Can you trust enough to follow your intuition?

Dear One, you have a higher self who lives outside of this physical plane. It is connected to you through your intuition and guides you in this way. Your higher self has access to much knowledge that you in this physical plane cannot yet reach. But through your higher self, you have access to it. Can you begin to listen in those quiet times and trust what you hear?

We have told you many times that you are never alone because of the web of connection throughout the entire universe. The means in which you connect is through this part of yourself that sits outside of this physical world. For not all of you is embodied in this physical body here upon this plane. There is a cord of connection that is very strong and which can never be broken. But it is up to you to receive the messages given you by your higher self. It is up to you to allow the connection to remain clear and unfiltered.

You can do this by spending time in silence and stillness every day. It need not be more than five or ten minutes. But it is necessary in order for you to strengthen this connection on your end. For your higher self is strongly attached. It is you, at this physical end, who has not fully accessed this source of information and guidance.

Do not worry that you will lose this connection due to inactivity on your part. That is impossible. Because you do not use your left thumb often does not mean that it will suddenly fall off. It may just become a little stiff and rusty due to lack of use. It is the same with your higher self. Always connected, yet the more the connection is used, the easier it is to allow the information to flow.

And so, be still and listen to the voice that comes from your heart…..not your mind. For that is Ego talking in your mind. You inner voice, your higher self, speaks from your heart and so that is where you will find its guidance. And if you ask of yourself what should you do, how should you proceed…..listen to your heart. If you are not clear of the response, ask again. And if you require more clarification, ask again. The answer will always be the same.

But remember that you do have free will and you need not follow the guidance from your higher self. You will always be allowed to make your own choices, though situations may be created in your path to encourage you to follow guidance. And if you do not follow guidance, there will be a lesson there for you to learn. Not as punishment, but just as the natural progression of your life. For each and every one of you will have lessons to learn until the day you choose to transition from this physical plane.

For this reason, you might consider giving gratitude every day for having gentle lessons, for having a clear connection with your higher self and for having the courage to move forward in your life. For remember, by giving gratitude for already having rather than requesting help you change the energy from that of lack to that of abundance. This is very important to remember as the world continues to shift on its journey to expansion.

And remember, Dear One, that you are never abandoned, never punished, never judged. For this life here upon this physical plane is an experiential one. If you feel alone or depleted, give gratitude for the comfort and love that surrounds you. Give gratitude for the courage that flows through your veins. And give gratitude for the connection and guidance you receive and can hear every day.

It is time to begin to see your world differently.
Participate in creating your world, a world of abundance rather than lack.
Keep the connection open and listen.
The guidance will come in those quiet moments.
Sit, breathe, and listen.
That is all.

Am I Really Ready?

What if I do not feel ready?
What if I am too afraid?
What do I do to stop this?

Once you are on the path, there is no turning back without feeling a great loss within your soul. This is not due to punishment or judgment. It is because you have had a glimpse of what is possible, what is true for you and you will yearn for it. For on some level, it will feel like home. The tension you feel will be between your fear (Ego) and your heart (Soul).

Call upon us if you begin to feel this tension within. Ask for a gentle move forward. Ask for help and guidance. For we always hear your prayers, we are right beside you at all times. You are never alone. Be gentle with yourself and do not judge yourself. Give yourself some quiet time to allow the chatter within to cease. This takes practice, as your lives are so busy, filled with stimulation from all around.

Sit for 5 minutes a day and just breathe. In and Out. In and Out. Remember that when you ask for guidance, it may come from any source. Your answer may come from a child’s question, from a part of Nature, a comment on the radio, a scene which you observe during your daily routine. All are one and for this reason, have no expectations of how your guidance will occur. Be open and receptive and just allow. It may be come in a dream or in an unexpected Aha moment. Remember the web of connection between all of creation. ALL of creation.

You are a spiritual being who is experiencing life in a human body. As the vibrational energy of this physical plane begins to increase, it will become easier for you to move ahead on your path. If you do not allow fear to hold you back. Dissolve that fear and allow it to flow from you down into Mother Earth as you walk on the ground, or down the drain as you cleanse your physical body. Replace that fear with a golden light of healing around you. Wrap yourself in love and pause to feel the comfort of it. And you will notice the difference. It will feel wonderful and familiar, for you have been in this place before.

All of the answers you need are within you, for you are connected to the All at all times. If you need more guidance on the physical plane, ask for the most fitting teacher for you and that teacher will walk into your life. In one of many forms. Be discerning, ask many questions, and if you do not feel at ease then bless that teacher and move on. Throughout your physical life, many teachers in many forms will cross your path. As you grow, you will have different needs and so be prepared to move on to the next step when it is time.

And at all times as you move forward on your path, call upon us to help guide you and to light your way. Ask your higher self for confirmation that you are on the correct path for you at this moment in time. Be gentle with yourself and remove yourself from negative influences, be they human, energetic or emotional. Begin to trust your connection. Remember that your higher self is still connected to you and that will never change.

You are not alone.
You are exactly where you need to be at this very moment.
You have the strength and the power to make any changes you feel are required.
You are loved.
You are love incarnate.
And you are One With All of Thee.

What Do You Do with the Knowledge?

Can you trust what you know?
Do you share what you know?
Do you know how much you really know?

You have information coming to you from many sources. You have, of course, all of the physical sources. You receive input from all of your senses: smell, sight, hearing, taste, touch. You have information coming from the people with whom you interact. You have information coming from all your sources of communication on the earthly plane; social media, television, radio and so on. These are the sources of knowledge of which you are aware and from which you are accustomed to every day of your life.

But there is another source from which you receive information every moment of your life, of which many are not aware. The input is there, but the reception may not be consciously acknowledged. This knowledge comes from within, from your intuition, from your higher self.

Can you think outside of the box for a moment as we reveal to you this process that is ongoing even as you are reading these words? For in order to understand, you must be able to accept the complexity of your being. We have stated before that you are only in this physical body for a short period of time, for experiential lessons to share with the collective consciousness.

But not all of you is present in this physical vessel. There still remains a part of you on another plane, your higher self, which vibrates at a higher frequency, which is securely anchored in the collective consciousness. This part of yourself, who has a much broader vision of your life, is one of the main sources of your knowledge. And this knowledge is revealed to you incrementally as you continue to become more aware of your true self.

Each and every one of you has a foot in both planes of existence. How aware you are of this and how much you draw from your higher self depends on where you are along your path. The more you grow in your awareness of your connection, the more knowledge is revealed to you. For this knowledge is to be used only for the highest good. Should you be given knowledge before you are ready, you may not be able to use it wisely, with pure intent. And even then, there are many who do not always apply this knowledge in the intended way. However, these experiential lessons still contribute to the All.

Your task is to receive this knowledge without fear, without feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness, without comparison to others. For you are all One, there is no need for comparison or judgment. Each of you has a piece of the puzzle to provide as you live your life here upon this physical plane. You are all working together, even though it may not appear that way from the human perspective.

Can you understand that each and every one of you reaches across dimensions even as you live your conscious lives here upon this physical plane? As you rest your physical body and slow down that sensory input, turn off that analytical mind; that is when your connection with your higher self is the clearest. There is less traffic to confuse the transfer of knowledge.

So be aware of your dreams and ask for help in understanding what they are telling you. Know that you are larger, greater, more complex than you ever imagined. You are not only a physical being. Your physical vessel is only a tool. Compare it to receiving your first car and having the ability to go where you have not been before. There are limits; mechanical, availability of fuel, weather conditions, and so forth. You only occupy this vehicle as a means to an end. So too, with your physical body. It is a means to an end, with limitations.

But your true self, who you really are, is limitless.
Begin to allow that knowledge about yourself to settle into your consciousness.
Remove the limitations of the physical mind and allow your true self to come through.
Accept your greatness with grace and purpose.

For you are truly One With All of Thee.

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