Healing Through Nature


You are One with all of creation.

Being outside in nature

Is equivalent to coming home.

To peace,

To healing through connection.

Dear One, do not cloister yourself within the walls of your own creation. Instead, move through the healing energies of the natural world. Expand all of your senses and connect with the nature spirits who are always present and willing to help.

Understand that all of creation is divine. All of creation deserves your respect and blessings. And in return you will experience the healing powers of being home. Wrapped within the accepting arms of the All That Is. No judgment. No expectations. Just peace and joy.

Many upon this plane have accepted the illusion that the human form is more powerful, more advanced than what one sees in nature. These are the ones who do not understand the energetic complexities of life here upon this plane. Can you humble yourself to sit and listen and learn from what surrounds you?

Consider the abundance provided you from the Mother with no charge. All that is required to maintain that human form upon this physical plane is here for you and freely given. But what has been overlooked by many is the act of reciprocity. No gratitude or offerings to the Mother. Just the assumption that the Mother is here to serve, dominated by humans.

Consider that you are One with the Mother, as you are with all of creation. Consider how you treat Her and reflect upon how you treat others. Is there a similarity? If you feel a dominance over the Mother, do you also feel the same over others of your own species? Do you feel that whatever is offered to you freely is rightfully yours? And then reflect upon how you might mirror these thoughts with others?

How often do you offer gratitude for the abundance provided to you by the Mother? And in turn, how often do you offer gratitude for others, especially to those who are challenging you to grow through adversity and strife? How much do you take for granted? How often do you feel as victim when in fact whatever is placed before you is a gift for your forward movement upon your path?

Dear One, spend time with the Mother and reflect upon how all of her creatures exist through strife and challenges without complaint. View the imperfections caused by disease or injury and yet growth continues despite these challenges. See the examples of resilience and flexibility despite imperfections.

Then consider how you move through your life. Do you accept the trials as lessons or as punishments? Do you complain and feel as victim? Do you judge others who appear imperfect without knowing the true extent of their strength and resilience? Is humility a trait which can be used to describe yourself?

Dear One, the cycles of life, the peaceful existence, the acceptance of serving others for the common good are all lessons presented to you by the Mother. Should you choose to observe them. And just as you are an energetic being inhabiting a physical form, so too with the Mother and all of her creatures. Just as you are guided and protected by the unseen world, so too with the Mother.

It is time to consider the gift of reciprocity with all that surrounds you. Begin with truly observing the strength, the loving presence of the Mother and her charges. You will realize that many of your assumptions were incorrect, your sense of entitlement flawed, and your actions unconscious to what truly is.

Allow nature to teach you how to live with reciprocity not only with the Mother but with all who cross your path.  Understand that you are One With All. For all of creation is divine with the blessings of the Oneness within. You are a part of this, Dear One.

Open yourself to truly seeing what exists around you. Open your heart to the connections you have with all of creation. This world and beyond are One and filled with the grace of the Divine.

You are not separate.

You are One.

Open your heart

And allow the gratitude to flow

Without judgment or preconceived notions.

Move with grace among the infinite expressions of the Oneness

The infinite expressions of you.

Dearest One With All of Thee.

Out with the Old

pruning feb 2018

It’s that time of year when many of us go through our closets in order to weed out all the things we no longer use. Clearing the air, making room for new things, perhaps just allowing ourselves to feel lighter and less burdened. After all, spring is around the corner and with it comes new growth and the promise of lighter days and endless possibilities.

This is the time of year that I am heavy into pruning my blueberry bushes. I started the last week of January and will be out there at least till mid-March trying to get rid of the old canes. It’s not that difficult a concept to prune. Get rid of the canes that are too tall or too close to the ground. The pickers can’t reach the blueberries on the tall canes and blueberries growing too close to the ground will affect weed control. But most of all, the canes should not overlap causing damage as they rub each other. They also need room in the center of the bush for air to circulate. They need to breath just like us.

People ask me how do I know when I’ve pruned enough. My standard reply is ‘When I hear the bushes say Ah!’ I know it sounds crazy, but I noticed it when I took a blueberry pruning class. After the instructor showed us how to prune, I could feel those bushes sigh with the new freedom of movement. I asked a few of the other students if they could feel the difference in the bushes and they just looked at me like I was crazy. What can I say? This is how I move through life, feeling empathy not only towards people but also towards other sentient beings. Because I do believe my blueberry bushes can feel.

When friends come to visit, they tell me that the bushes greet them as they come up the driveway. My response is, ‘Of course they do, they have had good home training’. And when I need a hug, I just walk out into that blueberry patch and always feel so much better.

It’s like a time warp in there. You get lost and think you’ve been out there for just an hour and realize its been at least three hours. It’s addicting. Even when we pick, it’s difficult to come in because you just have to get that one last ripe berry, or those few ripe berries over there. I have to tell my pickers that they are now ‘off the clock’ to get them to come in some mornings.

This is hard work. It’s time consuming and tiring and this time of year I usually spend my evenings on the couch with a heating pad on my back. But at the same time, it is a joy for me. Being out there helps me clear my head. I’ve been struggling lately with all that I have on my plate and how to prioritize; questioning if I have made the right decisions or if I need to make some changes. I’ve been stalling on doing some things I feel I need to do and have been feeling guilty about it.

My main goal right now is to prune as many bushes as I can before the sap begins to flow. Yet, I’ve realized that pruning is helping me to work through my stuff. I’m helping those bushes by clearing out the old canes and they are helping me by providing me a nurturing space to figure out my life. It’s the connection, the back and forth, something I’ve written about often in this blog.

I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to be a blueberry farmer. I tend those bushes with love and all my clients rave about how good the berries taste. My friends tell me that I am not only spreading love in my writing, but also through the blueberries, and I can see the truth in that.

All aspects of our lives are connected in some way. And I know that if I move through these other parts of my life one step at a time, as I do when I prune the bushes, then I’ll be okay. If I can move through the other parts of my life with the same tenderness I feel for those bushes, then I’m in balance.

I never know what each season will bring. Drought or a late frost could affect the yield and I just have to trust that all will be well. Because I can’t control the weather. I can only send loving energy and gratitude to those bushes for coming back to me every year. I tell them often, no matter what the yield is, I will always love them and be grateful for what they have given me. And they haven’t let me down yet.

The blueberries are teaching me to approach the other aspects of my life as I approach farming. The truth is that there is only so much I can control and sometimes I just have to trust my intuition and wait. Wait until I feel the time is right, rather than judging myself for not doing enough or for not doing it sooner. Life has a flow. It has a season, just like in nature. And sometimes we just have to allow it to bloom in its own time.  Thank you, my dear blueberry bushes, for sharing your wisdom with me once again.

My Deer Ones

IMG_0384 - Copy


Deer hunting season in North Carolina ended on January 1st and I’m always happy to see it go. Don’t get me wrong. I understand that the deer population needs to be culled and many hunters do it responsibly and with respect. It is just hard for me to hear the gunshots or a pack of hunting dogs on a scent behind my property. I cannot think of anything more terrifying to a deer that a pack of dogs on its trail.

I know that some take refuge in a certain area of my land at night and I bless them in the morning when I see where they have bedded down. The truth is that I love these magnificent creatures and consider them MY deer.

These are the ones who come onto my land in the spring and leave their fawn for safekeeping as the doe go off to feed. I have come across these young, speckled fawn over the years. Once when I was quietly pruning blueberries, I almost stepped on one nestled in between the blueberry bushes.

Another fawn had a particularly challenging start to its life when my dog found it untended in the woods. I heard this scream and looked up to find a very young fawn being pulled out of the woods by my lab. No! You cannot kill Bambi!, I thought, and ran over to get my dog off of it. Separated and unharmed, the poor little fawn wobbled off down the slope to get away from this canine. I knew mom would find it and took the dog in the house.

A few weeks later, once again, I was outside working and heard that scream again. Sure enough, my dog grabbed that fawn for a second time. It was now a little older and stronger and after I separated them, it lay there panting for a few moments before it got up and calmly returned to the safety of the woods. Another close call for Bambi, but saved. I like to think my dog just wanted a playmate, but I also understand her hunting instinct and take no chances.

And yes, the story is not quite over. This fawn appeared once more a few weeks later. I noticed the mother first, grazing on the grass. Then I saw the fawn, much larger with fewer spots. It saw us too, but this time it just tossed its head and gracefully pranced out of range of the dog who found it twice before. I just laughed with the knowledge that it survived at least into its adolescent years.

They come, first one or two and then in larger groups into the blueberry patch to feed in summer. Does bring their fawns, some with twins, some accompanied by a buck. I don’t worry about it. There are enough berries for all of us. I realize that I am not the owner of this land, only the steward. And I am also not the only creature to call it home.

One summer, I watched three deer walk into the blueberry patch to feed. I went out onto the porch and whistled. All three deer came out of the patch, stood in a row with ears peaked, looking over at me. I could just hear them saying to me, ‘What? Can’t you see that we are feeding?’ I told them that I was just about to come out with the dog and thought it would be best if they left. And they did, begrudgingly. I’m sure they came back later to continue their dinner when they could do so undeterred by the ‘guard’ dog.

And so the cycle begins once more. Those who survived the hunt will return and leave their fawn for safe-keeping as they go off to feed. Later in the summer, I will see blue scat in the blueberry patch as they continue to enjoy the blueberries. Another year of living in harmony with MY deer on the farm.



photo by Rick Lightelm http://www.flickr.com

The time for rest has passed

And new growth is emerging all around you.

Tender in its infancy,

Soon to gain strength

With nourishment and love.

Dear One, for many of you, this is the time of spring, when buds and blossoms begin to emerge after winter’s slumber. For many of you, this time of year brings with it hope of new beginnings and abundance. The cycle of life once again begins to spin its wondrous web of connection throughout the Universe.

As we have said before, you are a part of this natural cycle, since you are a part of the Mother; and you also are beginning to awaken from a long rest. The connection you have with the Mother gently pulls you along as you open up to a new day and a new cycle. This is why springtime brings joy to many of you, for you can feel the offering of endless possibilities and opportunities.

The darkness of the rest time purposely leads you inward towards self-examination and self-realization; providing a restorative time of quiet and contemplation. During these times you begin to discover more intimate parts of yourself, previously unexamined or unknown, and the forces of the Universe gently guide you through the reflective process.

Now you are being encouraged to take that leap of faith, in yourself and in the Universe, to move forward using that new-found inner strength that is now rising to the surface of your being. You are more than you have ever imagined. You have greatness within that is beginning to appear in your daily life. You, Dear One, are a child of the Universe, and with that comes all the love, the support and the knowledge of the Entirety of Being.

Can you follow the lead of the Mother and allow the warmth, the light of the love shining above you, to urge you forward? Can you allow the blossoms of your gifts to unfold and gently be pollinated to be shared with others around you? Can you allow the fruits of your restorative period to now emerge with all their sweet nectar?

It is your time to awaken in all of your beauty, in all of your glory, as you are gently urged forward to be the wondrous being you truly are. Remember your place in this world. Look around you and know that all of creation is awakening beside you and urging you to do the same. It is impossible not to open your petals to love as the web of connection pulls you forward. It is time.

Feel the joy around you. Honor the gentle awakenings of the Mother as she reveals her tender leaves, filled with possibilities of beauty and strength. Everything before you is a part of the Mother, a part of the Source. Honor and respect all sentient beings as they continue on their individual life cycles. Honor and respect your own life cycle, without fear, for you are not alone in this.

You are surrounded by loving beings, appearing to you through the Mother, through your companions, and yes, through those flashes of light you might see out of the corner of your eye. Love surrounds you, Dear One. Love fills your being and it is beginning to flow upwards and outwards, just as the sap of the trees begins to rise at this time.

Allow your true self to emerge in all of its glory. Allow yourself to be pulled forward, gently, by the tug of the heart-strings of the Source, of the Mother, of the All That Is. The Light is calling to you. Can you hear it? Can you feel it stirring something deep within you? Oh, loving, dearest One. It is your time to shine.

Look towards the light and allow it to draw you out, out of the deep slumber where you have resided for the recent past. Open yourself to the possibilities of life that lay on the path before you.


Have faith.

And allow the love to flow.

Remember you are a being of love

And only love.

Dear One With All of Thee.

Peace of Mind

Your world appears to be in chaos

You feel hopelessness and despair

And yet, new life continues to emerge.

The cycles still continue to move

Through rebirth after death.

Dear One, nothing has changed. You are still a being of love, created in love, surrounded by love and capable of love. Your surroundings appear to be in disarray, filled with chaos and uncertainty. But is this not just the cycle of life, continuing on as it always has – offering opportunities for growth with every moment of your existence.

Look towards Mother Nature in all of her strength and glory. Does she not carry on despite hardship and scarcity? Does she not find a way to adapt to the changes in her existence? Have you not seen a flower push up through a paved area or watched a tree navigate around a rock to reach the light? What you do not see is the strength in the roots, the internal strength that allows growth despite perceived obstacles.

Look towards the evolution of many species here upon your plane. Have many not adapted over time to better exist in a changing environment? Do not many species co-exist, sharing with each other certain elements lacking in one, but abundant in another? Is it not the inter-connectedness which often allows survival in what might appear as an insurmountable habitat?

If all were lost, would new souls still be emerging to experience this physical existence? If all were lost, would the Mother continue to produce new species to help with the changing environment here upon this plane? If all were lost, would we continue to encourage you to find your inner strength, your connection to the All and your own personal power?

Dear One, just as you see in Mother Nature, so too, your life is cyclic with times best spent in rest or in action and growth. You have just emerged from a long period of rest and now is the time to grow, to adapt and to use your inner strength to find the path around that rock which sits in front of you.

You are a part of Mother Nature, one of her beloved creatures, and you have the same strength, the same adaptability and the same cyclic nature to your life. Do not despair that all is lost. Instead have the peace of mind that what comes this day is a part of the cycle of growth. Trust in your connection and look to the Mother for ways on moving forward through your perceived insurmountable obstacles.

You, Dear One, are capable and are loved beyond measure. You have the support of the All as you move forward. You have not been forgotten, nor have you reached a point of no return. The possibilities continue to be endless. Do not allow that Ego mind to encourage hopelessness and despair. Instead open your heart to love and embrace the help of the Universe as you continue to move forward.

Even what you perceive as a step back in time is still a movement forward. From our perspective, you have the strength, the courage and the love to continue on your path back to the Source. How can you not return to the core of your being? A part of you continues to be there as the rest of you embarks upon this human journey.

Dear One, have the peace of mind that all is well.

Trust that you indeed are capable of much more than you ever realized.

And know that you are a part of the cosmic consciousness,

One With All of Thee.



Swallowtail butterfly pollinating blueberry blossoms on the farm


The cycle of life

Is not only for Mother Earth

It occurs for you also

Look to Her for guidance.


Dear One, at this time of awakening on parts of your globe the resurrection of life begins once again. The dormancy over the winter has given way to the blossoming of spring and new growth. You see it all around you in nature. But can you also see it in yourself?


Your personal journey is much like the cycle of Mother Nature for you are a part of this cycle as One with All. But have you ever considered how much nature reflects back upon your own life and the lives of those around you?


Consider how your own life mimics that of the outside world. In the colder months you have the urge to go within; you savor quieter days, feel the need to rest more often. It is a restorative process, a time of reflection and contemplation if you allow. You often feel the urge to provide more fuel for your physical bodies which many of you dislike for the additional poundage that often is the result.


As you look around you now, in the springtime of your days, what do you see? Many plants are putting out blossoms of various colors and fragrances. They appear at different times as increased warmth begins to fill the outside air. A burst of beauty that is short-lived, providing nutrients for your winged creatures. These tender leaves of new growth give way to the deeper colored, stronger leaves that will remain until the cycle begins to slow once again.


Consider this cycle in your own life as you move forward on your path. If you allow periods of stillness for inner nurturing and reflection, do you not at some point produce that AHA moment that comes with a burst of joy? For each of you this moment of inner growth will come forth at different times with different results. Just as the flower buds come in different colors, sizes and at different times.


This new awakening of yours, though inspiring, may cause you to feel tender in your new realization, as you discover new gifts, new connections. But as you feed this new part of yourself, often with the help of others, does it not strengthen as that new aspect of your life continues to become a part of who you are?


Dear One, just as in nature, all of you have your own cycle of reflection, awakening, nurturing and strengthening as you move forward on your path. As in nature, if this new growth is not fed and watered and loved, it will begin to wither.


There are symbiotic relationships in nature as one plant helps nurture another, which fertilizes another which helps another and so on.  So too, with you and your relationships. This is the web of connection of which we speak and how your growth, your actions affect many others around you and beyond.


You do not just live in the midst of nature, you are one with it and this cycle of life. Look to the Mother not only for your sustenance, but as a mirror of your own life cycle. Dear One, allow Mother Nature to teach you of the ways of life here upon this physical plane.


Allow your own growth to emerge in its own time, with its own beauty and intimate connection to those around you. Allow others to awaken in their own cycle. Nurture, feed, and allow time for reflection so that the blossoms of change within you can burst forth in a wondrous display of inner and outer beauty.


Understand the connection, the relationship that your life has with others. It is impossible for you to grow in an isolated state. Look to Mother Nature as she stoically survives the harshness of life with inner strength and regrowth. It is a never-ending cycle and you are a part of this cycle.


Dear One, your teachers surround you. Open your eyes to them. You are not master over nature, you are a part of it. Honor it and its natural rhythm and see the same in your own life. Growth takes time and nurturing. Co-existence often requires adaptation and change.  Do it all in love and follow the lead of the Mother.


All is well with you Dear One as your cycle evolves, Dear seedling of change. Dear One with All of Thee.



What do you see?

What do you see as you look through the windows of your eyes?
Do you see beauty all around you or do you see only the same mundane world?
Can you look a little longer, a little deeper, past what you expect to see?

Dear Ones, if you look without any expectations, you begin to see things as they really are. You begin to see the beauty in around you. Where you are, what you have and the subtle changes occurring daily in your life. If you change your daily route, your daily routine, you will begin once again to participate in your life.

For as long as you do the same things in the same fashion day after day, your body moves like an automaton, without thinking, without feeling, without seeing or noticing anything that is going on around it. It is just a habit, to be repeated every day in the same fashion as the previous day. No wonder you feel nothing, see nothing.

When you change the way you move through your day, you engage your entire being. Since you have not done it this way before, you pay more attention to what you are doing, to where you are going. And in that fashion, you will begin to see what is surrounding you and wonder ‘why have I not seen that before?’ The truth is that is has most likely always been there, but your blinders have prevented you from seeing them.

Instead of staying inside that mind of yours living in the past, planning for the future, try to extend yourself outside of yourself and see, really see, what is happening around you. This is the first step in starting to live your life and breathing in the richness of what surrounds you every day.

Beauty surrounds you. Love surrounds you. The world is actively moving forward around you; through the seasons of each year, through the give and take of others in their interactions. If you begin to be present, really present, in your life every day…..you will begin to see the questions in another’s eyes, the love expressed in ways other than words, the joyful living of others who are being experiential in their days.

Try, for today, to change your routine. Change your way of moving through the world. Yes, it is easier to do things the same way every day, for you feel that you will accomplish more this way. But with that may come the lack of engagement, the lack of joy, the lack of being present in the moment, in the now.

Your lifespan here is limited. There is so much to see. There is so much diversity around you. What are you missing by going through your days with blinders on, just so that you have time to do more of the same, wearing those same blinders?

Take a chance and open yourself up to the many possibilities in your life. See what surrounds you every day. Breathe and with each breath, move yourself from inside of your mind, out into the world around you. And see how much you have missed. The time is now to change. Begin today and embrace your world

One With All

You are never alone
You have never been alone
That is impossible.

Dear One, the truth is that you are a part of a continuum that stretches to infinity. Your connection is with all things. All things; animal, mineral, plant, spirit. Being in your current state within a human body creates the illusion of separateness. But that is only an illusion. You are One With All.

This means that your every thought, action, word is heard across the continuum and has an effect on the entire universal being. Be not judgmental against yourself for your actions that were not of pure intent. For this earthly plane is a learning ground. And there are checks and balances set up to help disperse the negativity that has come forth from this plane. But we want you to understand that any prayer, any call for help is always heard and acknowledged. You are not alone on this journey and your calls for help will be answered, though not always in the way you might imagine.

Dear One, the time is now to begin a new practice in your life. Do not limit the possibilities in your calls for help. Do not be so specific that you do not allow for possible solutions that you never even imagined. For what you can do is broader, more powerful, greater than you have allowed yourself to believe.

Choose your words more carefully with a more positive tone. Speak of what you can and will do rather than what you cannot or will not do. The universe rotates in a positive direction and so the statements that begin with, “I will not do…….” are not as powerful as the statements that begin with, “I will do….” This is just a habit that you have formed over the years and can be easily changed. What you do not yet understand is the power in making that minor adjustment to your words.

Dear One, know that where you are at this very moment is exactly where you should be; where you are needed at exactly this time. As we have said before, the web of connection is so vast, you may never understand why you are in this exact place at this exact time. But have the faith that it is where you are to be. The interactions that you have are meant to be at that precise moment in time. The control that you have is in the tone of the interactions, be they positive or negative. That is your choice and part of your journey.

Remember that there is no time in reality. What this means is that prior to a future interaction, you can begin to change the energetic vibration of that interaction by setting the tone in your mind, in your body, in your own vibration. You have the power to do this. By doing so, you are preparing yourself and the situation in a positive way that will help to create a more positive interaction. The power is yours, Dear One. The power has always been yours. For you are a divine being, created from the Divine as you now co-create with the Divine around you. Do not feel unworthy of this state of being. For this is who you truly are.

Love surrounds you, envelopes you, fills your entire being. It is all that is. And so, allow that love to emanate from every pore of your physical body. Allow the light of it to shine. For this is who you truly are. And if you find yourself slipping back into the illusion of lack of love in your life, then allow it to pour into you from all around you. And feel the light lift you up and put you back, once again, on your feet.

Free yourself of the illusion of separateness.
Understand that the streaming you do as your body sleeps also continues during the time when it is awake. It is just that the mind gets in the way and does not always allow the process to unfold.

Be at peace, Dear One, with who you are.
For you ARE One With All of Thee.

Be Thyself

Allow thy true self to emerge.
Trust the path laid before you.
Stand tall and walk in grace.

Dear One, if you can accept who you truly are, then the first step is to walk in grace and allow thy true self to emerge. Allow the brilliance of who you truly are to begin to shine within and around you. Trust that this is your true nature and begin to change your life and the world.

The first step is to trust that the life you are leading is moving you forward. There are many opportunities in your daily life to shine your light unto others. No word ever needs to be spoken. Just the brilliance of your light which is allowed to shine is all that is needed. And should you choose to speak, do so quietly, with grace and banish judgment from your life.

For indeed, all are exactly where they should be at this time. This is an important window in time where changes can be facilitated by each and every one of you as the Universe begins its new way of being. You are positioned in the most perfect spot for you, individually, to make a difference. And each of you shall make a difference. The choice is yours as to what you will do next.

As you become more accustomed to being who you really are, you will become more sensitive to what is around you. For remember that you are connected to the All. As you allow your true self to emerge, you may feel more deeply than ever before. For this reason, it is important for you to care for your physical body at this time. Rest, as much as possible. Eat as well as you can. And be joyful, in the knowledge that you are here upon this physical plane at a very joyous time of change. You chose to be here for this shift in consciousness. But in that human form, many have forgotten this choice. Many feel burdened by the current situations in which they live. Many feel alone and useless.

For this reason, the more of you who can begin to shine your light upon others, the easier it will be for others to awaken from their slumber. Send loving thoughts out to others. Smile more often and wrap yourself in your glowing light. But also tend to yourself and begin slowly as you become accustomed to this new way of being. Choose joy. Every day. Upon awakening, make a conscious commitment to choose joy each day. Do it daily and see how the energy around you and within you changes. A simple statement with a powerful result.

I choose joy this day.

Joy is your gift to yourself and to the world. And it is present there in the wings, every moment of your day. Allow it to over-ride the thoughts of your mind that say otherwise. Slowly over time, quiet that mind of yours which sends out negative thoughts to you and others. Can you be firm in your belief of who you are and of what you are capable? Oh Dear One, even more than what we have told you is possible. But we shall start slowly and continue to say to you until you feel it in your heart…..you are love incarnate. You are capable of miracles every day. And the first miracle is to allow joy into your life.

Accept the joy and share it with others.
Call upon us if you need a reminder.
Call upon us if you need a gentle boost.
Call upon us whenever you need comfort.

These are your first steps forward and oh how the heavens sing in anticipation.
Allow your brilliance to shine, Dear One.
And see how the world begins to change.

All is Well with Thee

Do not doubt your progress.
Do not question your life.
Trust that all is exactly as it should be.

Dear One, your life is perfect in every way.  The challenges that appear before you are the lessons that you have chosen to learn this lifetime.  The answers to your questions are there for you.  But you must learn to listen for them.  You must learn to trust what you hear. You must learn to trust that you are connected to higher levels of knowledge and consciousness.  If you are reading this, you have come far enough on your path to hear the teachings put forth by us.  For there is much knowledge for you to assimilate and incorporate into your daily life.

But remember, also, as you walk this path of knowledge, to enjoy the beauty of your physical existence.  For there is much beauty surrounding you.  Take not for granted the sounds, sights, smells to which you have become so accustomed.  For should they be taken away from you, they would be missed more than you would have thought.  Accept these gifts of Mother Earth and her realm.  For they are gifts for you as you walk this earthly path.

You are one of the adventurers, who have chosen to come down to this level of vibration to bring back knowledge to the All.  For this service that you have chosen to give, in return, Mother Earth has provided you with many gifts to ease your passage through this plane.  Open your eyes, your ears, all of your senses to these gifts and enjoy them as they were meant to be enjoyed. For the earthly mind, in all of its complexity, cannot replicate what Mother Earth offers in the same way.

You, you are one of those gifts for others.  Not to be used and discarded.  Not to become a puppet in another one’s life.  But as a giver of joy and connection to others who will be placed in your path at the most opportune time.  As others will be placed in your path when you need them the most for the gifts they have for you.  Do not overlook the synchronicities in your life here upon this plane.  Know that opportunities lay at your feet every day.  Opportunities to grow, opportunities for joy, opportunities to connect with others in the most appropriate way.  Close not your eyes to these opportunities, for they are tools for you to use on your path home.

You, you are a most powerful being who still shakes with fear of the unknown.  Can you allow yourself to trust the path laid out before you?  Can you sit and be still for the messages that are knocking at your door?  For they are there, on your doorstep, waiting for you to find them, to hear them.  Use this knowledge to move forward.  You are deserving of these messages and you do receive them every day.  Many of you have just discarded the information, thinking it is a trick of your mind.

And so, as you become more accustomed to this new openness to your power, find time to sit and be still.  If you do not understand what you are told, in a multitude of ways, then ask again for more guidance, for more clarity.  And you shall receive it.  The trick is to be present in every moment of your day.  The trick is to get out of your mind and back into your heart, the source of all of your knowledge.

The truth lies within your heart.  Not your mind.  Turn off that mind and open your heart in matters of personal growth.  Your mind will serve you with earthly matters as you move through your jobs and your careers.  But remember that even then, the knowledge from your heart will help shape your days and ease the stress that surrounds your daily activities.  There is also a place for your heart in your daily jobs and careers.  It is now time to use that knowledge, not only in your quiet personal times, but in your professional, daily activities.

These practices will help move your forward. Will help move the world forward.
These practices will help you to integrate both aspects of your life.
It is no longer feasible to keep them separate
Use the knowledge that is there for you daily, in every aspect of your life.

The time is now.
For you to fly.
Unfold your wings, dear one.

The time is now.

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