photo by toni luciani

The healing of your world

Begins with self-healing.

In order to change the world

It is necessary to look within

And acknowledge the inner work

Waiting for you.

Dear One, all that is occurring in your life is an opportunity for you to grow and move forward on your personal path. And self-reflection is a major step in this process. This time of change in your world will follow individuals changing within. For all are connected. And the world you see is the world created, the world seeded, by you.

Understand that emotions must be felt in order to reflect on the ‘why’ they are surfacing at this time. In truth, you are a wondrous being of light, capable of miracles. But at the same time, you inhabit a human vessel with human emotions which drive your actions or inactions.

Can you begin to reflect upon patterns that recur in your life; in your responses to others, or to yourself? Are you able to genuinely accept what you are feeling and begin to reflect on how you can work through those feelings to come to a place of peace and joy?

This is the inner work required for personal growth. In times of stress, true feelings arise and what a gift you are being given to see your true self in the raw. Not to self-judge harshly. But to nurture and reflect upon why and begin to change what is possible in your interactions.

Remember that anyone who crosses your path has the potential to teach you something about yourself. Without the challenges that this embodiment brings, there will be no growth and forward movement upon your path.

Can you, instead of harboring negative feelings about another, or about yourself, can you instead ask what is the truth about these feelings? The answer to that lies within. For your truth can be different from the truth of another. And recognizing that truth and how to live either with it or without it will change how you move through your world.

Dear One, a call to action is necessary for forward movement of this world. But do not think that call does not include the inner work. Time spent alone, in rhythm with your breath, asking for help from your higher self, your unseen guides, will help you through this process.

But there is another important piece of this self-healing. And it is spending joyful time in a world filled with opportunities to share beauty and peace with all. Laughter, singing, playful time helps move the heaviness from within and shake it off to lighten your physical being.

Find balance in your immediate world, between self-reflection and playtime. For you are a being filled with joy who is trying to exist in a world of low vibration. It is possible to raise the vibration of your surroundings by raising your own vibration.

Understand that as you do the inner work of acknowledging your emotions and allowing them to guide you, the world around you will begin to change. For the world you see depends on the lens through which you view it. You can choose to focus on what you see as negative or positive, a burden or a gift.

A wondrous opportunity lies before you and with the intensity comes the possibility of great change, should you choose to do the work. Be aware of what is happening in your world, but do not focus only on what lowers your vibration. Focus also on the beauty and the opportunities before you.

Console yourself with the knowledge that there are many just like you who wish to bring the vibration of this world to a higher level. Many more than those who choose the opposite out of fear of lack. Join your kindred spirits and look forward and upward. And extend a hand back towards those who are cloaked in fear.

For all are one and all are on the same path. All are loved unconditionally and held in gratitude for this wondrous journey you have chosen.

Confront your shadows

And bring them into the light.

And see how your world

Begins to change.

It begins with you.

Dearest One With All of Thee.

Go Within


The peace lies within

Amidst the fear and trepidation.

Let your breath help you navigate

Towards the calm center.

In and Out

Towards peace and tranquility.

Dear One, you are on a journey for which you are prepared, although you had not planned this route. And yet, you have all the tools, the roadmaps, the supplies. And the destination is the same. Home.

How often has the incline been steeper than you envisioned. And yet you were able to reach the top. You had more strength and resolve than you realized. For you did not have enough faith in yourself. And yet, upon reflection after reaching your goal, you saw that many of the supplies you brought were unnecessary.

For you had the most important provision within you. It was your spirit, your sense of worth, your determination to continue the journey no matter what lies ahead.

Perhaps you thought of your loved ones who were cheering you on as you forged ahead. Perhaps it was the knowledge of what you could achieve once you reached your destination. Or perhaps it was just that inner voice telling you that you could do this, you had the strength to continue.

Dear One, all of these are true now as well. The landscape may have changed, but the journey continues to lead you forward. Always forward. And as you continue, consider the burdens which you can discard along the way.

Greed, judgment and fear can be like heavy clay caked upon the soles of your boots weighing you down with each step. Self-recrimination can be one of the heaviest burdens of all.

Remember that you live in a world of duality, with both light and dark present and necessary to keep this world in balance. You also exist in duality with both light and shadow running through your veins. This is a part of who you are as you live in this physical world. And so too, it is necessary to keep both in balance to live your best life.

When you look at yourself and see only the shadow, only the traits you wish to discard, consider this. In what situation might those perceived negative traits be helpful. Would not the quiet one be a perfect companion for someone who needs to talk in order to heal? Would not a bold one be the perfect advocate for someone who cannot stand up for themselves? Would not an obsessive one be perfect to help someone who cannot begin to organize their life?

Any and all traits that make up your countenance are helpful when they are used in moderation. When they are kept in balance. Reflect upon this and how you may have judged yourself much too harshly in the past. Your moon has a light and dark side. Your planet cycles through light and darkness with each phase providing the perfect environment for many necessary activities.

Dear One, as you continue on this journey discard the burden of perfection. For your perception of it is inaccurate. Discard the burden of the past and any judgments that live there. And discard the fear of the future, for it does not yet exist. And your actions in this very moment can affect tomorrow.

As you continue on this journey, allow your breath to guide you. The breath of the Divine will calm you and center you. See in your mind’s eye the guide rope of your connection to the All. It is there in front of you to help you move forward. Discard the heaviness and allow the light to melt away any disparaging thoughts.

This is your journey and you are ready. You have been prepared and you have much to give and share with others as they walk alongside of you. As they have much to share with you in return. You are not an island in a sea of unrest. You are a bridge that connects earth and sky, up and down, light and dark. You are the fulcrum that helps balance the pendulum between these dualities.

You are present now because you are strong and a Divine source of light and love. Do not doubt yourself and your inner strength. Do not doubt that you are co-creator of your world with the Source.  

Remember that you are the embodiment of love. Created in love. To live a life of love. To once again return to love at the end of this part of your journey.

Breathe In and Out

Send love out with every breath.

You are capable

You are loved.

You are supported in love.


Dearest One With All of Thee.


How do you walk this day?

Do you do the same things the same way every day?

Or do you make small changes

To experience life in a new way

With each step that you take?

Dear One, how do you live your life daily? Do you constantly push forward towards a goal, focusing only on that goal at the expense of everything else? Do you pause on occasion to experience your surroundings, your life, your loved ones? Do you do the same routine day after day; or do you make small changes to experience something new each day? How do you move through your day?

Personal goals are important in your growth here upon this plane. But it is easy to create an imbalance in how you live your life. You have all heard the expression that it is more about the journey than the destination. But how much have you really considered this well-known adage?

Can you stop for a moment and consider how well balanced your life is at this very moment? Perhaps you do have a specific goal you wish to reach, but consider the driving force for reaching that goal. Are you motivated by fear or by love? And should you not reach your goal, will you consider yourself and your life a complete failure? Will you discount all of the successes you have had along the way to reaching the present point in your journey?

Many of you seem to focus only on the negative, the lack or the failure to see the positive results, the personal growth developed along the way. Is the endpoint really the only aspect of your journey that is given consideration? Have you paused long enough to review what you are doing, how you are doing it and the sacrifices, planned or unplanned, which have occurred along the way?

Dear One, remember to step back from time to time to look at the larger picture, to review your life, your current situation, from a higher perspective. For many have donned blinders which allow them only to see one thing, the goal.

What would happen if you occasionally took a long look at what you have accomplished up to this point? Would you see balance in your life between work and play; between routine and new exploration? Have you truly asked yourself if your motivation is love or fear in this journey you have chosen?

Remember that new experiences encourage you to be present in the moment, for your attention is required to move through new territory. Remember that focusing only on the future causes you to miss the present with all of its joys, beauty and loving moments. Remember that each day brings you opportunities to grow, to succeed with grace and love.

Take a moment this day to reflect upon how balanced your life is at this time. Reflect upon the joy you receive from your daily activities. Consider the possibilities of making small changes in your routine that will provide you with a fresh outlook on your life, your world.

Dear One, do not deny yourself the opportunities for joy that small changes can bring to you each day. Approach each day with the wonder of a child who is seeing something for the first time. Do not assume that you know what is possible because of what occurred yesterday.

Balance your life with new experiences, with love and with celebration of personal successes achieved every day. Do not limit yourself by moving forward with blinders on which allow you only to see your goal. Remove them periodically and drink in the beauty, the love and joy which surround you every moment of your day.

This life is a gift for you. Accept this gift.

Also understand the gift of you, and how your presence affects others in a positive way.

You are a wondrous being, here to grow and to change the world, one breath at a time.

Opening to the Divine Within

You are Divine
You have always been Divine
You always will be Divine
No matter what you say, do, or think.

Dear One, the true nature of your being is Divine spirit. If you believe that All is One, then how can you not believe that the Divine lives within you; that you are part of the Divine. This is who you truly are. Begin to accept and use the power given to you by acknowledging your true nature. This is the first step.

How is it possible that someone like you who struggles every day, who sees all their personal failings, who doesn’t feel the divine presence within, can actually be a part of the Divine? It is because your true sight has been blocked by fear and acceptance of the physical world in which you live as the only world. When in fact, this world is an illusion. Only present for you in order to allow you to grow, to experience the richness of different stimuli, different situations that do not exist in your natural state.

Can you accept that this world in which you live is a gift for you? Can you begin to understand that all that happens here for you is only a temporary state until you return home to your true existence? Can you begin to understand that this illusion of life here upon this plane can be changed by you by changing your perspective?

You have lived long enough in your mind accepting the limitations that it offers. The time has now come for you to understand the power you have to change your world; not only your personal world, but the entire physical world in which you live. Do not doubt this truth, for remember, you are Divine!

We understand that the steps you have been taking in this direction have been small, measured and hesitant. But there is no longer time to hesitate. It is now time for you to take giant leaps forward. All that you believed before about your personal limitations must be discarded in order to do this next step. We understand that this is still difficult for you, which is why we speak to you here and in other venues. To encourage you. To assure you that WE are your safety net as you begin to spread your wings and fly.

This is your natural state……not one to be in only during short moments of meditation or prayer, but every moment of your day. This state truly is effortless, if you open the cage door behind which you have lived for so very long. See the beauty surrounding you and the beauty within you. Beauty draws beauty and Dear One, it begins with you. Within you. Share that inner beauty of which you only allow fleeting glimpses to others. Open up the flood gates and allow the rush of light to shine forth.

Can you see the possibilities if all of you, each and every one of you, allowed this to happen? There would no longer be darkness, for it will have been washed away with the inner light of all of you. The Divine light is there within and the time is now for it to burst forth in all of its splendor.

You, Dear One, are ready for this.
Take our hand and allow us to guide you forward.
The path behind you has dissolved and the path forward is covered in diamonds of light.
Sparkling, inviting, lighting the way.

Take a chance, take a leap, and discover that indeed, you can fly!
Divine One, this is your time.

Be At Peace

Be at peace and still thy mind
Feel the flame within
Glowing, ever glowing
With your internal light of love

Dear One, within each and every one of you is an internal flame that burns brightly. Many cannot see it or are unaware of it because they have shrouded it in fear. The time is now to remove that fear so that the flames of love within can be fanned into a beacon of love emanating within and around you.

Know that this flame can never go out. It will always burn despite any efforts to hide or extinguish it. This is your source of love, your connection to the All. As you meditate, focus upon this flame, feed it with love and watch it grow. Allow it to burn brightly within and feel the connection that you have with the Loving Source of All That Is.

Breathe in love, breathe out fear. Breathe in peace, breathe out worry. Breathe in joy, breathe out panic. You, you are a source of love. There is no test, no trial that you must complete in order to earn this love. It is a part of who you really are. The task for you is to accept this truth about yourself. That is your only task. And once you begin to accept this, you will see how bitterness, worry, judgment, and hatred have no place in your life. There is no port for them to dock within your peaceful waters of love and tranquility. This is who you truly are and it is time for you to begin to see the truth.

As you see your reflection in your mirror, remember that what you see is only a temporary vessel that you are using here upon this physical plane. The true self of who you are lies within. And it is composed of love and light. Allow the internal flame to wrap you in peace as you move through your day. Joy is yours to take every day. And as you begin to focus on this truth, you will find that joy fills more moments of your day than fear, or worry or judgment. Should any of these old ways of being attempt to emerge, wrap them in that internal flame and see how weakened they have become in your life.

Dear One, you are a being of light and love who has the power to change a life, your life, as you come into the knowledge of who you really are. And as you begin to change, notice how the lives of those around you will also be affected. For some, your light may be too bright and they may fall away from your life. And that is their path taking them in another direction, to awaken at another time, another place. Worry not. Know the peace of who you are. Understand the power of change that resides within you. To be used with pure intent for the highest good.

Dear One, your path has opened before you. The journey has begun. And what a wondrous journey it will be for you. Trust, love, and know the peace within. For this is yours for the taking.

No charge, no tests, just acceptance.
How much more simple can it be?

How do I do it all?

How do I juggle the obligations in my life?
Where do I start?
Breathing does not help me.

Dear one, you have allowed many pressures in your life to weigh you down to the point of being frozen in fear. Fear of lack. Lack of time, lack of energy, lack of wisdom. This has been a way of being for you for such a long time. You have slowly taken on more and more obligations, not noticing the burden until it has become too heavy to carry yourself.

For some, the reason is Ego; no one else can do it as well as I can.
For some, it is nurturing or loyalty; I want to help as much as I can.
For some, it is the only option as you see it; I have to do this, there is no other way.

Take a moment and sit with your life as it is. See it from afar, as you remove yourself emotionally from your life. Observe yourself, scurrying around, no breaks, no time to breathe. Just frantic movement. Use the image of a snow globe, your life contained within, shaken with flurries of snow swirling around you as you blindly make your way forward. Then set it down and allow the chaos to settle. Allow the movement to cease. Allow the clarity to emerge as everything settles down.

Now observe your life closely in the calm and what do you see? Has anything changed? Does anything seem different? Have priorities shifted? If you see no change, pull back a little further in your observation of your life. Expand your field of vision and look again. Are there others who have appeared who are helping? Do you see your life a year or two later when those current priorities seem so unimportant?

The point of this exercise is to step back and observe your life in order to get a better perspective of what is really important and what is not. This exercise gives you a better idea of how we see you and your lives, as we observe. Stepping back can give you clearer vision, broader perspective and guidance for change. While you are in the midst of all your daily tasks, many done routinely without thought, you are unable to get an objective view of how you live your life.

Take a moment to stop, detach and review the process of how you live your life. As the veil thins between worlds, you are better able to do this exercise. This is because you are beginning to see from another perspective as you become accustomed to your changing world. You will soon be able to move back and forth between worlds. For some, only as your body rests. For others, as you consciously move through your day. This will allow you greater knowledge, better understanding and a more rapid growth towards your true self. But how much, how often, how fast depends on you.

We are here to help you gently transition your life to a new way of being.
Call to us and we shall help you, with love and gentle encouragement.
For your growth is our growth.
For we are One With All of Thee.

The Time is Now

Begin now, not tomorrow.
Be present in the now.
Ground yourself, connect yourself to the present.
Change the now to change the future, to change the past.
Change the now to be who you really are.
One with all of thee.

Can you trust yourself enough to take that initial step, now? Can you reach deeply into your core of being and find that courage to take a chance? Can you see the gift of this life for you and for the All?

It is time for you to accept your gifts and move forward with them. Gifts are not given to be stored away in some dark recesses of your life. Gifts are given to be shared with others, to help change the way of being for you and for all around you. Each and every one of you has a gift to share, each and every one of you. And now is the time to shake the dust off of those gifts and offer them to those who cross your path.

Do not say that you have no gifts to give, for you do. And you are placed in the perfect situation to use that gift of yours. Do not compare yourself to others who you feel are greater, more gifted, more courageous with more time, energy or money to give.

You, you have a gift in your hand to give. Accept that about yourself and understand that part of your purpose in this life here upon this plane is to share that gift with others. There is no limit to the gifts that abound here among you. There is no scale of value of all these different gifts. ALL are important, of equal value. ALL have been given to be shared. Make no comparison, for that is only an excuse; that yours is less worthy than another’s. Ask us for help and we will show you, we will lead you, we will support you in taking that first step.

Do you not understand the value of your existence here upon this plane? Can you not see the importance of what you have to offer others? Will you take that deep breath, open your heart and begin to share that part of you that is meant to be shared with others? If you say you feel unworthy, then take a chance and share that gift of yours and see how you begin to feel worthy as you reach out to others.

The time is NOW for you to begin. You are needed. Your gift is needed now. Your contribution is an integral part of the forward movement of your world, of the continuum of being. There are no small, insignificant gestures. All are important. All have an effect on the Oneness.

Do not judge yourself or others. Do not say you cannot see how you can help. Do not place your focus on the results of your gifts. Trust. Know that anything given with pure intent will be received in love; no matter if you ever know the actual results. Ego looks for feedback to build itself in strength. But love does not need feedback. For it lives and breathes on trust and faith that all that is given with pure intent shall be received exactly as it is needed.

You are needed NOW.

Come forth out of the shadows and allow your light to shine.
Close your eyes and see that armor of clay crack around you and fall to the ground.
See the brilliance of the light that is released.
That light is you.
That light has always been you.
It is time to accept that truth and move forward in love.

Accept the gift of you and share it with the world.
And see how your life changes!


Can you feel the pulse of change within your being?
Can you trust that all will unfold exactly as it should?
Will you accept the coming changes in your life with grace?

Your life is not static but ever-changing, that is the design of the human existence. You are here to learn, to discover, to love, to laugh, to enjoy the beauty of the world around you. You are here to explore all the possibilities available to you. Can you go back to the child-like delight of self-discovery and step on the path of change and transformation?

Please understand that your purpose for life here is to experience as much as you can. Every interaction that you have is a stepping off point for change, be it subtle change or expansive change in your life. Every moment of your life grants you the opportunity for a new discovery, a new way of being, a chance for joy and love. Every moment.

Consider changing your perspective on your life. At the end of every day, give yourself a few moments to review your day, without judgment, but only as an observer. Consider the connection that you have with each and every person with whom you interacted that day. Remember that you are one with all, and so in a sense, you interact with yourself in all situations.

What if, what if, everyone took the time at the end of their day to review and to bless every interaction they had regardless of how it went, good or bad? What if those combined blessings transformed the past and opened up the possibility for a lighter, more joyful, loving interaction the next time you meet. Remember that the moment is NOW. Offer gratitude for the lessons of the past, bless those with whom you interacted and see in your mind’s eye, only gentle loving interactions in the future.

Your transformation has begun, you are ready to help change the world and it begins with you. Can you combine all the teachings already provided here into your daily life? Deep breaths, loving breaths, wrapped in light and love; walking in higher vibration, sending fear down into Mother Earth, living in the moment of NOW. If you do, you will find yourself standing taller, feeling stronger, accepting the love around you and returning it into the ethers surrounding you.

Do not allow yourself to don that victim persona. For you are not a victim of anyone or anything but your own fear. Understand the power which runs through your veins at all times. Know that when you ask for help it is there immediately and that the answers to your questions may come in any shape or form. Allow the synchronicity of life to move you forward. Get out of your head and be aware of your surroundings. Instead of bullies and brutes, you will see other wounded souls like yourself who are in need of loving kindness.

Know, truly know, that you are the writer of your own story. You can choose to put a positive or negative spin on it. Allow yourself the setbacks that you will have, for they still contribute to your forward movement along your path. Nurture yourself as you would a child who needs a loving embrace.

You are on your way. Your transformation has begun. You are worthy and you are loved and you are a powerful force of light and love.

Ah, what wonders of life lay before you. Open your eyes to the beauty and love that surrounds you and see the reflection of light and love staring back at you when you look into a mirror.

Your beacon of light shines brightly, the embers within are ready to burst forth into a steady flame.

Your transformation has begun and we sing with joy for its coming!

What if?

What if you ceased all worry?
What if you began to smile more often?
What if you took a deep breath every few minutes?
What would happen?

Do you realize how much time, effort and energy goes into worry? Worry about things you cannot change. Worry about possibilities that are only that, possibilities. Worry about the past, the future. Have you ever considered the fact that you rarely worry about the immediate present? This is the time of action, the time of now, the time currently unfolding in your life.

The only time that exists is the present. The past is over and done, the future yet to unfold. So then why do you spend so much time and energy focusing on something that does not even exist? Imagination is a tool that feeds creativity. However, imagining something in your mind and just allowing it to sit there and gain strength is not productive. The present is a time of action and the only time over which you have control of your actions. Control of YOUR actions, not those of another.

Memories are teaching moments. How they make you feel tells you whether you acted from your heart or out of fear or anger. They are tools to show you how far you have come or what you should consider changing. Can you understand the continuum of your life? Actions taken. Memories of those actions. Reflection on change or not. Then actions once again with hopes of different or similar outcomes.

The key word in this continuum is action. Which can only occur in the present, for that is all that exists. You have no control of the past or the future, only of the now. Acting with pure intent is all that needs to be done. And if intent was not pure in a past instant, then it can be pure in this very instant.

There is a reason why memories are forgotten or different for everyone involved. The lesson has been learned and so the memory no longer fills a need. Individual memories of the same interaction differ because each participant has a different lesson to learn from that interaction. And once the lesson is complete, the emotional charge will dissipate from that memory. And soon, the memory will cease to exist for it is no longer necessary for growth.

The present is all that is real. The future has not yet occurred. And how your life changes from moment to moment is dependent on the web of connection and on how you choose to manifest the future. In the school of life, the past is the textbook, the present the test, and the future the result of how much you have learned from that textbook. It is the continuum of life dependent only on what you do NOW.

So smile and see the beauty around you.
Take a deep breath and center yourself.
Worry changes nothing, only action moves you forward.
And your destination changes with each passing moment.

You cannot be sure of what will happen. You can only be sure of how you will be in the moment. And as you become more accustomed to acting with pure intent, the future matters not. For you can be certain that pure intent in action is all that is required to move forward in light and in love.

Your Daily Practice

Now is the time for you to begin your daily practice of forgiveness, gratitude and silence. It need not be for more than a moment during the course of your day. But in doing this as part of your day you will find a shift occurs for you. A shift towards peace and freedom. A shift towards clarity. A shift towards strength and knowledge.

Have you noticed how a day of intense emotion leaves you completely exhausted? Have you noticed how the mental replay of mis-deeds done to you or by you removes you from the present? How this keeps you from experiencing the beauty and joy that is present in the now? Have you yet begun to understand how taking that moment to breathe and center yourself fills you with inner strength, making you feel more secure in where you stand right at that moment?

By being aware of your immediate surroundings in present time, you are connecting with the All. The first step in this practice is to begin to dissolve Ego, which holds you in your mind and closes you off from the present. Ego always remembers the past, plans the future and makes comparisons between thee and me.

Allowing oneself to be present in the now removes power from Ego. It allows you to start fresh, as a young sprout, tender and green, opening to the light, vulnerable but with an inner strength that lies deep within its roots. You are that sprout and it is time for you to move towards the light, knowing your inner strength is there to help you stand tall, no matter what. As with that sprout, you have the anchor of strength within and the light above welcoming you to grow. Take a chance. Breathe, trust and allow your inner beauty to unfold.

Begin by pushing through the hard seed casing you have used for protection. With purpose and resolve, move through the darkness as you begin to sprout, moving upward towards the light. It is when you allow the light to shine upon you that you begin to move towards your full potential. Can you find the resolve to allow yourself to be vulnerable in order to grow? Even in that dark loam there are nutrients to feed you, water to sustain you and warmth to embrace you as you find your way.

So too in your life. But you must make the choice to grow towards the light. Use the simple daily practices we offer to you. Approach each day with no memory of the past. Harbor no judgments against others. For if you are growing and changing every day, would that not be the same for others? If you treat others anew each day, will not the old ways of being with each other begin to change?

In your relationships with others you have established a dance to which all parties have learned the steps. But what happens if you change the cadence? Everyone then, must adjust to the new rhythm to continue the dance. But the dance is not the same, because of you. Do you understand that change begins with you? For others cannot respond to you in the same way. Because you have changed how you approach your day.

Start today. Right now. Begin a daily practice of forgiveness towards all, including yourself. Of gratitude for all aspects of your life and the lessons contained within each interaction. Allow yourself just a moment of stillness to gather yourself and feel your strength and connection. Then you can move onward and upward. You have more strength than you know, more power than you realize. Use both to change your life and to change the world.

It is possible.
It is simple.
Just breathe
And live
And love.

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