Thy Wounded Self

Wounded heart flower:

Wounded heart flower:

Be gentle with thyself

Feel our warm embrace

Surrounding you with love

Dear One, as you continue on your journey back to the Source, there are parts of you which still need much nurturing and attention. These are the remnants of your wounded self, those parts of you not yet healed from past hurts. As you continue to grow on your path, these parts of your self will require more nurturing, more loving embraces before they can be healed.

Remember, it is through these wounds that your light can shine. Though still tender from memories of past hurts, these wounds are healing as you continue to grow. You may have realized that some of your actions, your thoughts are a result of your wounded self still holding on to fear of past events. Do not chastise yourself. Do not try to push them back and move forward despite this part of yourself that needs attention.

Instead embrace that wounded part of yourself, comfort it and talk to it. Write this wounded self a love letter to help release the fears of not being loveable, the perception of not being loved. For the fear of your wounded self is only the perception of a lack of love.

We have given you meditations to help heal that wounded self, using lucid dreaming, or going back to those younger selves and embracing them as the adult that you are now. But there still can be residue that remains. And with the changes in vibration, with the new alignments occurring at this time, old wounds might surface which you thought were gone. Be gentle and non-judgmental with yourself as these arise. For your personal growth is a process .It takes time and often many passes over the same wounds until they are completely healed.

If you find yourself thinking in a negative way or acting in a negative way, find self-love rather than self-judgment as you review your day. Do not think that you are not moving forward fast enough, for you are. You are moving forward at exactly the right speed. This is not a time to expect immediate gratification, for this path is often filled with stones or side-trails.

Understand that your realization of any negative thoughts or actions is a step forward. In the past you may not have even noticed them. You may not have realized how they are connected to fear. In order to continue with the alignment that is occurring, you will come upon these stones, these side paths more often. See this as progress in your self-awareness. Nurture yourself with loving kindness and send love to those negative thoughts. Reflect upon those negative actions with compassion. Every time you do this, a little bit more of your wounded self will heal. It is a process, Dear one.

Walk in love. Walk with compassion for yourself. Applaud yourself for getting to this point. There is strength behind those wounds and that is what will emerge as they begin to heal.

Wrap yourself in love as we do.

Banish any self-judgment for we do not judge you.

Allow the light to begin to shine through those wounds. It is possible.

Dear one, no matter what you think, you have come so very far.

And you will continue to move forward.

You have the love of the Universe urging you forward.

You are a wondrous being, brave and strong and filled with light.

See that light shine forth and watch the healing continue.

You are most definitely on your way.

You are One With All of Thee.

Peaceful Living

Are you breathing every day?

Do you feel your feet upon the ground with every step?

Do you see the beauty around you everywhere?

Dear One, it is up to you to choose whether or not you want a peaceful or chaotic life. It is your free will to choose. We are here to help you move forward on your path, but it is you who must make the choice. Are you able to say each morning upon awakening, Today I choose joy and peace in my life?

You are the captain at the helm and we are your crew willing to guide you through the rough waters into a smooth, serene and calm inlet. A place of respite to catch your breath and scan the horizon. Look for the calm waters, for they are there, every day, just below the surface, at the center of your being. For within you is the master of your life with the key to your serenity. This has always been the case. You have just forgotten to look within.

There is so much activity and energy coming at you from outside sources, you forget the peace within…a place where you can go to rest, though not to hide. For remember, you came here to experience a physical life with all of its nooks and crannies; all of its opportunities and possibilities. Indeed you are a courageous soul with much strength and power. Do not forget who you are and why you are here.

When you feel overwhelmed, take a moment to stop and breathe, in and out, in and out. For if you are tense, you may have forgotten how powerful and soothing that breath can be for you. Close your eyes and see that internal flame of light. For it is there and will never go away, though it might flicker at times of uncertainty. It is that internal light of yours that guides us to you. For each of you has a signature glow that is only yours, unique to you always through eternity. No matter where you are, which existence or plane you have chosen to experience, you always have your signature glow. The light within you is who you truly are.

If you imagine the Source as a magnificent entity of light emanating love across infinity, you are a part of that Source. Your internal flame came from that Source and so you are a part of the All. That can never change. And your experiences here and in other destinations bring back knowledge to the Source, experiential knowledge collected by you. And you WILL return to the loving embrace of the Source. For like returns to like.

There are many planes, many opportunities for growth, and an infinite number of flames of light, just like you, across the entire collective consciousness. You are never alone, Dear One and you are a part of the Magnificence of Being as is all of creation. Everything you see, everything you hold, everything you hear or smell, all of this is a part of the Source.

Contemplate upon this information, for it may be new to many of you. And yet, in your contemplation there may be a tiny spark of recognition in these words. For truth has a way of revealing itself to you at a time when you are ready to hear it. We feel this is that time for many of you.

Today, choose peace and joy in all that you do.

Today, feel the internal strength rising within you.

Today, allow the smile of recognition to emerge from within.

For now and always, you are One With All of Thee.

The Energies are Rising

Know that things are changing around you

Know that you may feel these changes

Worry not, for all is as it should be

Dear one, the vibrational energies of this earthly plane are rising daily and you may feel the effects of this yet not understand what is happening. These changes are necessary for the continued growth of your physical plane and all here are rejoicing at this opportunity for growth for you and yours. Worry not. For all is as it should be at this time here.

We have mentioned before that the veil is thinning between our worlds and this may affect your means of communication as you know it. You have heard of solar flares and how that affects your satellites. This is the same and may have the same effects upon your world. This is a positive step forward although it may be confusing to you.

What you can do at these times is to ground yourself. Relax, breathe and feel the ground beneath your feet. Anchor yourself to Mother Earth with all of her healing properties. Be open and receptive to these changes and allow your higher self to speak to you. It is that quiet voice within you and it is time for you to begin to trust it when it speaks to you.

This higher self is connected to the All in a non-physical realm and so it can access the knowledge available to you more readily than your physical consciousness can. For remember, because you are connected to the All, the Source of All That Is, you have much knowledge available to you. Now is the time for you to begin to trust yourself, your intuition and your inner guidance.

If you feel unsure, seek help from others who walk beside you on this journey. But the answers you seek come from within. Listen not to those who say they have the answers for you, for they do not know you as well as your higher self knows you. Seek guidance, but be discerning and know ,really know, that you are a part of the Divine. And with this comes much power and strength.

This is a time when you will have opportunities to face your fears. When these opportunities arise, do not step back with trepidation. But step forward, ask for support from those who love you, seen and unseen, and begin the next phase of your journey. Walk in joy as we do. For we rejoice at how far you have come. Share the joy with us. Know that we shall never leave your side.

This is a time of empowerment for you. Take the leap of faith and begin to trust your intuition more than you have. Be more aware of your surroundings, for it is from them that you may receive the answers to your questions. Remember that this life is experiential, an opportunity not given to all, but to those of you who were courageous enough to choose to come here to this physical realm.

Dear one, you are stronger, greater, wiser and more connected to the All than you ever imagined. The time is now for you to stand tall and take that next step. We support you, we will guide you, and we will never leave your side.

The future is bright no matter how it appears to you at this moment. You all have lessons that you chose to experience this lifetime. As you move ahead on your path, reach back and help others who have not yet reached your height. And reach forward towards those ahead of you who offer you a supporting hand.

Trust your intuition and if you are not sure, ask again and once again if necessary. Then be open to the answer you will receive from all possible sources.

For all are connected and you are……… One With All of Thee.


Scribe Note: For anyone who tried to tune in to the radio broadcast on Tuesday but could not because of technical difficulties, you can hear the archived show at this link: Again thank you all for your support. It means so much to me. Celine


You Can Do It

There is nothing stopping you

You have all that you need

To rise and soar to great heights

Dear One, it is only your human mind that keeps you from soaring higher than you ever have before. This is your only limiting factor, for you are a part of greatness. You are a part of the Source and it is time for you to accept this truth about yourself. For if you are reading this, you have work to do to help move this planet forward. You CAN do it. And it begins with your own life.

Do you understand that everything is connected, that you are part of a continuum that stretches out into infinity. It matters not where you sit on that continuum, only that you are a part of it. For this gives you access to the knowledge, the help that you need in order to move forward on your path. You are not alone. You have never been alone. That is impossible.

For those of you who are more sensitive, you may feel the ebb and flow of the energies as they are recalibrating here upon this plane. And they ARE recalibrating. If you find yourself feeling unsettled, ask for help and guidance as to the best way for you to move forward. For everyone has their own journey and it is different for each and every one of you, even though you are all on the same path back to the Source.

You must realize that the heavens are rejoicing at this moment for how far you have come; for how far this world has come. Enough of you have awakened and shaken the sleep from your eyes to allow these current changes to occur. And although they might seem as if they are going in the opposite direction, know that it is only an illusion. This world of yours is moving forward in spite of certain dark forces that seem to be gaining control. They are not and it is because so many of you have opened your hearts to the love that surrounds you. The best way for you to help is to share that love with your world every day.

Banish fear from your life for it does not serve you and you have enough light within to counteract any negative thoughts. You have such power, such strength, such courage, yet untapped, for you are only now awakening to your own potential. We have seen this all along and rejoice in the budding realization of so many of you as to who you really are. Dear one, you are capable of such greatness. You are in partnership with the Source and all of which that is. And it was your choice to be here upon this physical plane to stand witness to this transformation.  You may not yet see it, but Dear one, it is beginning and the end result will be more magnificent that you could ever imagine.

Do not give up, Dear one. The process has begun and you are an integral part. You have loving support throughout your day, just ask for our help and we shall gladly be there for you. Remember that we hold each and every one of you in gratitude for choosing to be here at this wondrous time; for choosing to be a part of this glorious transformation. Indeed you are strong enough, courageous enough, worthy enough. See yourself as we see you….a light shining brightly with the strength and power to move mountains.

You, Dear one, are a part of the Oneness. You, Dear one, make a difference with your presence here every day. You, Dear one, are an integral part of this transformation.

Accept this truth.

Accept your gifts.

Accept our love and our help.

You are deserving, you are held in gratitude.

Dear One With All of Thee.


Opportunities for Growth

Can you change your perspective?

Can you see opportunities rather than obstacles?

Do you have the courage to move forward?

Dear One, these times of change will bring new experiences into your life and it is your choice as to how you view them. Are they obstacles or are they opportunities for growth? Which way do you choose to see them and how will you approach the coming days of your life?

You have grown so very much these recent years. More than you realize.  If you took the time to reflect back upon your life and viewed it objectively, you would be able to see this. Should a friend or loved one tell you all that they had experienced, similar to your experiences, you would applaud and support them. It is time for you to do the same with yourself and your own personal growth.

You will be able to move through anything that comes your way with grace and ease if you put aside the worry and the judgment. For you often feel that you are not doing enough or moving fast enough or performing well enough to suit your own personal agenda. But Dear One, your agenda is still connected to the timeline of the All. And as we have mentioned before, some events are required to unfold before you can move forward on your own path. By accepting the concept of your connection to the All, you must also accept the waves of movement and how this connection affects your life and the lives of all around you.

Patience, insight, non-judgment and faith will help you to move forward in the stream of consciousness that flows throughout the entire Universe. You are not separate from all of this. You are not just an observer, but an active participant, a contributing member to the Universal Club of Being. Reading about the ancient truths in your sacred texts can be a starting point. But Dear One, there is no need for you to know, to understand the entire existence of being. You are given the knowledge that you need to walk your own personal path. You are given the guidance, the support, to help you if you stumble on this path. But feeling the need to study, to learn all of the ancient truths, is not necessary for you to move forward. All you need is love and faith and gratitude in your daily life.

Dear One, you can leap over any perceived hurdles in your way exhibiting these traits in your daily routine. You can find the knowledge that you need to move forward by asking for help before you lie down to sleep. Upon your awakening the answer that you need will come to you, either through your own thoughts or through an interaction, an observation, a conversation with another. This is how the connection, the waves of being, works and will continue to work in your life.

Have faith in yourself, Dear One, for your power, your knowledge, your strength are growing every day. And remember to share all of that with those behind you on the journey back to the Source. You have come further than you realize and the journey, the personal growth ahead is limitless. The only limitations are set by you, with your human perspective of life as you know it.

Open your wings and fly.

For this is your time to do so.

Feel the inviting draft of air encouraging you to soar higher than you have ever gone before.

And when you reach that height, go higher still.

You have the potential for greatness, Dear One.

For you are a part of the All.

You are One With All of Thee.


Are you ready?

Can you trust?

Do you understand the love that surrounds you?

Dear one, changes are occurring every day and will continue to increase in your new year.  There is no reason to fear these changes, for they are good, they are great.  These changes have been anticipated for a very long time.  And there is joy in anticipation for the growth we see coming to you on your physical plane.

What can you do? Just allow. Be of peace and love throughout your life. No matter what comes your way.  And understand that we are here to help you, to comfort you, to support you whenever you call to us.  For remember, that we cannot intercede without your permission.  And so we stand in the wings waiting for your call.

The vibrations of this plane are increasing and with that may come some discomfort for some. But can you trust the process? Can you allow your life to unfold as it has been written?  You came to this physical plane with certain goals in mind.  You came to learn or to teach certain lessons during your life here upon this plane. Trust, dear one, that all is well with thee.  Trust, dear one, that you have not been forgotten.  Trust, dear one, that you are loved greatly and held in much gratitude for choosing to come here for this time of change.

What can you do? Begin each day with a few deep relaxing breaths, with gratitude for the wondrous day ahead of you, with blessings for all who cross your path. As you move through your day, feel your feet upon the ground, being supported by the Mother and if necessary, send any negative thoughts down to her through the soles of your feet.  End each day by connecting with those you love.  Bless them and wrap them in your light. For yes, you do shine brightly, and have an unending source of love within you.

Dear one, contribute love and not fear to this world that is coming into its next phase of growth. It is happening because enough of you have heard the call and are walking in love. Continue to shine, for though you do not see it, we do; shining beacons of light all around your globe.

Be at peace and remember us here by your side, ready to lend you a supportive hand, ready to catch you if you stumble, ready to show you the way. For you, you are the cornerstone of change in this world. You have the strength, the power, the courage to change this world. And remember that with change often comes a period of uncertainty. But we are here for you and can see with loving hearts the wondrous outcome of these times.

Dear one, be with those you love and extend that love out to those you have not even met in this world. The power of this love is far greater than you can ever imagine.

Shine your light and change the world.

For you are good, you are great.

You are One With All of Thee.

Perspective is Key

How do you see your life?
Do you see challenges
Or do you see opportunities for growth?
How do you view your life?

Dear one, life is unfolding for you exactly as it should. Remember that there are many unseen forces contributing to your forward movement. But as you continue to grow, you will become more aware of these forces within and around you. You do not see them now because you know not for what you are looking.

There are many layers of life here upon this physical plane. For not only are you affected by the physical attributes available to your physical existence, you are also affected by vibrations higher than can be perceived at this time by your physical body. For although you exist here upon this earthly plane, there is still a part of you that is anchored in another dimension of higher vibration. It is for this reason, that you might often become confused and feel the shift, the repercussions of existing in both dimensions at the same time.

For this reason, we ask you to understand that all that is unfolding is for the highest good. Hard to accept, we understand, when you look at it only from a human perspective. But you are not only a human body. You are truly a spiritual being who is temporarily inhabiting a physical form in order to grow and learn. In order to teach the collective consciousness from the experiences you have here upon this physical plane.

For being here is an opportunity, a gift of which not all spiritual beings are able to partake. You, you were the courageous one to come here to this plane of heaviness with feelings of separateness. You, you were anxious to have the earthly experiences available here upon this plane. And for some it has been more difficult than originally imagined. For inhabiting these physical forms creates the illusion of separateness that overshadows the truth of Oneness of All beings.

Can you, then, change your perspective from one of worry, fear, and gloom to one of love and acceptance? Can you feel your inner vibration begin to rise as you change your perspective from a negative to a positive one? Can you begin to understand that all that occurs in your life is a step forward, a gift of change, an opportunity for growth? If you can begin to view your life in this manner, without judgment or fear, the internal struggle that you feel will begin to abate. And peace will begin to descend upon you. It will envelope you and as a result you will feel the joy that is your innate right, your true state of being.

Dear One, when times become too difficult and you feel yourself once again sliding down that slope to negativity, stop and allow yourself a moment to breathe. One deep breath in, holding for a few seconds, and then blowing it out as you release the tension that has built up within you.

As the entire planet continues in its transformation, you may experience more physical challenges. But know that all is temporary, all changes will accelerate your growth and help to raise the vibration not only of your personal physical form, but for the entire planet on which you currently reside.

Change your perspective from one of doubt and fear, to one of joy and acceptance. For the heavens sing for you. They sing with joy at the progress you have made. They sing for they understand how far you have come and how bright the future will be for you. Any physical changes that occur to you or to the Mother are necessary for the continued rise of vibration across the entire Universe.

You have accomplished so much, Dear One.
And for that we sing to you. We sing for you.
And we hold much gratitude in our hearts for this courageous and selfless journey upon which you have partaken.

Many blessings to you, Dear One.
You are much loved by All.

The Quiet Within

Can you find that inner calm?
Where you connect to the Divine?
Be silent and allow it to open to you.

Dear One, it is there, that inner calm. It always has been and always will be. The path to it begins with deep relaxing breaths. Can you give yourself the time each day to go to this inner sanctum of peace, where you connect to the Divine?

There is so very much interference in your life, pulling you here and there, wanting your attention and your energy. And you succumb to the tugging at your sleeve to answer those calls, those needs of others, those requirements you feel must be addressed immediately. You are being pulled in many directions at once, it is difficult for you to just stop and breathe.

But in doing exactly this, stopping and breathing, you will find your inner calm, the strength that you have deep within you to move forward in your day. How often have you sat down to be still and you find yourself bombarded with thoughts of what you still have to do after you finish this quiet time?

Can you live your life in love and not fear? Can you understand that truly every moment is a gift and that all is well, no matter how challenging it appears? Can you recognize that every challenge for you is an opportunity to grow and spread your wings a little bit broader, wider, and more expansive? Everything that happens in your life will help you to move forward on your path. And time is not a limiting factor.Time is an illusion. And so the few minutes you spend each day sitting to find your quiet place within does not take away from the rest of your life. It does, in fact, enhance it.

Consider how much energy you put out worrying about how you are going to do this or that; how will you provide or accomplish or create? Do you understand that the few minutes each day you spend in that quiet place will allow you to calm those frenetic energies and give you the freedom to breathe more easily throughout your day?

The time, the energy you spend worrying, planning will be replaced with the understanding that all will be well. All will unfold exactly as it should. You will begin to understand that all you need to do is allow it to unfold. The more ‘time’ you spend tending that quiet place within, the less ‘time’ you require to get through your day. For you begin to understand the perfection of the Universe, the power that you have been given, and the love which surrounds you. Completely.

Begin today, for just a few moments. Focus on your breath, in and out, and allow the busy thoughts to pass through but not stay within your mind. It takes practice, we understand. But the energies are beginning to rise across your entire planet and doing this daily will allow you to better accept the new environment in which you now live.

All is well, Dear One.
Every moment is a gift.
And you are surrounded by those who want to help you.
Allow your Divine connection to guide you through your day.
For you are indeed One With All of Thee.


There is change in the air
Not only physical but ethereal
Fear not this change, but embrace it

Dear One, the change coming to this physical plane is now accelerating and you may begin to feel a difference within yet not know what it is. Be not afraid of what you are feeling or experiencing, for you are safe and protected and a part of this wondrous event.

There is now a critical mass of people who have been awakened in order for this change to take place. And the more who become awakened, the faster the acceleration will become. You are a part of this change and have helped it to come into being. By reading these writings on a regular basis, you yourself have begun to change, perhaps imperceptibly to yourself and others, but indeed you have begun to change. And this change is necessary for the universe to expand and grow as it is meant to do.

Just as you see the changes here upon the Mother with the different seasons, so that also occurs across the universal expanse. Nothing remains static, but everything, even if it goes unnoticed by many, everything changes. That is a part of growth. That is a part of existence. That is the natural order of things. And so, if you can accept the changes that come annually upon your planet, then you should be able to accept the changes that are occurring on a much larger scale across the entire existence of being.

What can you do to help this change take place smoothly? Be at one with all that is. Understand that you are never alone, but a part of a vast continuum of being that goes on into infinity. Send loving thoughts out to everyone and everything around you. For all things that you see, ALL THINGS, are made of love and can react to your positive or negative vibrations. For all are connected. You are connected to that rock, to that tree, to that person on the other side of the world whom you do not even know. You are connected and it is through this connection that the changes are enhanced. Be not afraid. Do not doubt the power, the ability that you have to make a positive difference in this world and beyond.

Focus not on the perceived lack of love around you. Instead send out loving thoughts to all.
Give no additional energy or recognition to fearful acts or thoughts within or around you. Instead wrap any and all of them in love and send them on their way.
Do not add to the worry, the destruction of any forward movement. Instead act with pure intent.

You can make a difference. You have already made a difference. You are a powerful being who has not yet accepted the gifts laid out before you. You are connected to the Source, the ever powerful Source. You are a part of this. Do not quiver in fear with feelings of unworthiness. For you are love incarnate and when you share that love, even for a moment, ripples of change spread out around you into infinity.

Be at peace with who you are. Travel with like-minded people who can teach and inspire you to allow your greatness to unfold. Do not doubt your strength, your resilience, your power of love. For it is there. It has always been there and you will soon be called on to use it for the highest good. You can make a difference. You do make a difference. Every day with every breath you take.

Be at One.
Be at peace.
Rise up to your full stature and love with abandon.
It is time for change.

The Power of Your Words

Do you understand the power of your words?
That your words create your world?
Can you create a positive outcome for your day?

Dear One, the words which you speak are very powerful. We have mentioned this before. As you put those ideas out into the ethers they travel far and begin to create your own reality. You do not yet understand the power of creation that resides within you.

Understand that speaking the thoughts that circle in your mind gives those thoughts additional power. You have added another energetic layer to them by speaking of them. And if they are negative, you have added to the negativity that surrounds you. You have added to the possibility of those words which were spoken to create your day, your world. For that reason, we ask you to be conscious of the words which you speak. They are powerful and hold much energy.

Your world has much fear in it and does not need more negativity and fear added to what already exists. We are asking you who read these words to help to change this negativity into a more positive existence by how you speak to others. This is a time when your positive energetic input is needed. And so we ask of you to speak softly, speak gently, speak lovingly to others and also to yourself. For this is a time when your gentle grace is needed. Do not doubt that you have that capacity within you, for each and every one of you is filled with this gentle grace, this loving energy, with the power to heal the world.

Begin with yourself and with those closest to you. Be gentle, be kind and be aware of how you approach your day. Connect with your higher self with deep breaths, by lifting your face to the warmth of the sun, by allowing water to caress your hand, your body and wash away any negativity. For water is very healing, and if you feel you need a boost, immerse yourself in water and see the worries, the negativity wash off of your body and back down into the Mother, who will transform it back to positivity.

Remember the connection that you have to the All. This is present every moment of your day. This connection cannot be broken. That is impossible. Realize that you cannot walk alone, for the web of connection surrounds you, envelops you and wraps you in love; even if you are unable to feel it at this time. You, Dear One, are just one breath from the lips of the Source, connected to all others in the same way. You, Dear One, have the power of the Source within you, the power of creation of your world. And so, create a more positive world. Worry not about the minor inconveniences in your daily life. Know that all is unfolding as it should. Your lessons lay before you on your path. It is up to you whether those lessons are gentle or more difficult. It is in your perspective.

You live in abundance, surrounded by beauty and light which flows from all things. This is the true reality of creation. But you have been given the power to see a world of your own creation. And so, begin to create a world of beauty and love. Begin walking softly amidst the chaos. Begin using your gentle grace in the words you speak. And see how your world, your own creation changes.

The power lies within you.
Use it wisely, Dear one.
It is time for you to change your world.

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