Designing Your Life

Do you know what it is you wish to do with your life?
Are you at a cross-roads, wondering what to do?
Is it clear in your mind the next steps you are to take?

Dear one, your life is a time to explore new avenues of being. The possibilities for you are endless; the support, ever present. What holds you back is fear and uncertainty. Can you overcome these in order to open up your wings and fly? Do you not realize that there is always a safety-net underneath you, ready to catch you if you begin to falter?

The world is yours to explore and to experience. We understand the concerns you have about having enough to survive and provide for those who you love. But allowing fear to hold you back is not the way to experience this gift of life here upon this plane.

How far outside of your self-limited box have you traveled? How long have you repeated the same motions day in and day out when they no longer feed your soul? If the longing is there, it is time for you to make a move. Do not focus on the negative possibilities. For there are an equal number of positive results from your actions and anything that occurs in your life is a movement forward. A lesson, knowledge to be shared, a new experience to allow you to grow.

Do not allow yourself to stagnate because of fear of the unknown. Instead, embrace it and take a chance. You will be amazed at what you will find and experience. And you will wonder why you did not attempt this change sooner.

Do not act impulsively, but center yourself, go within and ask yourself, your higher self, how to proceed. There is always a way. Allow the possibilities to flow within and do not allow that analytical mind of yours to engage. Instead, open your heart to what your soul requires for the next chapter in your journey. The veil is thinning, the rules are changing, the possibilities are endless. It is time for you to trust your longings that need to be fulfilled. As long as you act with pure intent and not from anger or retribution or judgment, your life will unfold in a burst of color and delight. Trust.

It is time to listen to your heart, not your mind, your ego. Manifest in your mind what it is that you want. Do this with love. And watch it begin to unfold before your very eyes. All things are possible. But it is up to you to take the first step.

Remember that you are surrounded by love. You have a squad of cheerleaders urging you on. Be honest with yourself about how you feel in your current situation. Give yourself some quiet contemplative time to connect with your higher self and design the next step in this journey of your life.

The end result may not be exactly as you had planned, but it will allow an opportunity for you to grow, to shine, to share your gifts with others. It will allow the opportunity for you to remove yourself from a situation that no longer serves you. And in making that change, remember that you are leaving behind opportunities for others to grow in your absence.

Act in love. Believe in yourself and all the opportunities that lie ahead for you. Anticipate with joy. And take that next step with strength and resolve knowing that you are NEVER alone. Ask for help if you are feeling unsteady. There will always be strong arms around you to support you if you stumble.

Take that chance.
It is your time to shine.


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