earth hug

Earth Hug

Your place in the world

Your connection to the All

The Divinity within you and all those you meet

Dear One, stop for a moment and contemplate who you are and why you are here. Think about the intimate connection you have with all that surrounds you, animate and inanimate. You are a part of all of this created by the Divine. And since a part of the Divine was used in your creation, you have divinity within you and around you.

You are never alone. How can you be with this connection that threads through everything you see, with each breath that you take sending out the presence of the Divine? You are the vessel which holds the Divine within you.  You are the distributor of Divine Light in every action which you take. You are the one who receives messages from the Divine and relays those messages to whoever needs to hear them.

You are the teacher of love, the student of life, the observer, the participant. When you pay attention, you are able to see the waves of energy coming from all those around you. You can feel the energy coming from your own physical form. Just rub your hands together and slowly bring your palms together until you feel that energy between them.

As a Divine Being you have much power which is available to you at all times. You use this power consciously or unconsciously in every interaction you have. This is the power to serve, to create, to honor, to help, to uplift and to love. This is also the power to take, to destroy, to judge, to ignore, to chastise and to hate. The choice is yours, Dear One, how you choose to use this Divine power within you. How do you choose to use this power towards yourself and others?

Every interaction is an exchange of energy. It can be that which brings a smile to your face, a warm glow in your heart or a feeling of discomfort and dis-ease. Learn to recognize how interactions throughout your day affect you physically, emotionally and ultimately spiritually. Encourage those interactions which bring you joy and inspire you to reciprocate the loving connection.

Review those interactions which bring you discomfort or nothing at all. And consider where in your body this unease appears, so that you can better recognize it in the future. Ask yourself if there is a lesson here for you, a judgment or expectation that is unnecessary, or if it is a red flag to walk away. You are receiving these cues throughout your day from your Divine Self. Learn to recognize these ‘gut feelings’ and learn from them.

You, Dear One, are never alone. That is impossible. You are always connected to the All and your actions will reflect back to you. Can you shut down that mind and begin anew each moment as you come from your heart, gently, sometimes firmly, but always with love for yourself and others.

Move forward gently, with grace and without judgment of yourself or others. Pay attention to how you move through your day and slowly make the necessary changes. Remember the power you have within, the Divine Light that fills your being and the love which surrounds you.

There is much joy in this world.

And your life is unfolding exactly as it should for you.

Recognize your place in this world and who you really are.

Dear One With All of Thee.


Magical Moments


Are you aware of them?

Or do you miss them

As you worry, plan, stay inside of your head?

Dear One, there is wondrous beauty surrounding you every moment of your day. Like a small child tugging at your hem, these wondrous elements of existence are there for you to notice, to enjoy, to accept with grace and gratitude.

Once again, we remind you to use all of your senses to experience your world. You have been aware of five of them your entire lives, though many of you have not used all of them to their fullest extent. Your mind still draws you inside to think about the past or the future. And while doing so, you miss the present, the moment of NOW.

Can you begin to increase your awareness of your very existence as you walk through your day? Are you even conscious of your breath? Are you holding your breath in anticipation, in contemplation, in worry or fear? Can you close your eyes and describe the sights that were just before you? Can you remember the sounds, the aromas, how it felt to be where you were just a moment ago?

So many are skeptical of those who have the gift of knowing, the gift of seeing or hearing the unseen. The truth is that you, too, have this gift. Yet how can you nurture it if you do not even use the other senses that you have. This sixth sense is also a part of your make-up, it is your connection to the All. And in order to be aware of it, to trust it, practice by using your other senses to a larger extent. For it all depends on your awareness of your surroundings. And if you are not even aware of your physical surroundings how can you be aware of your energetic surroundings?

You are given many gifts every day, magical moments with the ability to stir your heart, to bring a smile to your face. How many of these moments have you missed in your haste to perform a task that one month, one year from now will be forgotten?

You, Dear One, are part of a wondrous world, both physical and energetic. This physical plane has so many beautiful sights, sounds, fragrances. These special moments come and go in a flash; the sweet aroma of a flower in bloom, the first attempt of a fledgling at flight, the streak of light across your night sky.

Do not miss these moments any longer. Open yourself up to the small gifts offered to you every day; from Mother Nature, from a loved one, from a complete stranger. There is much focus on the negative, the fear, the potential for disaster in your future. Worry not. Fear not. Create your world of peace and joy as you accept these small gifts of love throughout your day.

Offer them yourself; a smile, a gesture, an act of kindness to a stranger. Be a part of one of those many magical moments in the life of another. And as you grow in your awareness of your physical realm, you will begin to notice other, more subtle occurrences in your life. As your awareness increases, you will begin to trust what you see, what you feel, what you hear.

It is all a part of your personal growth. For some of you the journey here is difficult to experience. But know, truly know, that there are magical moments for all of you to help you through your day. To show you that you are part of a loving Universe. To soothe your frayed nerves and offer you a moment of peace or joy in your life.

Dear One, you are much loved. Help us as we reach out to you in ways that are appropriate for you. In ways that you will find comfort and joy. Remember that we do this for you every day in hopes that you will notice and begin to understand the sacredness of all of existence.

You are a part of a sacred spiral enveloped in love.

You cannot become separate from the All.

It is impossible for you to be alone, for you are connected in love.

One with All of Thee.


photo credit: macro-frogs-wil-mijer-3

photo credit: macro-frogs-wil-mijer-3

Stop for a moment

Close your eyes

Focus on your breathing

And listen

What do you hear, Dear One? Can you hear the inchworm moving along its path? Can you hear the hum of the radiant light of the moon? Can you hear the celestial tone of the Universe sounding out its call to you? And how do you listen; with your human ears or with your heart?

Dear one, the sounds you hear are different depending on which part of your being is being used to listen. The din of human existence has its own sounds, many of which you filter out automatically because they are too distracting for you. And yet if you are quiet and focus in on the quiet of nature, there are many sounds, almost imperceptible, that rise up to your awareness.

If you listen with your heart, you may hear sounds you never knew existed, much less perceptible to you in this human state. But we have told you before that the veil between worlds has thinned and with that your awareness has become more keen.  It is now possible for many more of you to walk with a foot in both worlds and doing this might be confusing for you.

For this reason, we encourage you to rest more often as you acclimate to a new, higher vibration here upon this plane. You may notice things, hear things, see things, you have never noticed before. They have always been there, but unobserved by you. The beauty of this physical world shall begin to be more vibrant for you. And for some of you, the sights and sounds of other realms may come into your awareness.

Be not concerned should this begin to happen to you. For some, it may be so subtle you will not realize the change. For others, it may be more dramatic. But for all of you, what this means is that you are growing, you are re-connecting and that is a cause for celebration. For you, Dear One, are a part of the change. You, Dear One, are coming into your own power and with that power, that newly realized awareness, you Dear One, will help change the world.

Never feel that you are without power. Have we not told you that you can create your world? Anything is possible for you as you move through this human existence. You came here with a specific lesson you wished to learn. And as the vibrational energies begin to rise, more and more of you will begin to remember. Perhaps not consciously. But your life may feel different in some way, perhaps in how you perceive it. Stop for a moment, take a breath and just listen; to the sound of your heart beating, to the silent stillness within, or to the music floating through your mind.

Life here upon this plane is changing as you continue to change and grow.

Your inner light is shining brighter than ever.

Your awareness has changed in some subtle way.

Know that all is well.

Know that all is unfolding exactly as it should be.

Know that we are here by your side to help you however we can when you call upon us.

Know, Dear One, that you are the vessel for change, here in this physical world and in the Universe.

And know, always know, that you are loved, beyond measure.


Lars and the Real Girl


This is an article I wrote that recently appeared on

I recently watched ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ for the second time and once again was touched by the gentleness of this movie. For those who haven’t seen it, the movie is about a young man who thinks a blow-up sex doll is his real girlfriend. What is so poignant about the movie is how the town comes together and treats this temporary delusion of his with compassion; instead of mocking or making fun of him. At the suggestion of his doctor, they all go along with him and treat Bianca as if she were a real person. In one scene when Lars’ family is asking friends for support one outspoken woman lists the idiosyncrasies of the others in the room to make a point. We all have aspects of our lives that may not be considered normal. Really, how do you define ‘normal’ anyway?

What I hope for in this world is that more people will find compassion for others who are not the same as they are. That could mean differences in race, gender, mental or emotional status, physical appearance or financial status. All people need to be treated with respect, for we all have something unique to give to the world. But it begins with each of us, as individuals. It begins with having compassion for ourselves and loving ourselves for who we are in this moment in time. We are all wounded souls in one way or another. And once we give that wounded self the self-love for which it yearns, the healing can begin.

Can we begin to speak highly of ourselves and others and not use those negative terms we have used in the past? Can we find the gift in who we are, in our current state, and share it gently with the world? Can we begin to see the strength that lies behind that open wound? For the mystics say it is through the wounds that our light shines brightest. As far as I am concerned, we all have a journey to walk and each journey is important, significant and necessary for the growth of this world and all who reside within it.

So begin with yourself. If those negative words/thoughts continue to surface, then write a love letter to that wounded part of you. For much of that wound comes from the perception of not being loved. Believe in yourself and your role in changing this world. That role could be as a writer, speaker or activist. Or that role may be as simple as just being present in this world. For your presence does indeed make a difference; every moment of every day. Never doubt that. Let’s begin to change this world by being our authentic selves and sharing the gifts we have to give to the world. Are you with me?


Remember who you are

Remember from where you have come

Remember the power that resides within you

Dear one, it is time for you to begin to remember the source of your very being. It is time for you to reconnect with the Oneness; to access the knowledge which you need. It is time for you to acknowledge who you really are; a divine being on a physical path.

Do not shy away from this very truth about yourself; for there is nothing but joy in this truth. You, you, dear one are capable of anything. You have the knowledge, the power, the strength to change the world.

This is the time for you to take that first step into the memories that reside within you. There have been glimpses along the way, in your dreams, in a stray thought or reflection. Things have occurred in your life that had no earthly explanation. For indeed, this earthly plane is but an illusion of reality.

This earthly plane is a forum for discovery of who you really are. The veil has thinned to provide you better access to the knowledge that you need to move forward this day in your own glorious light.

The darkness of this plane is beginning to crack under the shining light of love. It still has much fight left in it and will push back as hard as it can. But the darkness is beginning to shudder in anticipation of its own decline.

You are the reason for this change in the world. You may not yet see it, but there is a change, a positive change. And the more you realize your true self and all that comes with this state of being, the faster the changes will come unto this physical plane.

Dear one, can you accept the truth about yourself? Why would you feel unworthy when you are a part of the Oneness ; when you bathe in love with every step that you take? The heavens are singing with joy in anticipation of your realization of who you really are.

Remember, Dear one, that your light shines brightly within. Remember Dear one, that every breath you take is charged with positive vibration. Remember, Dear one, that you have the power to create your world; the knowledge and the wisdom to lift this world from darkness. You, Dear one, can do all of this.

Begin today, begin now, to see the light within. Feel the love around you. Accept the knowledge available to you. Begin today by accepting the gifts which lay at your feet. Begin with a smile, a skip in your step, with gratitude for all that is present in your life.

Dear one, you are the brightest star in the heavens come down to this plane to make a difference.

Dear one, you have begun to push back the darkness within and around you as you walk in tandem with love. For you have begun by just considering the possibility that all of which is written here is true.

Believe in yourself and what you can do.

Remember your connection with the Oneness and all which that brings to you.

Open yourself to the possibility of greatness.

For you are One With All of Thee.

And there is such power, such strength, such love that comes with this.

Shatter the illusion created by Ego and see who you really are.

And hear the heavens sing because of you!

Negative thoughts

How often do these run through your mind?

Can you release them and allow them to go?

Can you instead surround yourself in love and light?

Dear One, this world is changing and with it so are you changing. But your old way of being still tries to remain with you and control how you walk through your day. As you continue to move forward on your path, these old ways of being will no longer serve you. It is time to open the window and allow them their freedom.

The veil is thinning rapidly and for you that means a new way of being. For you, there will be a pull to be more open, more loving, more gentle with yourself and others. This may be a new and different concept for many who have been in a place of self-judgment and critical thinking. In fact, this way of being has become so familiar you may not even be aware of how it controls your day. This way of being has become a habit for you. But all habits can be broken and it is now time for you to consider breaking free from these old ways of being. Are you willing to try?

Consider your thoughts and how they form and how they remain within your surroundings throughout the day, coloring the way you see your world. Your perspective can be one of love or one of fear. And your thoughts contain the palette by which you color your day. Do you see lightness or do you see darkness surrounding you? We are here, dear one, to tell you that you, you have the strength , the power to change how you color your day. Do not feel powerless in this. Instead pull up that inner strength that is connected to the All and begin to shine light into all of the dark corners of your mind. You are very capable of doing this and we shall gladly help you with this if you call upon us.

Remember that your thoughts have a way of permeating every part of your day. They sit there in wait for the perfect opportunity to paint an interaction either in fearful colors or loving colors. You have become accustomed to allowing your mind to control your world. Can you change that and instead allow your heart to rule your world? For your heart is where your strength lies. Your connection with the All begins in your heart. That is where the love flows forth in all of its joy and peace.

Can you begin to change these dynamics and chase away the negativity from within your mind? There is no negativity within your heart. That is impossible. For anyone who labels themselves or others as hard-hearted, look again. Those hearts are protected because of fear. And fear exists in their minds, only in their minds. The fear has surrounded their hearts and disallowed them from freeing the love within.

When a negative thought arises within you, open the window of your mind and release it. Shine the light on that corner of your mind and fill it with love instead. Do not allow your mind to play that thought over and over in your head. Instead, put that thought into a bubble and blow it away. See a flame before you that purifies all things and send that thought into the flame to be dissolved into light. Or set that thought down on paper and then bury it, burn it, or walk away from it. Remember that allowing these thoughts to rule you has become a habit and it will take practice to break this habit. But it can be done and you are strong enough to do it.

Remember, that no matter what the situation, you are surrounded by love.

Focus on that abundance of love rather than any perceived lack in your life.

You live in abundance, every moment of your day.

Crack open the blinds of your mind, take a peek and see that love surrounding you.

What a joyous sight that is!

You are loved, you have always been loved and always will be loved.

You are love incarnate.

You are One With All of Thee.


Is There a Right Way to Love?

How do you love?
How do you define love?
How do you measure love?

Dear One, how do you love those closest to you? Can you even describe it or is the way that you feel indescribable in words? We speak often to you of love, that you are a loving being, created and composed of love. But what does that really mean? And can you love too much?

The answer is that you cannot love too much. The love of which you are composed is of the purest form. It is unconditional, it is never-ending, and in truth, has no beginning or end. It just is and always will be. As you walk upon this physical plane embodied in a human form, this term ‘love’ has taken on a different meaning for many of you. It is a term used often to describe a spectrum of feelings within you.

But the truest form of love, the love that has no beginning and no end is the love of pure connection. Unconditional, ever-present and never changing. It is a form that begins with the connection that you have to the All across all planes, into infinity. When you settle down into that quiet space within, it is the feeling of complete peace and pure joy which envelops you. And once felt, this love is something that you will seek throughout your life, from all who cross your path.

The caveat is that despite the truth that all are composed of love in its purest state, not all have been able to reach its depth and sustain its purity in a human environment. This is not an impossible task, but the human condition interferes as Ego, expectation, judgment and insecurity come into play. The key is not to allow any of these human attributes to gain power over your actions. This, we realize, is not always an easy task. However, it is possible.

It begins with reconnecting with that inner space of quiet where your purest form of love can begin to emerge and envelope you. Give yourself time each day to sit and breathe deeply if only for a few minutes. Allow yourself this gift of peace and connection each day. If you do this on a regular basis, you will begin to understand what we are saying to you here. The feeling of peace that you feel is who you really are and what unconditional love is. THIS is the type of love for you to share with all who surround you. No expectations, no judgment, no insecurity. For please understand that this inner love which you feel is unlimited which means the love which you can give is also unlimited.

Can you love freely, no matter the outcome or the response? Can you trust that your ability to share this inner light, this inner love with others can create waves across the entire spectrum of being? Can you begin to understand that love in its purest form is eternal?

It begins with you believing in yourself and your unbreakable connection with a stream, a river, an ocean of love within and around you. Speak not of unworthiness for All are made up, contain, and have the ability to share this love in every interaction, in every thought, in every word spoken.

Begin today to reach deep within yourself to find that bottomless spring of love. And share that fountain of love with others. No conditions, no expectations, no question of worthiness. For all are worthy, all are capable and all are loved.

See yourself through our eyes.
Then see others the same way.
And help to change the world.
You can, you know.
It begins with you.

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