Can you stop resisting the flow of your life

And have faith that all is unfolding as it should

With hidden miracles tucked within those challenges

Dear One, there is so much more to your existence than what you perceive with your human senses. There is a Universe out there to which you are connected. There are machinations of connection at work which involve your life and all of creation.

Can you find the peace of mind that is within your being and accept that all is well? Can you believe, truly believe, that you are wrapped in a loving embrace which supports your every step forward on your path? Can you give gratitude for your life instead of allowing fear to inculcate into your very being?

If you were to see the infinite web of connection you would stand in awe of the majesty of creation. You would see flashes of light moving down each filament that connects one to another to the All. And you would begin to see how one action affects another which affects another and so on.

You would also realize that you indeed are an integral part of this mosaic of life, this beautiful tapestry of connection that envelops the entire cosmos of being. No action of yours or anyone else is an isolated occurrence. Each action, thought, word affects the All in this giant web of being.

If you could look down upon your life with our perspective, you would understand why a situation arose and how it moved you and others forward on their paths. You have not been forgotten or left astray on an isolated island in this sea of being.

Quite the contrary, you are at the center of the Universe, helping to move it forward as it continues to learn through your experiences here upon this physical plane. Once again, we tell you how you are a brave adventurer who willingly took on this physical life to learn, to teach, to help to expand the Universe.

Dear One, hold your head up high, open your heart to all and allow those fearful thoughts to leave. For this fear that you feel lowers your vibration and creates the illusion of separation, abandonment and unworthiness. Illusions, indeed, for nothing could be further from the truth.

You have much power, much love, much courage and much support every moment of your day. We understand from your experiences how difficult it can be to navigate this physical world. But remember that it is all an illusion, created as a learning ground for you and through you, for all of creation.

Breathe in the love that surrounds you and feel the peace embracing your thoughts and your physical body. Breathe out the fear and allow it to dissipate into nothingness. Can you allow the internal stress that you feel to melt away in the radiance of your internal flame, ever present and gaining in strength daily, despite what you may think?

Take a walk in nature. Allow the antics of the innocent to bring you joy. Listen to the sounds of nature’s song as she sings to you, her charge, her babe. For she only has love for you. She is created in love, just as you have been.

Can you live in the moment? For remember that past and future only exist in your mind. And in this moment, in this very moment, are you not breathing and experiencing life in a peaceful moment as you read these words?

Spend time with us in meditation daily. This is how you can better connect with who you really are. This is how you can build your trust in your own inner voice, your intuition, your connection to the Source. If you can allow just a few moments out of your daily routine to sit, breathe and feel the inner stillness; if you can do this you will begin to notice a change in your life.

Are you not worthy of this daily time of peace and stillness, if only for a moment? Your higher self calls to you, speaks to you throughout your day. But it is in the stillness that you can best hear your inner voice.

Heed the call. Stop and breathe and listen.

Listen to the peace, the stillness and to your higher self.

It calls to you. It is always there. You have not been forgotten.

It is you who have forgotten who you are.

Remember once again with peace in your heart.

Joyous singing abounds.

Love embraces you.

Dear One with All of Thee.

Your Physical Body


Do you honor your physical body?

Or do you criticize and abuse it

With loathing and disregard?

How do you treat this temple that houses your soul?

Dear One, are you in touch with this vessel which enables you to experience this physical plane? Without it you could not do the work you came here to do. And yet, so many of you abuse these vessels, these bodies, these vehicles which house your very soul.

Yes, you are more than these physical bodies. You are spiritual beings of light and love. But how many of you treat these physical frames with total disregard? How often do you bless this body, give thanks to it for being healthy and balanced, or treat it as the temple it is?

Once again, we urge you to get out of your head and become more aware of your surroundings. This includes being more aware of what your physical body is telling you at this very moment. Just as we have shown you how Mother Nature speaks to you, so too, does your physical body.

Yes, you are separate from this body. But just as we encourage you to treat all of your surroundings with love and respect, so too, we encourage you to do the same with your individual vessel.  There is so much self-criticism; too much of this, not enough of that. When is the last time you spoke lovingly to this vessel which transports you through this physical world?

When is the last time you cared for this body, not for the purpose of presenting to others the image that you think they want to see, but out of loving kindness? When have you cared for this body to tend its wounds, to rest those parts that have been over-exerted, or to allow it to replenish itself with some well-needed nurturing?

This world in which you live places so much emphasis on the physical and yet does not encourage nurturing, care-taking or loving embrace of that which serves you every day. It seems as though you push forward, ignoring the signals that you receive on a daily basis. Just as so many ravage Mother Nature without considering the long-term effects, so too many do the same to their physical bodies.

Can you honor this vessel by allowing it the attention it requires to best serve you? When you suffer a set-back, be it an illness or an injury, can you send it loving thoughts rather than fear or impatience for the delay in mobility? Can you listen to it when it tells you so clearly that this food, this activity causes it distress?

You may be separate from this physical body, but you are responsible for its upkeep, just as you are with those other possessions in your life. Do not take this body for granted, for while it will work as best it can, it does have its limitations.

We realize that for many of you, being in this physical realm is a new experience and this is why we feel it necessary to remind you of this charge you have in your care. Today and every day, bless this vessel  upon awakening. Thank it for hosting you during this lifetime experience. Treat it tenderly and listen to it as it speaks to you, for it most certainly does every moment of your day.

As you learn to be more in the present, rather than the past or the future, you will become more in tuned with not only what is happening around you, but within your own physical frame. Be gentle with yourself, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

For this existence here is a gift for you. Use this body to experience the Mother in all of her glory, from the sights, the aromas, the music, to the tastes and the tactile pleasures. Use this body to experience life to the fullest. But give it time to heal, to regenerate, to recover.

Listen to it. Bless it. Thank it.

And walk tall, walk proudly, walk gently in whatever frame you have been given this time.

For it is the perfect vessel for you to learn the lessons you came here to learn this life.

Honor it. Love it.

Dear One with All of Thee.

The Sacred Spiral

Bodes Galaxy

Bodes Galaxy

The rising waves of energy

Surrounding you in love

Your connection to the All

Circles and embraces you

Dear One, never forget that you are surrounded by a loving embrace. Never forget that there is always a connection between you and the higher worlds. Never forget that you are constantly changing, evolving and circling upward closer to your true nature.

You spin your life either one way or the other, but no matter how it appears to you, the movement you make is always a forward movement, an upward movement to a higher vibration.

You may take some detours, but remember those detours will provide knowledge to you that will help propel you forward. Those detours may not be pleasant as you experience them in the human condition. But from a higher perspective, they are another step on your path home.

Surround yourself with the white light, the golden light that radiates from within. Circle it around you upwards to meet the higher vibration that reaches down to pull you closer to where you long to be. Your conscious mind may not have any memory of your intent for this lifetime. However, there is a part of you that does remember and yearns to fulfill your spiritual goals.

You are a part of a sacred spiral that encompasses the immense love of the Universe, the combined knowledge of all the higher realms and the connection that holds you close even when you feel unanchored.

When you feel lost, sit quietly and imagine that sacred spiral holding you in a loving embrace. See the soles of your feet firmly planted on the ground with the connection circling you. From earth to sky. From physical embodiment to etheric existence. All encased in love and light encouraging you upward into a lightness of being.

For Dear One, you exist in both worlds. Here upon this physical plane and also in the spiritual realm. We have told you before that only a part of you is embodied here. Your higher self remains behind to guide you on your physical journey. You are always connected, never alone.

But of course, it is your choice to allow the guidance to come through, to follow that guidance or to take an alternate path. Either way, you will still be connected. You will still be welcomed back with love and joy. You will still have that inner flame burning, that light of which you truly are.

Allow that light to shine.

Feel the loving embrace around you.

And know, truly know, that you are always moving forward on your path.

You are dearly loved and never alone.

Your Physical Body

As you exist on this plane you use a physical body to move around during your waking hours.  These forms vary among you with differences in shape and color and abilities.  These are actually the forms that you chose to inhabit before you became a part of this physical world.  And yet so many of you are not satisfied with the vessel you inhabit.

One thing that is so difficult for us to understand is how you treat these human vessels.  You appear to put more worth on other things, your cars, your homes, and so forth, while you mistreat these vessels that house your very souls.  Why is that? 

There appears to be a ranking of ‘status’ by how attractive your possessions are while the physical form is often ignored.  It is considered a genetic failure, a burden, something to be loathed and criticized when this is the vessel that houses a part of your very soul.  If you put so much status on the vehicles which transport you, the structures which house you, why do you not appear to tend to the most important vessel for you during this physical existence? 

The disconnect appears to be that you still see yourself as this physical body, rather than it being a working vessel for you….the ‘real’ you….the soul of you.  If you changed that way of thinking, would you care for this vessel that houses you and transports you as much as you currently do your cars and your homes?  Those which house and transport your physical body?

Do you understand that the vessel which houses you is part of your lesson to learn here upon this plane?  As long as you tend it and love it and treat it well, you will have it to further your time upon this physical plane and thus move forward upon your path to awakening.  By abusing it, you shorten your time here and thus your opportunity to learn what it was for you to learn in the physical realm.

 The physical body is a tool for you to use as you move down your path of knowledge.  It allows you to communicate and exist in this physical world.  It allows you to experience the beauty of this world as you are able to see, to hear, to smell, to taste, to touch the joys of this physical realm.  It is a gift to you, not a burden.  It is to be used with respect and gratitude rather than loathing and abuse.

 Just as we explained to you the gratitude that will carry you through the day and down the stream of life, so to, expressing gratitude to this physical vessel every day will change the makeup of how it provides for your daily lives.  Think of the length of time that most of you inhabit this form.  How many times have those physical hearts beat within that frame?  How many miles have those feet walked? How many views have those eyes seen? And those ears, how many sounds have they heard?  Do you understand the gift of this vessel?

 We understand the heaviness of it and how it can prevent you from doing things you might want to do.  But have you considered all that it has already allowed you to experience?  Have you taken for granted the little things that it has provided for you every moment of your day? 

 Give gratitude and direct loving energy towards these forms which house you temporarily.  Do not confuse these physical forms with your true self.  And tend these vessels as you would a favorite possession. 

 For remember, they ARE a possession, and not the true reflection of who you are.

Accept them as the gifts that they are and see how your world will change.